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input elements do not expose readonly state in acc layer as per HTML5 requirements
Project Member Reported by, Jun 15 2014 Back to list
Version: <35>
OS: <windows 8.1>

HTML5 requires that an input element with a readonly attribute is exposed in browsers with the platform dependent equivalent of aria-readonly=true. This maps to  STATE_SYSTEM_READONLY in MSAA + IAccessible2 role . Currently the input element with a readonly attribute does not expose this state (unlike FF and IE)

HTML5 WAI-ARIA section
WAI-ARIA implementation guide property mapping table:
input element definition HTML5
HTML5 readonly attribute definition

What is the expected behavior?  

input element with a readonly attribute has an MSAA + IAccessible2 state of STATE_SYSTEM_READONLY

Steps to reproduce

open check the MSAA+IA2 state of the input element using an object inspection tool (aViewer for example:  

note: this also the case for the textarea element.
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This issue likely requires triage.  The current issue owner may be inactive (i.e. hasn't fixed an issue in the last 30 days or commented in this particular issue in the last 90 days).  Thanks for helping out!

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Setting to available with label of Needs:Investigation since this should be looked at by a dev directly. 
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