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Status: WontFix
Closed: Apr 2014
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OS: Windows
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Type: Bug

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issue 175502

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[PtZ] chrome://settings does not pan
Project Member Reported by, Jan 30 2014 Back to list
Chrome Version       : 34.0.1813.0
URLs (if applicable) : chrome://settings

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Launch Chrome on a surface pro. Go to chrome://settings. 
2 Try to zoom in the page by using 2 finger pinch
2. Try to open any popup dialog by going to Manage Search Engines, Import Bookmarks and etc
3. Try to move the page to see the left side menu of chrome://settings page.
4. Verify

The page doesn't seem to land on the expected. Moving the Popup dialog which got opened out of the page. Have to go the right of the screen where search champ is and swipe the finger to the left to get the popup dialog displayed again.

Is this expected??

Labels: Proj-Windows8
Comment 2 by, Jan 31 2014
Labels: -Pri-2 Pri-1
Status: Assigned
Summary: [PtZ] chrome://settings does not pan (was: [PtZ] Unable to move smoothly to the desired area when a popup window is open)
The better bug is that the chrome://settings does not X-axis pan so

1.Launch Chrome on a windows tablet device. Go to chrome://settings. 
2 Zoom in the page by using 2 finger pinch
3.Pan to get to the left edge

Expected: able to pan to the left
Actual : panning on the X axis is disabled or broken. Maybe the html on the page is doing this but for my life I can't find where.

Rick, can you re-assign appropriately?

Comment 3 by, Jan 31 2014
David, can you please take a look?  Perhaps there's a touch event handler on the page swallowing single-finger touch events?
Comment 4 by, Jan 31 2014
Also, is the an issue with the new pinch-zoom code as well?  If it's only a problem with the old codepath and there's isn't an obviously easy fix, then we should probably punt - we're not investing significant effort in the old soon-to-be-obsolete pinch codepath.
Comment 5 by, Feb 5 2014
I can't repro this on Win8 Canary (34.0.1822.0). The page does have overscroll-x: hidden, and this used to prevent pinched in panning but it was fixed a few weeks back. Could you confirm the issue still exists, and try the repro from  to see it if may be related.
Comment 6 by, Feb 5 2014
Ignore #5, I managed to repro it this morning with ToT. Interestingly, the problem doesn't occur when I maximized the window (which is why I couldn't repro yesterday). Disabling the overflow-x: hidden property makes it work so it's probably related to 
Comment 7 by, Feb 5 2014
Status: Started
Comment 8 by, Feb 11 2014
Blockedon: chromium:175502
This issue is a symptom of a long running bug and is unlikely to get fixed in the short-term (> 2-3 weeks). Unfortunately, it also affects new-style pinch, though it only comes up when we fall off the fast path. In the meantime, we could remove overflow: hidden styles or disable pinch on settings pages using the <viewport> tag.
Comment 9 by, Feb 26 2014
Labels: -M-34 M-35
Comment 10 by, Feb 26 2014
Labels: -M-35
Labels: M-36
Comment 12 by, Apr 15 2014
Status: WontFix
This is already fixed in the new pinch patch by work done for  issue 349941 .
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