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Closed: Dec 2015
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100% CPU usage of WebRTC DataChannels

Reported by, Jul 9 2014

Issue description

Chrome Version: 38.0.2086.0 (Developer Build 282095) 

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Run this script: (locally connecting two peers, establishing DataChannel, sending a few messages and then breaking connection from one side).
2. Observe CPU usage go up and up
3. Observe CPU usage remain high even after JS execution is paused

What is the expected result?
Scripts continues to run indefinitely (connecting to peers via WebRTC, be ok with sending message where delivery can't happen, etc.) CPU usage should not be 100% and should drop after JS execution is paused.

What happens instead?
Here's a tracing of what's going on when 100% CPU usage is happening (attached as
3.7 MB Download
Labels: Performance Needs-Feedback
What is the os on which this issue is seen ?
This is on OS X 10.9.4
But I've heard reports from every platform, including Windows and Linux. It's probably not platform specific.
Labels: Hotlist-ExcessiveCPU
juretriglav@ Chrome has significantly changed in last few months and many similar performance issues are fixed in Latest Version of Chrome.

Can you upgrade Chrome to latest version and let us know if this issue is still seen ?
Labels: -Needs-Feedback
Status: WontFix
Closing the issue as did not hear back from user again. Please feel free to raise a new issue if it still persists or reappears.
This issue still present in chrome and opera on all platforms. It's reproducible in chrome 49.0.2623.87 and opera 36.0.2130.32. On this script CPU grows up to 100 % in a few minutes. Firefox works without any CPU growing.

Comment 8 by, Apr 4 2016

This is still an issue. It's present in 49.0.2623.110 (64-bit).

Comment 9 by, Apr 4 2016

I created a short code example that demonstrates the issue. I posted it in this new issue on the WebRTC bug tracker:

Feel free to follow along there, since this issue looks dead.

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