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Status: Fixed
Closed: Jan 2018
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OS: Chrome
Pri: 2
Type: Bug

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issue 380937

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ChromeOS: Share Network Message Confusing

Project Member Reported by, Oct 25 2013

Issue description

[sorry about the tags; I wasn't sure how to file this]

I helped my parents setup a samsung chromebook earlier this week.  It was running Chrome 30.

Upon first login, the chromebook asks the user to setup the network.  It then asks if the user wants to share the network with other users.

My parents' first reaction to this was, "this is my son's wireless network.  He should decide who to share it with.  I shouldn't decide to share it with everyone on his behalf."

This is an wrong interpretation of the prompt, probably a mistake easily made by people who don't understand wireless network security

The prompt should make it clear that it's asking whether share the network with other users *of this device*.  That is, whether you want other users *of this device* to be able to use the network.


Comment 1 by, Oct 26 2013

Labels: -Cr-OS-Systems-Network -Cr-UI-Shell-OOBE -Cr-UI-OSIntegration Cr-UI-Shell-Networking
[Triage] Altering tags so that it reaches the right folks and cc-ing a few folks.
Status: Assigned
Strings are

  <message name="IDS_OPTIONS_SETTINGS_INTERNET_OPTIONS_SHARE_NETWORK" desc="In settings Internet options, the label for the share checkbox.">
    Share this network with other users
  <message name="IDS_OPTIONS_SETTINGS_INTERNET_OPTIONS_NETWORK_SHARED" desc="In settings Internet options, text for when a network is shared.">
    This network is shared with other users.

Comment 3 by, Oct 28 2013

Labels: M-32
Assigning to chron@ to make a call on network UI strings and cc-ing jennschen, stevenjb.

My two cents - making a small string tweak will help mitigate user confusion:

"Share this network with other users of this device"
"This network is shared with other users of this device"

@chron/@jennschen/@stevenjb: WDYT?

Comment 4 by, Oct 28 2013

Do we need the word share in there?

"Allow other users of this device to use this network"

Comment 5 by, Oct 28 2013

Comment 4: Nice. Much clearer. So it would be:

"Allow other users of this device to use this network"

"Other users of this device can use this network"

chron@, feel free to assign if you think we should try to get this string change in M32.

Comment 6 by, Oct 28 2013

nkostylev do you think we can do this for M-32? Pushing your way 

Comment 7 by, Nov 8 2013

Labels: -M-32 M-33 MovedFrom-32
Moving all non essential bugs to the next Milestone.
Project Member

Comment 8 by, Dec 17 2013

Labels: -M-33 MovedFrom-33
This issue has already been moved once and is lower than Priority 1,therefore removing mstone.
Tom, I think you're in charge of network related messaging these days :)

The message in question shows up any time a new secure network is joined. If the network requires a certificate (and therefore can not be shared with other users on the device), the message will (currently) be disabled.

We will want to think about how this will look in the new Settings UI.

Let me know if you need more context. If you're happy with the suggested strings assign this back to me and I will change them.


Comment 12 Deleted

We are considering this issue in the new Settings UI design.

It is unlikely that we will add the ability to share a network with select other users, that would be technically complicated at best.

I do agree that we will want to have UI to share or unshare a network (rather than require "forgetting" a network then re-adding it, even though that is essentially what we will do under the hood).

Comment 14 Deleted

Labels: -MovedFrom-32 -MovedFrom-33 Cr-UI-Settings
I have to agree that the current wording is too confusing - there are a lot of Google users.

Tom, can you comment on the proposed wording in #5?

Comment 17 Deleted

Comment 18 Deleted

I don't have a ChromeOS device nearby; has this problem been fixed?
+bettes@ We are working on the new Network Configuration Settings UX and hope to clarify this at that time. Unfortunately it is still a few releases out.

Let's fix this as part of MD Settings.

@jennschen/bettes -- are you okay with these strings from #5?
* "Allow other users of this device to use this network" (is "Share this network with other users")
* "Other users of this device can use this network." (is "This network is shared with other users.")
Blocking: chromium:521040
#21 sounds good to me.
Blocking: -521040

Comment 25 by, Dec 30 2016

Is there something we can do to unblock this issue? I spent half an hour on the phone tonight with my parents because of this. The current phrasing sounds like you are telling your Chromebook to share your network password (similar to Windows 10's deprecated behavior).

Also, the proposed words "this device" seems vague - it might mean the WiFi router. Can we say "this Chromebook"?

Just a regular IT person here that was setting up a school's worth of Chromebooks and initially upon starting up was greeted with "Share this network with other users" which lead me to figuring out how I would stop our wifi password from being shared to the rest of the organization, maybe create a new SSID to match the schools', maybe... I don't know.

I decided to google how to stop it from saving the information and came across this thread, which suggests to me the password is instead shared with all users of the device? I think? In any case it's years later and new Chromebooks are still asking this confusing question so it would be great if someone could follow the advice from 3 years ago...

"Allow other users of this device to use this network"
Labels: M-59
Labels: -M-59 M-58
Status: Started (was: Assigned)
Labels: -M-58 M-59
Status: Assigned (was: Started)
Actually, we need to change this in the dialog and in Settings together, I will work on this in 59 when the dialog gets integrated with Settings.

Labels: MD-Settings-Internet
Labels: -MD-Settings-Internet Hotlist-MD-Settings-Internet
Labels: Proj-MaterialDesign-WebUI
Labels: -M-59 M-60
Labels: -Hotlist-MD-Settings-Internet Hotlist-MD-Settings-Internet-Config
Can someone push an update out to change this? We're 3 and a half years since this thread was started, and ChromeOS still asks me to share the network. What's taking so long?
Labels: -M-60 M-61
Labels: M-62
Labels: -M-61
Labels: -M-62 M-63
Any chance we can stop kicking this can down the road and have someone own the issue. To take this long for an unclear text message is embarrassing.
Blockedon: 380937
I'll take "embarrassing" over "broken". Other issues have been taking priority over this one.

Added the dependent ('blocked on') issue which is in progress, albeit slowly.

Labels: -M-63 M-64
This will ship with  issue 380937 .

FWIW the text is already fixed in the Settings UI.

Labels: -M-64 M-65
Status: Fixed (was: Assigned)
This is reported fixed, but my Asus Chromebook Flip C101PA, a relatively new device, beta channel, still has this issue.
The message exists in a couple of places. The last remaining place was the network configuration dialog which was changed in M-65. Please check the version Settings > left-side-menu > About Chrome OS on a device where this is reproducible. It is likely the device has not received an update or has not been restarted since the update was received.

If this is still reproducible on a device running version 65 or greater, please file a feedback report, thanks!

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