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Status: Fixed
Closed: Aug 2013
EstimatedDays: ----
NextAction: ----
OS: Windows
Pri: 2
Type: Bug

issue 245513

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Issue 239803: build Chrome on Windows with LARGEADDRESSAWARE

Reported by, May 10 2013 Project Member

Issue description

We should build Chrome with LARGEADDRESSAWARE.  This will give it access to more of the address space on a large percentage of our userbase, and could reduce out of memory crashers caused by address space fragmentation.  

A specific use case is that it will fix the OOM from the Unreal Engine emscripten demo described in  bug 226987 .

Comment 1 by, May 10 2013

oops.  I meant  bug 226897 .

Comment 2 by, May 11 2013


Comment 3 by, May 21 2013

Labels: M-29
What process if any do we need to follow to make this change? I am interested in doing it for M29 because that's where the other fix for this demo has been made. I will put out a CL if there are no objections.

Comment 4 by, May 21 2013

sacrifice a brown chicken in any nearby river at exactly midnight of the summer solstice while thinking on a perfectly green chrome waterfall.

Or just simply change the linker flags of chrome.exe in gyp somewhere somehow. BTW you need a feature bug with milestone and all the toppings.

Comment 5 by, May 21 2013


Comment 6 by, May 21 2013

Status: Assigned

Comment 7 by, May 31 2013

Blocking: chromium:245513

Comment 8 by, Jun 14 2013


Comment 9 by, Jun 14 2013

@cpu asked me in to update this bug in 6 weeks' time with the UMA memory usage of the new Chrome with this flag, to understand whether it should be kept.

Comment 10 by, Jun 15 2013

Project Member
r206560 | | 2013-06-15T05:02:35.723479Z

Changed paths:

Added /LARGEADDRESSAWARE linker flag on Windows.

Allows Unreal Engine Epic Citadel demo transpiled to Emscripten to run in Chrome on 32-bit Windows.

BUG= 239803 
TEST= on Windows

Review URL:

Comment 11 by, Jun 18 2013

Labels: TE-Verified-29.0.1540.1
Tested this on Win 7 Canary Version 29.0.1540.1 (Official Build 206633) by loading URL: and was able to play the demo without any crashes.


Comment 12 by, Jun 18 2013

This will break SyzyASAN as we currently don't handle LAA processes. Being addressed here:

Comment 13 by, Jun 20 2013

Project Member
r207398 | | 2013-06-20T10:47:43.374400Z

Changed paths:

Disable large address aware mode for SyzyASAN builds.

SyzyASAN requires double the shadow memory to accomodate this change, which would incur a significantly higher OOM rate for canary channel users.

This reverts when 'asan=1' is defined.

BUG= 239803 

Review URL:

Comment 14 by, Jun 26 2013

Labels: -M-29 MovedFrom-29 M-30
Moving all non essential bugs to the next Milestone.

Comment 15 by, Jul 16 2013

[From ]

On 2013/06/17 18:54:37, Ken Russell wrote:
> I personally doubt that there is any
> stability risk. It is a fact that allocations would be able to cross the
> 0x7FFFFFFF -> 0x80000000 boundary for the first time on Windows, but this may
> have been possible on other 32-bit platforms for some time now, so I don't think
> any new behaviors or bugs in pointer arithmetic will be exposed. Still, we
> should closely watch the canaries over the next week or so to confirm.

Have you tried using the MEM_TOP_DOWN or the registry trick to force allocations to allocate from higher addresses before lower addresses?
[ See ]

I'm pretty sure there's quite some Windows-specific code which was never/barely tested under LAA conditions.

Also note on 32-bit systems the LAA flag only affects users with altered boot.ini,
however on 64-bit systems it will give the processes 4GB of address space.
That said, it seems to improve things only for Win x64 users having 32-bit Chrome?

Comment 16 by, Aug 13 2013

Status: Fixed
I haven't tried changing the memory allocation patterns, but this has managed to stick for a while without increasing crash rates so I'm marking it fixed. It does make certain large apps like the Epic Citadel demo work in Chrome so I think it's worth keeping at least until a 64-bit build of Chrome is available for Windows. Marking Fixed. If additional work is needed please file a follow-on bug.

Comment 17 by, Sep 13 2013

Labels: Hotlist-SyzyASAN

Comment 18 by, Sep 16 2013

Labels: -Hotlist-SyzyASAN

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