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DNS timeout should be something less than 5 seconds

Project Member Reported by, Aug 11 2014

Issue description

It seems that a DNS lookup timeout in Chrome on Android is currently 5 seconds by default. This seems to be way, way too long and means that users who experience a DNS lookup failure are going to have very negatively impacted page load times. I see no reason to justify a 5 second timeout today apart from when performing lookups on a cellular network where the radio needs time to promote from IDLE to FACH state (although even then 5 seconds is on the high side).

Would it make sense to do an experiment with a lower timeout, say 2 seconds, or make the timeout depend on the type of network?


Comment 1 by, Aug 11 2014

Looks like this is hard coded, and the same on all platforms. (The default ProcTaskParams are always used, on all platforms, when using the system resolver instead of Chrome's internal one).

If this is a problem, wouldn't it make more sense to make Android's GetAddrInfo do this instead, so all apps benefit?

Comment 2 by, Aug 11 2014

Status: Available

Comment 3 by, Oct 20 2015

Lest this fall into the realm of forgotten bugs, I'm bumping this -- as I think it is worth looking at from an EM loading perspective. Tossing it over to bmcquade@ for now as I think this is in his wheelhouse -- if not, feel free to reassign or mark obsolete if we have no plans to do anything about it.

We've been talking about bringing in AsyncResolver on Android in field trial, as well as some longer term plans for GetAddrInfo.  After looking at UMA around DNS resolutions I'm very interested in trying out AsyncResolver. It should already be running for Android since we use it for probing when there are DNS errors to better understand the root cause.

Comment 5 by, Oct 20 2015

Is it possible to turn on async resolver on android via a command line flag? If so I could try to do some A/B testing on 2G while in India.

Comment 6 by, Nov 16 2015

Sorry for not responding to #5 - it looks like the option for this does not exist in about:flags anymore.
Reassigning to Julia who is looking into DNS performance.
I am indeed looking into this; it is behind one other task in my queue of DNS tasks to work on.
Project Member

Comment 11 by, Apr 12 2017

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Comment 13 by, Apr 12 2017

Status: Assigned (was: Available)
Reassigning to bengr@ as part of network robustness work for EM.

juliatuttle@: what's the status of this work?

Re-assigning to tbansal@ who is reconsidering other timeouts and who should factor this work into his thinking.
I might actually assign to mgersh, but she's been doing more recent work in the DNS space.
Sg. Feel free to change ownership.
Status: Fixed (was: Assigned)
The async resolver is launching now, and it has a much shorter timeout, so I'll consider this fixed.

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