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Status: Fixed
Closed: Sep 2013
EstimatedDays: ----
NextAction: ----
OS: Android
Pri: 1
Type: Bug-Regression

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auto complete in Omnibox not functioning properly with gesture based keyboards

Reported by, Aug 15 2013

Issue description

Device name: HTC one

From "Settings > About Chrome"
Application version:29.0.1547.49
OS: 4.1.2

URLs (if applicable):

Behavior in Android Browser (if applicable):
When using Google stock swipe keyboard to type in the search/url/ omnibar the field tries to autocomplete using previous history, but only utilizing the first letter of the word that swipe filled into the field.   For instance, if I swipe-type the word giraffe, the ominibar fills in as

Steps to reproduce:

Expected result:

Actual result:

Labels: Cr-UI-Input-Text-IME

Comment 2 by, Aug 19 2013

Status: Assigned
Aurimas, could you take a look?
#1 comment seems to talk about issues with the omnibox. Assigning it to tedchoc@
Labels: -Cr-UI-Input-Text-IME Cr-UI-Browser-Omnibox Type-Bug-Regression M-30 ReleaseBlock-Stable
Summary: auto complete in Omnibox not functioning properly with gesture based keyboards (was: auto complete not functioning properly with swipe)
Adjusting summary to capture the issue properly. 
I tried to reproduce this bug with HTC One 4.1.2 using Google Keyboard 4.0.1870.703320 for Chrome 29.0.1547.59 and 30.0.1599.17 but everything seems to be working as expected. I could not see case.

Steps I followed:
1. Navigated to so it would be in my history
2. Navigated to some other page
3. Focused omnibox
4. Cleared the omnibox using 'x' button
5. Used swipe gesture to enter "giraffe".

Giraffe was entered and it was not autocompleted.

MarkC82: Could you please add more specific steps or a video of how to reproduce this bug?
Bug is reproducible, but the issue comes up when using HTC Sense Input and not the Google Keyboard.

Comment 7 by, Aug 26 2013

For now i'm just downloading and  switching to google keyboard.  I didn't realize that HTC sense was the default. It looked very similar to my nexus 7 (which used the google keyboard)

Thank you.
Labels: Hotlist-ConOps
We're seeing two similar and possibly related clusters:

1. Words get doubled when typing in the search bar (go/fbc/5312404): 124 reports, #2 issue

4.0.4	 57%
4.1.2	 41%
4.1.1	 1.6%

en	 97%
es	 1.6%
pt	 1.6%

LG-MS770	 34%
XT907	 16%
HUAWEI-M931	 8.2%
ZTE N9120	 6.6%
SPH-D710	 3.3%

2. Keyboard duplicates last letter or word while after pressing space (go/fbc/3776386): 52 reports, #3 issue

4.0.4	 66%
4.1.2	 25%
4.1.1	 9.1%

LG-MS770	 34%
XT907	 14%
HUAWEI-M931	 11%
SPH-D710	 11%
MB886	 6.8%
 Issue 129905  has been merged into this issue.
What's the latest on this bug?

This is the #1 Android cluster on M29 so far (over 2x more than #2, which is 274117)
I have a change out for review to fix the HTC keyboard issues.  It "might" help cleanup general autocomplete problems as well, but I do not have reliable repro steps for either two to ensure that it does fix it.
Labels: -Pri-2 Pri-1
Lets continue on track with what we are pursuing and we can update the users on forum / feedback to send in updates on this bug once we have the fix up in Beta. 

Lets try and get this into next week's Beta update (unless it magically got in for this weeks Beta, which will be with tonites build)
Project Member

Comment 14 by, Sep 3 2013

Project: .../internal/apps
Branch : master
Author : Ted Choc <>
Commit : db10aaae629c572c1b9caa11ad293d2a40e0e8ff

Code Review +2: Aurimas Liutikas, David Trainor
Verified    +1: Ted Choc
Change-Id     : I1a0e231d30e50f24a0124373f94f62f77ef4a0d8
Reviewed-at   :
Repro Steps:
Precondition : change the default keyborad to "Swype"
1. Launch the chrome
2. Open new tab and load the url
3. In Google search box ,enter search term "office" and tap on space 

Obeserved : Repeated last typed search term

Tested devices - 
 Razr M (XT907)
Were you typing in the omnibox or in the input field on the webpage?  This bug only pertains to the omnibox.  Maybe you meant: 
Typing on Google search box , Yes this is related to 
Labels: Merge-Requested

Comment 19 by, Sep 5 2013

this isn't a small change, do we want to bake it a bit?
I'm not against letting it bake, but I think we'll have more likelihood of exposing issues in beta as there are more non-standard keyboards there.  I'd rather get it into beta earlier to give more time to expose any potential issues before this hits stable.

Comment 21 by, Sep 10 2013

Labels: -Merge-Requested Merge-Approved
Project Member

Comment 22 by, Sep 10 2013

Project: .../internal/apps
Branch : 1599
Author : Ted Choc <>
Commit : fa3431f4f469d48ae04e92c248f6c03f63c60792

Code Review +2: Ted Choc
Verified    +1: Ted Choc
Change-Id     : I1a0e231d30e50f24a0124373f94f62f77ef4a0d8
Reviewed-at   :
Labels: -Merge-Approved Merge-Merged merge-merged-1599
Status: Fixed
Should be in one of the next beta releases
Labels: Verified-M30
Verified this issue on M30, 30.0.1599.38 on HTC One / JZO54K / HTC Sense keyboard.
Folks following this bug - we just pushed out a possible fix on the Beta channel. You can install it side by side with Chrome. Can you please give it a shot and let us know if the problem goes away? If things look good, expect to change come thru to "Chrome" in a few weeks !!

Beta can be downloaded @

Comment 26 Deleted

Comment 27 by, Sep 16 2013

The fixed seemed to have worked very well and i no longer see any problem in chrome.

However I did notice the google keyboard is causing other very odd behaviors within the non-gmail email app (used with my work exchange server)on my HTC one.   Where would be the appropriate place to report this issue?

Mark C

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