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[meta] Canvas v5 API additions

Project Member Reported by, Aug 29 2013

Issue description

Change description:
Canvas v5 API adds new features.

Changes to API surface:
- Path primitives
- Ellipses
- SVG path description syntax
- Dashed lines
- Text on a path
- Hit testing
- Region discovery for AT users
- Automatic cursor control
- APIs that take SVGMatrix objects for transforms
- many more metrics from measureText()
- ability to transform a pattern
- various other additions

Support in other browsers:
Internet Explorer: No
Firefox: No
Safari: No
Opera: No

*Make sure to fill in any labels with a -?, including all OSes this change
affects. Feel free to leave other labels at the defaults.
Blocking: chromium:277212
Blocking: -chromium:277212
Blockedon: chromium:130260
Hi wilzius! :)
I made this meta issue to manage all new canvas features together.
I linked this issue to Canvas feature on chromestatus also.

I implemented and shipped ellipse in  issue 130260 . To get ellipse done, I sent 'Intent to implement and ship' mail to blink-dev and owners allowed me to ship ellipse.

I want to implement and ship some features of them. Which is better to send a mail for 'Intent to ship' either all canvas features or each feature respectively?

Hi dongseong,

Thanks for putting this together.

I filed a bunch of those new feature bugs (after talking about some of them
with junov) but I agree I don't think we need separate emails for all of
them. Let's send a message about all of the ones you intend to work on in
the short term (say, the next couple months; if that's all of them then
great, but if there are ones you don't intend to do anytime soon then let's
skip them).

If anyone has concerns about specific ones, we can separate them out and
have a different discussion. If no one objects to anything, we can just go
ahead on all of them and it's less bureaucracy. If you like, you can list
me as the relevant PM. If you would prefer, I'm also happy to send this


On Thursday, August 29, 2013, wrote:
Blockedon: chromium:284593 chromium:284600
Hi, wiltzius. It's good to know.

I already sent an intent mail about currentTransform and resetTransform.!topic/blink-dev/bZ7CMa20-GU
I think that resetTransform can be shipped and currentTransform should be guarded by "Enable experimental canvas features" flag until SVGMatrix will be stable.

In addition,
I want to ship  Issue 277212  (arcTo with rotation) and  Issue 284600  (resetClip).
I want to implement  Issue 277313  (pattern.setTransform) and  Issue 284593  (Path.addPath) under "Enable experimental canvas features" flag. Those can be shipped after SVGMatrix is stable.

Could you send this intent mail whose PM is you? :)

When I want to implement more in, I'll ask you.

Cheers, DS

Hey dongseong,

Justin advised in, and after considering his point I think he's right. So let's continue to do individual emails as anyone starts to actually work on a feature.
Status: Available
Blockedon: chromium:277215
Blockedon: chromium:159839
@wiltzius Ok. I'll implement and ship each feature in step by step
Note that the spec link above is out of date and even its three different editor's draft versions seems to have a variety of odd unintentional errors. I recommend using the WHATWG one instead:
Blockedon: chromium:328961
Blockedon: chromium:277209
Blockedon: chromium:289572
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Not working on this so unassigning

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