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Issue 305554 Remove HTMLMediaElement.webkitPreservesPitch
Starred by 1 user Reported by, Oct 9 2013 Back to list
Status: Fixed
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Closed: Oct 2013
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OS: All
Pri: 2
Type: Bug

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Judging by `grep -i preservespitch`, this isn't implemented in Chromium/Blink. It was added by Apple and isn't while it isn't a terrible feature, if it should ever be supported it should be in a spec and be without a prefix.
Comment 1 by, Oct 9 2013
Status: Started
Project Member Comment 2 by, Oct 9 2013
The following revision refers to this bug:

r159246 | | 2013-10-09T18:11:57.973903Z

Changed paths:

Remove HTMLMediaElement.webkitPreservesPitch

It is not implemented, so remove it until there is a spec, at
which point it can be implemented without a prefix.

BUG= 305554 

Review URL:
Comment 3 by, Oct 9 2013
Status: Fixed
Comment 4 by, Mar 21 2016
Components: -Blink>Video Blink>Media>Video
Renaming Blink>Video to Blink>Media>Video for better characterization
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