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ooo sick
Closed: Jan 2010
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Huge amount of goats teleported

Reported by, Jan 3 2010

Issue description

Chrome Version       : Google Chrome (Official Build 33992)
URLs (if applicable) :
Other browsers tested:
Add OK or FAIL after other browsers where you have tested this issue:
     Safari 4: OK
  Firefox 3.x: OK
         IE 7: OK
         IE 8: OK

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Shift+Esc
2. Right click on any process
3. Select "Goats teleported"

What is the expected result?

I expected Google Chrome to teleport maybe three, maximum five goats!

What happens instead?

About 3*10^6 goats get teleported! I won't be able to pay for teleportation 
of such huge amount of goats!

Please provide any additional information below. Attach a screenshot if

Screenshot attached.
5.0 KB View Download
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Where exactly does the goat transport layer fit into the OSI model?

I believe it uses GTP (Goat Transport Protocol) to teleport the goats.  Now I just
need to figure out what port GTP uses so I can open it up in the firewall.  ;)

Now my only concern is spammers spamming people with teleported goats.  Also, how is
the goat affected when teleported to an invalid address?  Does the bounceback hurt
the goat?  

Comment 63 by Deleted ...@, Jan 13 2010

I had a power outage in the middle of a goat teleportation, and upon restoring power I 
attempted to complete the process.  However, rather than continuing from where it left 
off,the GET request started from the beginning again and now my client has a goat with 
two heads and six legs.  I was hoping she would be happy with getting a little more 
goat than she had ordered, but apparently the extra head isn't attached in a flattering 
manner.  Will implementing IPv6 allow for resuming an interrupted request?
Escaping, too many goats!

Comment 65 by Deleted ...@, Jan 13 2010

Which teleportation principle are you using? Do you use quantum teleportation (based
on quantum entanglement)? If so, ho did you measure wave function of macroscopic
object like whole goat and overcome quantum decoherence?

Or do you use spacetime metric engineering? If so, which type of wormhole are you
creating, Morris-Thorne wormhole or Visser wormhole? And how did you obtained amount
of negative energy equivalent to Jupiter mass needed to stabilize wormhole throat?

And last but not least, is this some secret Google's plan for world domination?
Chromium is Open Source. I suggest you check the source to answer your questions, 

Alternatively you can attach strace to one of the chromium processes and watch for 
writes and reads on /dev/*tt* (teleporter transceiver). 

Comment 67 by Deleted ...@, Jan 13 2010

Czech translation is bad, use word for shheps, not fro goats, please fix.

Comment 68 by Deleted ...@, Jan 13 2010
144 KB View Download

Comment 69 Deleted

Comment 70 by Deleted ...@, Jan 13 2010

1) Run Google Chrome
2) Teleport some goats
3) ...
Don't understand the proposal in comment 70 - what is step 3?
In reply to comment 67, please file another bug to get a properly localized string
for goat.

Comment 73 by Deleted ...@, Jan 13 2010

We've only got one guy using Chrome here, everyone else uses Firefox and yet the 
office is still full of these damn goats wandering around all over the place.
Anyone got any suggestions how we can blame the problem on Microsoft and ship this 
lot straight to Redmond !?

Comment 74 by Deleted ...@, Jan 13 2010

The issue isn't the teleportation of goats or how it's done.. they're sent from
somewhere at Google, to your browser, and right back again.  But with such quantity
of goats making that round trip through your browser the following consequences may
1) The goats do not stay in your browser long enough to efficiently eat unused items
in memory resulting in possible memory leaks.
2) Bandwidth concerns.. these goats aren't small.
3) Goat hair will more quickly accumulate and clog your interweb.  (This could be
avoided by calling shave_goat() but could introduce other problems and does not
address the bigger issue).

Pleeeease get this fixed soon... I'm allergic to goat hair. thx

Comment 75 by Deleted ...@, Jan 13 2010


it's the gnome-interface for goat teleportation

Comment 76 by, Jan 13 2010

I think there is a huge goat leak somewhere. If I leave Chrome open for an extended 
period of time, the number of goats being teleported continues to increase. Left 
untouched, the number of teleported goats reaches astronomical proportions. Presumably, 
the maximum number of goats will be reached at some point and Chrome will be completely 
Hold on, hold on...  Has anyone thought about the issues involved in teleporting
goats to non-US areas?  Customs fees aren't exactly cheap, and the possibility for
introducing new contaminators (read: bacteria) to such areas is huge.

Does anyone know if goats are considered "duty-free"?  If not, I may have to abstain
from usage, for fear of fines for inaccurate declarations of imported/exported goods.

Comment 78 Deleted

Comment 79 by Deleted ...@, Jan 13 2010

This really gets my goat!

Comment 80 by, Jan 13 2010

I've heard a rumor that Google's renewed hard stance in China is primarily due to the 
fact that China will not allow certain types of goats to be teleported into China. If 
the Chinese government is unwilling to compromise on goat teleportation, Google may 
cease operations there.

Comment 81 by Deleted ...@, Jan 13 2010

My Goat!

Comment 82 by Deleted ...@, Jan 13 2010

Ok now they've started clogging up my desktop!
103 KB View Download
This is obviously a big issue, goats are ending up in places they do not belong. I
woke up this morning to three goats in my room, eating up all my dirty clothes. While
it is quite convenient that I don't have to clean them anymore, this could quickly
get out of hand.

Is anyone at Google acknowledging this issue?
re comment 83: We're aware of the problem, it's been acknowledged in comment 4 
already. We're feverishly working on a fix.
Great, thanks for checking it out. I found another goat a couple minutes ago in my dryer.

Comment 86 by Deleted ...@, Jan 13 2010

Well I just tested this bug on a Win-XP Home SP2 machine. 

Problem: Noticed no Goats. 
Bigger Problem: Saw a large increase in CPU usage and then power consumption (break 
flipped and the power went out moments later). 

1) Is there any way to set a destination for the goats or is it random? 
2) I don’t mind high CPU usage but is there any way to lower the electricity usage? I 
don’t want a huge electric bill (or blown breaks/fuses for others) when using this 

Side note: Is there any way we can specify the type of goat, some people are looking 
for a certain sub-species and with the high electricity usage may not want to try 
over and over to get the right one.

That is all,
Opi out.

Comment 87 by Deleted ...@, Jan 13 2010

I thought this was a joke till goats started getting into my room!!

Comment 89 by, Jan 13 2010

I just the other day Internet was sent by my staff at 10 o'clock in the
morning on Friday. I got it yesterday. Why? Because it got tangled up with all these
goats going on the Internet commercially.

It's not a big goat truck. It's a series of tubes. And your goats are clogging up my
tubes so I can not get my internets on time.

I told my isp your goats were clogging my tubes and delaying my internets and they
said they wanted to charge google a premium goat fee for teleporting goats over their
tubes but due to net neutrality they can't.

Please stop clogging my internets tube and use a big truck instead.
I believe goat teleportation isn't implemented in Windows for fear of issues with mold 
inherent in the APIs that could lead to deadly blue goat cheese, aka BCOD.
The following revision refers to this bug: 

r36154 | | 2010-01-13 11:42:49 -0800 (Wed, 13 Jan 2010) | 6 lines
Changed paths:

Be more frugal with goats in these challenging economic times.

BUG= 31482 
TEST=Use chrome for some time. Fewer goats should appear in bearontheroof's place.

Review URL:

Status: Fixed
Has anyone else noticed the occasional camel coming through?
109 KB View Download

Comment 94 by Deleted ...@, Jan 14 2010

Cthulhu has stopped snoring. Stop the bleating. NOW.

Comment 95 by Deleted ...@, Jan 14 2010

What if a teleported goat is pregnant? Does that count as one or two goats teleported?
What if a goat *becomes* pregnant whilst being teleported? According to some
religious mythology, I think that might be considered an immaculate conception, and
therefore ... hello aunty christ? 

Comment 97 by Deleted ...@, Jan 14 2010

Follow-up to comment 73...our attempts to oust these goats from our office is 
becoming problematic. Currently, they're all congregated by the coffee machine 
discussing what method should be used to elect a union representative. I tried to 
suggest a secret baa-llot, but they don't seem to have much of a sense of humour 
between them and now won't let me get a coffee.
And we still have more goats coming through - at this rate I estimate goats will 
outnumber employees sometime over the weekend.
Help !

Comment 98 by Deleted ...@, Jan 14 2010

You all are blind. That certainly is one goat transported forth and back again. Since
nobody of you have attached correct teleportation portal to your machine, no goat can
be received and materialized, but, in the case you attach correct portal, goat is
being sent again. Thus, huge goat teleportation ratings show better connection and
system speed.

Comment 99 by Deleted ...@, Jan 15 2010

wtf with all these goats? I don't even have chrome...

Comment 100 by Deleted ...@, Jan 15 2010

Caution! Goat is in fact Klingon raiding party in disguise. Do not use! I repeat, DO

Comment 101 by, Jan 15 2010

Oddly enough, I only ended up with one goat. He started watching the MTZ and wanted to 
go to the Ragu Festival to go mosh pitting. I wasn't down with that, so I got out my 
hickory stick to shoo him away.

Comment 102 by Deleted ...@, Jan 16 2010

Actually it's not the number of goats - it's the size of one instance of an Enormous
Mutant Star Goat, measured in standard goat sizes.
It's OK as long as goats are teleported in a purely functional manner
txGoat :: Goat -> Goat

The real problem is when Goat IO is taking place under the covers
txGoat :: Goat -> IO Goat
After looking at the code review (Comment 88/91), I can see that the teleportation 
rate has decreased, but don't you think the rate's still too fast or too much? I 
mean, I was under the impression that the teleporter consumes a lot of bandwidth, and 
~15 max goats-per-second is still something too much for goat-deprived places. (Or 
have I been reading the code wrong?) I still like the efforts, though. And since I'm 
not goat-deprived, I'll use the next build. 

Btw, my current Chrome version (an older 4.0 beta) doesn't show the teleportation 
rate, so I don't know how bad this issue is. (Or does the issue exist on just newer 

Maybe that's the reason they don't use Chrome in the first place? I hear Firefox's 
teleporting cows instead of goats; not sure about that, though. (To my understanding, 
there's significantly more bloat and definitely a teleporter-resource hog, but 
there's no cow shortage anyway)
JJ: On average, it's only 7.5 goats (possibly less if your system's random number 
generator has low entropy in its low bits).

To show the teleportation rate, you have to right-click the task manager and select the 
"goats teleported" column.

Our user testing shows that people on average greatly prefer teleporting goats over 
teleporting cows, and we feel that we've made the right call here.
Besides, cows don't go together as well with a certain URL shortener.

Comment 107 by Deleted ...@, Jan 17 2010

It is possible that the goat teleportation subsystems would be more efficient if they 
were re-written using "go"...

Comment 108 by Deleted ...@, Jan 17 2010

Does anyone know if this might presage a major platform shift away from <a 
href="">PigeonRank</a>? If so, is 
there any data available on the performance capabilities of Goat Clusters? I'd be 
particularly interested in knowing whether or not these goats are vulnerable to brute 
head-butt attacks. Are they being hardened against grain-based attack vectors?

Comment 109 by Deleted ...@, Jan 17 2010

Why is google trying to muscle-in on Farmville's markets with this kind of
experimental feature? Another market it can't keep its hands off.
Clearly this bug is simply an unfortunate side-effect of insufficient GNOME 
integration. If we used a properly engineered GEGL, goat teleportation would not be an 
issue in the first place.

Comment 111 by Deleted ...@, Jan 18 2010

Follow-up to comment 97.
Oh dear. Monday morning...Arrived at the office to discover that the goats have 
divided the office in half, with their area at the front of the building given over 
entirely to grazing.
An A4 piece of paper placed on each desk contained an official communiqué 
from "TROUGH" - "The Ruminants (Ovine) Union of Goat Herds", detailing their 
conditions for co-habitation.
We tried to get point 1 overturned, but as there are now five more of them than 
there are of us, we were outvoted - so the coffee machine stays in their area.
From what I can make out, at some point over the weekend enough new arrivals were 
teleported in for them to form an autonomous collective, elect a union rep - Toby, 
apply for grazing rights, and have all this ratified at their inaugural EGM - 
Extraordinay Goat Meeting.
I have a meeting with Toby in half an hour to air our grievances - Our cleaners have 
already refused point blank to enter the goat area.
And I need to do something about the coffee situation - I can't go all day without 

Suggestions from Google or anyone ?
I'll post back here after the meeting.

Comment 112 by Deleted ...@, Jan 18 2010

Follow-up to comment 111
Not good. Apparently, the goats have applied for their area to be granted an SSSI 
certificate (Site of Special Scientific Interest) - it seems there are several 
breeds of goats in the herd, some of whom are endangered. If it was up to me they'd 
all be endangered with a rapid rate of extinction - they're a belligerent lot when 
there in a group. 
By a bizarre quirk of the teleporter bug, Toby's great uncle on his parents' side 
got teleported in on Sunday from a mountain in Afghanistan. Oswald was as surprised 
as anyone to suddenly find himself in our office and as he hadn't been consulted 
prior to his teleportation we can't just have him escorted from the building. In any 
case, Toby lost no time in getting him union membership - and although his 
application is still pending, these things generally go through on the nod, so he 
already enjoys full membership rights. TROUGH (see 111) are trying to contact the 
herd back in Afghanistan to inform them of Oswald's whereabouts.
I did manage to get some sort of concession regarding the coffee machine - we can 
use it provided we remove our shoes and socks before entering the grazing area - 
apparently the covering of feet/hooves is offensive to all but the most liberal of 
goats. Unfortunately, if their SSSI application is successful, the whole grazing 
area will have to be left "au naturelle", which will make walking across it in bare 
feet a little, how shall i put it ?....squidgy.

Thanks to Google's fix, the incoming teleportation rate has been reduced to a 

Comment 113 by Deleted ...@, Jan 18 2010

After reading the "Men Who Stare At Goats" by Jon Ronson I feel that Google may be 
taking part in a much wider conspiracy with the US Government. 

The rate of goat transportation would suggest, that there is a battalion of soldiers out 
there who have mastered the capability to kill goats just by staring at them. 

Though I'm mainly concerned with the implications of this. Since Google's business 
models is through advertising revenue, and their main niche is search technologies, 
are we going to see some sort of way to search for the transported goats and bid for 
advertising space on individual goats search results? 
Someone here left a browser open over the weekend and it appears (based on a
preliminary hoof count) that we had a minimum of four incoming goat collisions and
consequent telefraggings. 

The receptionists and vegetarians are refusing to enter the building. This issue is

Comment 115 by Deleted ...@, Jan 18 2010

Has this been tested on sheep and other ruminants?
Is it possible to display advertisement on each goat and get paid for?

Comment 117 by Deleted ...@, Jan 19 2010

Follow-up to comment 112.
Oswald has disappeared. Time of departure is still a little hazy, but probably 
sometime between yesterday evening and start of business this morning. Toby's doing 
his nut. Our MD got summoned to a crisis meeting with Toby this morning who has 
demanded that all Widget production be suspended until Oswald's found. The MD wants 
me to head up a joint goat/human search-coordination team. Political fall-out from 
this could be huge. Turns out, Oswald's some kind of goat diplomat and was due to be 
bleating at a conference in Afghanistan today. The fact that he was teleported here 
in the first place is embarrassing enough - that he's now missing has started all 
sorts of diplomatic rows and conspiracy theories. The Afghanistan embassy here has 
been on the phone demanding action. The ambassador has a surprisingly good grasp of 
the English vernacular, especially some of the shorter words available.

Toby's appointed a goat called Curly (apparently he has unusually straight horns for 
his breed) to act as my liaison with the goat members of the search-coordination 
team. He seems a bit more approachable than Toby, but I'm not letting my guard down 
too soon - Curly came second to Toby in the ballot so who knows what ambitions he 
might have ?

To add insult to injury, the goats have begun holding a community sing-song round 
the coffee machine on the stroke of every hour - although, they only ever manage the 
first line of "High on a hill stood a lonely goatherd" before collapsing into 
hysterical bleating. Must be some kind of in joke.

No new goats teleported here in the last 24 hours - thanks Google.
ba..., i look forward to your daily updates, as they not only define the scope of the
problem, but also provide valuable insights into goat politics. Fascinating :)

Comment 119 by Deleted ...@, Jan 20 2010

Follow-up to comment 117.
Day 2 without Oswald. Widget production still on hold. Yesterday my search-
coordination team divided all goats and NonGoats (as we are annoyingly referred to) 
into ten teams with each team led by one of the five goats and five humans of the 
search-coordination team who report to me and Curly. Teams G2 to G5 are targetting 
the goat community, with NG2 to NG5 concentrating on everyone else. I wanted the 
human teams to be called H1 to H5 but Curly argued that goats would find that 
confusing as there's no equivalent to H in the goat alphabet. I'm not convinced, but 
at the moment finding Oswald is more important. The MD is insisting that groups G1 
and NG1 work together to present a unified cross-species initiative - I have serious 
doubts about this. I've already moved one of our NG1's to a different team after he 
shouted "alright, keep your bleating horns on !" at the entire G1 team.

We had our first goat birth today which was greeted by a rousing rendition of their 
adaptation of a Johnny Mathis hit - "When a Kid is born". Fairly predictable, I 
suppose. What was more of a shock was when they then sequed into "Don't let 'em say 
you ain't beautiful" by Eminem. They got a standing ovation from the entire nongoat 
side of the office at the end - you just had to admire the choreography - The 
inmates at Cebu prison have got nothing on this lot. And who'd have thought that 
goats can moonwalk !?

The search for Oswald continues.

Comment 120 by, Jan 20 2010

#119 you need to write a book or something! Do you have a blog we can read?
@#120 seriously, if @ba... doesn't blog, he or she totally should.  
Guys, as good of a writer as ba... is, he's got more important things to worry about
right now. Oswald needs to be found first.
I'm worried. Checked, which redirects to, site is
down. Hope the NonGoats are not in any danger. 
One can avoid these goat issues entirely by inserting a bridge with a proprietary
troll into a network choke point, I continue to be amazed at how few people take
these basic precautions when connecting their systems to the Internet.

Comment 125 by Deleted ...@, Jan 21 2010

Follow-up to comment 119
An interesting development as a result of the joint G1/NG1 team's review of our CCTV 
security tapes. At 1:07am Tuesday morning, Oswald is seen exiting the building with 
Susan Haywood, our Press Officer. Talking of which, the local media have got wind of 
our goat situation now and Terry, from the Daily Grind, seems to have taken up 
permanent residence in the reception area on the ground floor - it can only be a 
matter of time before this thing goes national - the local TV station already have a 
van camped outside. Our MD went out to make a statement first thing this morning. 
Usual stuff - working closely with the goat community, doing all we can, hopeful of 
positive outcome. Then he headed straight for the drinks cabinet in his office and 
is refusing all calls. Every once in a while he comes over to the glass wall of his 
office which faces straight across the open-plan layout to my desk and he flashes me 
a questioning look of hope - to which I have to shrug my shoulders and shake my 
head - which ellicits another visit to the drinks cabinet.

Yesterday's impromptu dance routine has had a very positive affect on relations 
between the two sides of the office - although the quantity of air fresheners on the 
nongoat side is fast becoming a bone of contention for both factions. The mixture of 
dozens of synthetic "Pine", "Ocean Breeze", "Mountain Top" and "Lemony Fresh" is 
getting as overwhelming as the aroma from the perfume assistant at Boots.
After our "new kid on the block" had a sneezing fit yesterday, Toby has "requested" 
that we find one that suits everybody and stick to it - I didn't like to point out 
that "Farmyard Dungheap" doesn't appear to be part of the Magic Tree range.

The coffee machine has run out of sachets. Replacement stock is in the stationery 
room - guess which side of the office that's on ? I wonder if Toby is open to a 
little negotiating ?

Comment 126 by Deleted ...@, Jan 22 2010

Follow-up to comment 125
Well, now the police are involved. Not surprisingly, Susan's husband is almost as 
concerned about her whereabouts as we are about Oswald's. They're checking phone 
records and credit card transactions, the lot. To the best of his knowledge, Susan's 
never been to Afghanistan, although he accompanied her to China last year as part of 
her degree course in Cultural Studies at Bournemouth Uni. Intriguing, since China's 
hardly more than a camel's trot from Afghanistan if you take the new toll road 
through the bottom end of Tajikistan. I hear the Rosht-Kala bypass is no better than 
it was though - they've been promising to widen it for years. I digress.

Widget production has started up again, partially. Our MD, in one of his more lucid 
moments this morning realised that most of the search for Oswald consists of the 
NonGoat teams Googling all day. Unless Oswald and Susan have started blogging from 
some unknown location, this is unlikely to produce many leads. So with Toby's 
agreement we've disbanded all the teams except my search-coordination team; no 
objections from Toby at all as most of his goats were spending all their time 
playing Farmville. So the search team now consists of myself and Curly, two goats 
(Donald and Clarissa) and two nongoats (David and Stacey). Clarissa's typing skills 
be invaluable.

My desk now seems to be the focal point for anything not directly related to widget 
production, so for starters I'm going to put in a requisition request for some new 
drawers, a whiteboard and my own coffee machine. Office furniture and fittings can't 
come out of my budget so I need the MD's signature. If I time it right this 
afternoon, he'll be too inebriated to know what he's signing.

(p.s. I can confirm that the website has indeed been hacked, as you will see - no 
nongoat casualties as yet - just a few red faces)

Comment 127 Deleted

Comment 128 by Deleted ...@, Jan 22 2010

Comment 129 by Deleted ...@, Jan 24 2010

When you get this bug worked out, can someone teleport a dozen to my back yard.  I
have some blackberry thickets that need thinning out.

Comment 130 by Deleted ...@, Jan 25 2010

I wonder if some of the performance issues mentioned here can be resolved by
off-loading goat teleportation to the GPU...
#130, offloading goat teleportation to the GPU (Goat Processing Unit) would probably
help with performance, but I think some of the people experiencing issues are having
trouble not so much with performance but the sheer quantity of goats involved.

Making the goat teleportation process quicker and more efficient could make life even
harder for those poor souls - for instance, "ba...."'s office would likely be
completely over-run, and the Non-Goats evicted entirely from the building.

Comment 132 by Deleted ...@, Jan 26 2010

This looks Shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few Shops in my time.
Tell that to with all those goats in his office! 
No way, that's a legitimate screenshot - with all the people experiencing the
problem, it's clear that somebody set us up the goats.
Dear all:

I have followed the whole thread and aplied every single fix and workaround, yet 
after several attempts to teleport my goats, i end up with only a ton of goat dung, 
and no goats to be found anywhere in my realm. The losses are driving the company 
stock down.

my boss is pulling his herd in dismay.

This has goat to stop, or we will goat bust.

4.2 KB View Download
3.6 KB View Download
Disregard the previous thread we have found the bug in our system.

When teletransporting goats, you have to disable the Goatzilla feature of the 
teletransport module used by Chrome, or the goats will be rapidly devoured, hence 
the loss. 

We found our goats after forcing a core dump to our networked Goatzilla folder. Boy, 
were they happy to see us.

Thanks to all.

41.6 KB View Download

Comment 137 by Deleted ...@, Feb 15 2010

Is every one dead? Over run by the goats? To survive you must do as I did: Turn the
goats in to your personal army and conquer the nearest large space of grass.
I hear that the new "Goat Teleportation Containment System" extension is now
teleporting goats between clients and holding them in a special buffer on-system
before teleporting them again.  Since the variance between these goats is small at
best, the memory usage is minimal.  As an added effect, goats are disappearing from
Does anyone know the conversion factor from Goats Teleported to BogoMIPS?
I've been toggling on and off goat acceleration in the control panel and it doesn't 
seem to be doing anything. :(

Comment 141 by, May 8 2010

Aaahhh... that explains why I've had goats appearing and disappearing from my office 
all day long!

Comment 142 by Deleted ...@, Jun 7 2010

Can anybody make a plugin for Firefox?
For those of you running Linux and having problems with the number of goats, please consider routing your teleportation socket to /dev/null
Pokey the Penguin encountered this bug last week:
In the current dev build (6.0.472.25) on linux the number of teleported goats is NOT monotone!

Maybe it displays the number of goats/second - if so, the number is way to high again. (sometimes over 200!) also the label would be wrong then.
I have a herd of Lamancha and Oberhasli goats, however last week I switched from Firefox 3.6 to 5.0.375.125 (53311) on Ubuntu 10.04 and I have a disturbing problem.  All of a sudden 85% of my Oberhaslis have disappeared!  Also, I now have a half dozen Nubians in my herd for no apparent reason.  I noticed some extreme activity on my Hotmail tab's "Goats Teleported" task, and think that might be to blame.  Does the Chromium team have something against Hotmail that I'm not aware of, or perhaps Oberhasli goats?

I mean, I miss my beautiful goats, and these Nubians are so stubborn and mean, I want them teleported back to their owner!  I tried creating a tab to reverse the teleportation process but to no avail.

Is there an undocumented API I can use to adjust my teleportation rate and direction of travel?  Please?  I miss my goats and there's a show I wanted to take my prize Mr. Winkles to next month!

Comment 148 by Deleted ...@, Aug 17 2010

I have trouble specifying the amount of goats on a meta-level - any advice would be welcome
In the interest of usability, please add a command-line flag --disable-goat-teleporter
(Goats add unnecessary UI bloat due to release of methane.)
Is it possible to initiate a DoG (De Nile of Goat) of DDoG (Distributed De Nile of Goat) attack. 

Btw, where or what would be considered De Nile of Goat, and how painful would a DDoG be for the Goat?

So these are your Oberhaslis! I've been teleporting Toggenburgs and suddenly your orange impostors turn up. I thought maybe a bugfix had caused this.

Now I just need to work out where my Toggenburgs have been going. Should I open a new goat report or continue in this one?

Comment 152 Deleted

Comment 153 Deleted

Comment 154 by Deleted ...@, Dec 4 2010

So this is where all my goats went.

This is a very serious issue. Chrome 8.0.552.210 beta is misreporting the number of goats teleported. It appears that Chrome is not giving a overall total of goats teleported, but instead, is showing the number of goats teleported the previous second.

This bug has now gotten a lot worse now that people are no longer able to see how many goats were sent through their teleporter. This bug also explains my teleporter's reported energy usage.

Has Google released the Goat Wave Pool API yet? And if not, when can we expect that to be released?

Responding to comment 150:
A DDoG attack would be considered animal cruelty. The goats would have approximately 25% chance of living and a 175% chance of dying.
This is not a bug ... Google requires the goat-matter transfer to be kept at a tilliongoatfly per second level in order to power the search engine. Please be considerate and keep a goat in your house - you never know when it might come in handy O_o

Comment 156 by Deleted ...@, Jul 12 2011

they're teleporting everywhere, and climbing things:

Comment 157 by, Sep 29 2011

Burp!... (My Snow Leopard is quite contented with his endless supply of free goats).

Project Member

Comment 158 by, Oct 13 2012

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Comment 159 by, Mar 10 2013

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Comment 160 by, Mar 11 2013

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