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Support SVG favicons
Reported by, Sep 18 2013 Back to list
UserAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux i686) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/29.0.1547.65 Safari/537.36

Steps to reproduce the problem:
This is meant to be a tracking bug.

IE: ?

"The any keyword represents that the resource contains a scalable icon, e.g. as provided by an SVG image."

<link rel="icon" href="favicon.svg" sizes="any" type="image/svg+xml">

What is the expected behavior?
It's supported.

What went wrong?
It's not supported.

Did this work before? No 

Chrome version: 29.0.1547.65  Channel: stable
OS Version: Ubuntu 13.04
Flash Version:
Comment 1 by, Sep 20 2013
Labels: Cr-Blink-SVG
Comment 2 by, Sep 20 2013
Status: Available
"This is meant to be a tracking bug." Are you working on this feature or just reporting it as a feature request?
Comment 3 by, Sep 20 2013
The latter.
Comment 4 by, Sep 20 2013
I agree that this would be useful, but it's difficult from the implementation side. Our SVG code is heavily integrated into the core rendering engine so doing this would require spinning up a full renderer. I'm not sure about the performance implications of that.

Alternatively, we could call out to a minimal SVG engine (like the one in Skia) to render these.
Comment 5 by, May 27 2014
Need to make sure @media works properly in SVG favicons so that it's possible to use the same file for the favicon and the site logo and have each be optimized for the given size (e.g. you might want thicker strokes, less detail, etc in the favicon).

Need to consider "Retina" displays so that the icon isn't rasterized as 16x16 and then upscaled and blurred.

Scripts and subresources should probably be disabled for security.

Declarative animation should probably work if animation with GIF favicon works.

Some WHATWG specs use SVG favicons, e.g.
Comment 6 by, May 27 2014
Sidenote: IE11 (maybe IE9+) can display SVG named `favicon.ico` at the root of domain as favicon.
Since SVG rendering at 16x16px can be really finicky, at the smallest resolutions pixel art might actually be preferable. But something really ought to be done to contain the bloat of multiple favicon resolutions. 15 lines of code now just for interoperability?! :

@pdr Couldn't the SVG rendering engine be called after page load, so that that performance isn't significantly affected? Is the Skia feature set significantly smaller?
Comment 8 by, Jun 19 2014
Let me please give a use case justification.  I'm running Chromium on Linux/Gentoo/XFCE.  Several webpages I run in the app mode.  There the favicon of the webpage runs becomes the icon for the program.  When shown on the panel(ie taskbar)  the icon is larger than 16x16 and thus very pixelated and blurry.  A SVG icon could be scaled by the Operating system to look good as an app icon.
Comment 9 by, Jun 23 2014
Regarding rendering svg at varying sizes, it's possible to overcome most of issues around that by using css media-queries. See e.g It would be quite neat to be able to use the same svg as app icon, favicon, banner icon and so on.
A SVG icon can be drawn so have a good rendering in 16x16: (self explanatory!)
Comment 11 by Deleted ...@, Aug 17 2014
IE bug report is here:

(since you linked to Bugzilla, and have a question mark on IE)
Comment 13 by, Aug 19 2014
Allowing media queries that are aware of the actual image size have been seen as security issue on SVG images by WebAppSec IIRC.

I think the issues was click-napping by changing the appearance of the SVG depending on the result of the media queries. Dependent on the viewport width/height/ratio, an SVG could emulate a system dialog or button and trick users into clicking it. 
Comment 15 by, Jul 28 2015
Labels: -OS-Linux OS-All
Firefox now supports this.

While the original IE bug report (mentioned in #11) got WontFix'ed, there's a new request here:
Comment 16 by, Aug 26 2015
I recently had a look at a bunch of the top sites globally (based on It seemed fairly common to have an svg favicon <link>'ed from the frontpage.
Comment 18 by, Aug 26 2015
In 2015-01-07 dataset of 87,000 pages I see only 1 page using .svg favicon with <link rel="icon"> or <link rel="shortcut icon">:

./ec/<link rel="shortcut icon" href="">

(It's possible there are more that use SVG without ".svg" in the filename or serve SVG for /favicon.ico without <link>, but I suppose it's still in the same ballpark.)
Comment 19 by, Aug 26 2015
Right, I saw quite a number of mask-icon references, but not only that. See e.g
<link rel="icon" sizes="any" mask href="">
Comment 20 by, Aug 26 2015
That has a 'mask' attribute (I think it was their original syntax, but they changed it because it caused other browsers to use it as the favicon which was not intended).

Twitter also has
<link href="//" rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon">
which is what we use as the favicon.
Yep, Twitter (like lot of other sites) uses old, problematic syntax:

Despite of it I like an idea of SVG favicons and I don't see why it can't be implemented in Chromium - when 2/3 biggest browsers (currently only Firefox 41 (in beta) have full support for it and current stable still have blocking bug) provide support, then site owners provide icons. :)
Mozilla advocacy took care of the few cases where major sites hadn't followed Apple's recommendation to put their propitiatory mask line before actual favicons.
Comment 23 by, Sep 23 2015
According to this message[1] from Apple developer forums about the `mask`attribute:

> The markup changed in Developer Seed 3 and Public Beta 1 to simplify and have better backwards compatibility. Use the following markup instead:
> <link rel="mask-icon" href="website_icon.svg" color="red">  

Comment 24 by, Sep 23 2015
I forgot to add that the WHATWG has open an issue for this:
Labels: -Type-Bug Type-Feature
Comment 26 by, Feb 8 2016
In I switched the HTML spec to using <link rel=icon href=> without realizing it wasn't supported in many browsers yet. FWIW, it looks great in Firefox.

It sounds tricky indeed to support this if rel=icon handling is mostly in the browser process. SVG folks, what do you think the chances of making this work are?
Comment 27 by, Feb 8 2016
Comment 28 by, Feb 8 2016
If we consider some constraints - such as producing raster versions at various sizes and ignoring animations - it seems "chances" are pretty decent. Looking at the current favicon "service" it seems the major missing piece protocol-wise is (a list of) dimensions to use for sizing. Beyond that we might be well served with passing the 'type' along where possible. We'll also need to teach WebImage to "decode" (rasterize) SVGs.

So "chances" are good I'd say. Now for the hard part - resources to make it happen =)
Comment 29 by, Feb 8 2016
Re comment #13, does that apply to favicons? It seems to me it shouldn't.

I think it would be good to properly support media queries (see comment #5).
Comment 30 by, Feb 9 2016
OK, from #28 I'll hold out hope that this will start working some day :)
Comment 31 by, Feb 9 2016
Summary: Support SVG favicons (was: support svg favicon)
+cc chrishtr,

What team would this fall on? SVG icons are useful for several of our efforts such as our mobile focus, cross compat, offline pages, and pageload time (favicons are heavy on mobile) so I think this is important to have prioritized on someone's plate even if it's just a P3.
Labels: -Pri-2 Pri-3
Supporting SVG favicons sounds to me like it would be quite a bit of work, because
it has to work in various scenarios in which the Blink renderer is not naturally
present. Downgrading to P3.

The paint team (which owns SVG) would probably drive this if it happened.
Comment 33 by, Feb 17 2016
Similar issue: SVG icons in web manifest files can’t be used for “add to homescreen” at the moment.
Here is another fact. Chrome/Chromium has roughly 50% of market share. If this feature is implemented, then life will be easier for web developers, plus other browsers will eventually follow.

Firefox supports this feature already, and it would be nice if someone could simply specify the svg favicon like:
<link rel="icon" type="image/svg+xml" href="/path/to/image.svg">
as he does in Firefox.
Comment 35 by, Nov 10 2016
Related: SVG icons for extensions in
Comment 37 by, Mar 28 2017
Comment 38 by, Mar 28 2017
Given the increasing prevalence of HiDPI displays, I think this would be a valuable feature. 
Comment 40 by, May 17 2017
Firefox is changing there toolbar icons from PNG to SVG.
1347543 - Change Toolbar Icons from PNG to SVG <>

The predictability program is reviewing the top 1% of starred developer-facing bugs this quarter, and this is #23 on that list.  We’re hoping that for each we can either close it, set an owner and target milestone, or set a NextAction date so that we know when to check back in.

Chris, is this still very low priority / no NextAction?

Is it still only Firefox who has implemented this?  If multiple browsers had support then there might be an additional interoperability reason to do this.
Comment 42 by, May 31 2017
As for other browsers status, laukstein has a good collection of links to each browsers status here:

It does appear Firefox is the only browser awesome enough to implement this commonsense greatness.
Yes it's still not a high priority. Maybe in a couple of quarters.
FWIW, Opera supports this now: I wonder if their implementation is upstreamable.
Comment 45 by, Jun 23 2017
@fs, are you able to share the code for svg favicon support (or the blink-side plumbing)? Is it something you could upstream?
Comment 46 by, Jun 23 2017
I can look into the matter, but based on my recollection I don't think it's in an "upstreamable state".
Comment 47 by, Jun 28 2017
NextAction: 2018-01-01
Adding a NextCheckin date a couple quarters out as Chris mentioned in #43
The NextAction date has arrived: 2018-01-01
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