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Issue 20781 Open all bookmarks should open only bookmarks from current folder, not subfolders
Starred by 30 users Reported by, Sep 1 2009 Back to list
Status: Fixed
Closed: Apr 2011
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OS: All
Pri: 2
Type: Bug

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Chrome Version       :
URLs (if applicable) :
Other browsers tested:
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Safari 4:
  Firefox 3.x: OK
         IE 7: OK
         IE 8: OK

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Open bookmarks and find some "bookmarks directory" which has
2. Click on the directory by right mouse button
3. Choose "Open all bookmarks"

What is the expected result?
There would be fine to have opened only items from the directory, and not
items from its subdirectories. 

What happens instead?
Chrome opens all.
For example I have directory "Sports" and directly within I have my daily
used bookmarks, and in subfolders like "Tennis" or "Football" some more
specific sport webs, which I don't visit frequently. In other browsers I
used to click every morning on the folder "Sports->Open all" and my 7
favourite webs tabs opened. Chrome tries to open all 73 bookmarks.

I think to enable this at least as option would be a nice feature.
Comment 1 Deleted
The reason we use subfolders is to segregate related sites we do not always 
want to see, and certainly that we do not want to have always open.
Comment 3 Deleted
Exactly, I've sorted my bookmarks by category and the most visited websites are in the 
folder root, the others in subfolders, it worked perfectly with firefox
Comment 5 by, Jul 23 2010
Same problem for me, just switched from Firefox and this is a major issue for everyday usage
Comment 6 by, Sep 6 2010
Agree with others in this issue that I much prefer how Firefox handles "Open All in Tabs" for only the URLs in the folder, compared to how Chrome and Safari open tabs for all the URLs in the folder and in all subfolders.

I think the UI could provide some flexibility here.  That is, have an Ctrl+Option+click behavior that is different from the default Ctrl+click behavior.  Of course, I would vote that the default behavior be to only open the URLs in the clicked folder, and the Option behavior open all the (usually 1000s) of URLs located in the folder and all of its sub-folders.

To round out this request, I notice that Command-click instantly opens all the URLs.  So, I would also request that Ctrl+Command+click would immediately open only the URLs directly within the selected foder, and Ctrl+Command+Option+click would immediately open all the URLs in the selected folder and it's sub-folders (after giving the appropriate warning if doing so would open more than a dozen or so Tabs).

Comment 7 by, Oct 15 2010
Make it work the way firefox does. Otherwise there is no point having subfolders. This is a basic organizational tool, but the current behavior short circuits it.
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Comment 9 by, Dec 1 2010
if this were fixed, I would dump firefox and move to chrome straight away!
Comment 10 by Deleted ...@, Mar 5 2011
Yeah, this is a BIG issue as a every-day user of bookmark toolbars.
Comment 11 by, Mar 23 2011
is there an extension that could fix this?
Not as such, but there is a bookmarks extension which does work.

Right clicking on the folder and opening all will open all the bookmarks with in the folder but not the subfolders.  Chrome needs to be more flexible and allow me to move the bookmarks folder onto the same line as over extensions before I will move over from FireFox, shame really as Chrome is a solid browser other then a few little issues that I have with it.  
As stated there's really no reason to have subdirectories without this basic function.  Chromium is unusable until then.
2 years have passed, share this page, so we can finally get this fixed!
Comment 16 by, Apr 7 2011
Owner: a deleted user
Status: Fixed
not sure how i get this fix on my version .... but sounds good!! thanks.
shows the status is fixed. When will it hit dev?
Comment 20 by, Apr 7 2011
Probably in a week or so. You'll know you have it when about:version shows an Official build >= 80787.
Excellent, good work and thanks.  Now any chance someone can make the bookmarks tab moveable onto the addons bar. I wish :) 
Everyone else considered this behavior a bug, but I considered it a feature. Now that it's "fixed" in canary (12.0.735.0), it's no longer working the way I liked.

I had bookmarks organized as follows:

v Bookmarks bar
  v Comics
    v 3
      v 5
        v 6
          v 7
            v MTWTFSS
      v MWF
I would:
- Left click through the tree structure until you've selected a folder with subfolders (for example, MWF above).
- Right click on that folder.
- Click (right or left) "Open all bookmarks".

With the official build, I can open over a hundred tabs at once (by opening everything in the "3" folder); very handy. I'm pretty sure Safari (at least on Mac OS X) works the same way.

(*sigh*) I'll live. But I'm sad.  --PSRC
Comment 23 by, Apr 15 2011
comment 22, sorry. I realize it isn't possible to make everyone happy. Given the number of folks that requested we don't open all subfolders and that the other browsers don't either, it was hard to argue against keeping the current behavior.
No problem, sky. The behavior you just implemented will be better for former IE and Firefox users, not to mention the folks who supported  Issue 20781 .  --PSRC
is this really fixed in the latest version? 

I'm using 11.0.696.60 (Official Build 83294), and it still opens all bookmarks when i click on the toplevel folder. 

(so in the example @ comment 22, clicking "Comics" opens everything still).

The same here. I do no see the fix in Chrome 11. Pressing "Open all bookmarks" on top level folder opens all bookmarks including subfolders bookmarks.
Disappointed my bookmarks folder is now broken as of V12. If you accidentally try to open a massive subtree of folders, the "do you really want to do that" dialog should catch it. Move/copy/delete on bookmarks folders works as you would expect...I think the operation for "open" should continue work the same way.

If I wanted IE or FF behavior, I'd use IE or FF. If IE jumps off a cliff, Chrome doesn't need to follow. 
Comment 28 by, Jun 17 2011
comment 23, sky. I'll sort of concede the other browsers argument but not the "number of folks" argument, 31 Stars. Even if much higher it's still a tough argument to accept as people don't tend file or look for bug reports because something is working the way they want. 

I can live with "fix" but I preferred the "bug"

Comment 29 by, Aug 6 2011
Just wanted to add my voice to the dissenting opinion as I had my bookmarks set up almost exactly the way #22 had them and they are now broken. 

The original behavior was in fact one of the reasons I started using Chrome. I was hoping the change was actually a bug, but it's pretty obvious now that it isn't.

I don't understand the reasoning behind making the behavior the same as FF and IE. Surely if people want the same behavior they would use those other browsers? Why would you want to make them all the same? 

Surely the number of people happily using chrome and who liked the feature of opening all the subfolders was greater than 31 people?
Project Member Comment 30 by, Oct 13 2012
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Project Member Comment 31 by, Mar 11 2013
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