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Status: Fixed
Closed: Jun 2014
EstimatedDays: ----
NextAction: ----
OS: Windows
Pri: 2
Type: Bug

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Issue 179717: Some accessibility tests fail on Win build

Reported by, Mar 3 2013 Project Member

Issue description

There's an FYI bot here:

We're knocking out the last few remaining test failures for the Win64 build, before we can enable the full test suites on the main waterfall this week. It turns out that all of the accessibility tests have always been failing. I can probably just broadly disable accessibility for the time being, but this definitely blocks the stable Win64 release.

Comment 1 by, Mar 3 2013

Blocking: chromium:8606

Comment 2 by, Mar 4 2013

I'm trying to repro. Any tips for gyp settings that will get me a working build? I synced to trunk and tried just adding target_arch=x64 and built out/Release_x64 and I'm getting a linker error with olepro32.lib.

Comment 3 by, Mar 4 2013

It sounds like you're using Scott's free toolchain? If so, there are some x64 dependencies that haven't been ironed out. However, just setting target_arch=x64 should work with the normal MSVS toolchain.

Comment 4 by, Mar 4 2013

Scott's? I'm using ninja with the MSVS compiler provided by the Windows 7.1 SDK.

Comment 5 by, Mar 4 2013

Yeah, @scottmg wrapped that up into an automated install that also grabs any missing dependencies. I assumed that's what you were using given the error. Unfortunately, there are some details that haven't been ironed out for supporting x64 with that toolchain, so you actually do need a normal MSVS 2010 or 2012 install.

Comment 6 by, Mar 4 2013

Project Member
The following revision refers to this bug:

r185968 | | 2013-03-04T20:58:36.946706Z

Changed paths:

fix linking against olepro32.lib on win x64
BUG= 179717 

Review URL:

Comment 7 by, Mar 4 2013

Summary: Some accessibility tests fail on Win64 build (was: All accessibility tests fail on Win64 build)

Comment 8 by, Mar 4 2013

OK, we just tested an x64 build and accessibility is working fine. Also, some of the accessibility tests are passing, just one whole set are failing.

So, let's assume this is probably just a problem in the test, and if necessary the failing tests can be disabled in 64-bit mode for now.

Comment 9 by, Mar 5 2013

Okay, here's the failing test list:


I'm uploading a CL to disable them on Win64 builds for now.

Comment 11 by, Mar 10 2013

Project Member
Labels: -Area-Internals -Feature-Accessibility -Mstone-27 Cr-UI-Accessibility Cr-Internals M-27

Comment 12 by, Apr 8 2013

Summary: Some accessibility tests fail on Win build (was: Some accessibility tests fail on Win64 build)
AccessibilityWinBrowserTest are pretty flaky on all Windows, not just Win64:*

Comment 13 by, Apr 15 2013

Labels: -M-27 MovedFrom-27 M-28
Moving all non essential bugs to the next Milestone

Comment 14 by, May 8 2013

Project Member
Labels: -M-28 MovedFrom-28
This issue has already been moved once and is lower than Priority 1,therefore removing mstone.

Comment 15 by, Nov 4 2013

Status: Available

Comment 16 by, Jan 31 2014

Any progress here?

Comment 17 by, Feb 12 2014

Labels: Cr-Tests-Disabled Proj-Win64

Comment 18 by, Apr 14 2014

Blocking: -chromium:8606

Comment 19 by, Jun 16 2014

Project Member
The following revision refers to this bug:

commit d8b4a4425ae9298f74d13045f0f68de09ccad597
Author: <>
Date: Mon Jun 16 16:09:03 2014

Fix accessibility in Windows x64 build.

The only fix needed was to cast the LPARAM to a DWORD when
handling WM_GETOBJECT in two places.

Also fixes and re-enables a bunch of Windows accessibility tests,
and deletes a couple of old disabled tests that aren't worth fixing.

BUG= 179717 , 383240 

Review URL:

git-svn-id: svn:// 0039d316-1c4b-4281-b951-d872f2087c98

Comment 20 by, Jun 16 2014

Project Member

Comment 21 by, Jun 16 2014

Status: Fixed

Comment 22 by, Jan 24 2018

Components: Tests>Disabled
Labels: Test-Disabled

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