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Status: Archived
Owner: ----
Closed: Aug 2015
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OS: Mac
Pri: 2
Type: Bug

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fast/workers/storage/sql-exception-codes-sync.html depends on other tests
Project Member Reported by, Jul 21 2013 Back to list
run-webkit-tests fast/workers/storage/executesql-accepts-only-one-statement-sync.html fast/workers/storage/sql-exception-codes-sync.html  <---- times out

run-webkit-tests fast/workers/storage/sql-exception-codes-sync.html  <---- fails text diff

Not sure who knows things about sql tests.

This is one of the reasons we can't switch run-webkit-tests over to defaulting to a fixed seed random test run order. I'm tracking down other similar flakiness. Maybe one of you can volunteer to dig into this or CC someone who might?
Comment 1 by, Jul 21 2013
Labels: LayoutTestOrdering
Comment 3 by, Oct 17 2013
I can't reproduce this. Ojan, can you?
Comment 4 by, Oct 17 2013
I think this only repro'ed on a Mac before.
Comment 5 by, Oct 22 2013
Owner: ----
Status: Archived
Archiving unconfirmed issues, which have not been modified (commented on, updated, etc...) in over 1 year.
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