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Status: Verified
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Closed: Jul 2013
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OS: Chrome
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Type: Bug-Regression

Sign in to add a comment doesn't save existing .txt file only on Chrome OS

Reported by, Jul 12 2013

Issue description

Google Chrome	30.0.1563.0 (Official Build 211290) canary
Platform	4390.0.0 (Official Build) canary-channel stumpy

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Open sample file attached from /downloads.
2. Try to add a new line of text, "blah blah blah".
3. Try to save using Ctrl+S or open the left nav and click save.
4. No op.

The user must do a Save as and overwrite the file to save.

- It is working fine on Chrome Mac Canary.
- It is working fine before M-30 on Chrome OS.
- If you create a brand new text file, it saves fine.
- Saving appears busted only when you're opening a file.

@benwells - Could this be related to any of your recent changes?
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sammc: can you take a look at this?

Comment 2 by, Jul 15 2013

Labels: Needs-Feedback
Does this occur when opening the file using open in the left nav?

I can only reproduce this when opening the file as launch data (through or passing as command line args on Linux and Mac). In this case, it's working as currently intended on the Chrome side: file entries provided as launch data are read-only and need to be passed to getWritableEntry.

Comment 3 by, Jul 15 2013

@sammc They are passed to getWritableEntry, otherwise it wouldn't have been working on any configuration. I couldn't repro this bug on OS X Canary and on M27 CrOS, so I suppose, this is related to some recent CrOS-only change.
@oleg - Who else might know about this?
satorux@ might know.

Comment 7 by, Jul 17 2013

It's working fine through left-nav "open", but broken via launcher.
Anyway I'll take a look (though I'm off until next Monday; if this is urgent, please find someone having sharable time).
Not urgent. Worth fixing before M-30 branch though. Enjoy your holiday!

Comment 9 by, Jul 18 2013

getWritableEntry is only called for file entries obtained using chooseEntry, not those passed as launch data.

Comment 10 by, Jul 18 2013

You are right, my bad. I've fixed it and will close this as soon as I can put my hands on a M30 Chromebook to test that it works. Attaching the new build.
358 KB Download
With the version of #10, opening files from launcher completely fails (it just opens "Untitled" document) on Chrome OS canary.

Comment 12 by, Jul 22 2013

Status: Fixed
Ok, I've fixed this issue in 0.4.18. Josh has already deployed it, so I'm closing the bug.
Status: Verified

Google Chrome	30.0.1574.2 (Official Build 213443) dev
Platform	4455.0.0 (Official Build) dev-channel 

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