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Status: Fixed
Closed: Dec 2014
EstimatedDays: ----
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OS: Windows , Mac
Pri: 2
Type: Bug

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Modernize per-locale/script default font preferences and web UI fonts on Mac / WIndows (for CJK locales)

Project Member Reported by, Apr 30 2014

Issue description

CJK font preferences (default) on Windows had better be updated to use 'newer' fonts available on Vista or later. With Win XP's share rapidly dwindling (after the official support ended), setting the default to WIn XP fonts doesn't do much good. We may have to rebaseline some layout tests. 

Recent versions of Mac OS (Lion or later) have shiny new Korean fonts (Apple had not updated Korean fonts on Mac OS for over 15 years until they finally did a couple of years ago), but our default sans-serif fonts in the Korean locale is still 15+ year old Apple Gothic.  We should change the default to SD Gothic and those with an older version can always switch back to Apple Gothic if necessary. 

The same is true of our web-based UI fonts (both on Win/Mac), for which we can have a fallback list so that we can list both new and old fonts (new before old). 


Comment 1 by, Apr 30 2014

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Comment 2 by, Apr 30 2014

How about parsing the system fallback list to setup the preferences? I have a patch for Mac that works.
Project Member

Comment 3 by, Dec 20 2014

The following revision refers to this bug:

commit b964e3614ed0e915a2c46a09d46c32152919b8a9
Author: jshin <>
Date: Sat Dec 20 02:01:17 2014

Modernize CJK default font prefs on Mac/Windows/Linux

On Mac, set the Korean standard/sans-serif/web UI fonts to Apple SD Gothic Neo
instead of 20(?)-year old 'AppleGothic'.

On Windows (again replacing ~20 year old fonts with more modern fonts) :
1. ko/{std,sans-serif} : Gulim -> Malgun Gothic
2. ja/{std,sans-serif} : MS PGothic -> Meiryo
3. zh-CN/{std,sans-serif} : Simsun -> Microsoft YaHei
4. zh-TW/{std,sans-serif} : PMingLiu -> Microsoft JhengHei

The Windows change will make the default font for web pages (user can changes in
sesttings) the same as that used in Chrome's web UI on Windows Vista or later.

On Linux, add 'Noto Sans CJK {JP,KR,SC,TC} at the beginning of the web UI
font fallback list. If they're installed, they'll be used (more in line
with Chrome OS). If not, other fonts will be used.

BUG= 368568 
TEST=On Windows, the fonts listed above are used (per dom inspector).
data:text/html,<span lang="ko">&#xac00;</span>
data:text/html,<span lang="ja">&#x304b;&#x30ab;&#x4e00;</span>
data:text/html,<span lang="zh-CN">&#x4e00;&#x65e5;</span>
data:text/html,<span lang="zh-TW">&#x4e00;&#x65e5;</span>

Review URL:

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#309321}


Comment 4 by, Dec 20 2014

Wouldn't it be nicer if we just fetch the current preferred Mac system font from system directly in runtime instead of storing it in a static file?

Comment 5 by, Dec 31 2014

Status: Fixed
re comment 4: in theory, yes. There are some costs/UI issues, etc. (I've been thinking of that for a while).   Do those settings have per-{script, cssGeneric} values on Mac OS? 

Anyway, why don't you file a separate bug and add me to the CC (as well as mentioning it here)? Thanks

This bug is supposed to change default fonts for Simp. Chinese from old SimSun to MS Yahei. 

But in reality, only the ones who are using NON-Chinese interface benefit from this change. For example, you are using English Chrome. And now you're visiting , it will nicely show in Microsoft Yahei). However, the native SImplified Chinese users, who are using Simplified Chinese interface, they will still suffer "20 years old" SimSun (Same story for Traditional Chinese users).

The cause is that just updating locale_settings_win.grd or app_locale_settings_zh-CN.xtb file are not enough. You have to update FontFallbackWin.cpp as well. Someone forgot about that.

The attachment is three images to show this bug.

The first one is the default font setting for Simplified Chinese interface. You can clearly see that it's still SimSun. Without surprise, if you visit with this setting it will show as SimSun (image #2). However, if you modify your UI language to, say, English, restart your browser, and then re-visit, it will suddently became Microsoft Yahei, the correct behavior.
Chromm chinese font.png
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Chromm chinese font 2.png
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Chromm chinese font 3.png
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 Bug 587072  is proposed to fix the leftover problem.
Sorry when I said "FontFallbackWin.cpp" I was trying to say "locale_settings_win_zh-CN.xtb" (//src/chrome/app/resources/platform_locale_settings/locale_settings_win_zh-CN.xtb)

You can see there the dafault font settings are still SimSun/NSimSun. The sans-serif one should be changed to Microsoft Yahei.

FontFallbackWin.cpp is another story.

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