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Status: Fixed
Closed: Feb 2015
EstimatedDays: ----
NextAction: ----
OS: All
Pri: 1
Type: Launch-OWP
Launch-Accessibility: ----
Launch-Legal: ----
Launch-M-Approved: ----
Launch-M-Target: ----
Launch-Privacy: ----
Launch-Security: ----
Launch-Status: ----
Launch-Test: ----
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Blocked on:
issue 224791

issue 249976
issue 394918

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Implement unprefixed Encrypted Media Extensions
Project Member Reported by, May 16 2013 Back to list
(See go/owp-launch-guide for an overview)

Change description:
Implement an unprefixed version of the Encrypted Media Extentions API that exposes all the functionality in the current spec.

Changes to API surface:
JavaScript will be able to create a MediaKeys object and attach it to HTMLMediaElements.
An unprefixed onneedkey event handler is added to HTMLMediaElements.

Implementation bug:  Issue 224791 

Public standards discussion:

Support in other browsers:
Internet Explorer: expected
Safari: expected
Comment 1 by, Jun 21 2013
Labels: -OWP-Format-Unprefixed -OWP-LaunchBug-Needed -OWP-Documentation-Needed -OWP-TargetChannel-Stable
Will this ship in M-29?  Feel free to set the label to M-X if the timeline is unclear.
Labels: -M-29 M-30
There is a partial implementation behind a flag, but it's not ready to ship or publicize. I'll aim for working behind a flag in M30; we'll see how that goes.
Blocking: chromium:249976
Labels: -M-30 Cr-Internals-Media-Encrypted M-39
Support in other browsers:
Internet Explorer: Shipped prefixed in IE 11
Firefox: announced
Safari: announced (prefixed)
Blocking: chromium:394918
Comment 7 by, Nov 11 2014
What is the status for this? It seems the issues that are blocking have code written for it, but it just hasn't been actually released?
We are tracking the latest version of the spec in Chromium's trunk. The functionality is currently only available behind the Enable Encrypted Media Extensions flag in chrome://flags/.
Labels: EME-Unprefixed-Ship EME-WD
Labels: -Pri-2 -M-39 Pri-1 M-42
Comment 12 Deleted
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