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Closed: Sep 2015
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Type: Bug

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Perf dashboard link for tab_capture_performance_tests is wrong
Project Member Reported by, Feb 25 2014 Back to list
The link to the Perf dashboard for the tab_capture_performance_tests step in the GPU bots' recipe is broken. See for example:

Go to a current build and click the "Results Dashboard" link under the tab_capture_performance_tests step.

It generates a URL like this:

It should generate a URL like this:

I'm not sure how to generate the URL properly for multiple sub-tests, or whether it's possible to display multiple sub-tests simultaneously.

Marking P3 because I'm not sure anyone is looking at the absolute numbers coming out of this test. It has however been useful to catch correctness bugs.

Comment 1 by, Sep 25 2015
Status: Archived
Archiving GPU bugs that are untriaged since more than one year.  Please re-open if this is still relevant.
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