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Issue 2469: Don't retract bookmark sub-menus after drag and drop

Reported by, Sep 17 2008

Issue description

Product Version      : <see about:version>
URLs (if applicable) :
Other browsers tested:
Add OK or FAIL after other browsers where you have tested this issue:
Safari 3:
    Firefox 3: OK
         IE 7: OK

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Create a bunch of bookmarks
2. delete a bookmark. Ideally after deleting a bookmark, the pulldown menu 
shouldn't be closed after deleting the bookmark giving a chance for further 

What is the expected result?

What happens instead?

Please provide any additional information below. Attach a screenshot if 
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Comment 61 by, Oct 15 2010

I can confirm that foxish live trips this issue. Every time it updates, the bookmarks bar closes. Also, I nest my bookmarks a lot, and having to go back to five deep folders because I moved or deleted is very annoying. Please fix this. 

An even better solution would be to integrate live bookmark functionality into the browser, like Firefox.

Comment 62 by, Oct 22 2010

 Issue 60210  reports that animated favicons also cause menus to close.

Comment 63 by, Dec 8 2010

A related issue / request: when I ctrl-click on a bookmark in a sub-menu, the page opens correctly in a background tab, but the bookmarks menu closes. If it doesn't conflict with standards, I'd like the menu to stay open after ctrl-click as well.

Comment 64 by, Dec 9 2010

That would be nice.  I was mildly inconvenienced today when I wanted to open two bookmarks toward the bottom of my long "Other bookmarks" menu.

Comment 65 by, Jan 2 2011

10.0.626.0 (Developer Build 70347) Ubuntu 10.10 and still not fixed. My friend on Windows says he doesn't have this problem, so I'm reporting that this is still unfixed for me.

Comment 66 by, Feb 10 2011

 Issue 72129  has been merged into this issue.

Comment 67 by, Mar 8 2011

Bookmark menu seems to persist now.  Appears to be fixed? (as of 10.0.648.127 beta)

Comment 68 by, Mar 8 2011

I don't think it's fixed for moves.

Comment 69 by, Mar 8 2011

See comment 52.

Comment 70 by, Mar 9 2011

Should comment 63 be turned into a separate issue, or is it 'covered' by this bug?

Comment 71 by, Mar 9 2011

63 should be filed as a separate bug.

Comment 72 Deleted

Comment 73 by, Mar 9 2011

@sky:  Comment 63 is now new  Issue 75472 . Since it's closely related, perhaps add the current team on the CC list.

Comment 74 by, Mar 15 2011

It will be great to have this fixed for drag & drop.

Comment 75 by Deleted ...@, May 18 2011

FIX IT PLEASE:) sorry foe caps

Comment 76 by, Feb 9 2012

Labels: hotlist-Japan

Comment 77 by, Feb 9 2012


Comment 78 by, Apr 22 2012

Sorry to bother you, but I was wondering where we stand on this issue. Bookmarks management in Chrome is horrible! Bookmarks are buried in a sub-menu and it's impossible to open multiple bookmarks w/out having to repeat about 3 clicks.

In IE9 all I have to do is click on the Favorites star, then on a folder containing bookmarks and then click on the arrow at the end of bookmarks to open in the background. Bang bang bang... I can open multiple background bookmarks at once.

But in Chrome, I have to keep reopening a folder in order to open multiple bookmarks in the background.

This is a clear example where IE9's shortcomings are maximized while minimizing Chrome's.

And yes, there are bookmark extensions (and I don't mean the ones that just add a Bookmarks Manager button!) bur they are awful or have been abandoned, like the great Quick Bookmarks extensions, which with a little tweaking looks nice, but there are bugs in it that haven't been fixed.

I've never been one to say "I will stop using blah blah blah..." I just stop using whatever it is, but IE10 is coming and will bring with it many features that Chrome has AND is missing.

Comment 79 by, Sep 15 2012

We're approaching the 4th birthday of this bug. Any chance this can get a 'milestone 23'?

Comment 80 by, Nov 28 2012

It would be great if this bug as well as  Issue 75472  could be assigned a target milestone. It's a common usability issue that is 'close to the surface' for all users, not some hidden issue that only affects power users.

Comment 81 by, Nov 29 2012


Comment 82 by, Dec 10 2012

I beg to put this on the Hotlist-Fixit-Dec-2012 too!

Comment 83 by, Dec 10 2012

Labels: Hotlist-Fixit-Dec-2012
Anyone have ideas for who could work on this during the last 2 weeks of December?

Comment 84 by, Dec 10 2012

I just tried this on Chrome Mac and Chrome Windows both stable and I'm not seeing the issue.  The drop down remains open after right-clicking a deleting a given bookmark.

What am I missing?

Comment 85 by, Dec 10 2012

Alexei, I think you're looking for comment 52.  (It might make sense at this point to close out this bug and file a new one for the remaining work.)

Comment 86 by, Dec 11 2012

Summary: Don't retract bookmark sub-menus after moves or deletes (drag and drop) (was: Don't retract bookmark sub-menus after moves or deletes)
yosin@ has investigated this one a bit. It's probably not an easy fix. We'll let you know by EOW if someone with better knowledge of the code here should jump in.

Comment 87 by, Dec 11 2012

We believe that it would be much easier to fix (at least on Windows) if we switched to a TreeView (instead of a plain Menu). This would need UI approval.

Comment 88 by, Dec 11 2012

 Issue 148950  has been merged into this issue.

Comment 89 by, Dec 11 2012

We're not converting a menu to tree.

asvitkine, when you reorder using drag and drop the menu should remain open. That has not been fixed yet and why I left the bug open. I'll see if I can fix it during the fix-it time frame.

Comment 90 by, Mar 10 2013

Project Member
Labels: -Area-UI -Feature-Bookmarks Cr-UI-Browser-Bookmarks Cr-UI

Comment 91 by, Apr 3 2013

Labels: -Hotlist-Fixit-Dec-2012

Comment 92 by, Apr 14 2013

It visually looks like Chrome is no longer using native menus, if so this should be more fixable now? I may well be completely wrong!

Comment 93 by, Apr 15 2013

These menus were never native.

Comment 94 by, May 9 2013


Comment 95 by, May 15 2013

This didn't make it in the Dec 2012 Fixit sprint, but any chance for getting to this in 2013?

I'd like to propose a two-week 'Spring Bughunt', where devs merrily hammer away at open issues older than 2009 with more than 60 stars. That's only 80 issues!

Comment 96 by, May 15 2013


Comment 97 by, May 15 2013

Summary: Don't retract bookmark sub-menus after move (drag and drop) or delete. (was: Don't retract bookmark sub-menus after moves or deletes (drag and drop))

Comment 98 by, May 15 2013

Summary: Don't retract bookmark sub-menus after drag and drop (was: Don't retract bookmark sub-menus after move (drag and drop) or delete.)
Nuking the delete part from summary as that was fixed long ago.

Comment 99 by, May 31 2013

Comment 24 which was filed and fixed as  Issue 29116  returned for me in 27.0.1453.94. Trying to successively right-click on two bookmarks in a bookmark folder closes the expanded folder. Should I reopen 29116, file as a new issue, or lump in with this issue?

Comment 100 by, May 31 2013

Don't reopen old bugs, file a new one.

Comment 101 by, May 31 2013

OK, refiled 29116 as  Issue 245792 , freely plagiarizing sky. Only difference with the prior issue is that the issue is now intermittent for me.

Comment 102 by, Jun 8 2013

Correction to #101, the issue is not intermittent, it consistently appears for bookmarks in subfolders, see  Issue 245792 . Can someone try to reproduce that one?

Comment 103 by, Jul 24 2013


Comment 104 by, Sep 23 2013

Out of curiosity, will it be easier to address this in Aura?

Comment 105 by, Sep 18 2014

Please don't close bookmark drop-down after bookmark-actions like for instance moving a bookmark, adding a bookmark with drag and drop etc.. Totally super annoying... The drop down menu is often useful in other browsers (old ones as well) when managing bookmarks. In Chrome however you will need to open the bookmark manager. I think this shouldn't be necessary because it is not user friendly.

Comment 106 by, Apr 8 2015

Seven years on, and ten lines of code have still not been edited to fix this horrible interface issue (drag and drop closes the bookmark dropdown).

There are many things which are annoying in Chrome, but this particular one is like a constant, exhausting itch. Can I pay someone to have this fixed?

Comment 107 by, Jun 7 2015

please google....

Comment 108 by, Jul 19 2015

Is this bug still occuring for you guys? It doesn't occur anymore for me (I'm on Windows)

Comment 109 by, Jul 19 2015

Yes. When I drag and drop an item within a folder (in the bookmarks bar, not in the bookmarks manager), the menu closes.

Comment 110 by, Jul 19 2015

I'm still getting it on Chrome 44.0.2403.89 (Official Build) beta-m (64-bit), Windows 7.

Comment 111 Deleted

Comment 112 by, Jul 19 2015

Delete does not close the menu but drag and drop still does.

Chrome Version 43.0.2357.134 m, Windows 7 64-bit

Comment 113 by, Jul 19 2015

Ah yeah drag-and-dropping is also closing the menu for me, but deleting is not.

Comment 114 by, Sep 27 2015

Is this a bug? or does chrome behave like that for everyone? It definitely is super annoying! I am even thinking of switching to firefox because of that issue.

Comment 115 by, Sep 27 2015

Officially, it is not a bug, but an enhancement.
Even though it is a bug or a missed enhancement, it behaves like that for every Windows user (I do not have other operating systems).

Comment 116 by, Sep 27 2015

I did not know about Bookmarks/Bookmark Manager in the chrome options, this has helped me organise the bookmarks without pulling my hair out!

Still don't understand why the bookmarks close when you move one, does not do this when you delete a bookmark.

Comment 117 by, Jun 16 2016

Project Member
Labels: Hotlist-OpenBugWithCL
A change has landed for this issue, but it's been open for over 6 months. Please review and close it if applicable. If this issue should remain open, remove the "Hotlist-OpenBugWithCL" label. If no action is taken, it will be archived in 30 days.

For more details visit - Your friendly Sheriffbot

Comment 118 by, Jun 16 2016

Dragging a bookmark around and dropping still closes the bookmark menu in Version Version 52.0.2743.41 beta-m (64-bit) on Windows 7

Comment 119 by, Jun 16 2016

I confirm, on Windows 10 with Chrome 51.0.2704.84 m (64-bit) after dragging and dropping item menu still closes aswell.

Comment 120 by, Jun 16 2016

This has happened for as long as I've used Chrome, 2009. IE and Firefox keep the bookmark bar folder open after dropping the bookmark into it. It's easy for a developer to test if it still happens.

Comment 121 by, Jun 16 2016

Labels: -Hotlist-OpenBugWithCL

Comment 122 by, Jul 15 2016

Just chiming in... keeping the bookmark list open after a move would be very helpful in managing a long list of lists of lists of bookmarks. Version 51.0.2704.106 m, Windows 7 Enterprise SP1, 64-bit

Comment 123 by, Jul 15 2016

#122 - you can just use the bookmarks manager.

Comment 124 by, Jul 15 2016

Everybody knows we can just use the Bookmark Manager; this bug is about the pulldown menu closing after deleting the bookmark, which doesn't happen in all other major browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Edge.

It takes longer and is more cumbersome to go to Bookmark Manager every time we want to do some housekeeping with bookmarks in Chrome, especially if it's some minor changes across multiple days.

Having an overly-broad solution every time is not an excuse to not implement a simple feature that the competition already has to make things easier.

Comment 125 by, Jul 16 2016

It is definitely not an excuse and it was not supposed to be one.
I was replying to the specific situation that comment 122 wrote about. I just think that if you have "a long list of lists", the bookmarks manager provides a much better experience than dragging and dropping within the menu, even if this feature is implemented.

Comment 126 by, Jul 18 2016

Excuse or not, comment 123 avoids the problem by presenting an already-known alternative; we want the drop-down to stay open like other browsers, for convenience and ease of use. The bug isn't about us not being able to manage our bookmarks (and your way may not be as convenient for the majority of users), it's about not being able to manage them in a quick and convenient way like other browsers can, and the problem has been going on for years. Chrome is woefully behind on implementing this feature.

Comment 127 by, Jul 18 2016

Dude, I am not arguing that this should not be implemented. It should. I was just saying that that specific use case is better served by the bookmarks manager. This feature is, nevertheless, needed, if not required.

Comment 128 by, Jul 19 2016

I'd have to disagree phistuck, the specific case is not better served by the Bookmark Manager, which is better served for a large number of changes or just general bookmark cleanup/organization.

The issue referenced is the folder closes after doing anything in the folder, such as moving, deleting, or dragging a bookmark into one. When you're just trying to move around 3 bookmarks, it's 6 steps instead of 3. Go to 5 and it's 10. Just do a dozen and it's 24 steps, and a greater multiple if you have to go into sub-folders. 

Now, I'd consider using the Bookmark Manager for more than a dozen changes, but when you're randomly wanting to move some things around or delete a few here or there, it becomes a consistent annoyance. It's not good user flow, and again every other browser has been leaving the folder open until you click out for years and years and years; Google just isn't getting it.

Comment 129 by, Jul 19 2016

@sky -
I just went over the do-not-retract-on-delete commit in order to see what it takes to implement this - - and I saw something strange - right clicking and selecting Cut deletes a bookmark right away (and retracts the menu) - why was this changed?

Also, the status is "Started", but it seven years ago. Perhaps make it Available?

Comment 130 by, Oct 16 2016

Just noticed deleting a bookmark doesn't close the folder... so why close it for some things but leave it open for others?

This is inconsistent behavior and indicates a bug or design flaw or oversight when the folder closes when dragging and dropping a bookmark into a folder, and should be fixed to leave the folder open until clicking out of it or interacting with something not inside the folder like other browsers do.

There's really no reason or excuse for closing the folder when dragging and dropping anything inside it or one of its sub-folders. The behavior should be brought up to speed with other modern popular browsers.

Comment 131 by, Jan 11 2017

This is issue drives me nuts. No other browser does this. Every time I add a bookmark the folder closes or when I delete a bookmark. I then have to scroll down till I find the bookmark I am looking for.

Comment 132 by, Feb 17 2017

Chrome 56 on Windows 7SP1 64bit. February 2017

Steps to reproduce:
1. Press Ctrl+Shift+B to show bookmarks bar
2. Right-click, Add folder... on bookmarks bar
3. Drag some pages/urls into the folder
4. Manipulate your new bookmarks:
a) Right-click, Delete
b) Right-click, [Cut | Copy | Paste]
c) Right-click, Add folder...
d) Drag-drop to rearrange

Expected results:
Pop-out (menu) showing folder contents should remain visible

Actual results:
4a) Works as expected
4b) , 4c) , 4d) Pop-out folder menu closes on mouseup

Once again, this issue is present in release builds as of Feb 2017, i.e. over 8 1/2 years after first reported. As a recent convert from Firefox, I am only now aware of how good I had it arranging my bookmarks toolbar hassle-free for all those years.

Comment 133 by, Feb 17 2017

Status: Available (was: Started)

Comment 134 by, Mar 10 2017

As a mere layman user who recently switched from Firefox, I was frustrated by this problem, and amazed when I googled myself here to learn that it has been going on for almost nine years. I have a lot of my online life invested in Google and it makes me sad to find they're so obtuse.

Comment 135 by, Apr 1 2017

Considering the age of this problem (9 years) is the owner and "CCs" at all still involved with chrome dev? (i.e and Cc: )?

While not as good as a real solution, I find the following plugin to be of some help:

Comment 136 by, Apr 3 2017


Comment 137 by, Jun 26 2017

come on guys.... when are you gonna "fix" this?

Comment 138 by, Jun 26 2017

Yes this remains a real issue for link management, or just overall productivity. It's been almost nine years. This thread was litteraly created 2 weeks after the lauch of the first beta version of google chrome itself.

Comment 139 by, Jul 1 2017

How has this not been fixed yet?! Seems like it would take someone that knows what they're doing a few hours to write the correct code and add it to the next update. It's frustrating enough having to drag the URL into folders and sub-folders but to then have to go back into folder after folder of bookmarks just to rename or rearrange it makes no sense. For all the good things Google does it really baffles me to see nothing has been done about this and that I'm not the only one annoyed by this.

Comment 140 by, Sep 19 2017


Comment 141 by, Sep 19 2017

The real problem is lack of access and patents. This is something an extension should be able to cure but in their infinite control freak wisdom I'm sure they've prevented extension developers from accessing this functionality because mah dollars.

The sad fact is that the logical consequence of being able to patent all the vowels for profit and then feed that money back into the legal/legislative system to patent more letters, hold them longer, and buy up companies that own different ones, is an eventual monopoly or stable oligopoly on all text. (Are we there yet?)

Mozilla isn't much better and should I even mention Edge? These gigacorps also in turn get to write the standards everyone else has to live by baking their profit protections into the code itself and criminalizing any behavior dissent.

Comment 142 by, Oct 15 2017

Hi team, please can you sort this out. Please. Please. Please. It's very annoying and time consuming. I've finally googled it and I'm amazed you've had it in your action list for 9 years (!).

You owe it to yourselves to sort this too as 9 years is very embarrassing. You'll be able to leave the house once again with your head held. 

Only 98 users have starred this issue but every user is affected by it. Please sort it out. Surely it's easy for you lot. Do you have any update for us? Thanks.

Comment 143 Deleted

Comment 144 by, Nov 27 2017

I am baffled by the inability, or unwillingness, of Chrome developers to be able to fix this issue. I have only recently, and now temporarily, come back to Chrome after almost 8 years due to another issue with firefox. This issue here alone will make me go back to firefox as soon as they improve the other issue I'm having with their browser, but I'm sure they are capable and willing to improve that issue in a short amount of time,just as they always have, and when they do I will be going back, primarily due to this bug in Chrome that has yet to be fixed after going on 10 years, which is unbelievable if you ask me.

Comment 145 by, Dec 9 2017

I'm switching to Chrome from Firefox. I noticed this issue after using Chrome for about an hour. I see this thread was started about 9 years ago, it would be nice if Google Chrome developers would fix this as it makes bookmark management very tedious. Since Chrome devs refuse to add multi-row bookmarks, then at least make them easier to manage. Multi-row bookmarks and tabs are the two things I'm already missing from Firefox. Duh.

Comment 146 by, Dec 9 2017

PS: only 102 stars doesn't mean in the whole world only 102 users noticed or are bothered by this issue. The reality is most people either can't be arsed to report issues, or don't have enough attention to detail to identify an issue, or simply feel like they don't have enough authority to go reporting issues, or simply accept the quirks of the software. Also there are many non-english-speaking users who would be unable to report issues anyway.

But the 102 users who have reported reported this issue are the ones you should  be proud of and listen to, for they are the ones who have given up their time to come here and suggest ways to improve YOUR product.

Comment 147 by, Dec 27 2017

Make it 103. And (obviously) make it "not going to be implemented".

Comment 148 Deleted

Comment 149 by, Jan 15 2018

There are only four possible causes as to why this bug exists:

1- The developers are not aware of this thread.
2- They don't want to change it.
3- They don't have it as a priority.
4- They can't change it.

Does anyone know which of those four is the cause?

Comment 150 by, May 24 2018

IMO, a fix for this:

1) would greatly improve UX
2) would greatly improve usability
3) should be relatively easy to implement (yes, I'm not a developer...)

Hope this gets attention from the Chromium team.

Comment 151 by, May 28 2018

Status changed to "Available". Not at least in Version 68.0.3440.6 (Official Build) canary (64-bit) yet, e.g. when re-arranging (bookmark) menu items, they (menus) still auto-close.

Comment 152 by, Jun 26 2018

This is so annoying.

Comment 153 by, Aug 2

Status: Assigned (was: Available)

Comment 154 Deleted

Comment 155 by, Aug 27

Labels: Hotlist-PopularIssue

Comment 156 by, Aug 30

I see there's work on this and it might get implemented soon!

Please make sure to copy exactly how firefox does this!
Even moving bookmarks and creating new folders doesn't close the folders on the bookmarks bar.

Thank you!

Comment 157 by, Oct 17

Please, make Chrome a browser of choice for power users as well. Simple boolean flag that disables auto-retract "feature" would make everyone happy.

Comment 158 by, Dec 12

Hi, As currently I am using bookmark bars frequently, I feel that it doesn't provide smooth work experience as the bookmark pulldown menu keeps closing after each action.
These actions can be, "opening link in new tab", readjusting the links, deleting a folder within a folder etc.
I think these features should be there along with the bookmark manager to provide smooth work experience along with ease of accessibility.

Comment 159 by, Jan 4

So. This is STILL an issue? So OLD... They don't what to fix this? It's so painful to use this every day.

Comment 160 by, Jan 31

I was not so organized for over decade now so I couldn't care less about bookmarks. I started to use this feature and it drives me crazy that any click in bookmarks sub-menu closes it.

It's absolutely insane bug.

If I left-click on bookmark in sub-menu and it will start load page in current tab, that's fine to close it, because I no longer want to stay in bookmarks session. If I drag them, delete, or middle-click to open in another tab, it means I'm currently working with my bookmarks.

Come on, it's 2019 and idiocy must be eradicated.
Showing comments 61 - 160 of 160 Older

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