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Status: WontFix
Closed: Mar 2013
EstimatedDays: ----
NextAction: ----
OS: Chrome
Pri: 1
Type: Bug

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DEPENDENCIES test failing does not honor experimental
Project Member Reported by, Mar 21 2013 Back to list

experimental_desktopui_VideoDecodeAcceleration test is failing but since it is an experimental test HWTest be yellow instead of red.
Summary: DEPENDENCIES test failing does not honor experimental (was: experimental_desktopui_VideoDecodeAcceleration failed test shows red but should be yellow)
There is code in that goes through any tests depending on hosts that have failed, and emits an ERROR for them.  In the case of an experimental test, it should emit WARNING.
Comment 2 by, Mar 21 2013
Status: Assigned
Aviv can you look at fixing this please.
Comment 3 by, Mar 21 2013
Labels: -Pri-2 Pri-1 TreeCloser
increasing priority, since this is causing tree closures.

FWIW, here's the end of stdio for build 1088

08:04:49: ERROR: Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/b/cbuild/stout-canary-master/chromite/buildbot/", line 269, in Run
  File "/b/cbuild/stout-canary-master/chromite/buildbot/", line 1412, in _PerformStage
  File "/b/cbuild/stout-canary-master/chromite/buildbot/", line 485, in RunHWTestSuite
  File "/b/cbuild/stout-canary-master/chromite/lib/", line 457, in RunCommand
    raise RunCommandError(msg, cmd_result)
RunCommandError: return code: 1
Failed command "['/b/build_internal/scripts/slave-internal/autotest_rpc/', 'master2', 'RunSuite', '-i', 'stout-release/R27-3883.0.0', '-s', 'bvt', '-b', 'stout', '-p', 'bvt', '-u', '3', '-f', 'True', '-n', 'False']", cwd=None, extra env=None

I should have a fix by the afternoon.
Do we want to take experimental_desktopui_VideoDecodeAcceleration out of bvt in the meantime?
Comment 6 by, Mar 21 2013
Yeah send a CL my way and we can chump it.

Comment 7 by, Mar 21 2013
Will the fix also clear part of following issue?

 Issue 187993 :	[stout] experimental_desktopui_VideoSanity - Autotest client terminated unexpectedly DUT rebooted during the test run

From Scott: "look in to stopping from erroring when any experimental tests fail."
Comment 8 by, Mar 21 2013
Labels: -TreeCloser
My bad, this was not a TreeCloser. (Got it crossed with a similar looking bug.)
Project Member Comment 9 by, Mar 21 2013
Project: chromiumos/third_party/autotest
Branch : master
Author : Aviv Keshet <>
Commit : 515f1c35b388be060e5e09812e2fb0344a8e33b2

Code Review  +2: Scott Zawalski
Verified     +1: Aviv Keshet
Commit Queue   : Chumped
Change-Id      : I20ee583109136047ce2a8145cd65793b89029f04
Reviewed-at    :

[autotest] temporarily remove desktopui_VideoDecodeAcceleration from bvt

Temporarily remove this test while fixing bug with unsatisfyable

BUG= chromium:222603 

M  client/site_tests/desktopui_VideoDecodeAcceleration/control.bvt
I think there are two unrelated issues being discussed here.

johndhong and possibly quiche are talking about a "DUT rebooted during test" failure.

milleral, and possibly scottz are talking about failures due to dynamic suite not finding matching hosts to satisfy the dependencies of an experimental test.

Yup.  I totally should have actually read closer, or remembered that there were two issues like this going on.  There's one that DUT aborts can bypass experimental, and one that DEPENDENCIES can bypass experimental, and I totally got those confused.

I'll go copy-paste john's original text into the bug that's already filed about experimental tests and DUT rebooting.
Ok, so be it decreed that henceforth and forevermore this bug is about unmet DEPENDENCIES bypassing experimental.
This bug does not in fact seem to be occurring. See for instance:


in which desktopui_VideoDecodeAcceleration has unsatisfied dependencies and gives a TEST_NA result, but HWTest does not go red (it goes yellow, either because of this or because of the failed try jobs)
Status: WontFix
Good call.  I am indeed incorrect.  run_suite does handle the result rewriting in this case correctly.
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