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Status: Verified
Closed: Oct 2009
EstimatedDays: ----
NextAction: ----
OS: Mac
Pri: 1
Type: Bug

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Menu reads "Google Chrome Helper"

Reported by, Oct 14 2009

Issue description

  Hostname: Macintosh-0023dfded9ed.local
  Mac OS X Version 10.5.8 (Build 9L31a)
  Processor: 4 Intel 2.66 GHz
  RAM: 2048 MB

  Chrome version:  <<<Release/Debug>>>
  QuickTime Player: 7.6.4
  QuickTime PlayerX: <unknown>
  Flash Player: 10.0.32

What steps will reproduce the problem?

Install chrome build 
check the menu.

What is the expected output? 

Google Chrome 

What do you see instead?
Google Chrome Helper 

Picture 4.png
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Comment 1 by, Oct 14 2009

Labels: ReleaseBlock-Beta
Mark - I'm guessing a bundling change issue?

Comment 3 by, Oct 14 2009

Status: Assigned
will look

Comment 4 by, Oct 14 2009

Seems like the wrong strings made it into the InfoPlist.strings files.  I can see this in my 
local build too.  It's the sort of thing that I'd expect from not running grit at the right 
time, or running it at the wrong time.  I'm clobbering to see if I can reproduce.

Comment 5 by, Oct 14 2009

I see this in a clean build too.
does it show in a clean chromium build?  if not, it sounds like the chromium_strings 
and google_chrome_strings are out of sync.

Comment 7 by, Oct 14 2009

Labels: -Pri-2 -ReleaseBlock-Beta Pri-1 ReleaseBlock-Dev

I think r28696 broke this.  It added a message to chromium_strings.grd but not 

r28696 was codereview 271052 and 194108.

I'm moving this to ReleaseBlock-Dev.  I'm not comfortable doing a release where the 
strings file is out of sync with reality.  Jon, I think we'll really want a respin with the 
fix for this (which I'll put out in a sec).

Comment 8 by, Oct 14 2009

Status: Started
Jon -

To be clear, this broke strings for *all* platforms, not just Mac.

I believe our *StringF calls bounce through a vector so we won't actually pull trash of 
the stack because of this.

Comment 10 by, Oct 14 2009

Status: Fixed
r28980 and like TVL said, I recommend a respin on all platforms to avoid problems with 
the strings being out of sync.
The following revision refers to this bug: 

r28980 | | 2009-10-14 10:48:28 -0700 (Wed, 14 Oct 2009) | 10 lines
Changed paths:

Move IDS_NOTIFICATION_PERMISSIONS to generated_resources.grd.  This string
never belonged in chromium_strings.grd because it's not branding-dependent.
Placing it in chromium_strings.grd but not google_chrome_strings.grd caused
the two strings files to become out of sync, which is actually really really

BUG= 24776 
TEST=Application name shown in Mac menu bar should be Chrome, not
     Google Chrome Helper or anything else
Review URL:

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Comment 13 by, Oct 15 2009

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Comment 14 by Deleted ...@, Oct 15 2009

I am also having this issue, just helping for input.

Comment 15 by, Oct 15 2009

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Comment 18 by, Oct 18 2009

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Comment 20 by, Oct 19 2009

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Comment 21 by, Oct 19 2009

Status: Verified

Comment 22 by, Oct 20 2009

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Comment 23 by, Oct 12 2012

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