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Closed: Oct 2014
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Issue 395253: Chrome laggy & unstable with upgrade to 36

Reported by, Jul 18 2014 Project Member

Issue description

Version: 36
OS: windows 7

Summary: Users in the Chrome support forum are seeing issues with page loads and page load times. 

Forum links:!category-topic/chrome/5R1V2-V8jaI

Please let me know what follow up questions to ask on forum. I will share this ticket with the users there. 

Details of what has been reports so far:

- "Running version: Version 36.0.1985.125 m That machine runs BitDefender. SpyBot S&D and Malwarebytes run occasionally. (And were run this morning with no issues found.) When I re-installed Chrome it removed all extensions that I had installed. Still on the vanilla install of Chrome, trying to get it to work again. I can load pages in other browsers. If I load Chrome normally, it is not possible to use Incognito mode. If I use the -no-sandbox option, the pages will load in both regular and Incognito mode. Worth noting that I used Revo Uninstaller to remove all registry settings. The only one I've gotten is the "page not responding kill/wait" chrome://conflicts doesn't show any conflicts that I can see."

- "I can confirm that this is a Chrome issue (although also happening with Opera), but Firefox and Internet Explorer works fine. Incognito mode didn't work and it's still not loading any sort of pages and turning off malware and virus scanners did not do anything. Oddly no errors show up just a tabbed window that refuses to go to any websites or load any sort of pages. I also have Bitdefender Total Security 2014 and Malwarebytes installed. Been playing around with the settings in Bitdefender and it seems like that might be the culprit. Upon turning off the Active Virus Control setting in the Antivirus settings page in Bitdefender, Chrome works like normal without the sandbox command."

- "I have similar problem with Chrome v36.0.1985.125. Running Windows 7 64-bit with Bitdefender (free version, latest update) and MalwareBytes (active protection enabled), no proxy configured. This started yesterday, I am unable to open any sites or even open 'About Google Chrome' page, tabs just say 'Loading', sometimes I get popup window asking if I want to wait or kill tabs.

- "Troubleshooting done so far: Disabled Bitdefender (no change), Uninstalled / Reinstalled Chrome (no change), Uninstalled Chrome / Deleted 'Default' Chrome settings folder in my user's profile/ Reinstalled Chrome (no change). It should be noted that I have no issues browsing Internet from IE, Firefox or latest Chrome 'canary' version (beta for developers)."

- "Just had Chrome update to 36, now it is unusable. I noticed this in Canary 36 but un-installed it due to this issue. I have just installed Canary 38 to test with and the issues are there too. Browser cache reset, no extensions, all settings reset (plus fresh Canary install) exhibit the same massive slowdown issue.

SunSpider test for Chrome 36: SunSpider test for Chrome Canary 38:

Both show massive slowdown in the 'date' results for some reason:

 date:                 2647.7ms +/- 7.8%
    format-tofte:       2622.8ms +/- 7.9%
    format-xparb:         24.9ms +/- 10.2%

vs Firefox 30:

  date:                  56.2ms +/- 5.8%
    format-tofte:        26.9ms +/- 5.2%
    format-xparb:        29.3ms +/- 8.3%"

- "I got the same problem on w7. All input fields (sometimes scroll) have 2-3 or more seconds delay. Nothing helps, exept clean install of 35 back again. The problem expierenced only with 36 version.

- ""I've been doing some tests internally here with our developers. Some were Chrome 35 and some were Chrome 36. I tested them before and after the upgrade and nobody ran into any issues like this. The script I got them to run was this: My browsers (v36 & v38) both ran up in the high 2500ms+. All the other devs were down in the 14 or 15ms. I'm not ruling out something outside Chrome, but without v35 to test on now I cant remove Chrome from being the culprit."

Comment 1 by, Jul 18 2014

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Status: Assigned

Can we have someone from security investigate to see if any of these reports are actionable?

Comment 2 by, Jul 18 2014

At first glance, it may be malware related, but you'll most certainly want a better answer than my "gut feel".

Adding in wfh@ and jschuh@ to provide that better answer.

Comment 3 by, Jul 18 2014

owner --> wfh@

Comment 4 by, Jul 18 2014

There appear to be two issues here.   Firstly, anything that is fixed by supplying --no-sandbox is almost certainly some kind of malware and/or anti-virus and/or third party interaction.  There's not much we can do about this other than blacklisting the AV/malware DLL from loading into Chrome.  We are working on a way of alerting the user in a better way if the sandbox broker is unable to launch child processes (rather than just a blank page) - "no errors show up just a tabbed window that refuses to go to any websites or load any sort of pages" is almost certainly sandbox child process startup failure.

BitDefender has known conflicts with 64-bit Chrome, but I was unaware of conflicts on 32-bit - c.f. but we only blacklisted the 64-bit version of bitdefender.

Secondly, reports of sluggishness tend to end up being conflated to several underlying causes, it's important to try and eliminate as many factors as possible, it sounds like munkeyjooce@ in the linked forum threads has made a good effort to do this, but the fact that this issue only affects his workstation does still indicate some kind of configuration issue with his machine.  I'd like to get in contact with munkeyjooce and try and diagnose the specific issue he is having, since it seems he can reproduce it in a relatively clean configuration.

Comment 5 by, Jul 18 2014

Labels: -Restrict-View-Google

Comment 6 by, Jul 18 2014

With thanks to Munkeyjooce, we have confirmed that the slowness is an interaction between the Chrome sandbox and AVAST anti-virus.  Something AVAST is doing is causing slowness here.

Comment 7 by, Jul 18 2014

The sandbox initialization (which results in a blank tab and inability to load any content) is probably an interaction with BitDefender, so these are two separate issues.

Comment 8 by, Jul 21 2014

Re: #6 - 35 fine, 36 bad - so something that Chrome is doing is causing the slowness. I don't have Avast, nor BitDefender, but I still have the problem.

Comment 9 by, Jul 21 2014

Experiencing extreme slowness in Chrome v. 36 - text boxes are incredibly laggy and take up to 2 seconds to display typed characters.

Scrolling is incredibly laggy and the browser can take up to 10 seconds to 'catch up' to the current location.

Links are incredibly laggy - hovering the mouse pointer over a link does not 'highlight it' approximately 30% of the time. Drop-down menus also will not highlight properly, sometimes the highlighting will skip an option when mousing over the available entries.

I uninstalled Sophos Anti-Virus to try to deal with the issue but the issue persists. There are reports that disabling hardware acceleration fixes the issue.

Comment 10 by, Jul 21 2014

Adding more windows folks.  Still suspect 3rd party interactions, but has anything else changed in M36 that might cause this slowness?

Comment 11 by, Jul 21 2014

Confirmed, disabling hardware acceleration eliminates lag in text inputs/page updates/location updates/etc.

// Thank you for suggesting the workaround - I was about to jump out a window.

Comment 12 by, Jul 21 2014

Labels: Cr-Internals-GPU
possibly three issues here then - if disabling hardware acceleration helped then maybe this is a GPU whitelisting issue.

Comment 13 by Deleted ...@, Jul 22 2014

disabling hardware acceleration solved the issue. One thing: Not all Windows 7 x64 systems suffer from this problem.

Comment 14 by, Jul 22 2014

I'm experiencing the exact same symptoms as described by
Disabling hardware acceleration seems to have solved the issue.

Couple details:
Dell Studio 1749 - Core i5 M430
Win 7 64 bit
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650

Comment 15 by, Jul 22 2014


I installed the latest display adapter drivers (they were very old), and re-enabled Chrome hardware acceleration. The issue now seems to be fixed.

Comment 16 by, Jul 22 2014

Re-installed Avast and tested with Chrome 36 (hardware acceleration off) and its still slow on eval() test on SunSpider. Changing Hardware acceleration feature made no difference

Tested Chrome Canary 38.0.2100.0 canary (64-bit) (hardware acceleration off) and not seeing any slowdown as I was before. SunSpider eval() test is normal.

Dell Studio XPS 1647
Windows 7 Ultimate Edition Service Pack 1 (x64)

Comment 17 by, Jul 22 2014

I have tried disabling hardware acceleration, and that did not help. Typing this reply has been quite the mission... only having this issue on Chrome. Where do we stand on a fix?

Comment 18 by, Jul 22 2014

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I'm closing off comments for the moment because there are too many things being conflated and the lack of useful detail is just resulting in noise.

wfh@ - We know that some of these problems are from third-party DLLs being injected into Chrome by misbehaving AV programs. Are we going to land any new sets of DLL blocks or just relying on the forums to inform users of the broken AV programs?

jbauman@ - Some people seem to be hitting issues with GPU acceleration. A few people above have reported that either disabling acceleration or updating drivers resolved their problems. Were there significant Windows GPU or blacklist changes in 36 that could explain this?

Comment 19 by, Jul 30 2014

 Issue 396790  has been merged into this issue.

Comment 20 by, Aug 6 2014

> Were there significant Windows GPU or blacklist changes in 36 that could explain this?

I don't know if it explains this specific issue, but r265062 first appeared in M36. However, I think that CL only affects Mac and Android, not Windows. zmo@, can you comment?

Comment 21 by, Aug 6 2014

Did we start to use D3D11 since M36 or earlier?
+shannonwoods, +vangelis

Other than that, I can't think of any other significant GPU changes.

Comment 22 by, Aug 6 2014

DX11 by default is new to M36, yes.

Comment 23 by, Aug 6 2014

To test if D3D11 is the culprit, run with --disable-d3d11. This will affect only non-Intel GPUs, as Intel is still blacklisted from D3D11.

If D3D11 is causing problems, it will be helpful to get the about:gpu from some affected machines. I recall that we did run into some issues with buggy older Nvidia drivers shortly after enabling D3D11 by default in dev, but IIRC, we had a workaround in place. Geoff, can you confirm that last bit?

Comment 24 by, Aug 7 2014

It looks like we merged the fixes for the NVIDIA driver bug (poor performance with index + vertex creation flags on the same buffer) and D3D10 AMD cards (slow writing to non-existent render targets).  I can't think of any other issues we had.

Comment 25 by, Aug 8 2014

I created a new bug for issues that appear related to h/w acceleration. Please use  issue 402134  for further troubleshooting.

Comment 26 by, Aug 8 2014

Blockedon: chromium:402134

Comment 27 by, Oct 8 2014

Status: Fixed
36 is no more, if this is still an issue feel free to reopen up the issue and update it with the milestone which is being effected.

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