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Status: Duplicate
Merged: issue 650456
Closed: Feb 2017
EstimatedDays: ----
NextAction: ----
OS: All
Pri: 3
Type: Bug

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Issue 249272: Center images when viewed

Reported by, Jun 13 2013

Issue description

UserAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.31 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/26.0.1410.63 Safari/537.31

Steps to reproduce the problem:
1. Go to an image page:
2. See the image on the top left corner

What is the expected behavior?
The image should be centered (and maybe with a light dark background)

What went wrong?
I have the image not centered, I have to move my eyes, and it would feel more natural and easy for the eye (and also a better design and UX in general) if the image was centered (like in the second screenshot)

Did this work before? No 

Chrome version: 26.0.1410.63  Channel: stable
OS Version: 26

I use a Chrome extension:

It's the default behavior in Firefox.

I don't break any existing workflow, page design, ect…, it's just an improvement for the final user.
chrome image not centered.png
95.3 KB View Download
chrome image centered better.png
104 KB View Download

Comment 1 by, Jun 13 2013

And in the example, there is a little shadow applied to the image.

Comment 2 by, Jun 14 2013

Labels: -OS-Linux OS-All M-29
Status: Untriaged
Able to reproduce this issue on Win 7 with chrome 29.0.1537.1 (Official Build 206000) canary Aura,Stable 27.0.1453.110 and on Macbook pro with 29.0.1537.0 Canary

Not a regression, Issue existing from M24 build.

FF 21.0, Opera 12.15 - Ok
IE 9, Safari 5.1.7, Chrome - Fail

Comment 3 by, Jun 26 2013

Labels: -M-29 MovedFrom-29 M-30
Moving all non essential bugs to the next Milestone.

Comment 4 by, Aug 19 2013

Labels: -M-30 MovedFrom-30
This issue has already been moved once and is lower than Priority 1,therefore removing mstone.

Comment 5 by, Mar 24 2015

Almost two years... Any news about this thing? Will definitely improve user experience!

Comment 6 by, Apr 30 2015

Labels: Cr-Design

Comment 7 by, Nov 12 2015

Labels: -Pri-2 Pri-3
Status: ainslie

Comment 8 by, Nov 12 2015

Labels: Hotlist-Polish
Status: Assigned
[Marked for Polish Fixit]

@ainslie @bettes, is this something that we should or shouldn't do from a UX perspective?

Comment 9 by, Jul 19 2016

I would really like to see this in Chrome, because the extensions that center images don't work properly when you click to zoom: you're not centered on the part you clicked on.

e.g. open in Firefox, click on the star, and it's centered on screen as expected.

Do the same thing in Chrome with an extension that centers images, and you end up zoomed in somewhere else.

Comment 10 by, Jul 19 2016

> Comment 9 by
> Do the same thing in Chrome with an extension that centers images, and you end up zoomed in somewhere else.

I've made an extension that should fix this issue:

Comment 11 by, Jul 19 2016

Unfortunately, not the case (I just tested again on Windows instead of Linux).  Widen the browser window like this:

[empty viewport     image      empty viewport]

In Firefox, you'll see that it actually centers where you click.  With view-images-centered-like, you're centered far to the right of where you clicked, because Chrome processed the click as if the top-left of the image was at the top-left of the viewport.

Comment 12 by, Jul 19 2016

Thanks, I've reproduced it and I think it can be fixed within the extension [bug filled]. Also, making the zooming code of the page more generic would fix it [2]

[bug filled]:

Comment 13 by, Feb 15 2017

Mergedinto: 650456
Status: Duplicate (was: Assigned)
This has been done in Issue 650456

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