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Status: Fixed
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Closed: Jan 2014
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OS: Windows
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Type: Bug

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Unable to side scroll

Reported by, Jan 9 2014

Issue description

Version: 32.0.1700.72 m
OS: Win8 and 8.1 

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Open Chrome on Win8 mode 
2. Go to a webpage that requires side-scroll 

2 reports so far on Feedback

I didn't have a chance to repro this. Please investigate to make sure this is not a launch blocker. 
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Comment 45 by, Jan 18 2014

thank you!

Comment 46 by, Jan 18 2014

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Approved for M33 (1750)
Win 8. Happens on various sites.

Test it here:

Click on "Size Chart". The horizontal scroll bar doesnt work and if left alone, the "Kill Page" or "Wait" option comes up.

Memory leak?

Comment 48 by Deleted ...@, Jan 20 2014

I have been having the same problem for a few days now.  Neither the horizontal or vertical scroll bars work and I get the unresponsive pop-up if the window isn't closed.  This is impacting my ability to work and if not resolved, I will have to start using another browser.

Windows 7
Version 32.0.1700.76 m

Comment 49 by, Jan 20 2014

melanie, can you please try the canary and see if it fixes your problem:

we're trying to confirm it's fixed so we can merge the fix to the stable channel.

Comment 50 by, Jan 20 2014

Horizontal scrolling does not work on Chrome Version 32.0.1700.76m using two finger scrolling on my laptop track-pad.

Works fine in Chrome Canary.

Comment 51 by, Jan 20 2014

Works for me!

Win 7
34.0.1796.0 canary
MacBookPro trackpad
Works for me in Canary too.

Hope it fixes the "New Tab" as the homepage bug too.
Works fine in canary, please merge the fix to stable, for me it is the biggest regression ever. Thanks!

Comment 54 by, Jan 21 2014

no.ka.oii did u open a bug for the new tab issue you mention?

Comment 55 by Deleted ...@, Jan 21 2014

Win8.1 Chrome: 32.0.1700.76 m 

Using Logitech G700, side scrolling quit working a few days ago. It's driving me crazy. Any way to fix it?
No fix for me. :(

Using XP, Chrome and FF. 
Downloaded and added Logitech's SetPoint. Did not help. 
Reverted to the Marble Mouse driver and problem was solved...temporarily.
For all those users still reporting that it is not fixed: The fix has only
made it's way into Google Chrome Canary (the daily build of chrome). It
will make it's way into the stable channel soon.

No I havent yet. I was planning on digging thru the list today to see if it was in there or not.
Project Member

Comment 59 by, Jan 21 2014

Labels: -Merge-Approved merge-merged-1700
r246123 | | 2014-01-21T21:42:18.800564Z

Changed paths:

Merge 245651 "Add support for horizontal mouse wheel messages in..."

> Add support for horizontal mouse wheel messages in Windows Desktop Aura.
> This is simply a matter of recognizing the WM_MOUSEHWHEEL message as a valid mouse wheel message.
> Tested this on web pages with horizontal scrollbars and it works well.
> BUG= 332797 
>, sky
> Review URL:

Review URL:
Can we expect an update to Chrome stable soon?
Labels: Merge-Requested

Comment 62 by, Jan 21 2014

Labels: -Merge-Requested Merge-Approved
Project Member

Comment 63 by, Jan 21 2014

Labels: -Merge-Approved merge-merged-1750
r246170 | | 2014-01-21T23:54:49.369604Z

Changed paths:

Merge 245651 "Add support for horizontal mouse wheel messages in..."

> Add support for horizontal mouse wheel messages in Windows Desktop Aura.
> This is simply a matter of recognizing the WM_MOUSEHWHEEL message as a valid mouse wheel message.
> Tested this on web pages with horizontal scrollbars and it works well.
> BUG= 332797 
>, sky
> Review URL:

Review URL:
Just downloaded & installed Canary and my mouse wheel still won't do vertical scroll.
HP mouse on Windows Vista Ultimate SP 2.
Driver--Looks like HP Wireless Laser Mini mouse rev 3.5.

Comment 65 by Deleted ...@, Jan 23 2014

when can we expect that the fix will be moved to the stable version?
Project Member

Comment 66 by, Jan 23 2014

r246730 | | 2014-01-23T23:46:23.900652Z

Changed paths:

Adding support for sending horizonatal mouse wheel information in Chrome ASH on Windows 8.

Currently using the horizontal mouse wheel also causes vertical scrolling. With this change we send over
a flag in the mouse messages which indicates if horizontal scrolling is being done and if yes we create
the right MouseWheelEvent instance.

BUG= 332797,,, cpu

Review URL:
Seriously stop upgrading stuff and go home!!!

Comment 68 by, Jan 27 2014

The following site used to have side to side scrolling using Chrome on my MagicMouse. Now it no longer works.

Works fine with Explorer, Safari, and others.
Labels: TE-Verified-M32 TE-Verified-32.0.1700.102 TE-Verified-M33 TE-Verified-33.0.1750.54
Verified the above issue on Windows 7, with chrome version "32.0.1700.102" & "33.0.1750.54" & able to do Horizontal & Vertical scroll, using track pad & track point on Lenovo X201.

Url tested below:

Thank you!
 Issue 339266  has been merged into this issue.

Comment 71 by Deleted ...@, Feb 1 2014

Canary did not fix my horizontal scrolling issue

Comment 72 Deleted

Comment 73 by Deleted ...@, Feb 19 2014

Arrow keys still missing and not appear in pull down menus too...why?
@#73 The default scroll bars and buttons have been changed to be like the
ones from Chrome OS - There aren't any arrow keys there either. You should
probably open another bug - This bug is about horizontal scrolling issues.

Comment 75 by Deleted ...@, Feb 28 2014

34.0.1847.11 (Official Build 253056) beta-m

Pushing my scrollwheel left/right works correctly in EVERY other program on my Windows 7 SP1 machine. In Chrome, "left" scrolls down, and "right" scrolls up. Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500 w/ Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center installed. No special settings are being applied to Chrome.

Comment 76 by Deleted ...@, Mar 1 2014

Version 34.0.1847.11 beta-m
Win x64
Logitech M705 latest drivers
No horizontal scroll.
LEFT wheel push scrolls DOWN
RIGHT wheel push scrolls UP
Works fine on waterfox and aurora
This was working back in january but started to not work once more a couple of weeks ago. Surprised not more people are reporting. Like #76 I get up/down scrolling instead of vertical left/right when using the left/right scrolling gesture on my laptop touchpad (elantech). 35.0.1867.2 canary, window 8.1 64 bit.
I also have the new issue on MacBook with Win7 / Chrome 35.0.1867.0 canary.

To me it looks like two seperate problems:
old: horizontal scroll events did not translate into any scrolling
new: horizontal scroll events translate to vertical scrolling

Comment 79 by Deleted ...@, Mar 6 2014

I was having issues with this too..until I connected a mouse with sidescroll to my laptop and tested horizontal scrolling in Chrome. It worked. 

So I resorted to deleting Chrome completely (including going in and deleting google folders in appdata) and completely reinstalling it from scratch.

Sidescroll is now functioning properly. 

Not much of a headache to have to do if you have syncing turned on. 
Can anyone confirm whether the solution in #79 works?

Comment 81 by Deleted ...@, Mar 8 2014

Can confirm #79 works for me with Logitech M500 mouse. Tilt scroll wheel works in all apps except Chrome prior. After reinstalling Chrome it works normally. 
Reinstallation did not solve the problem on my notebook touchpad unfortunately. 

Comment 83 by, Mar 15 2014

"So I resorted to deleting Chrome completely (including going in and deleting google folders in appdata) and completely reinstalling it from scratch."

Does not work for me.
Version 35.0.1893.0 canary 

Seeing the original issue here was fixed in January, we should continue our reports on a bug report dedicated to the new issue.
I'm also affected with the annoying sidescrolling-issue.
I have Version 34.0.1847.116 m and Windows 7 64bit.
I use a Logitech M325 Mouse. No sidescrolling problems with other browsers
If i use sidescroll, it will scroll up or down like using the wheel.

Comment 85 by Deleted ...@, Apr 10 2014

Version 36.0.1933.0 canary
tilt side scroll not working with Logitech g700s. 
side scroll works fine on my trackpad though.

works on all programs/apps except chrome, chrome beta, and chrome canary.
super frustrating.
As comment #83 says, this should be continued in  bug #333721 

Comment 87 by Deleted ...@, Apr 11 2014

Side scroll does not work for tochpad in version 34 on wondows 8.1

Comment 88 by Deleted ...@, Apr 11 2014

Logitech M705 mouse, same problem, it works in ALL apps EXCEPT chrome, it started happening after i updated to windows 8.1, using all rest latest softawre from Chrome and Logitech. Please FIX this already i cant surf the web properly without it!

Comment 89 Deleted

Comment 90 by Deleted ...@, Apr 11 2014

Logitech G500S on windows 8.1, same problem. Horizontal scroll with the tilt wheel doesn't work on Chrome 34. It does vertical scroll instead. 
Logitech G602 mouse on Windows 8.1 (64-bit), just installed everything today, so running "Chrome Version 34.0.1847.116 m" with the latest mouse driver, "Logitech Gaming Software 8.53.150". Horizontal scrolling becomes vertical scrolling for me.

When I define my configurable buttons to scroll left and right using Logitech's software, left is processed as down and right is processed as up by Chrome. Horizontal scrolling works fine in Internet Explorer. 

Comment 92 Deleted

Comment 93 by Deleted ...@, Apr 12 2014

Sidescroll with mouse wheel (pushing mouse wheel left or right) becoming a vertical scroll in Chrome is happening on both laptop and desktop for me.

Laptop is a Windows 8 with Chrome 34.0.1847.116 and Setpoint drivers 5.52.29. Mouse is a Logitech Anywhere MX.

Desktop is Windows 7 with Chrome 34.0.1847.116 and newest version of Setpoint as of a couple days ago. Mouse is a Logitech G700s.
Horizontal scrolling became vertical - Windows 7 34.0.1847.116 m
Cmon, stop breaking this every release!

Comment 95 by, Apr 12 2014

Прокрутка в сторону перестала работать, вин 7, хром Версия 34.0.1847.116 m, вместо нее в верх и в низ.
Since this bug is marked as fixed, I don't think that these reports are for
the same bug.
My logitech mouse side scroll buttons also have become vertical, side scrolling issue is broke again!  This exact same thing happened back in January.  This happened directly after some windows updates on april 9th or 10th.  Or it very well may have been a flash update.  This only happens with CHROME.  IE side scroll works fine and side scrolling within windows folders works normally.

You fixed this before once back in mid Jan, so please fix it again.  Its very annoying not having side scrolling with my logitech wheelmouse when pushing the wheel left/right. Horizontal scrolling appears to work for me still in
chrome [35.0.1916.27 (Official Build 262261) beta-m], are you sure that
this is not a separate issue?

Mine quit working as i said last week right after windows updates,  I did a restore back to before the updates and it was fixed and working fine. So IMO the updates are not jiving with chrome.

This exact same thing happened back in mid jan, and eventually it was fixed.

How does chrome updated?   Does it do it without me knowing?  Im hoping for an update to fix this,

Ironically on this page here, im zoomed in so I have a bottom scroll bar, and for some reason I CAN side scroll on this page!!    This is the first page i can side scroll on using chrome browser.  Very odd.  

All other browsers or windows side scrolling works normally still.

Comment 100 by Deleted ...@, Apr 14 2014

I am also having the problem with sidescrolling in Chrome, using my Logitech G700 on a Windows 7. I noticed it today or if it might have been yesterday. 
I noticed now I can use the Left/right ARROW keys to sidescroll on chrome

Also I can press SHIFT key while sidescrolling from logitech mouse and it

But still the problem remains,side scrolling with mouse/ logitech m510
using the wheel left/right does not work in chrome.
Everyone seems to be having issues with Logitech hardware now......


If you did a system restore to before some windows updates, they could have
been driver updates for your mouse / touchpad that broke the horizontal

Correct me if I'mm wrong, but this sounds like it should go in a different
issue. You should include a list of updates that it did in the new issue
Also notice when using side scroll from mouse wheel, on chrome webpages will scroll UP and DOWN(vertically) instead of side to side(hroizontally)

I am not sure where else to post sorry bout that.

Its odd that all is fine except on chrome browser.   and is exactly same
thing happened in Jan.  Then all the sudden Chrome got fixed, just not sure
when or how chrome is updated so cant tell when it might have been fixed.

I recall it was same time the scroll bars were changed to very narrow bars
cause i had to add a green wide bar extension which i still use today.

New bugs can be reported by going to and clicking the "New Issue"
button (see this image:
Project Member

Comment 106 by, Apr 14 2014

r263667 | | 2014-04-14T18:05:16.205067Z

Changed paths:

Get horizontal wheel scrolling working again with logitech drivers.

Some Logitech drivers send WM_MOUSEHWHEEL messages to the parent window intermingled with WM_MOUSEWHEEL
messages to the child if there is one. This causes horizontal scrolling to be treated as vertical scroll.

Hack is to remember the last time a WM_MOUSEHWHEEL message is received and treat WM_MOUSEWHEEL messages
which occur in this window as WM_MOUSEHWHEEL messages.

BUG= 332797 

Review URL:
How do I fix it?

Comment 108 Deleted

Comment 109 by Deleted ...@, Apr 15 2014

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse + Win 8.1, Chrome Version 34.0.1847.116 m

Please fix, my tilt wheel is just scrolling vertically.  I can still scroll horizantally by using Shift+Scroll or left/right keys but that defeats the whole purpose of having a tilt wheel mouse.  My mouse works perfectly in other apps.

Someone seems to have made changes to the chrome code (see comment #106), does it work in chrome canary now?
The fix is included in the Canary build 36.0.1941.0.

It solved the issue on my MacBook Pro! Thanks.
what is canary?   I dont see anything in #106, ive read that post many times and googled this topic for 3 days now.   

Are you saying there is a new chrome build named canary?    what is 36.0.1941.0?  

If there is a way to fix this, why cant someone just tell me how to do it?   I see lots of people say there is a way to fix it but no directions, no HOW TO, and no step by step directions for someone who is not a tech genius. lol

I asked several times about how chrome updates and if I can try another version maybe to fix it, but have no clue where you get other versions or how to install them.

thanks everyone for trying!
There's nothing you have to do yourself. Basically this place is about communicating with the developers and giving them indications as to what works and what doesn't.

The issue has been fixed in the source code yesterday. It generally takes several weeks until the updated code will in fact be part of the official Google Chrome browser.

There are three different release types. There's the canary line, which already has the fix included. You're most likely using the "normal" release (called "stable"), which most likely will not be fixed until the next major release.

More info on release channels:
^^thank you for this!   Ive been spending every waking hour trying
different things to fix this side scrolling issue.

So can i get the new version?  How does Chrome update?  does it do it
automatically without me knowing?

I have to stick with this for several weeks til i get the side scroll to
work?    Wow, that is a long time.

thank you very much!
By default, Chrome updates itself. Since you're on the stable channel, you'll only get updates to the stable channel.

You can run Canary side by side with the stable Chrome. Just follow the link from my last comment and click on Canary. It's a separate application.
It should be noted that Canary is the daily unstable build of chrome. It
can break at any time, so it shouldn't be used for everyday browsing.
thanks very much!

I just did that,  I now have chrome "canary" running side by side, and sure
enough the side scrolling now works as it did before!!!  Very happy after
several days of this!

One last will i know when my "stable chrome" gets updated?
  Or do I have to keep checking the version each day?

thanks again so much!
I read on that page,(link to canary page) that the stable version updates approx every 6 weeks.  Is there a place that gives the dates of when my version was updated?   and the date when the new stable version will release?

What im wondering is, on april 9th(approx) is when my side scrolling quit, It seemed to coincide with a bunch of windows updates i got that day.  So I assumed it was the windows updates that "broke" my side scrolling on chrome. 

But, could chrome have updated around that date as well?   And could that be the reason it broke and not from windows updates?

If anyone can point me to where i can see dates of stable chrome updates Id appreciate it. For now i guess ill just use canary since it works great now.

thank you!
I don't want to come across as a wise ass, but you can just google for "chrome release history" and find this blog as the second result:

You'll find that the stable channel was indeed updated on April 8th.

I've noticed sometimes it takes a day or so until your browser actually performs the update.

On a side note. The canary versions are great to identify problems early (before they appear in the stable channel). For example, this particular issue was visible to me in the Canary builds since March 4th. Unfortunately, it had to hit a stable release to get enough attention..
thank you again for helping me....this all has been tremendous.
Glad to be of help. Just reread my last comment and I'm sorry I was a little rude in the beginning.
 Issue 363227  has been merged into this issue.
 Issue 363303  has been merged into this issue.

Comment 124 by Deleted ...@, Apr 17 2014

Fucking FIX IT!!!
 Issue 364015  has been merged into this issue.

Comment 126 by Deleted ...@, Apr 18 2014

a month ago I encountered the horizontal scroll bug and went out and bought another mouse for $30.....dunh!  Here is the solution...real easy...

download MSIE and uninstall Chrome because it is BS the way this bug has hung around unfixed!!

@tmalone1.... You say that it is unfixed - People have been reporting that
it is fixed in the canary channel (see above). Is this the same for you?

The fix will land in the stable channel, but it just takes a while.'s true...
...i run IE also and side scroll works perfect...'s the secont time we encounter this problem...
...there will be no third time...
IOhave been using chromium for 6 months on and off on windows 7 x64 and now windows 8 x64. The right hand scroll bars have NEVER worked, even without all extensions loaded. Yo uhave to use the scroll buttons or touchpad gesture. Sevral other people I sugested Chromium to (as the only x64 chrome) have exactly the same problem. The addin "Rescroller" works as a temporary fix but this extension interferes with others.

@#128 @#129 Did you even read the latest comments before posting?
...didn't they fix it yet ???
just did a chrome update today, the side scrolling still DOES NOT WORK.

Comment 133 Deleted

Comment 134 by Deleted ...@, Apr 30 2014

This has been resolved as of Canary 36.0.1941.0. Going from past releases, 36 will make it to the stable Chrome build around the end of May/beginning of June.
...and after two updates it will go off again...
My Chrome version: 34.0.1847.137

Improperly functioning side-scroll in Chrome has consistently been a problem for me for the past few months, so I came up with a solution myself. Side-scrolling with my touchpad works fine, but with my mouse it has not worked in Chrome for a long time (it works fine everywhere else in Windows). In Chrome it just scrolls up and down. It drove me crazy that it kept scrolling up and down every time I tried to middle click and accidentally pushed it slightly to the side. It would jump away from what I was trying to click before I could click it. I used AutoHotkey--which is free open source software--to solve this problem, and implemented the following script. This is simpler to implement than it may look to someone with no coding experience (instructions below).

SendMode Input
SetTitleMatchMode, 2
#IfWinActive ahk_class Chrome_WidgetWin_1
WheelLeft::Send {Left}
WheelRight::Send {Right}
#MaxHotkeysPerInterval 5000

If you just want to disable side scroll in Chrome completely, replace "Send {Left}" and "Send {Right}" with "return" as in "WheelLeft::return". Delete line four to apply this to everything in Windows.

Basically what this script does is tell Windows to interpret side-scroll as right and left arrow buttons, but only in Chrome. This is a work around and I'm sure you could imagine how it would function, but for the most part it should resolve the problem pretty well without affecting any other software. If this code does not work, I would assume it's because of a Window Title problem. You could try replacing Chrome_WidgetWin_1 with Chrome_WidgetWin_0 (you can try other numbers but I don't know if they would work). If that doesn't work, just remove the whole fourth line of code. If you delete that line, it will translate this functionality across all of Windows, so keep that in mind. Most likely it should work without you needing to change anything.

1. Download and install AutoHotkey from This is very lightweight unintrusive software that you can remove when you are done. It is open source, here is the source code:
2. Open Notepad and copy the above code.
3. Save it as a file ending in .ahk (such as chrome-side-scroll.ahk)
4. Right click the .ahk file and hit compile script. It will make this file: chrome-side-scroll.exe

Now you have an exe file that will run this script. If you want to always start it manually, you are now done. You can actually start the script by double clicking the ahk file instead of pre-compiling, but that way Autohotkey has to be installed for it to work so it can compile every time you run it. Autohotkey is really only a compiler, so if you compile an exe, you can uninstall AutoHotkey and the exe will continue to work (but not the ahk file). You can enable, suspend, or disable the script at any time from the tray. If you completely close it, you have to go back to the exe file and run it.

5. Make a shortcut for chrome-side-scroll.exe and move it to your startup folder so it starts with Windows. To get to this folder, copy and paste this into explorer or other file manager: %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

That's it! You're done. It will always be running (using almost no ram, about 3 MB) but will only affect Chrome. You will see its tray icon. If it ever closes (should never happen unless you close it), just double click the exe you made.

ALTERNATE METHOD: If you want it to start with Chrome instead of Windows
--Ignore step five above--
5. Right click your Chrome shortcut and go to properties to find the location chrome.exe is saved in. For me it is C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application
6. Move (or make a copy of) chrome-side-scroll.exe to the directory chrome.exe is in. 
7. Make a file in Notepad with the following contents (make sure the exe file name is correct), and save it as a batch file (call it something like chrome+scroll.bat):
START chrome.exe
START chrome-side-scroll.exe
8. Make a shortcut to this batch file and put it anywhere you want, such as the desktop.
9. Right click and open properties for this shortcut file, then in the Shortcut tab and hit change icon.
10. When it prompts you to pick an icon, go to browse and again navigate to the folder containing chrome.exe.
11. Select chrome.exe and hit open, then it will list a bunch of chrome icons and you can take your pick.

Method 2 will try to run the script every time you click on the batch shortcut, so if it is already running you should get a prompt telling you it is already open. Personally I did did both methods. I made a desktop shortcut of the batch file (just to get the right icon), then I dragged it onto my already pinned Chrome taskbar icon and pinned it to that, then deleted the desktop shortcut. That way I can open up Chrome normally from the taskbar, but if for some reason I closed the autohotkey script I can right click the taskbar icon and start it together with the script.

Comment 137 by Deleted ...@, Jun 2 2014

The side scroll issue is still not fixed. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate, using a Logitech M510 Gaming mouse with freshly updated drivers. All my mouse options work fine in both Firefox and IE, just not in Chrome which is a real shame as Chrome is the browser that I would most like to use. Any out there got a fix for this? I would greatly appreciate any feedback. 
If you look at the comment directly above yours you will see my fix. I have been using this without issue for a few months. Other people have tried it and told me it works for them too.

Comment 139 by Deleted ...@, Jun 2 2014

Hi, This is just a quick note in response to comment #136 by  You….DUDE!....are a freakin' GENIUS! I have been having this issue now for months and finally decided to find a fix for it this morning. I have been to a dozen sights, tried half a dozen fixes and NOTHING worked. I then stumbled upon this site, and started reading. I even tried a couple of the ideas listed here but nothing worked... UNTIL I read yours that is. Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t understand a flipping word of it, BUT, I know how to follow instructions,and they worked like a charm. It never fails, every time I get to thinking that I am pretty good with computers (having just completed an associates degree progam for Network and System Administration this past month) I run into a problem like this one that I can’t figure out on my own. I am eventually SCHOOLED by a Guru such as yourself, instantly teaching me how much there is that I DON'T know. I am in AWE of your powers my friend! So thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with me. I would have never gotten it on my own. 

Comment 140 by Deleted ...@, Jun 30 2014

Thank you Soldier9! This has been bugging me for more months than I care to admit.
The solution posted by "" in comment #136 works quite well!

I added
#SingleInstance ignore
to the top of the AHK script to avoid the warning dialog when re-launching (I don't need two shortcuts). Also, I reversed the order of my AHK .exe and chrome.exe in the BAT file. I'm not sure if it affects functioning, but it means the brief flash of a cmd window happens before the chrome window appears, which I find more pleasing.
Chrome 36 was released in the stable branch yesterday and fixes the issue for me.
Wow, thanks Valentine!  

I just updated to new chrome 36 and YES, my side scroll now is working finally.

Now can someone please tell me why it took APRIL, MAY, JUNE,and Half of July for google to fix this?  4 months ago I posted my side scroll was broke.   

Lets hope they dont break it again, we all know this is not the first time side scroll has broke, but previously it did not take 4 mnths to fix!   

just happy its working, as the previous fix we were are using was messing up a few other things for me.  


It takes that long for changes to filter down from the development channels
of chrome down to the stable channel of chrome. I guess this is so they can
attempt to catch as many bugs as possible before changes are released. To
get changes faster, try the beta channel.
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