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issue 382930

Sign in to add a comment* masters are having trouble
Project Member Reported by, Jun 11 2014 Back to list
Current state:* masters are very slow, or unreachable.
Comment 1 by, Jun 11 2014
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Comment 2 by, Jun 11 2014
Labels: Infra-Labs
Status: Assigned
The master machine is responsive and not loaded. Connecting to the svn mirror does not work. Network issues have been found, and escalated to the proper people.
Sorry, I meant: when ssh'd into the master machine (which is very difficult) the master machine does not behave abnormaly. But reaching out to the svn mirror does not work (or not all the time)
This affects also client.*
Blocking: chromium:382930
The outage turned out to be caused by multiple issues. The most severe one has been partly fixed, but there's still no user-visible changes. The infrastructure team is working hard to solve the remaining problems.
Status: Fixed
The outage is over. The network storm has been cleared, the subversion servers are now back to normal. Thanks for your patience!
Status: Verified
Components: Infra>Labs
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Labels: -Infra
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