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Status: WontFix
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Closed: Jul 2010
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OS: Linux
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Type: Bug

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Chrome Linux single click does not select all

Reported by, Oct 28 2009

Issue description

We are trying an experiment where we leave the edit control alone for mouse
selection.  Note that we still fiddle with PRIMARY on Control L, matching

If you don't like this behavior, please leave a comment indicating why.
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I vote for single click to select all, if not, can we have an option please?

Comment 135 by, Dec 22 2009

i have just stopped using chrome. END OF!

Comment 136 by Deleted ...@, Jan 11 2010

I've just begun using the Linux Chrome beta.  I normally use Firefox on Linux, and 
Chrome on Windows.  This issue is bugging me as I would prefer either the select-all 
Windows behavior, or the Firefox double-click behavior.  The triple-click is something 
I don't like doing.
Can we please have the single click select all back? It is so much easier. I love 
chrome on windows for this one reason.

Why would any one want to part select the url field? This is definitely not the common 

Comment 138 by, Jan 16 2010

Has a decision been made?  Is there going to be a change(hopefully for the better)?   
Is anyone working on an extension to fix this?

Comment 139 by Deleted ...@, Jan 17 2010

Opening up a browser almost  always is followed by typing in an URL in the address 
bar. Single click to select all becomes the obvious choice since the user would always 
need to replace the existing URL being displayed.
Really I'm wondering who can make up such a bad idea... triple click is such strange behavior for normal users browsing the web. Please change this to single click again or 
make it an option so people can choose.. 
Make it configurable and please EVERYONE
Look, people. Whether you like it or not is totally obsolete. Can't we just make it a 
configuration option? Please? It really can't be that difficult to satisfy both 
parties. I really hope we can see this in the settings soon...

I'm in serious favor of this change, BTW. I hate having to triple click, it's just so 
awkward! :(

Comment 143 by, Jan 23 2010

I really like tiple click, I think is the way it should be, but for the sake of 
community there should be an option to configure this behavior.
 Issue 33536  has been merged into this issue.
Can't anyone solve this with a simple extention?! I'm reverting back to Firefox, 
because it has "right click = select all"...

Comment 146 by, Feb 3 2010

Single-click select-all is a terrible choice on Linux. Triple-click select-all is 

If you are using Linux and are not already used to "triple-click selects-all" in 
every other application, maybe you need to use Linux a bit more to get used to it? 
This isn't Chrome's fault. Chrome is currently following platform conventions, 
correctly. And it shouldn't break those conventions. Chromium is doing the right 

So maybe the "fix" is for users who don't like this behavior to switch to another 
platform, like Windows?
" Chrome is currently following platform conventions, correctly. "
Which text book were you referring to?

Comment 148 by, Feb 3 2010


among many others.

"Click the left mouse button and drag the mouse over text to select it. You can also 
double-click the left mouse button on a word to select that word, and triple-click 
the left mouse button on a line to select that line. Furthermore, you can click the 
left mouse button at one end of a portion of text you want to select, and then click 
the right mouse button at the other end to select all of the text between the 

You can make an argument that it is correct to treat the entire url as one "word," so 
that double-click selects the entire thing. I'm sympathetic to that argument. So, 
apparently, were the Firefox team, because that's the behavior they chose.

What is absolutely clear, though, is that single-click select all is wrong. It not 
only breaks convention, but it destroys the PRIMARY selection buffer, which is an 
even worse sin in Linux/Unix/X11.

Honestly..! Does it matter?

Ultimately, it has to be about user choice. There is nothing wrong in being a *NIX purist though. 
Sadly, I cannot afford to be a purist and ditch other popular UIs altogether. Something I must say 
here is, most of the use-cases from the two links really dates back to the UNIX days when only the 
elite used to use them. Hasnt the world moved on from there ?

To me a piece of software is about comfort and being more productive with it. Tripple click to 
select a line from a page of text; I can understand. But from a single line input like the omnibox; 
tripple click makes me twitch! It is like having to give an extra slap to make it work!

Comment 150 by, Feb 3 2010

"So maybe the "fix" is for users who don't like this behavior to switch to another 
platform, like Windows?"  

Real nice attitude to have, sad to see Linux is still being held back be people with 
attitudes like this.  

This is the single biggest problem with Chrome right now for me.  Triple click is 
terrible for usability, even if it makes the zealots happy.  Could we get some action 
on this bug? A setting or extension seems like the way to go.

Comment 151 by, Feb 3 2010

Held back? UI consistency (and the totalitarian control required to enforce that) is 
what people praise Apple for, but when it's Linux, even if there is some kind of 
loose UI consistency, everyone wants to have their cake and eat it too.

If Apple changed how Mac OS X worked every time someone complained that it didn't 
work like they expected from their Windows days, OS X wouldn't be nearly as cool.

j2u44u is spot on. If you want to select all faster than triple click, hit control L, 
or open a new tab. What is wrong with those things? If you expect cross-platform UI 
consistency (if that's even possible whatever that means), get used to those instead.
I have to agree with kpprom.. from a normal every day user perspective I really don't
understand the logic for three clicks.. my parents nearly understand the double click
and chrome for linux is introducing three!! clicks. Believe me, lot's of ┬┤normal'
users don't use things like control l. I think I will stick with firefox.. happy I
have a choise :-))
Please, whatever the final result in terms of highlighting, single click MUST NOT 
replace the primary selection that is. Overwriting user data (which might exist 
nowhere else but the primary selection) is not an acceptable side-effect of what is 
effectively just switching focus.

@151: The difference between MacOS and Linux is that, from MacOS, people expect 
consistency at the expense of choice while, on Linux, people tend to expect choice at 
the potential expense of consistency.

Comment 155 by, Feb 3 2010

"If you want to select all faster than triple click, hit control L, 
or open a new tab. What is wrong with those things? "

Ever use a netbook?  My Dell doesn't have a left control, so control-L is too hard.  
Opening a new tab every time you want to visit a new site makes no sense.  

Comment 156 by, Feb 3 2010

Sorry left control is all I have, no right control.

Comment 157 by, Feb 3 2010

Just to drive home the point that triple-click is *standard* behavior for text fields 
on linux, try a little experiment at home:

Assuming you are running gnome, run Applications->Accesories->Calculator. Select the 
text field and type in "123 456 789". Single click on 456. Now double-click 456. Now 
triple-click 456.

Try Applications->Accesories->Character_Map. In the "Text to copy" field, type in 
"the quick brown fox". Single-click on "brown." Now double-click "brown." Now triple-
click "brown."

This is how Linux works, folks. Until Unix adopts something other than X11, I don't 
see it changing.

re: @154, on Linux, people tend to expect choice, but they tend to abhor defaults 
that break core system functionality.  Breaking X-Selection, even if it is just 
*visually* broken (by selecting without copying to Primary), will be met with fierce 
resistance and derision every time.
@157: I never said the change should be reverted (I may have in an older comment, but 
if so, I changed my mind long ago). I just think that Chrome shouldn't make GNOME's 
mistake of not even offering an option because "it's pointless clutter" or "it's 
confusing to Granny".

Also, not to be insulting, but I'm the exception to your statement. For it to be "met 
with fierce resistance and derision every time", I'd have had to have hated it at 
first sight but, since I spend a lot of time copy-pasting batches of tabs into KWrite 
to work around the lack of an "import/export tab URLs" plugin, I actually welcomed 
the ability to copy to PRIMARY with a single click. (It helps that, on the rare 
occasions when I need my old PRIMARY back, I can just use Klipper's history dropdown)

In fact, I stopped following updates and stayed on as soon as the updates 
blog announced the change and I haven't changed my mind yet. (Yes, that IS a version 
with stuttering HTML5 audio and no support for the Chrome Extensions site)

Comment 159 by Deleted ...@, Feb 6 2010

I have to tell you, when I started using Chromium and I noticed that a single-click 
would grab the entire URL so I could quickly delete it and enter a new one in, I 
thought it was one of the most useful changes I had noticed with a web browser in a 
long time.

I understand that it breaks other conventions regarding single/double/triple clicks, 
but I just wanted to say here that it was nice while it lasted.  Maybe a 
configuration togglebox we could change somewhere would be very nice to get this 
feature...maybe not.  In any event, thanks for the work that everyone is doing on 
this browser.

Comment 160 by Deleted ...@, Feb 10 2010

Double click should select the entire URL.  The triple click feature is why I keep 
going back to Firefox.

Comment 161 by, Feb 11 2010

The default on a Mac text field is single click to select the text field and place the cursor 
at the point of click, double click will select a word and triple click will select the entire 
contents - thats how every text field on the system pretty much behaves, and should be 
the default for Chromium too - however I understand how some people may prefer it 
the other way - so why not have an option to configure for it?

Firefox has single-click select all enabled by default as well, and it drives me mad, but 
at least I can go to 'about:config' in Firefox and disable the setting.

Comment 162 by Deleted ...@, Feb 15 2010

It is annoying having different behaviour in the same application on a different 
platform. Let the user choose. 

A good minimalist interface should not be restrictive, rather, it should encourage 

I would go for an option in the right-click drop-down menu on the "Omnibox" to set 
the default mouse behaviour when clicking - in both Windows and Linux versions of 
Chrome - to toggle Windows (single-click selects all) behaviour or Linux (single 
click moves insertion point to cursor position) behaviour. This would maintain user 
choice, rather than dictating user behaviour. 

Multiple-click actions should be minimized on all systems for health (RSI) reasons. 
Three clicks is too much. These actions are also more difficult to perform 
consistently on other input devices, such as laptop touchpads and trackballs, touch 
screens etc.

Although the Firefox "about:config" functionality is cool, it requires scrolling down 
through hundreds(?) of lines of variable options, with the possibility of messing up 
the browser system.

It would not be out of place for Chrome to allow signed-on users on whatever platform 
to change the way their Chrome browser behaves (on whichever machine they use it) via 
a hierarchy of web pages - ideally a combined help and browser configuration - 
further reducing the menuing options required - confirmation by the user's password 
to make the changes global and permanent or just temporary for the current session.

I can understand how people support the typical Linux behavior.  That being said, it 
is annoying that Chrome behaves differently in Windows than it does in Linux just 
because of the OS.  99% of the time when I click on the address bar, it's to type in 
a completely new URL - not to make a correction.

I am a Chrome user because of the common-sense approach and the usability that seems 
"natural".  It doesn't feel natural to follow typical Linux protocol in a web 
browser.  Since people are so divided in this, then I would be fine with a user 
option to make it single-click for selecting the entire URL, or the classic Linux 

Comment 164 by, Feb 16 2010

Yeah, I mentioned the about:config option in Firefox merely to show that while 
Firefox defaults do go against the system norm, they can at least be tweaked if you 
care enough.

 A simple user preference on this should be fine, but I think it is important for an 
application to integrate itself properly with each OS it will be compiled for. A text box 
should behave how a text box behaves on the particular system, otherwise when a 
user tries to interact with a particular control expecting it to behave like all other 
controls of the same type, they're not going to get a consistent expected behaviour.

Again, I'm only stating the Mac OS X defaults for text boxes here, but a single click 
inserts the cursor, double click selects a whole word and triple click selects the entire 
box. :)
@164: Same defaults as GTK+ and Qt apps on Linux, so aside from Windows (which I 
haven't used in over half a decade, so I can't be sure about), it's become de facto 
standard... not that I'm complaining. For "proper" text boxes, that's good.

The point is in what the user thinks of things as... hence the uproar from my half of 
the people here. We don't think of the omnibar as a textbox.
...not to say I'm disagreeing with you. I just wanted to clarify why, to us, the 
"intuitive" behaviour is counter-intuitive and in need of a customization option.

Comment 167 by, Feb 16 2010

Ah, yeah I see where you're coming from then. I think a user preference is probably the 
way to go then, leaving the single click select all as a default I guess. Other than this, 
which I still forget about and get caught out by several times a day, I'm really glad I 
migrated over to Chrome :)

Comment 168 by, Feb 16 2010

These platform-specific issues are growing:

I'd be happy to submit patches supplying command-line based configuration options. This 
is just google flags stuff, right? What are the chances of a patch like that getting 
I recently switched to using Linux as my main OS after years of using MS Windows. I 
was an early adopter of Chrome in Windows and got very used to the "one click selects 
all method" in the address bar and I love it. Very glad to have Chrome in Linux now 
but I hate the way it works differently in Linux. Please make it a user option. I'm 
really surprised there are so many people who want the default behavior but I don't 
like it.

Comment 170 by, Feb 17 2010

Just to add another insight here - the way Safari works with this is that clicking into 
the text box will insert the cursor where you want it, but if you use the keyboard 
shortcut to get into the address bar, that causes it to highlight all the text. 

This allows you to quickly press Command+L and start immediately typing a URL, as 
the previous one will be highlighted ready, but if you use the mouse to get into the 
address bar, it behaves as you would expect a text field to on a single click.

Best of both worlds!

Comment 171 by, Feb 17 2010

May be worth reading the previous discussions.

On linux it is Alt+d or Ctrl+l; I agree that you can get there by that, but the issue 
is not all users have the luxury of being able to use these combinations. Eg: netbook 
users. So for them there is still a valid reason to make "single-click-select-all" an 
available choice.

Comment 172 by, Feb 17 2010


The issue for me is data loss. I must not lose the primary clipboard selection just 
by single-clicking on the omnibox, not least because I often want to paste that 
selection in these.

I can get used to any number of clicks. I can get used to chrome's omnibox being 
different to everything else on my Linux desktop.

I cannot, nor do I want to get used to losing what I had in the clipboard.

Comment 173 by, Feb 17 2010


Its all about habits isn't it?

In full honesty, I am at heart a Windows user who had enough with it and switched to 
Linux a few years ago. So for me clipboard managers are the way of life. I rely on 
PRIMARY only when I am sure I can, like within the same application, and purposefully 
avoid using it while going to the address bad of browsers. Instead I use the 
clipboard content saved there via a key combo ( usually Ctrl+c or Ctrl+Ins ). It 
works for me!

If we are to use PRIMARY with chrome, the problem is that we have to press and hold 
your backspace or delete to get rid of the content there before pasting anything from 
PRIMARY! Isnt that waste of time with a long URL ( which happen to be very common 
these days )

Comment 174 by, Feb 17 2010


It's possible to highlight without replacing the primary selection. In firefox, 
select some text, hit ctrl-f, type in a search play, click somewhere else, now hit 
ctrl-f again. You old search is highlighted but if you paste, you still have your 
original selected text.

I don't know the details but I imagine it's called _primary_ selection because it's 
possible to have other selections too.

All that said, I find firefox's single click to position the cursor, double to select 
all quite comfortable.
Labels: -Area-UI-Features Area-UI
Look, people. Regardless of whether or not selecting the whole URL something you 
like/believe is correct/think is more natural, can it really hurt to throw in a radio button 
in the preferences?... Seriously. Please. Having the option won't hurt, just help :-)

Comment 177 by, Mar 1 2010

Please at least provide an option to enable/disable this

Comment 178 by Deleted ...@, Mar 5 2010

I use Chrome on Windows for work and Linux for personal stuff.  Having
inconsistencies across platforms is annoying (and bad for new converts).  I vote for
configurable mouse click and defaulting it to behave the same out of the box across
all platforms.  I prefer single click selects all, but a configurable option should
allow everyone to enjoy Chrome without annoyance.
What I'm trying to say is that if you don't WANT the URL to be selected with a 
single click, then don't configure chrome to work that way.

It does not hurt you in any way to have a radio button in the preferences so those 
of use who do like it can use Chrome the way we want to. It can only help.
An option would be brilliant, I hate one-click-select-all, it's a complete pain.
Set the default to what most users want and give the option to change it for everyone 

Comment 181 by Deleted ...@, Mar 29 2010

not having an option is pretty lame. i used to use chromium and this change is the
reason i don't anymore. even firefox has the option. 
i strongly agree with tarpein's comment #178, that inconsistencies across platforms 
is annoying (i also have to use windows at work, but linux everywhere else), and bad 
for converts. no matter how it's chosen, keep it the same across platforms.

on how it is chosen, my vote is in favor of selects-all, with a preference to change 
of course. in response to comment #173 worried about data-loss, why not just hit the 
middle mouse button to paste the primary rather than click first and then paste the 
primary? on firefox right now in linux, i've enabled the click-selects-all option, 
and if i move the mouse above any place in a url i'm modifying and middle click, it 
inserts the primary into the url. then the cursor is blinking and available to edit 
the url. no data loss, and click-selects all had no impact.

but fundamentally, IMHO 95% of the time the "average" user clicks the address bar 
they want to type a new address, hence my preference for single click-selects all.

BTW, chromium developers are dead for me :(

Don't why they like doing absurd things like this and remove/hide protocol part from 
the URL bar now

BTW, where chromium is heading? Do the developers have any idea? Are there any solid 
reasons behind hiding protocol part from a URL?

For those who haven't bothered to research, "select all" and "select a portion" work
perfectly well at the same time.

Mouse-down = Caret placed
Mouse-up = If caret moved, select the selected portion.  If caret did not move,
select all.

This is how Firefox works with browser.urlbar.autoFill set to true.  What possible
problem could anyone have with this?
Correction: The Firefox setting is browser.urlbar.clickSelectsAll.
version: 5.0.376.0 (Developer Build 44292) Ubuntu

I click down and release the mouse no-selection happens for me. Am I missing 
Sorry.  I was explaining the ideal solution (according to me :)  It is not
implemented in Chromium for Linux.
Well, I think we all know that a tick box is ideal.  But we also all know that when 
Google makes up their mind, that's usually it.

I guess this is something they want to force feed the world in an attempt to change 

Look at crApple lately..  They pissed each other off, and since google is mad at 
them, they are thumbing them back by packaging flash into chrome..  I am not a 
betting man, but I would go so far as to place a bet that youtube will remain non-
html5 compliant for quite a while just to piss them off more..

Google has a lot of great things and ideas, but unless ~75% of the public disagrees, 
they do not bend outside of their ideas..  Their egos are their biggest downfalls..

I am not pointing the finger at everyone, but definitely some of the decision makers 

Maybe you're trolling?

Chromium devs at one point were about to work on this, but there was some confusion 
on the proper design and, from what I can tell, internal discussion resulted in this 
being de-prioritized.

Note that this bug is NOT closed! If someone puts together a patch, I wouldn't be 
surprised if it either landed or received constructive critical review.


YouTube has an HTML 5 beta,

Google is releasing an open-source video codec.

Steve Jobs remains Steve Jobs. You know he once demanded designers retrace a circuit 
board because the lines weren't spaced to his liking?

Anyway, somebody write a patch for this darned bug please

-- Dan

That's great to hear.  Since Linux Chrome used to work this way and Windows Chrome
still does, I don't think a patch is necessary.

Comment 191 by, Apr 15 2010

The patch to change it is a one-liner, but it won't be committed until it solves the 
issues raised in this bug.  Nobody who leaves a new comment on this bug reads any of 
the other comments anyway, so I doubt that will happen.

Comment 192 by, Apr 20 2010

@tony.chromium having you been sleeping ever since you started working on this issue 
in october of 2009? even the health care bill has passed...this is ridiculous!!!
@192: I've more or less given up on Chromium devs making the kind of sensible 
decisions that initially drew me. (Further reasoning and examples on my blog)

These days, I'm just staying frozen at 5.0.342.7 while I wait for the competitive 
pressure to force Firefox to produce a UI that doesn't feel like molasses. (I would 
have stayed on a version prior to this change, but there were other bugs that annoyed 
me more)

Comment 194 by Deleted ...@, Apr 27 2010

I would like to be able to single-click-select-all in the address bar.  since there is 
so much debate over which way to have it - why not make it adjustable?  Like in 
Firefox: you need something similar to about:config where these changes can be made.  
(just adding my 2 cents :)

Comment 195 by Deleted ...@, Apr 27 2010

Yeah exactly, this kind of thing is a user preference some kind of radio button, and I'd advocate an 'about:config' 
style page to customise all these things as well, like Firefox has.

Comment 196 by Deleted ...@, Apr 29 2010

because linux wants to attract more people and get them to leave microsoft windows 
then at least lets make it optional its only right firefox allows the user to control 
this behavior. why cant google chrome 
+1: prefer default behavior be single-click-select-all. Because ordinary users do not 
edit URL, do not use extensions or preferences menu. Many people double click on html 
links. Many people use the computer this way. Triple-click is just a strange behavior 
for them.

But we, who are reading this right now, are reporting bugs, using extensions and can 
change it back to triple-click. So +1 for about:config where we can change default 
this is a browser. 8 out of 10 use it to browse not edit url's. chrome is 
fast...right? not with triple click! if i am wrong, let the user define what to do.
single click selects all please!! 
I agree. Single-click-select-all is a must. For all those who prefer triple-click, 
there should be an about:config page, like in firefox where you can adjust this. This 
would allow the average use to use the default, and the advanced use who prefer triple 
click to change this in about:config.
I wholeheartedly agree with single-click selects all.  I've been using the browser for 
some time with triple click and it still bugs the hell out of me.

Really, editing URLs is far less common than changing them.  But why not just make it 
configurable and make everyone happy? 

+1 for single-click selects all.
This behavior has made me switch back to Firefox.

Evan said "The patch to change it is a one-liner, but it won't be committed until it 
solves the issues raised in this bug.  Nobody who leaves a new comment on this bug 
reads any of the other comments anyway, so I doubt that will happen."

I have not read all 200 posts, but I've read enough.  I'm not sure what issues you 
mean, but I'll give it a shot.  If the popularity of this request hasn't made it 
obvious, people are not confused by single-click select as some posters have claimed.  
Also, some said that users just had to get used to it.  We've had plenty of time, and 
we're still annoyed.

This is the behavior we want (back)
Mouse-down = Caret placed
Mouse-up = If caret moved, select the selected portion.  If caret did not move,
select all.

The only use case supported by the current behavior is clicking inside of a URL and 
adding to it.  I'm a web developer and even I hardly ever do that.  I'd rather 
double-click at those times than triple-click or Ctrl+L all the time.  I hate that 
when switching windows, I have to give focus to Chrome, then Ctrl+L.  I'd much rather 
do both at once by clicking in the address bar.

For now, I'm going back to Firefox.  I hope I can switch back sometime since I really 
like Chrome.

Comment 202 by, May 10 2010

I think several solutions have been posted.  I'm not sure if the devs don't want to 
change it, or if it being overlooked.  Some response would be nice either way.   Is 
there anyone capable and willing to create an extension, if possible, or fork to fix 
 Issue 44343  has been merged into this issue.

Comment 204 by, May 17 2010

Why have this "feature" ? If you guys asking us why we don't like it lets just put it
this way, I am not using chromium because of this "feature".

Comment 205 by Deleted ...@, May 19 2010

This is why I still Firefox!



I can make it do what I want it to do. (come to think of it, that's why I'm running

REAL Linux users prefer double- or triple-click, because that is X's convention for 
selecting words/lines. You guys who are using Linux casually, switching to it in a vm 
from Windows to test your websites, etc, and then complaining that it doesn't match 
**Windows** conventions kill me.
Is there anything as REAL Linux users?
Is Linux some kind of religion?
The main reason why i use Linux is that i can configure it to fit my needs.
But this is not configurable.

Comment 208 by, May 19 2010

Not sure what constitutes a "real" user, but I've been running Linux and FreeBSD as my 
only operating system for about 5 years.  I also have a server running Linux and I 
bought a netbook with Linux pre-installed.  Just because someone has a different 
opinion than you doesn't mean they are not as "good" of a user as you.
REAL Linux users think that Linux is about choice and don't try to dictate to others
what they should and should not prefer in their user interface.

Comment 210 by, May 19 2010

REAL linux users are users like *rainexpected* who want choice and power over their
OS. REAL linux users are NOT like *cough*gary*cough*jefferson who sit in dark rooms
scared of change or choice who are actually closet OSX users.

Comment 211 by, May 19 2010

Your mom is a REAL linux user.

I am a REAL Linux user whom prefers single click selects all. Thank you.

Is Linux only for linux users?
Single click select all is not a Windows convention.

I am not a Windows user.  I don't have it installed anywhere, even in a VM.

Comment 215 by, May 19 2010

Hahaha, I think the chromium team needs to add an option to turn off/on the one click
select all just so this bug/feature request doesent turn into a flames war.... or are
they to late? <insert dramatic DUN DUN DUN>

Comment 216 by Deleted ...@, May 19 2010

> 90% of the time, when I click in the URL box I want to type a new URL (or search 
term).  Therefore, I strongly prefer that click => SELECT ALL.  Please change it back!

P.S. You guys are doing a *fantastic* job, keep it up!

Comment 217 by, May 20 2010

Labels: Restrict-AddIssueComment-Commit

Comment 218 by, May 20 2010

Status: Available

Comment 219 by, May 20 2010

Sorry, I'm closing this bug from additional comments because most of the recent comments are rehashing 
reasons earlier in the bug and things are starting to get ugly.
Labels: karen624move Mstone-X
Status: WontFix
It seems clear from talking to Evan that despite my wishes to the contrary we're not going to fix this.  Given that, I don't know why we're leaving the bug open, it's just misleading.
 Issue 56642  has been merged into this issue.
 Issue 60004  has been merged into this issue.

Comment 224 by, Nov 14 2010

 Issue 61067  has been merged into this issue.
 Issue 156721  has been merged into this issue.
 Issue 158726  has been merged into this issue.
 Issue 160188  has been merged into this issue.
Project Member

Comment 228 by, Mar 11 2013

Labels: -Area-UI Cr-UI
 Issue 257587  has been merged into this issue.
 Issue 288174  has been merged into this issue.
 Issue 311509  has been merged into this issue.
This was marked WongFix, ie a decision was made that single click should not select all on Linux.

But now it does.  Did we change our minds or is it a bug?
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