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Status: Duplicate
Merged: issue 248427
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Closed: Sep 2013
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OS: Chrome
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Type: Feature

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FR: custom drive API for ChromeOS

Project Member Reported by, Apr 3 2013

Issue description

The basic idea is to allow an extension behave as a 'drive' in the file manager app in ChromeOS.
Currently the file manager has "Downloads" and "Drive" in the left column, and additional USB flash drives and temporary zip archives will appear. The extension will appear here and provide the list of files through the new API.

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This is not only a must have killer feature, it should be the future of the Chrome OS file manager. 

Comment 4 by, Apr 4 2013

Jolidrive offers something like this, but I'd prefer having it native to the OS.
This is a must. No point in developing an OS for the open web for it you're only going to support your own closed systems.

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API whiteboard:

class chrome.fileBrowserVolume {
  chrome.fileSystem create(String url, int alloc_size) {
    //enter website sync code here, with "url" being the remote storage server
    //and "alloc_size" being the amount of storage requested by the extension

  Boolean isAvailableOffline; //allow individual fileEntries to be made available
                              //offline like Google Drive ones are
  chrome.fileSystem.fileEntry fileBrowserListItem; //individual file on remote server


And please, if there's any other necessary options, it would be nice to provide them, those of us who starred this ticket...
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Mergedinto: 248427
Status: Duplicate

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