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Metabug for issues related to making a real release for Linux distros
Project Member Reported by, Nov 19 2009 Back to list
Though we provide source code, there are a few more steps necessary before 
we are a real upstream usable by Linux distributions.  This is a metabug to 
track those issues.
Comment 1 by, Nov 19 2009
Blockedon: 28289 28291 28293 28294
Comment 2 by, Nov 19 2009
Blockedon: 22140
Comment 3 by, Nov 19 2009
Fabien/Tom: please add to blocked on any other bugs I missed.  This list is from my 
head and from chatting with Fabien.
Comment 4 by, Dec 1 2009
Evan, I can't figure out how to get this bugtracker to block on other bugs, but
here's the list of what I've generated:

29044 - Stable release tarballs
29045 - Use system libjingle
29046 - Use system libxml
29047 - Use system libxslt
29048 - Use system minizip
29049 - Don't include third_party header files by local reference in source
29050 - Use system v8
29051 - Support build specific optflags

I'll probably think of more later, apologies for not doing this sooner.

Comment 5 by, Dec 1 2009
Note that I didn't put "Use system WebKit", because while I think this should be a
long-term goal, I think it is acceptable to leverage the bundled copy in the short-term.
Comment 6 by, Dec 1 2009
Also, I think there is some support for using the system sqlite, but I haven't tested
it yet (its near the top of my todo list), so I held off on that one as well.
Comment 7 by, Dec 1 2009
Blockedon: 29044 29045 29046 29047 29048 29049 29050 29051
Comment 8 by, Dec 1 2009
Tom, I've been using this for quite a while in Ubuntu: use_system_ffmpeg=1
use_system_bzip2=1 use_system_zlib=0 use_system_libjpeg=1 use_system_libpng=1
use_system_sqlite=0 use_system_libxml=1 use_system_libxslt=1

sqlite=0 because of an api change (a cache)
zlib=0 because of minizip headers not shipped in ubuntu/debian zlib-dev package

use_system_ffmpeg is a trick, it should be renamed to use_system_ffmpeg_mt or something.

and i completely strip the corresponding source files from the chromium tarball.
Comment 9 by, Dec 8 2009
Comment 10 by, Dec 10 2009
Labels: Mstone-5
Status: Available
Blockedon: 30991
Comment 13 by, Mar 15 2010
Labels: -Mstone-5
Comment 14 by, Mar 15 2010
Labels: Mstone-X
Blockedon: 24517
Blockedon: 68524
Comment 17 by Deleted ...@, Mar 17 2011
Fedora 14 Chromium, installed from here:
The main window doesn't have an application icon.
Blockedon: 92689
Blockedon: -29045 2904 nativeclient:2324
Blockedon: 126452
Comment 21 Deleted
re: comment 17: icon can be fixed this way:
Blockedon: chromium:22208 chromium:118986
Blockedon: chromium:157155
Blockedon: chromium:165264
Blockedon: chromium:174634
Blockedon: chromium:176285
Blockedon: chromium:21318
Comment 30 by, Apr 21 2013
161389:	Add use_system_mesa gyp switch
Blockedon: chromium:251122
Blockedon: chromium:266149
I know here may be not appropriate place for this comment but I guess most of starred people here is subscribed for Fedora package see also: and I hope this message will be seen by related people on Fedora (or at least make more attention to the problem if is there any)

Thanks to great Chromium developers most of related bug is fixed, the hunspell integrity is what Firefox is also doing and sqlite issue may be forgivable due extensive use of Chromium from it (like webkit/blink packaging); Ubuntu license check is indicating to libraries that some of them is common with Firefox so may not be a problem; Querying system FFMpeg seems is not what Firefox doing also and libusb dependency seems is very lowlevel to made separate (or forgivable?)... So can we have Chromium on Fedora repo soon?
Comment 34 by, Jan 6 2014
While I appreciate that much work has gone into things (and I'm willing to give a certain amount of parity with Firefox), there are still notable areas which need resolution, the most obvious of which is the pnacl/nacl stack. Fedora cannot (and will not) use pre-built toolchain binaries in order to build the nacl/pnacl code, and I have not been successful to date at building the entire pnacl stack from source. This is a requirement for me to even consider re-reviewing Chromium from a Fedora inclusion perspective.
IMHO remained things can be filed as a bug by experts like you and added as blocked on this bug by chromium developers (or fedora wiki) then fedora users can actually show the need of it with giving stars.

I guess  Issue 109582  is related to that nacl problem. Seems the user managed to fix it somehow on #3 on that time, sorry if not related.
Comment 36 by, Jan 6 2014
The current state of nacl/pnacl things is actually much more complicated (and imho, worse) than it was back when 109582 was filed. I've been working via email with the pnacl developers, but so far, we have not managed to make a working build path from source. (Technically, the nacl bits have been built, but not the pnacl ones, and we need both to build Chromium fully.)

I think one of major issue with chromium is this kind of block it is. We can't clearly determinate what could be packaged externaly as a dependency. It would be great to have release tarball, to easily maitain the project.
Secondly, chromium doesn't respect LFH, which is of course a big issue too.
Blocking: chromium:350913
Blocking: -chromium:350913
Blockedon: chromium:350913
Blockedon: chromium:334088
I know open source always relies on helping hands, but this issue seems to be a tough one. It seems Google itself has not much interest into resolving this. Are there any chromium devs interested/actively working on solving this issues? The blocked issues do not show much activity. I mean if this was really of priority it should have been solved a long time ago. 5 years are certainly a lot of time, especially for a project of the magnitude of chromium.
@42: It's a tracking bug so I wouldn't necessarily expect to see it closed anytime soon. However you'll see on the left hand side a number of issues it's tracking have been closed. Given the size and scope (and focus) of Chromium I suspect this will be a continuous process.
Wow, almost 6 years, Fedora 22 has been a great realese and the earliest distro to use kernel 4.x. Great to see Chromium on it Offcial repository.
The only chromium related thing appearing in Fedora official repo is

I believe fedora will not include chromium until this metabug is resolved.
Blockedon: chromium:503029
Blockedon: chromium:109582
Comment 48 by, Oct 7 2015
Is anyone still working to resolve these issues so that Chromium can be included as an official package in Fedora and other distros? Or, is it that something more drastic such as forking the Chromium project really the only way forward?
Comment 49 by, Oct 7 2015
#47 You can contribute fixes to Chromium. Forking a project only makes sense when the fixes you need aren't getting accepted.
Blockedon: chromium:551343
Labels: Build-Official
Project Member Comment 53 by, Jul 17
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