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Status: Verified
Closed: Sep 2013
EstimatedDays: ----
NextAction: ----
OS: Chrome
Pri: 1
Type: Bug

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Add Carlito font to Chrome OS

Reported by, Aug 28 2013

Issue description

Title says it all.

Comment 1 by, Sep 4 2013


Comment 2 by, Sep 17 2013

Status: Started
Project Member

Comment 3 by, Sep 24 2013

Project: chromiumos/overlays/chromiumos-overlay
Branch : master
Author : Jungshik Shin <>
Commit : 9dba51ba921981ac60855c8813c1db06b0bd044a

Code-Review  -1: Mike Frysinger
Code-Review  0 : chrome-internal-fetch
Code-Review  +2: Daniel Erat, Jungshik Shin
Commit-Queue 0 : Daniel Erat, Mike Frysinger, chrome-internal-fetch
Commit-Queue +1: Jungshik Shin
Verified     0 : Daniel Erat, Mike Frysinger, chrome-internal-fetch
Verified     +1: Jungshik Shin
Change-Id      : I09a0831cb260acb544d8936b7e8d3243580f6244
Reviewed-at    :

Add Carlito font family.

Carlito is metric-compatible with Calibri and we add a mapping entry to
fontconfig (local.conf).

Carlito is licensed under OFL 1.1 and cannot be bundled into
the crosextrafonts package with Caladea licensed under Apache. So, I made
a new package crosextrafonts-carlito. However, both Caladea and Carlito will
be installed in /usr/share/fonts/crosextra.

Carlito comes in regular, bold, italic, and bold italic. The family
covers Latin-Greek-Cyrillic (not a complete set, though) with about
2,000 glyphs. It has the same character coverage as Calibri.

See for the Skia change.

BUG= chromium:280557 
TEST=1. 'emerge chromeos-fonts' installs Carlito in crosextra.
2. With the Skia change rolled in, a page using Calibri will use Carlito
instead of the default fallback font (Arimo in case of English UI)

D  chromeos-base/chromeos-fonts/chromeos-fonts-0.0.1-r11.ebuild
A  chromeos-base/chromeos-fonts/chromeos-fonts-0.0.1-r12.ebuild
M  chromeos-base/chromeos-fonts/chromeos-fonts-0.0.1.ebuild
A  media-fonts/crosextrafonts-carlito/crosextrafonts-carlito-20130920.ebuild
M  media-libs/fontconfig/files/local.conf
D  media-libs/fontconfig/fontconfig-2.7.1-r36.ebuild
A  media-libs/fontconfig/fontconfig-2.7.1-r37.ebuild
M  profiles/targets/chromeos/package.use.mask

Comment 4 by, Sep 25 2013

Status: Fixed
The corresponding skia change was also manually landed. 

Status: Verified
Verified 4731.81.0

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