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Status: Fixed
Closed: Jun 2015
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OS: Linux , Windows , Mac
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Type: Bug

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User Manager UI is inconvenient for switching between profiles quickly.

Project Member Reported by, Aug 14 2014

Issue description

The User Manager UI is inconvenient for switching between profiles quickly.
On Win7 + 38.0.2122.2 (Official Build 289203) canary
1. Get opted in or Enable chrome://flags#enable-new-profile-management
2. Try to switch to another profile.
Expected: An easy way to do this in ~2 clicks (avatar -> click profile)
Actual: 3 clicks + extra window + wait (button -> switch person -> wait... -> click profile)

In just one day of being opt'ed into the new profile management, I've become slightly frustrated. It has affected my behavior; instead of closing my personal profile window when I want to focus on work, I'll keep it open (minimize it and restore it later), so I don't have to go through the annoying User Manager window.
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Comment 80 Deleted

Adding to the opinion that the new UI is regressive.

In addition, many people don't want to "pin" items to their taskbars (as previously stated, it is valuable real estate), and I don't use desktop icons.  Relying on poor UI choices that exist as part of the O/S is not a solution.  

I have a difficult time accepting a UI change that is made because there was "a bunch of confusion around signing in to Chrome vs signing into Google".  It is time to stop designing user interfaces for the lowest common denominator. 

Please don't eliminate the flags that reverse the new interface - many of us are not confused and don't care to be penalized by those who are.

Comment 82 Deleted

Comment 83 by, Jan 29 2015

Re #82: You can always add a shortcut to a profile after it's been created by editing the profile.

Go to chrome://settings, select the profile you want from the "People" list, press "Edit", and in the popup that shows up a button labelled "Add desktop shortcut" will appear at the bottom.

Comment 84 by Deleted ...@, Jan 30 2015

If pinning is something you want to try, there is even an easier way. Open the profile, then right click the taskbar icon and choose pin.

Comment 85 by Deleted ...@, Jan 30 2015

I am on a Mac and this behavior is frustrating for me as well. I do not find the "People" menu in the system menu bar to be an acceptable workaround.  There should be a way to bring back true fast user-switching to the People menu in each browser window.  The User Manager UI should be accessed via the People menu in the system menu bar, not the other way around.
Using Chrome with GNOME3:

- "Pinning" is not an option -- it does not integrate with the Window Manager to be able to identify profiles as different applications, with the exception of when gnome3-shell *crashes*, each Chrome window (regardless of profile) becomes a different application (named google-chrome-stable).

- "User Menu" is not an option -- this does not exist except on OSX.  There is a system "Google Chrome" menu, but this only has one option -- "Quit".  It may make sense to include the profile switcher in this menu.

- "Desktop Icons" are not an option -- this feature is not available to the Linux version of Chrome, and GNOME3 lacks desktop icons entirely.

I'm pretty much stuck with chrome:flags to disable this feature.

Comment 87 by Deleted ...@, Feb 2 2015

> It may make sense to include the profile switcher in this menu.

But then we end up with a more complicated way to switch them as well. The chrome menu takes more time to be focused and clicked and also the avatars would then not be that significant 

Comment 88 by Deleted ...@, Feb 3 2015

For someone that is a web developer and has over 10 profiles that I manage, this feature is sooooo very cumbersome. The other icons were perfect. As others have mentioned, seeing an icon rather than having to read is so much easier and convenient. I have created icons for my sons (both of which can't read, and one of which may never be able to read). Now I have to have both of their profiles pinned at the bottom (not terrible but still annoying). The flags aren't working on my computer. Thank GOODNESS you've kept the avatars so they show up on the bottom bar so I at least can switch that way. While I do appreciate the fact you're trying to make it better for multiple tabs (I easily have over 10 tabs open at any given time), this is not the first time your change has been more inconvenient rather than improving workflow. Not to mention the hours spent trying to "fix" the issue.
Well, now I've waited for long enough for the "improvements to the UI" It
still takes me about 3 seconds to switch (which is something I have to do
every 5-10 minutes), and most of the time I end up clicking the wrong item
because by the time the window with profiles shows up (almost two
seconds!), I've moved on to doing something else and forgot about it.

I've switched off the new avatar feature.
Adding to the opinion that the new UI is regressive...
it's my first time to use flags.. 

I tweaked those two to revert to the previous 2-click way in switching profiles. The 3-click way is a regression, and that I noticed that (for me) the profile window took long enough that I was able to finish singing Ed's Thinking Out Loud before the profiles appear.
Issue 455165 has been merged into this issue.
 Issue 455259  has been merged into this issue.
Project Member

Comment 93 by, Feb 10 2015

The following revision refers to this bug:

commit a0a82fe8d1fa9fbf10b0a4cccf7542e74c707680
Author: anthonyvd <>
Date: Tue Feb 10 21:32:13 2015

Bring up the Fast User Switcher on Shift+Click on the new Avatar Button

BUG= 403619 

1. Enable the New Avatar Menu and Fast User Switcher flags in chrome://flags
2a. Left click on the new avatar button, the entire menu should appear (tutorials if applicable, current user avatar, list of profiles to switch to, options buttons)
2b. Right click on the new avatar button, only the list of available profiles should show up.

Review URL:

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#315643}


The last commit message was a little confusing (and wrong) so here are the steps required to access the new behavior:

1. Enable the New Avatar Menu and Fast User Switcher flags in chrome://flags and relaunch Chrome

2. Left click on the new avatar button. The entire menu should appear
(tutorials if applicable, current user avatar, list of profiles to switch
to, options buttons)

3. Right click (Command+click on Mac) on the new avatar button, only the list of available profiles should show up.

4. Clicking on a profile in that list should switch to that profile.

Comment 95 by, Feb 18 2015

chrome://flags#enable-new-profile-management set to DISABLED.

Thank you for keeping this flag. The new switcher limits to 8 profiles. I have 11, and can never get to three of them... retarded.
chrome://flags/#enable-fast-user-switching is nice, please make it the default!

I have a complaint.  It seems like in recent Chrome dev channel builds (42.x) they've taken away the People section of the taskbar/dock icon's context menu (right click).
Why was this removed?  This was the fastest way to switch profiles, no flags needed!

Comment 97 by, Feb 19 2015

If you mean the Windows taskbar switcher, we did indeed remove it. We ran an experiment to see whether we could replace the "Most visited" tabs with Profiles, but it didn't go very well: 

a) people actually used those tabs, and didn't seem to be using this switcher very much, and
b) Windows has a very strong opinion about that menu: only 10 items in total can be displayed, which would be shared by the People and "Recently Closed" sections. This means the number of profiles displayed would vary, and that's not a very good/predictable UI.

To make up for this, in the most recent Canary we've introduced showing this list of profiles when you right-click the user button (the one in the top right corner of the browser).

In the latest canary on OS X, the "switch person" window takes SIX SECONDS to load and display my profiles. SIX SECONDS.

Right-clicking the button takes less than half a second to display all my profiles.
Status: Fixed
Fixed with implementation of fast-switching via right-click in M42.
"fixed" ...
I give up

> Hello to Firefox

joberbeck: What is the fix for mouse-less users? Currently the #enable-fast-user-switching flag provides a reasonable workflow through Ctrl+Shift+M and arrow keys.

But once the flag goes away, how can a user switch profiles quickly without a mouse?
You're still able to right click on a trackpad, aren't you? I've never seen a trackpad in which this wasn't possible, even with Apple screwing up everything.
Status: Assigned
I meant users without any kind of pointer device, e.g., blind users.
This sounds like an accessibility issue -- giving a fast way to switch profiles only to users with pointer devices.

joberbeck -- could you please update us on how this accessibility issue was considered?
Status: Fixed
Please see Issue 458709 for accessibility review and  Issue 460609  for voiceover tracking.
Thanks for the accessibility review link, and keeping the discussion here, I really appreciate it.

However, that one says it is for the case when #enable-fast-user-switching is enabled.
This flag was apparently dropped in M45.
Do you have a link to the accessibility review for what is currently available in the version 45 (Dev channel)?
--enabled-fast-user-switching's behavior changed from inlining a list of profiles to showing the list of profiles upon right-click.  The right-click behavior was the subject of the a11y review.  The flag is removed because that behavior is now on by default, and we are working on removing the old flags related to profile management.  This is targeted for M44.
Thank you for implementing the right click option.

Will there be a way to access the fast user switching through keyboard shortcuts?

I'm not sure if Issue 458709 is dealing with this – I get an 403 Access Denied error when trying to lookup Issue 458709 (others work fine).

Comment 108 by, Jun 4 2015

The reason why the fix for this issue has been so hard to find is because the ideal solution was how it previously behaved. 

By refusing to consider reverting that change, and simply improving upon the previous menu, you're left with half measures and hackery like this "fix".
Issue 458709 deals with adding screen-reader support for accessibility.  There are no current plans to make the right-click menu keyboard accessible.
Bring back the #enable-fast-user-switching :(
Hows this issue fixed? What's the alternative to right click for people who prefer keyboard shortcuts? #enable-fast-user-switching worked great!

Please get this fixed asap.
Missing #enable-fast-user-switching a lot
Just updated chrome and now it's happened - I am now forced to right-click the users button in order to jump to the list. This is some awful UI design you got here. It wouldn't bother me on a desktop where a right-click is pretty much the same as a left-click but for people like me  who use the touchpad on a macbook it makes the whole process unnecessarily complicated. 


is it legally fine to take the current chrome source, modify the input events and the class that deals with the user switcher  and replace them with an older version in order to distribute that modified version? I'd be more than happy to do that for mac, maybe we can set up a shared git for that. If the structure stays the same, we could even set up a script, replacing the corresponding classes automatically every time Chrome updates and compile it automatically.
The new design is a terrible regression for those of us who use Chrome all day. I can't imagine anyone who relies on this feature regularly would have had their hand in designing it.

How does the right-click shortcut work with magic trackpad on OSX? I've tried clicking with ctrl, alt, and cmd. None of it works.
> How does the right-click shortcut work with magic trackpad on OSX? I've tried clicking with ctrl, alt, and cmd. None of it works.

2-Finger click should do the trick. Note that you need to have multiple profiles in Chrome for the switcher to be shown.
>How does the right-click shortcut work with magic trackpad on OSX? I've tried clicking with ctrl, alt, and cmd.

There is no way in doing this with any key on the keyboard, the only option is 2-finger here, which I think is an awful implementation for modern trackpads.

I honestly still don't understand why the hell *anyone* would think of the new switcher being more convenient than before.
​It works, thanks!​
Update: now I can't even right-click the users anymore whenever I am in the window of my primary account. If you defend your regressive UI, at least make it work the intended way!

Better not file this as a bug report before they "solve" it the "Chromium User Switcher" way:

1) hold CMD+SHIFT+OPTION+'O'+ALT+'G'+'U'
2) say "Ok Google, get me into the user menu"
3) type all numbers vom 0-9
4) close Chrome
5) open it again
6) solve the Google-themed maze in the popup that appears when you hit the space bar 3 times

After posting your score on G+, the user switcher will open.

Note: you can only solve the Maze while holding down the right mouse button. We do this in order to avoid "a bunch of confusion around signing in to Chrome vs signing into Google". 
Thanks #115, the two-finger gesture works on OSX.

It's badly implemented though. The gesture itself is unusual for a frequent action (and yes, user switching is very frequent for some us). It's unsuited to the physiology of the hand, and the implementation here has a low tolerance for error. If both fingers aren't perfectly landing on the trackpad at the same time, it will be treated as a single click and open the wrong menu.

Please add ctrl-click support on that basis. It's how everything else works on OSX, including in Chrome, e.g. getting the context menu for a link.  It would be comical if context menu could only be opened with double-finger gesture.
#enable-fast-user-switching gone in  chrome 44 !? :-( Please reenable it, the ui switcher s***s!

Comment 121 by, Jul 22 2015

After upgrading to Chrome 44, I can on longer set the enable-fast-switching flag. This change is not helpful at all. Any way you can bring back the flag?
Being no longer able to undo this hideous UI change via flags is very sad. This change serves no purpose other than taking perfectly good functionality, and making it harder to both use and look at... Thankfully I still have the binary of a previous version on another machine. I would rather copy that around to all of my machines, disable auto-update, and forego possible security updates than deal with this monstrosity of a "fixed" issue... Are there any other solutions aside from reverting?
Okay; found it. The command line flag "--disable-new-avatar-menu" makes things nice again. Warning to other users though, this issue was discussed with the removal of the flag here . They will be coming for our command line switch next, and don't care how much the new menu is disliked...
Is there any way we could opt to have the pictures show up instead of the text of the name? I've worked for years now with about six profiles, each a different color. The colors stand out and I know exactly which profile I'm on with a quick glance. I think I can get used to the right-click to switch profiles, but the profile image worked really well for me in distinguishing the profiles. The text of the profile just takes too long to distinguish. It's not as glance-able.
Back to square one. On version 44 enable-fast-switching flag is removed. Also enable-new-profile-management does not work. There is no difference between enable and disable for this one.

Comment 126 by Deleted ...@, Jul 23 2015

I use several profiles (personal one and multiple work ones) and switch between them every few minutes. Being unable to do it the quick way (cmd+shif+m -> arrows to select -> enter) is a really bothersome distraction (yes it only adds one more arrow & enter, but also forces another change of visual context).

You probably had your reasons for the change, but please make it possible to change between profiles quickly with keyboard.

Comment 127 by, Jul 23 2015

With so many smart people in a company like Google, I can't believe this un-feature was pushed through.

Some very powerful person's quarterly/yearly bonus must have depended on this. I wish I could meet them and spit in their face.

Comment 128 by, Jul 23 2015

Chrome just auto-updated to version 44 and now I'm stuck right-clicking where I used to use CTRL-SHIFT-M to access the user profile menu. I agree with the other comments that this is NOT an improvement. The KB shortcut should be restored.
I don't want or need this new UI for switching profiles. I only have and use 1 profile so it's a waste of space and should be optional. Or at least fix the option to disable this in flags

Comment 130 by, Jul 24 2015

Right clicking to bring up the account menu doesn't work on occasion as well... seems sporadic at best. I usually embrace everything chrome does when it comes to UI, but this "feature" is misguided and not very well thought out. 

What was the point of removing the flag to bring back the old behavior?

Comment 131 Deleted

Comment 132 by, Jul 24 2015

Here's what I'm talking about: as you can see, I can right-click on 'work' profile and get a 'home' menu item, but when I right-click on 'home' profile, nothing happens:

Comment 133 by Deleted ...@, Jul 24 2015

Please don't fight this anymore, like the new Google Maps, they are going to shove this down our throats. And there is nothing you can do about it.

Comment 134 by Deleted ...@, Jul 24 2015

The fast user account switching was perfect for those of us depending on Chrome for our daily workflow between several work accounts and personal.

1. The text is really hard to see which account you're on quickly.. this is now a security concern for me as I could easily mistake which account I'm on.
2. People who need accessibility and power users depend on their keyboard far more than trackpad or mouse... the previous switching shortcut worked well.

This is really not "fixed", it was fixed many versions ago and has been getting increasingly more and more broken...

Please just bring back the flag... it doesn't harm anyone who doesn't know about it!
#132 that's exactly what happens to me as well but PLEASE don't file a bug report for this. They WILL make it worse! (#118)

I will use the "People" menu from now on but I still hate it.
#133 "And there is nothing you can do about it"

The fundamentally flawed design won't be rolled back, but there are still aspects of it which need addressing, ie. that the list requires an inaccessible two-finger tap gesture on OSX, which should be ctrl-tap. Plus, adding a keyboard shortcut should be a no-brainer.
This isn't fixed, the UI is still broken and now the option to revert to something useful is even more difficult.  I see a lot of people who don't like this and no-one supporting it so maybe it's time to own up to the fact that this was a mistake...
-1 - the new UI is inferior for people who use multiple profiles concurrently

The Ctrl+Shift+M shortcut should show the fast profile switcher instead, and the icons were a useful indicator.

--disable-new-avatar-menu brings back the old behaviour - problem solved, at least for me (as long as that flag stays in place)
Actually, not solved: 

> Hi folks-

> This is a temporary work-around. Due to the complexity of the code, we’re removing flags in M44 before fully refactoring the code and removing the command-line flags with M45.


Please consider leaving the old behavior in place for users who have a specific use case for it.

Comment 141 by Deleted ...@, Jul 24 2015

This is definitely a UI regression. I have only 2 profiles and I need fast switches between them. Why I need an extra click?

Comment 142 by, Jul 24 2015

I found out right now, that you can just make a right klick on the current profile name in the top right corner and you will get the fast switch option.

Comment 143 by, Jul 24 2015

> --disable-new-avatar-menu brings back the old behaviour - problem solved, at least for me (as long as that flag stays in place)

This is a great workaround!

A workaround for the two-finger tap on OSX is BetterTouchTool ( It provides more accessible options that can map to this gesture.

Comment 145 by Deleted ...@, Jul 25 2015

Hello, the new profile management system is extremely frustrating. The flag "enable-fast-user-switching" is also gone with the recent update. At least provide a shortcut or an easy way to open the profile manager window directly.
it has come the time to look into the chrome source... if that is the way you "fix" bugs.... 

Comment 147 by, Jul 25 2015

For the love of god. PLEASE bring back the flag to enable this switch via a keyboard shortcut. 
Also, note that a number of people in this thread accidentally deleted their default profile while trying to remove the button:!topic/chrome/Q0CTWKv6vzw

Yay, tons of people are now going to use old versions and disable updates because of this crap. Thanks for making the life of black hats even easier.

But seriously. People who use multiple profiles regularily probably had different icons to quickly distinguish which profile they were on. The icon on the left was really helpful for this because you look over there when typing something in the address bar. That new button on the right? When do you ever look there? Also, I'm pretty sure there are many studies out there proving that humans are better on noticing colors/icons even in the corners of their eyes while you need to have a closer look at text. Especially when the text is the same size etc all the time (Work/Porn anyone? Even though you probably shouldn't have this combination at all :p)
We are planning support for cmd+click to open the fast user switcher on mac:  Issue 513705 .
We are also tracking the issue where right-clicking sometimes doesn't work:  Issue 486156 .

The primary feedback on the subject of this bug is an inability to use keyboard shortcuts with the fast user switcher.  We did not add a keyboard accelerator to the right-click menu because we try to add keyboard shortcuts as sparingly as possible.  Once added, shortcuts are nearly impossible to revert, and every shortcut Chrome uses is one less which web developers have access to.
We did not shift the current User Menu accelerator to the right-click menu as there is functionality in the User Menu (e.g. Guest Mode) which needs keyboard access for accessibility purposes.

For user who want to switch profiles using keyboard controls, there are several options available:
-cmd+~ on mac and linux to cycle through open profile windows (mac/linux)
-cmd+shift+/, left arrow to "People" menu, down arrows to desire profile (mac/linux)
-pinning profile shortcuts to the taskbar and using win+number (win)
-workspace-switching controls (all platforms)

At some point, we hit a place of diminishing returns for additional dev work and how many users it affects.  We are continually evaluating user feedback and dev priorities to find this balance point.

The problem is that there was already a shortcut that allowed users to do quick switching when the old user switching was enabled.  On a mac, it was cmd+shift+m and arrow down to the profile.  For some reason, there are more steps to do the same task now.  None of the examples provided are an improvement as they all take more keystrokes to do, at least on a mac.
Hi Adrian, please also consider the feedback of the sort in #149 and #58. Many users are worried about the loss of the icon. How can we address that concern? 

Why would you introduce 'cmd+click' if you could just 'click'? Or at least implement a flag that allows you to chose whether you want the legacy, or the retarded menu. One simple flag will take up 1.5cm in the flag lists, I can't really imagine that this is so much of a problem there.

Even with CMD+Click I am not really happy, there is still no icons, and it's still one more bloody button to click

Comment 154 by, Jul 27 2015

I wouldn't say the primary issue is just the keyboard shortcut.  It is also the visual aspects like the lack of icon and button placement.  I don't use the keyboard shortcuts, but I do use the icon selector substantially both at work (6 profiles) and home (12 profiles). The icons make it very easy to make a quick visual ID of the browser.

Even with the new right click functionality I would still call this change a regression to my work flow.  Also the icon still displays for Incognito mode meaning someone recognized the importance of quick visual ID in that case.
#150 Thanks, glad you are adding cmd-click at least.

"At some point, we hit a place of diminishing returns for additional dev work and how many users it affects."

The saddening aspect of this whole issue is the assumption that the old feature was widely known and had somehow reached its potential, with what I assume are relatively low usage metrics. I gave a talk highlighting that feature once and people were amazed it existed and planned to use it. My point is, most people are unaware multiple user profiles is possible and I suspect if more people knew about it, they would gladly adopt it for their workflows. This new design rolls it back to virtually a legacy feature, because few people will bother to adopt it if they have to jump through these UI hoops. If, instead, the browser design had promoted the feature more, the metrics wouldn't be dictating this direction.

#153 "Even with CMD+Click I am not really happy, there is still no icons, and it's still one more bloody button to click"

Agreed. The design seems to come from people who think you are just switching between a work and a personal profile a few times a day at most. Whereas some people need to switch constantly, e.g. during a call I may need to switch several times within a few minutes. But, I think the train has left the station. The best I can guess is the team wants to consolidate Chromebook login with general Chrome profile switching, so this design will fundamentally stay, at least until another browser demonstrates how to do multi-user switching right.

Comment 156 by, Jul 27 2015

The right-click variant is pretty close to being as good as the old menu, though it's noticeably slower to open, at least on OS X where it must be at least 200ms. It also seems to stop working at all after long browser uptimes. These are not in themselves arguments against the design, but are indications that this went out half-baked.

The lack of a keyboard shortcut to get the fast switching menu is very disappointing. The fast switching menu is the only user-switching menu I ever want to see, so to me this change is the equivalent of simply removing the shortcut. Working the new switcher with the keyboard is just so many keystrokes that moving my hand over to the mouse is better, which is a sad thing indeed for a keyboard shortcut. The fact that my first arrow keypress is wasted selecting the first entry in the popup box is a particularly demoralizing aspect of the keyboard experience on the new switcher.

I can absolutely appreciate the need to maintain only one codebase for this functionality. I just wish this implementation had lost. It's really frustrating because everything about this design is worse for me -- it adds nothing I will ever use, and makes all of the functions of the old switcher slower or harder to use. There isn't even anything here for my rare guest users, who uniformly prefer an incognito window and uniformly use the keyboard to open it.

This collection of menus is a rare exception to something that is otherwise done very well in Chrome: providing intuitive, obvious ways for new users to access unfamiliar functions, while at the same time rewarding experienced users with less obvious, but much faster ways of accessing the same functions.
"-cmd+~ on mac and linux to cycle through open profile windows (mac/linux)" 

Has anyone gotten this to work with an osx-keyboard without a dedicated thilde-key?

Comment 158 by, Jul 28 2015

Just updated chrome and now my avatar icon has disappeared. This was my main gripe with this new interface and it now seems that the flags to revert to the old avatar icon display are removed. Please bring them back. I can't tell which profile I'm using anymore.

Comment 159 by Deleted ...@, Jul 28 2015

*sigh* it used to be so easy. Not I have to hold keys.
How do I unsubscribe from notifications? I reinstalled Firefox and am not going to look back.
Just for a quick personal usage case...

1. I use the profile switcher probably 50 or more times per day.
2. I glance at which profile I'm on hundreds of times per day.

Bringing back an option to use an icon will bring the UX somewhat closer to what it was before for me.

Comment 161 by Deleted ...@, Jul 28 2015

sentiments echoed.
I use numerous profiles to test numerous systems as numerous identities without mingling caches, google accounts, etc.
The color-coded heads worked best. Especially when there are 8 windows on the screen and you want to know what presentation "the green user, who has a google ID that doesn't have access to X, but does to Y" gets to see. 

It was easy to see which window had which posture as which user.

Now, it's a cluster.

As usual, I got used to something that was extremely useful, and it seems for no real great reason it was taken away.

I now use firefox with multiple profiles, MultiFireFox as a launcher, and color-coded themes. Way more time to set this up, and the bloat of firefox. 

it's a shame. 

Comment 162 by, Jul 29 2015

One more quick issue with the "Right Click" menu. When you open it by right clicking, it does not give all of Chrome focus. So if you right click on the menu, but most of that Chrome window is hidden, the "Fast Switch" menu will be hidden until you left click on Chrome and then right click.
It seems to me that CMD+Shift+M should open the right-click menu, rather than the left-click menu. If you're using a keyboard shortcut you're probably already interested in the fast switcher.
#161 did you get Firefox to work just like the old Chrome switcher? I am so done with Chrome, we spent so much time discussing this here and there was literally NO single argument a Chrome dev gave us FOR the new UI. Without the user switcher there is no reason for me to stay with Chrome, this browser now is practically useless for me.
I was using the flag to get the profiles to display in the left click menu. Now those have been moved to a right click menu.
Why? What was wrong with having them in the normal menu? Now I have to stop and think about which button I have to press (left if I want incognito, right if I want another profile, and it's made worse because not all my Chrome installs have updated to this).
I've had to restart Chrome a couple of times recently because the two-finger shortcut stopped working. After restart, it works again.
Update: The two-tap shortcut is dying on a per-window basis. Right now, I can launch the proper profile menu easily in 2 windows, but it fails every time in the third window (whereas it worked a few hours ago). I re-opened a new window for that same profile and the gesture works fine again.

And now I know why I thought this gesture was so hard previously. It was only working in windows where the listener process hadn't yet died.
I don't think the new user switcher should be reverted to the previous one. But it is obvious that the current solution is immature, and harder to use than the one we got used to. So fixes should be made.

The funny thing is that this should be so easy. Without thinking too much about it, I've already come up with a solution that I believe can be advantageous for the users and it wouldn't require too much work to do.

So, I propose the following:

Instead of showing the menu that currently is shown when someone clicks on the button with their username why not just show the "Switch profile" dialog immediately?

In the dialog let us reorder the profiles. Also make it more keyboard friendly. Let us select the profiles with typing: Pressing 4 should select the fourth profile, pressing M should select the first that's name starts with M. It simple and easy. Just like how file managers work.

That's it. A few simple patches, and switching profiles can be done with 3 buttons or 2 clicks.

What do you think?

 Issue 520445  has been merged into this issue.
Well I've tried to read posts on this thread, but I didn't read everything. It seams that there IS A TWO CLICK USER SWITCHING BY RIGHT CLICK ON USER BUTTON.

I think the issue need to be marked as "workaround" with explanation how to do fast user switching because people get here and don't find the information (who wants to read the full thread?)

Comment 171 by, Oct 23 2015

In the latest update the --disable-new-avatar-menu is broken.  Either the user selector winds up off the screen or if you can get to the "new" switch person window it says the URL is invalid.  Removing the flag and killing all chrome.exe instances at least gets the "new" interface back.
Confirmed. Trying to switch profiles in Chrome 46 goes to an invalid URL:

This webpage is not available
The webpage at chrome://user-manager/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

The --disable-new-avatar-menu flag is a must-have for our company to use Chrome efficiently. Having visual indicators of which window is using which profile is critical. We have all tried the text switcher and all users have requested a switch back to the icons.
Why would you make the --disable-new-avatar-menu flag unusable. Please bring it back
Sorry for the not really informative post but I don't understand how the discussion goes on but still they set it to:

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It seems this is finally "fixed" without (the right click) workaround on M55.

I would still like my icon back but that's a relatively minor issue.

Big thank to whoever fixed it.
Hi everyone. As mentioned in #175, the new user menu UI will be rolling out in M55 in the coming weeks.

As several people have mentioned, we really appreciate all of your feedback, and we've incorporated it into this update. We've addressed several of the concerns raised on this bug:

- The entire list of profiles is available in the standard left-click menu for quick access
- You can access the list of profiles via the cmd-shift-m keyboard shortcut for improved accessibility
- Improved the error UI for when there's a sync or auth error
- Consolidated the profile info to make the UI more compact
- Quick way to close all windows for a single profile when more than one window is open via a new "Close all your windows" button

We hope that these updates address some of the issues you were having.

We will continue to work on improving several of the other issues that have been raised. Please be thoughtful of the fact that we have a variety of constraints and use cases that we need to satisfy, so not everything will be possible.
ewald@: Thank you so much for the fix and information!

I fully understand the constraints we have. But just in case, here are my wishlist of this feature (as mentioned before):

1. Show the icon instead of the name at the top-right corner of the browser window. IMHO, an icon is way easier to identify when you have multiple profile windows open.

2. Keep pressing ctrl-shift-m to switch multiple profiles, instead of pressing ctrl-shift-m, then up/down arrows. When users use keyboard shortcuts, they really want them to be "shortcuts". The distance from "m" to an arrow key is too far for my fingers. This is also more consistent with the switching tabs shortcut using ctrl-tab and ctrl-shift-tab.
(1) is being tracked by Issue 442260. We're aware of it and are exploring available options.

Comment 179 by, Dec 5 2016

I can confirm that ctrl-shift-m works using 55.0.2883.75 on Arch Linux. Thanks!

My $0.02 -

> Show the icon instead of the name at the top-right corner of the browser window.

If implemented, This should be configurable, as I'm sure many people (such as myself) give meaningful names to their profiles and do not wish to see icons. I have commented on #442260

However, there is one improvement to the ctrl-shift-m behavior that should be made. When I enter ctrl-shift-m followed by one down arrow, the highlighted profile is the *already active one*, which isn't very useful. The first profile in the drop-down list that is not the active one should be the highlighted selection.
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