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Implement RSS detection natively in Chrome
Project Member Reported by, Jan 26 2010 Back to list
This bug is a placeholder for discussing the merits and keeping track of 
implementing the RSS Subscription Extension natively in Chrome.

Extension install:

Comment 1 by, Jan 27 2010
How about bundling the RSS extension with Chrome rather than integrating it into the 
core? Users who aren't interested in RSS could just remove the extension.
Comment 2 by, Jan 27 2010
Whether to include the RSS extension by default has been discussed and we've gone back 
and forth on that decision. The current thinking is not to do so, but please don't 
derail this bug by discussing the merits of that decision here. Instead see issue 
I can understand the issues surrounding UI clutter and so on, but having zero support 
for RSS is far worse UI.

You don't have to clutter the browser chrome/omnibox with an RSS icon at all. Most web 
sites with feeds will put an on-page icon linking to the feed. Some sites (such as style the feed, but most (such as my site, do 
not. When going to the feed URL, Chrome just display horrible random text (from the 
user's POV).

*This* is the case that Chrome must handle natively, even if it's just displaying a 
short bit of information and some kind of representation of the feed.
First I thought, no RSS that is a bad idea, but when you don't need RSS it is better 
without the icon in omnibox
I agree with #3 that displaying the current source is a really bad user experience and displaying something 
should be done. Maybe it could even be as less as a text stating that this is a feed and that you need an 
extention (link) to use it.
Comment 6 by, Jan 27 2010
I have done a bit of user testing with software and if a user sees that a RSS feed 
looks nice in Internet Explorer, looks nice in Firefox but looks like horrible random 
text in Chrome, they will just assume that chrome is broken. Chrome needs to be able 
to render RSS nicely purely because that is what the other browsers do. You are 
asking for trouble if you go against convention. 

Currently extension icons are placed on the right side of the address bar so I think 
there might be confusion if you mix extension icons with non-extension icons like 
RSS. Chrome should render RSS nicely, as done in firefox and Internet Explorer, but I 
think the RSS icon should be left off the address bar.
Comment 7 Deleted
My main reason for wanting native RSS rendering is both the already mentioned case 
and the case of sites where the only RSS link is via an HTML link element.

The latter case (and the number of sites that do that is growing as browsers like 
Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari get people used to expecting the browser to 
support RSS) is a big pain in Chrome because I often want to load RSS URLs into sites 
 like FeedRinse or native applications, neither of which are in the extensions list 
of supported readers and the extension doesn't provide any mechanism for retrieving 
the URL beyond using "View Source" on the site.
Comment 9 by, Jan 27 2010
> the extension doesn't provide any mechanism for retrieving the URL
> beyond using "View Source" on the site.

That's not true.

With the RSS extension, when you click on the RSS link in the Omnibox/navigate to a 
feed directly, you are taken to the subscribe (feed preview) page. There is a [ Feed ] 
link right there in the light blue bar, which you can right-click to copy the URL of 
the feed.
Huh. Either it's a recent addition or I missed it... and as an HCI student and someone 
who started studying HCI "because I'm already pretty good at UI design", I don't think 
it's egotistical to say that, if I missed it, the average user is almost guaranteed 
 You can do that with the extension. First navigate to the feed page, then click on the 
drop-down menu and select "Manage...". Finally, add the feed reader you'd like to use.
@Mr. Fancool:

Seems like a lotta work to write some kind of bridge to get the URL into a custom 
config file I'm editing in vim which has no web-site editing API. (I do that a lot)
 So what do you want? I can't understand your words well.
Comment 14 by, Jan 30 2010
 Issue 33756  has been merged into this issue.
@Mr. Fancool:

All I want for <link>-only feeds is a method for getting the URL that's as intuitive 
as possible for the average, non-technical user. (For non-<link> feeds, I also want 
to be able to comfortably preview the feed content as sanely-templated entries)

Given how important consistency is even when people AREN'T fatigued or rushed, I'd 
say that not having the feed URL in the omnibar after clicking the feed icon is like 
discovering the hard way that a site's AJAX broke the back button. (Something we 
learned was a bad thing back in the early days of frames)

Besides, all the other browsers are doing it, and that alone is usually enough to say 
"Unless it's an explicit design decision with a clear rationale, deviating probably 
isn't smart".
Comment 16 by, Jan 31 2010
 Issue 33844  has been merged into this issue.
Comment 17 by, Jan 31 2010

Inclusion of the RSS extension would be ideal, but I vote for a chrome_url_override 
or similar for subscribe.html; I've addressed many of the issues I had with the feed 
preview myself in a modified extension, but the most visible changes amount to a 

My goal is a local, single-feed oriented, RSS viewing experience similar to that of 
the old Sage extension for Firefox; the stylesheet itself is more reminiscent of 
Safari.  Further emulating Sage's functionality, my current project is an RSS 
bookmark updater with brower_action icon, a boolean "Live Bookmark".  If you happen 
to be working on something similar to this, it would also make a good inclusion into 
the chrome base... or just an official extension.

Thanks for the great work on the RSS extension and Chrome!

 So what you (mainly) want is to be able to see feed URL in the Omnibox. Well, some 
user script should be enough for this, let's see if they will change the way this 
extension works.
Labels: Mstone-X HelpWanted
Status: Available
I don't understand why RSS can't have native support, does it slow down the browser? I 
don't think makes Chrome a 'bloated browser', its just an icon that appears in the 
omnibox. Its a basic function and one that users have come to expect from their 
browsers. If a bloated browser is a real concern, I would suggest the ability to turn 
off rss support. Why not an extension? Having native support would be faster and more 
stable than using an extension. The extension adds much more bloat than native support 
Comment 21 by, Feb 3 2010
I disagree with comment 20. Even if extensions are slower and less stable than native 
support (which I doubt), I'd say speed isn't really a concern for a RSS button. 
Checking to see if there's a RSS feed means checking for a certain element in the 
document, which is really fast. If it weren't, most JavaScript-using sites would be 
quite slow in Chrome!

As for stability, I'm not sure what you mean with that. Do you mean crashes? Extensions 
are actually better in that regard than native support; if the extension crashes, it 
only takes down that extension.

Bloat: I disagree. Extensions really feel quite lightweight to me. I think that native 
support would actually increase 'bloat', since a RSS button really isn't a basic 
function of a browser; the basic function is showing web pages. I do agree that looking 
at a RSS feed directly without the extension doesn't work properly, but that's caused 
by Chrome not showing unstyled XML like other browsers do ( issue 434 ), as well as not 
styling the XML to show the feed's contents in a readable way (implemented by the 
One could argue that all extensions introduce a certain minimum amount of bloat since 
they run in their own processes and that's always going to be heavier than code 
running in an existing process.
I don't understand the logic behind RSS not having native support, is it the idea that 
it adds bloat? Its a very universal function common among all the major browsers. 
Google translate now has native support, if thats not considered bloat, why is this?
Labels: -Area-Feature Area-UI
native RSS is crucial to attracht other browser users... expecially from FF. they 
wonn't understand why is not a native support since they have it natively. add this!
I agree with fabios4rulez. Google Translate is native and RSS is not. That's bullshit.
Comment 27 Deleted
Comment 28 by, Apr 16 2010
As mentioned in  issue 41087 , a frequently updated framework under active development 
is obviously not suitable for a basis feature which should be consistent.
Comment 29 by Deleted ...@, Apr 27 2010
I am currently a firefox user, and I am not switching to chrome until it has full RSS
support with Live Bookmarks. This for me is the single largest sticking point. No one
I know has used reader software or sites in years; we all find it far more convenient
to use FF's live bookmarking feature, because then we do not have to go to a site and
we can check what we feel like checking instead of everything at once. This to all of
us is a basic feature that is a prerequisite for even considering any browser, and I
am certain that many Firefox users feel the same way. 
While chrome is in many ways better, until such basic concerns as this have been
addressed, many FF users will put up with inferior performance in order to have the
features they have come to depend on everyday.
I completely agree with DUrsoLab. I have many friends whose not switch to chrome from 
firefox because of lack of some basic features like RSS and Live bookmarks.
@Comment 29/30

There is no reason that live bookmarks can not be implemented as an extension in 
Chrome, unless my understanding of the abilities of the Chrome extension API is 

The extension API for managing bookmarks in Chrome is stable and has been around longer 
than most of the extension APIs for Chrome.
Comment 32 by Deleted ...@, May 4 2010
After using Ubuntu for over 2 years at home, I finaly decided to try chrome.

Once FF bookmarks were imported into chrome, I liked the look and feel of Chrome. But 
after 3 minutes, I wanted to check my slashdot livebookmark and.... where is it?

"Oh it's beta, maybe the import is not perfect..then i'll do it manualy... But where 
is RSS icon?... Ah... an extension is needed... OK let's install it.
w00t, I got the icon now... but... hey?? How can I add it as live bookmark?"

Bye bye Chrome :'(

@bastien: you just have to install an extension that checks news on your live 
a good one is here:

Comment 34 Deleted
The google RSS extension does not appear to support desktop RSS readers such as netnewswire like Camino, 
Safari and Firefox do. Is this the case? If so, are there any alternative extensions that do?
bundle it ! :)
I dont use it but the feature should be here by default..
@jan.pingel, there is an RSS extension for chrome that supports desktop clients -

I use it in preference to google's browser (for me, the half the point of RSS feeds is reading them offline!)

I've had no trouble using it with NetNewswire on the Mac, and other users attest to it working on windows. 
Sounds like you're on Mac however.

Lest this be entirely OT, might I add that I would prefer that the Chrome native support for RSS supported 
desktop clients? Merely letting me subscribe in a web reader excludes us offline-reading partisans, IMO.
@37: ...and we all know Google doesn't like people using non-cloud apps. It represents 
to much data they can't aggregate and target ads by.

Seriously though, I have noticed a disturbing trend towards that effect. Google seems 
to see supporting integration with native apps as a necessary evil and nothing more.
Comment 39 by Deleted ...@, May 10 2010
@33 and @34
Thanks but even if RSS live link is close to it, thats still 2 clicks to show the 
list of a feed where firefox do it in 1 (+ it dont need to look and test differents 
extensions for hours!)

Websites offers RSS links, the brower I choose should be able to deal with it instead 
of linking it to a web service like google reader...

Maybe im not using RSS how it should be, but its how random "not-expert" users use 
them with firefox.
Yes, please do implement this feature . Problem is that Chrome doesn't parse XML feeds to show a human-readable preview. Google Chrome doesn't even recommend users to install the RSS subscription extension.

Comment 41 Deleted
Comment 42 by, Jun 17 2010
i want this feature please .
I am in complete agreement; please implement this feature.  feeds are essential to keeping track of events
Comment 44 Deleted
If the feature is not implemented natively, at least please provide a link to install the RSS Extension when the user clicks on a RSS link. And please parse XML nicely so that users won't see a very ugly page full of "junks" (that's a MUCH WORSE UI that can scare sh*t out of users)!
I agree this should be added. At the very least make the extension easily discoverable if you do click on an RSS link.
what c--p guys, make it work in Chrome.....a nice example quoted by Alex Chitu of Google Operating System blog..."Maybe not all users know the definition of a feed, but not many people know what a browser is and that doesn't stop them from using a browser."
I agree to go against the norm is asking for trouble. 
Are there really that many people not using RSS feeds and how problematic do they find the "clutter" of the automatic RSS detection icons?
Shouldn't google encourage users to utilise feeds anyway?
> Shouldn't google encourage users to utilise feeds anyway?

I think they already do. Hence the popularity of Google Reader.

So, we are not getting RSS detection natively 'cause it's not a feature that a vast majority of users need, but Translate is? And Sync and all the developer tools? Who decides this anyway?
Comment 50 by Deleted ...@, Jun 18 2010
This is one of the reasons i have gone back to FF.

RSS is integral to the social aspect of the web and for Google not to support it, is niave.
Comment 51 by, Jun 18 2010
Google have already provider an extension for this that covers exactly what I need. 
Using the same logic, most the people I know don't really like to print web pages. So I'd like the print functionality to be removed from the browser just to make it faster and implemented as an extension for those that really care about it.

Besides, I don't think that this bug will help with anything. It will probably be left open for a few years with only users commenting here and almost no developer response.
13 useless comments in just a few hours... please guys, just star this issue!!
Comment 54 by, Jun 18 2010
This is so obviously simple to fix that it hurts... Okay, forget the RSS feed icon, forget live bookmarks, they can easily be added by extensions.

However, when opening an RSS feed that doesn't include an XML stylesheet just switch to a default stylesheet so the feed at least becomes readable, and can include some extra info about how to subscribe, etc.
Comment 55 Deleted
Comment 57 by Deleted ...@, Jun 18 2010
Please add.
Comment 58 by Deleted ...@, Jun 19 2010
Please add.

They have add native pdf support to Chrome but still no RSS!

There are many sites which have no link to RSS/Atom feed. Need autodetection support!

RSS icon may be white nor orange!
Another bug I unstar because of excessive comment spam!
RSS and mRSS integration would be a real asset!
Comment 62 by, Jun 20 2010
What's going on? 500+ stars within just a few days!
> What's going on? 500+ stars within just a few days!

I think it was because the Google OS blog asked people to star the issue:
Comment 64 Deleted
Comment 65 by, Jun 20 2010
Sure wish I knew how to unsubscribe from this issue!

Anyway, I'm taking my star back.  I've changed my mind. I don't think it should be implemented anymore. If it could detect a feed and suggest an extension that would be an improvement though.
Comment 66 by, Jun 20 2010
Me too, I am unstarring it. The time is better spent on fixing several other issues (e.g., printing improvements) rather than this. With the extension working perfectly fine for me, it is just a matter of pride (for not having it as a built-in feature) when compared to other browser users. I would be perfectly fine with a link to install the chrome extension (or offer to automatically install the first time it is needed).
Comment 67 by, Jun 20 2010
this bug : Instead of just being able to save what you download- be able to run. 

is really worse, please stars it guys
Amau, I hear your plight and have other issue concerns myself, but I don't think that redirecting people to our personal favorites is an appropriate way to go about it.  Please consider an alternate means in the future (for the sake of keeping issue logs relevant and non-abusive).

And to everyone who has basically said, "Please add this!" or, "Me too!!"  I don't mean to be rude, but that doesn't really add anything to the discussion - starring the issue essentially shouts, "+1" on its own accord.

*Now stepping off my soapbox.*
@ 68 -- Daniel W.C. Fletcher--on "I don't mean to be rude..." Good point!
Google chrome includes adobe flash player and adobe reader plugin... why it doenst have  native rss functions? It's strange....
Comment 71 Deleted
We definitely need RSS functions...

This is my biggest gripe...

there are HUGE orange buttons ON the websites that will lead you to a feed garble that most users don't know what to do with

This is NOT supporting feed technology like I would hope google would.

How would one expect users to learn about RSS if they don't have access to good software?
Comment 73 by, Jun 20 2010
I can understand that UI-wise, it fits in with the Chrome philosophy better to have an extension, but the browser still should do something useful with the feed, even if it's just a notification that the user has clicked on an RSS feed, and they should install an RSS extension or use an RSS reader to view it.  Right now it just looks like Chrome or the website is broken.
I would be fine with an extension, except that the extension sucks. For example: an extension easily supports Web-based readers like Google Reader, but does a poor job of integrating with desktop readers. 

For those who don't use RSS, having the feeds listed on Web pages churn out unparsed feeds when clicked does more to confuse people about RSS and hamper adoption of an important standard.
Instead add another complain, i'll try my best to suggest some approach for this issue:

1- Native(plugin) vs Extension
RSS, SVG, WebStorage, WebWorkers are wall w3c spec... why they are treat differently?
Who voted pdf and flash as native in chrome? 
How's "native" feature is determined?
Can we have a specific page for native/extensions that will be implemented, so that we can vote on them in future implementations?

2- UI
If you want to help users, you have to lead/educate them.

When they click/goes on a RSS page, the minimum thing that they want is to see a FUNCTIONAL page, and anything besides goes on a negative impact and a feeling of error or not correct behaviour.

So, in that way we could see:
.1) a page with information that the browser cannot understand RSS 
.2) above option plus some hint/link/text/alert of what the next thing user can do to help it
.3) a wizard/alert that could activate/install RSS extension
.4) a BEAUTIFUL(minimum) parse of xml and a hint of advanced action(any of other options listed here)
.5) a internal subscription (native on chrome) that will act like a reader instead pass it to other program. This could be a native plugin that could be disabled
.6) a --use-xml-parser or --auto-redir-rss=<service_name:google_reader,desktop_app> command line option that could be tested and implemented, so you can get time to implement a default behaviour

But in the end, user's need some action in that issue, and YOU can help them.

Yes, remember when searching for Michelle Obama pictures resulted in an offensive picture and Google went out of its way to advertise to users that Google did not promote the picture, I think in this instance, Google could also point users in the right direction.
Perhaps they should just make a basic subscribe to window,
Tell the user that they can subscribe using their favorite Reader, or go to Chrome Extensions gallery and find one that suits their needs.

Comment 78 by, Jun 22 2010
not only RSS, what about an XML viewer?
first work on a nice display for local XML pages, and RSS files Online.
+1 to include at least a pointer to load up your rss feeds in an aggregator. 
Comment 80 by, Jun 22 2010
As a Minimum we need just feed button, short explanation of what feed is and link to install extensions or subscribe using online readers. Must be pretty simple.
Having to install an extension is stupid. If it was kept that way, why not make the popup blocker an extension? And the translator? And sync. Oh, and of course, autofill. And the developer tools. See? Stupid.

Extensions take up quite a bit of memory (a minimum of 5MB, usually). They're also very slow (compared to built in features).
Agrees with Comment #80, chrome must, at least, include definitions, directions and presente a friendlier page.
Comment 83 by, Jun 23 2010
i don't like extensions, i don't want to sign in to my google account to read RSS, i want to read it from my browser and get notified on the side when any of my subscribed RSSs are updated.

and what about XML, i want chrome because its faster then IE - but to display my XML documents i need IE witch it much slower...

if i knew C++ very well i would make a patch myself... (it should be simple...)
Comment 84 by, Jun 25 2010
I can agree, Chrome needs to at "least" be able to "parse" the XML files in a readable format natively.

With Google Reader being the most popular feed reader out there, you could even include an "ad" on the bottom of the feed to "subscribe to the feed using Google Reader" or something...

And as another user mentioned, extensions take up resources, the "RSS Subscription Extension (by Google)" is currently sitting at 1,328L - IMHO, that's quite "high" simply for an orange button that sits in the address if/when a feed is available.
Comment 85 by, Jun 25 2010
hey I agree,

RSS feeds, and XML in general are a troublesome affair; some users want an
easy-reading version of their sites, others want e-mail-esque centralized
updates, coordinated on-line, and others just want more highlighting in
view-source.  No one agrees on it, and every browser's built-in
implementation is wrong.

For the non XML-viewing crowd.... at least try the Google RSS subscription,
or my extension Shoyu preview/updates, or one of many other fine RSS
implementations for Chrome.  And please let this bug sit idle.

At a minimum, Chrome needs to parse the XML into some form readable by general users. I'd prefer to see full support to match FF and IE (discovery, preview, subscribe).  When I moved from FF to Chrome as my default browser, I thought it was broken when I entered a Feed URL. Major disapointment.  

FWIW, I use Google's Reader online (syncs to NetNewsWire, FeedDemon and NewsRob) and Google's FeedBurner, so it seems odd to me that Chrome lacks native support.
Oh my God, every new commenter is reiterating what has already been said. Just star this if it affects you! (Sorry for the spam this comment causes.)
@87 -- good point!
@88 I think you missed the point. The point is that there's a lot of spam in this issue. Meaning reiteration and comments like yours and mine. (Sorry again.)
The issue blew up a lot with the Google Operating Systems blog post. Moral of the story, make your product suitable to those that will promote it, and the bug system will be less clogged.
@90: Well, if this is not a problem for users, why so many stars from Google OS' readers?
Comment 92 by Deleted ...@, Jun 27 2010
No Atom? Doesn't Google mainly support Atom?
I do not want to see dense code, it is time to add RSS support.
IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera all support RSS  2.0,why don't google chrome?
l0l Chrome isn't 2.0 its Google.0 
Grey Theme -> They sayed "its definitely not grey" What is it now? GREY!
What have i missed?
Comment 97 by, Jun 27 2010
RSS Subscribe to the basic functions of the browser, why should expand programs to implement it?
All the other browsers support RSS 2.0, why dont chrome? It's time to change!
Comment 99 by Deleted ...@, Jun 28 2010
I like google reader, if chrome support detection natively RSS, it's convenient to me.
I need it,I like google reader.
Comment 101 by Deleted ...@, Jun 28 2010
I love google reader very much! Please make chrome support RSS! Thanks!
Comment 102 by Deleted ...@, Jun 28 2010
This bug is a placeholder for discussing the merits and keeping track of 
implementing the RSS Subscription Extension natively in Chrome.
I love google reader very much! Please make chrome support RSS! Thanks!
Comment 104 by Deleted ...@, Jun 28 2010
i wish RSS could be detected natively in chrome, please add this feature
We need it
Google Reader is good, and I use it everyday, but adding new feed to it in Chrome means I have to copy the link (or at least look for a link which will direct me to add link to Google), and then go to Google Reader and add the feed to it.

I'm currently living in Shanghai, China, and it's a pain in the ass loading Google Reader sometimes.

So, it would be perfect at least Chrome can identify a Atom link and let me choose which application I use to subscribe that link.
Make chrome support RSS natively, plz. It will be more convenient.


STOP WHINING ABOUT "every other browser implementing feed detection, feed parsing, XML parsing", WHATEVER.




Comment 110 by Deleted ...@, Jun 28 2010
i don't know why Chrome still don't have internal RSS detection. we need it so so so much!

I need it.
Comment 113 by Deleted ...@, Jun 28 2010
we need it.
Comment 116 by, Jun 28 2010
I agree with all of you guys. we need RSS.
Comment 117 by Deleted ...@, Jun 28 2010
I love Chrome,But I hope Support RSS

i think it will be great to add RSS detection
Comment 119 by Deleted ...@, Jun 28 2010
i think it will be great to add RSS detection
All need is RSS in Chrome!
i need RSS 
Comment 123 by Deleted ...@, Jun 28 2010
yeah,i agree that rss natively implement in chrome!

we do need RSS support. it could be a individual special page.

maybe AUTOMATICALLY REDIRECT to GOOGLE READER instead when a RSS XML is detected would also be a good idea!!!
of course.I have other tools~
To read Rss in chrome directly is cool, although we have already have google reader and igoogle to read rss news.i think chrome should work good with google reader.
I need RSS support!
RSS is an essential function.Chrome user need it deadly.
Comment 130 by Deleted ...@, Jun 28 2010
i really don't understand why there is no RSS reader inside Chrome while all other modern browers have this . Even  just make it readable is ok! 
Comment 131 by Deleted ...@, Jun 28 2010
I need RSS support , too !
it's so useful !!!
Comment 132 by Deleted ...@, Jun 29 2010
I need this function heavily!
算了,我用中文发帖好啦,反正 Google 似乎并不怎么重视这种投票的性质。
看我支持的  Issue 35897  早就是1000多人投票支持了,Google 却没点回应。
355 KB View Download
Comment 134 by, Jun 30 2010
if i get it,the convention
it's really necessery :)
When viewing a webpage written in other language, users will get a message bar like this: "Do you wish to translate this page to your language using Google Translate? [Yes/Nope]"  


When clicking a RSS feed, users can get a message bar asking "Do you wish to subscribe this feed using Google Reader? [Yes/Nope]"
Comment 138 Deleted
we surely need it
Comment 140 by, Jul 21 2010
please provide native support thank you very much 
are any developers working on this? or are they even aware of how much people wan't it? if not then what can we do to make them aware, because the vast majority think that at least something needs to be done, we could do a poll to determine what users most want, does anyone else think this is a good idea?

feel free to say what you think and give your opinion. I have stared the issue
RSS Subscription Extension (by Google) is the 17th most popular extension with "225,618 users" and on the second "most popular" page. even if this is a small percentage of chrome users (like 5%, I'm not sure how many chrome users there are?). from the comments above it sounds like a deal breaker for chrome, although I personally only started using RSS in chrome, ALL other major browsers have this. The main reason why the majority hate Linux is because it doesn't work out of the box, if someone came over from FF/IE; "Set up home page, Set up bookmarks, Set up RSS... hey wait where's RSS?!?!?... ah screw this back to FF/IE". I think to get more people to use chrome and to increase its functionality RSS should be natively implemented in to Chrome but while keeping chrome minimalistic look, with an option to [Enable/Disable], I know I sound like all the other people repeating themselves, but this feature request seems to have come to a standstill, what can we do to get the ball rolling again? I could create a poll using a Google docs form.
I've now had a client tell me the site I built him was broken because Chrome rendered gobbledegook (to him) when he clicked the RSS link.

There are plenty of useful suggestions on how to handle this in this thread. Copy any other browser. Offer subscription options (Reader and such). Offer the extension. Whatever.

The only argument against native RSS support is the icon in the url bar... So don't include that (duh). Is there any other valid argument?

Please don't render such a useless and apparently broke page that causes us developers such grief. At the very least put a message like, "This is an RSS feed. Chrome doesn't know what to do with it. Our bad. Click here to write an irate email to Google."
Comment 144 by Deleted ...@, Aug 3 2010
As a weekend project I wrote an extension that adds FF like live bookmarks to Chrome.  The reason this wasn't done in the past I think is b/c of the bookmark api limits that chrome implements but knowing about it before I started I think my solution works pretty well.  It doesn't show when there is an RSS feed on the page though but if requested I could add that.
Not installing on Chrome
A solution needs the ability to not only subscribe via web based readers, but to local readers too (aka external programs like liferea etc). Some extensions already do this, but not very intuitively... I'd like to edit the list of external readers I can use right from Chrome, similar to how FF implements it.
Comment 147 by Deleted ...@, Aug 19 2010
Comment 148 by, Aug 20 2010
I wanted to add that at least allowing XSL or CSS transformations would be nice..
Comment 149 by, Sep 7 2010
Is there a way for webmasters detect if this extension installed, so if not installed, then don't show RSS button, or show a warning, whatever?
If Chrome already is ready for this change (and has been for 15 months), why isn't it implemented?
Why is this even a question? If a users clicks the RSS link on any of my sites and they get a face full of XML, how does that improve the web browsing experience? This is ridiculous! Add native RSS support!!!
Comment 152 by, Oct 26 2010
I want to be able to open feed page in incognito window, I've been waiting this for a long long time, seriously.
I agree that RSS support should be included.  It is a real pain to develop a site and have to do things differently, just so it will work in Chrome.  Having to do special steps for just one browser is reminiscent of IE6...
Comment 154 by Deleted ...@, Nov 9 2010
RSS support should be included. I really miss this feature after my Firefox expirience.
the lack of basic XML feed parsing in Chrome is absolutely bizarre.
Comment 156 by Deleted ...@, Nov 19 2010
The lack of RSS support is clear evidence of a lack of understanding of information management.  It's an unnecessary added complication.  
Why not just bundel some extensions by default? like the rss extension?
If a user really does not like rss he can just uninstall it.
But make the default browser feature complete.
Back on Firefox until Chrome gets RSS support and Google Reader stops crashing its own tabs.  The RSS Subscription Extension doesn't even work -- it's buggy and hasn't been updated in MONTHS!  And what's Google's agenda in excluding RSS support?  I can only imagine you guys are trying to push the entire web to use your ridiculous Add to Google buttons.  There's a difference between a streamlined browser and an incomplete one.  Leaving out RSS support, you're pushing the web in the wrong direction.
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Comment 160 by, Dec 23 2010
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Question for dhw - is there any plan to implement a solution for this? if yes, when?  If no, then tell us here in this forum so we can get over the heartbreak of leaving Chrome and set about falling in love with another browser.  Thanks.
This place holder bug has been here since the beginning of the year. I don't think it's going to be implemented soon.
Anyone has any idea how is it possible that Chromium developers completely ignore a year old issue with 1384 watchers, without even honoring with a reply? 
I am, as a developer, absolutely stunned.
Seriously? Naive Chrome users might click my RSS link, curious what the symbol stands for, see a page full of garbage, and worry my site just infected them with a virus. This is unacceptable.
the only reason i have to use another browser like IE( or fox is their native ability to read rss feads

so plz implement not oly rss detection but feeds reading feature in chrome asap
This is really "must-to-have" extension. But one thing could make it even better. When I click on RSS icon in Omnibox and get to page with listing feed content, I have no way how can I get current feed URL (even from Omnibox - its empty). Would be really good if this feed URL was displayed in Omnibox or at least anywhere in page.
As a web developer, we are plagued with "Your website doesn't work" which makes us all look bad...
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Comment 169 by, Feb 14 2011
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Comment 170 by Deleted ...@, Feb 14 2011
I am not switching to chrome until it has full RSS
support with Live Bookmarks.
Have to put up with Chrome without rss :( Please please please!!!
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This is also keeping me from migrating from Firefox!
Comment 175 by, Feb 25 2011
Are you people crying about a damn small orange icon on omnibox? Not to support RSS data is plain stupid. Let in the core, let as an extension, but let it. Regards.
Comment 176 by Deleted ...@, Mar 6 2011
Please natively support RSS in Chrome. It's so frustrating to click on a link and see a spew of xml, it ruins the user experience and makes Chrome seem really "broken" to so many non-techie users. "I tried Chrome - it doesn't work" is a common thing I've heard, and more often than not it is directly related to a lack of native RSS support. I'd hate to have to add to my altruism list, "Apple will never support Flash, and Chrome will never get RSS...."
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As a newbie website developer, it is quite frustrating that my RSS page is not properly formatted (recognized) in Chrome such as in FF, Safari & even IE???? Jeez of all the things Chrome does right, this was a serious oversight. I will direct users to use FF in the meantime until Chrome develops a "solution" and not a plugin.
It seems that feeds are not used by a lot of users, OK, but that's only because the users don't know what it is. When you take the time to explain to someone how it works, then the person likes it, saying "I didn't know I could do that". RSS and Atom are nothing less than the open standards for subscriptions on the Web! Getting rid of it is a shame, really.

Releasing feeds support as an extension is pretty much getting rid of it, because it will result in a decrease of its usage. All browsers should support it as a default feature. And moreover, they should try to improve the user experience in this matter.

When something like the "subscribe" button is used by only few users (as it seems to be), it doesn't necessarily mean that the users don't like it and don't want to use it. Another smart interpretation could be that they don't understand what it is and what it does.

Instead of hiding the "subscribe" button, please make it more explicit and relevant. Show us you support the open Web. Don't help the ones that want to kill RSS/Atom for their own profits.

Further reading on why RSS/Atom is important:
Just to say, I found out that now Google Chrome already renders *.xml files much better.
Oops, forgot to mention that I'm using Google Chrome 11.0.696.12 Dev.
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This bug is a placeholder for discussing the merits and keeping track of 
implementing the RSS Subscription Extension natively in Chrome.

Extension install:
I will instantly change my usual browser from Opera to Chromium if it will be able read and manage RSS natively, i.e. add/delete subscriptions and import/export feeds (if it will be able to send selected feed messages to a printer it will be perfect) to html/pdf/xml formats, without need to use online reading service.

When I think about most convenient layout for internal RSS reader it would be as in the attached image.

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Comment 184 by, May 14 2011
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@comment 183, good idea for an extension, too UI intensive for chrome.

your idea would be better integrated as a live bookmarks feature that is just a simple part of the regular bookmarks solution chrome already has, or as a separate extension.

your idea isn't regular-user friendly enough, you have to assume they don't know what RSS is and clicked that orange RSS symbol on a whim.

something between this and firefox's method of handling RSS would be better IMHO
The (excellent) RSS plugin is currently using 19.3MB of memory on my machine. That seems a high price to pay for a clean UI.

Could the same functionality be integrated into Chrome, but disabled by default? (like sync)

I would even be happy with a switch in about:flags if you consider this feature to be only for technical users (like click to play plugins).
Although RSS reading is a feature I need, the RSS extension is slowing me down too. Why can't we have this built in instead of Chrome throwing XML code at me?
Why not display an infobar alerting users that an extension is required to view this page, and directing them to the RSS extension? 

That way, users will easily be able to install the RSS extension, *and* there's no bloat or cruft added to Chrome itself.
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Comment 190 by Deleted ...@, Aug 8 2011
Native support is defo needed, as pages just look busted.
Comment 191 Deleted
Comment 192 by, Nov 18 2011
* Every other browser supports this.  
* It doesn't need to be an all-out "RSS Reader" added to Chrome/Chromium.  
** Just show the darn RSS/Atom icon when a feed exists for a page! **

Seriously - I'm tired of looking at "view source" all the time.  This is something that can easily be done programmatically.
support for feeds please. I was shocked to find that it is not buit in. Of all the companies I'd expect to do this google would have been bottom of the list. 
Chrome is sop much better than all the other browsers that have the built-in RSS feed handling feature i.e.  Explorer, Firefox, Safari. Id love it if you'd incorporate the feature soon! 
Comment 195 by Deleted ...@, Feb 13 2012
I was also very surprised and very disappointed to find out that google does not support auto-detection of RSS feeds. I am building my own blog and linking to the feed, but unfortunately in Chrome it takes you to a very ugly XML page. I think an RSS button in the browser's address bar works just fine. It does not clutter the UI and it looks good to boot. I think google is really dropping the ball on this one. For google this seems like it would be extremely easy to implement. Many many people use RSS feeds. I can't possibly understand why google thinks they should not have one.
The extension is broken in the latest Chrome Beta on OS X 10.7.3 - it just flickers crazily when you click on the icon, preventing you from accessing the feed links.
@RossColl: I also experience this sometimes on OS X 10.6.8 with the beta build. But it seems to be fixed in the latest build on OS X 10.6.8.
Comment 199 by Deleted ...@, May 23 2012
It's not working for me at all.  What's a girl gotta do to get her Chrome on?
Comment 200 by Deleted ...@, May 27 2012
It does not work RSS-feed in XML file even with the extension. : ((
Mozilla, Opera, IE8, Safari - all ok.
Change is something, please.
After I installed this extension for preview ability it worked just fine until maybe browser restart, but ever since then it just downloads xml, html or even php pages chewing on link to rss feed instead of preview =(
RSS ext. by Google not working.png
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Comment 202 by Deleted ...@, Jul 19 2012
So, I had to discover feeds don't readily (natively) display in Chrome and search for this entry and look for the extension?  I publish/maintain, etc. several audio podcast feeds and this is a subscriber killer!  99% of my listeners and potential subscribers will think I/we did something wrong and it "broke." They won't geek around to find out why and get the extension to do what ALL OTHER BROWSERS DO!!  This is kinda crazy Google...  Also, the kludgy Chrome RSS extension doesn't show enclosures, our audio, which is the whole point of a podcast.  

Please fix this!  I was getting so into using Chrome as my main browser and recommending it. But the brakes just went on.

PS The Chrome for iPhone won't even open these files.  How do I get around that?
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Google made it a bit more compatible now, but still you need a Google account to preview it in Reader (web) not in a browser itself independent.
That's okay for me. Thanks Goog.
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Disclaimer: I am a daily RSS user and pretty unhappy about Google Reader going away.  So I sympathize with everyone who wants a good way to consume RSS.

That said, there have never been any plans to implement this natively in Chrome.  I don't know why this bug has been left open for years, making it look as if we're considering this, when we're not.  It just gets people's hopes up, and then makes them bitter when years go by with no action.

Better to close, and make it clear that this just isn't happening.  I'm sorry to all of you who starred this, I know that this was something a lot of you really wanted.

I would direct people to the Chrome Extension that adds this, but apparently it's heavily tied to Reader itself and thus going away also.  The third-party Google Operating System blog notes that there are at least two other extensions still available based on this code, though:

Perhaps one of these will be useful.
I'm the author of the RSS Subscription Extension (from Google) and I wanted to provide a quick update on what Peter said.

My RSS extension was removed by mistake but it is now up again on the webstore:

It was not _tied_ to Google Reader, per se, since you choose which feed reader to use -- but I've now removed the Google Reader option for new users to prevent them from getting hooked on Reader and then be disappointed in a few months time.

Also, please note that even though clones of my extension exist in the webstore, some of them were copied a long time ago and have not been updated since. They might therefore be vulnerable to security issues and can not really be recommended without making sure they've kept up with the times.

I also have the same disclaimer as Peter: I'm an avid user of Google Reader and am pretty unhappy about the Reader situation as well.
It shouldn't be too difficult to implement native support for RSS on Chrome, it's something very similar to Bookmarks.

One thing that would be harder is the update mechanism to keep things up to date. A parser wouldn't be a problem because we already parse XML elsewhere in the codebase.
No. RSS handling is very different from Bookmarks and comes with a slew of security issues that, unless I'm mistaken, are not normally associated with Bookmarks. But, discussing this is pointless, as Peter pointed out. There is very little support for making this native.
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