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Issue 173232 [GT-I9100] Not loading any urls
Starred by 5 users Project Member Reported by, Jan 31 2013 Back to list
Status: Verified
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Closed: Feb 2013
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OS: Android
Pri: 1
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Application Version : 25.0.1364.60
Android Build Number : IML74K
Device: GT-I9100

Steps to reproduce: 
1. Launch the chrome
2. Load any url -

Observed behavior: 
Not loading any urls

Expected behavior: 
should load urls


Additional comments: 
stable build working as expected
Comment 1 by, Jan 31 2013
Logs, screenshots and video @ http://go/chrome-androidlogs/173232/
Comment 2 by, Jan 31 2013
Labels: -Pri-3 Pri-1
Do pages load when you go to tab switcher and come back?
Labels: beta-channel-test
when we go to tab switcher and come back also not loading any pages.

tested with recent Beta build -25.0.1364.63

Is this reproducible on the latest beta?
Yes it is  reproducible on the latest beta(25.0.1364.64)
Labels: Area-Internals Mstone-25 ReleaseBlock-Beta
Status: Assigned
Users on S2 are reporting it now on Play Store. 
At least we can repro.

Sami, can you do a quick investigation if you have a S2? MTV can follow up later.
Comment 9 by, Feb 4 2013
 Issue 173923  has been merged into this issue.
I'll borrow an S2 from Skylab and give this a test.
Had to flash the S2 from GB to ICS (IMM76D.XWLPT) first which took a while. I just tried the ToT build and it seems to be working fine. I'll try the M25 RC next.
Confirmed that M25.0.1364.64 and M25.0.1364.67 both work fine too.
Sami, what is your S2 model? Is it Mali-400 device?
It's a GT-I9100 and based on the files in /system/lib/egl is a Mali device.
Can you flash the device to IML74K as it is in the reported device?
IMM76D got pushed to the phone as an OTA. I'm not sure if its possible to downgrade. I could try tomorrow.
We have a device to repro in MTV. I took a quick look.It seems that we stuck in LayerTreeImpl::AreVisibleResourcesReady so we can't activate the pending tree. I suspect this may be async upload related. Pass to Eric to do some investigation.
[+reveman who's been debugging AreVisibleResourcesReady problems]
This was another driver bug, this time in the Mali-400. Fix up soon.
Labels: merge-unknown
Eric, can you update the CL?
Here's the patch. I just hit land again.

Project Member Comment 22 by, Feb 5 2013
The following revision refers to this bug:

r180828 | | 2013-02-05T23:45:53.993286Z

Changed paths:

gpu: Work around Mali-400 driver bug.

The Mali-400 has a driver bug where it just blocks
forever on any fence. Since this fence was effectively
just a glFinish, we just do that instead.

No-try as android only.

BUG= 173232 

Review URL:
Project Member Comment 23 by, Feb 6 2013
Project: .../internal/apps
Branch : 1364
Author : Daniel Sievers <>
Commit : d7b1de7fbe0fe356dcfba5a7b2fd8b0f749180cf

Code Review +2: Daniel Sievers
Verified    +1: Daniel Sievers
Change-Id     : Ib3d6a5874ac512c2333aef5f910937dd84718f7f
Reviewed-at   :
Labels: -merge-unknown Merge-MegaPatch
Status: Fixed
Status: Verified
Verified on latest Beta - 25.0.1364.70 
Labels: -Restrict-View-Google
Project Member Comment 27 by, Mar 10 2013
Labels: -Area-Internals -Mstone-25 Cr-Internals M-25
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