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Status: Verified
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Closed: Sep 2009
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OS: Linux
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Type: Bug

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Issue 16918: can't attach dragged tabs to windows under ion3

Reported by, Jul 16 2009 Project Member

Issue description

Chrome Version:
OS + version: Jaunty Karmic Koala (alpha)
CPU architecture (32-bit / 64-bit): 32-bit
window manager: ion3 20090110-2

Tab dragging isn't working for me in ion3.

When I begin dragging the active tab, it is immediately detached from its 
window.  I would expect it to instead just get reordered in its window's tab 
list unless I move the pointer up or down.

Once the tab is detached, I'm unable to reattach it to its previous window or 
to another window.  When I release the mouse button, a new window is always 
created for the tab.

During the first second or two after the tab is detached, Chrome seems to 
stutter and not update the position of the scaled-down tab image in response 
to pointer movement -- the image just remains at the location where it was 
detached.  If I release the mouse button at this time, Chrome misses the 
ButtonRelease event and continues to keep the pointer grabbed until I click 
the button again.

Comment 1 by, Jul 16 2009

yea I have similar difficulties with xmonad. They seem to come and go at random. I 
frequently am left dragging around a tiny black square. But every other day it works. 
I think it has to do with the tides.

Comment 2 by, Jul 16 2009

Status: Untriaged
(OS was supposed to be *Ubuntu* Karmic Koala.  I think I have Jaunty on my mind 
because I am dreaming about being able to reinstall it on my laptop soon -- bleeding-
edge distro releases are no fun.)

Comment 3 by, Jul 27 2009

The following revision refers to this bug: 

r21729 | | 2009-07-27 15:48:34 -0700 (Mon, 27 Jul 2009) | 5 lines
Changed paths:

gtk: Use the requested window bounds when determining the location of the source tab.  This is necessary because we move the hidden source tab during a drag, and gtk does not update the allocation of hidden widgets.

BUG= 16918 , 17712 
TEST=Extensive tab dragging.
Review URL:

Comment 4 by, Jul 27 2009

Status: Fixed
This is fixed for me in ion3 in ToT.  Can you please verify?  I had some problems with 
dragging before the commit, but not as drastic as you described.  All issues were 
cleared up after this commit for me.

Comment 5 by, Jul 27 2009

Status: Verified
It was working for me yesterday on my home computer which uses ion3.

I think ion2 is a lost cause and we shouldn't worry about it.

Comment 6 by, Jul 27 2009

I got a crash on my first try using a build from a client that I synced this morning 
(21652) under Hardy's 20080207-2 ion3 package. :~(


[15636:15636:21531177337:FATAL:/usr/local/google/home/derat/chrome/src/chrome/app/chrome_dl] Gtk: gtk_widget_event: assertion `WIDGET_REALIZED_FOR_EVENT (widget, 
event)' failed
[15636:15636:21531177337:FATAL:/usr/local/google/home/derat/chrome/src/chrome/app/chrome_dl] Gtk: gtk_widget_event: assertion `WIDGET_REALIZED_FOR_EVENT (widget, 
event)' failed
        ../sconsbuild/Debug/chrome(_ZN10StackTraceC1Ev+0x4f) [0x8549f9b]
        ../sconsbuild/Debug/chrome(_ZN7logging10LogMessageD1Ev+0x201) [0x8563ceb]
        ../sconsbuild/Debug/chrome [0x8049224]
        /usr/lib32/ [0xf7985bfc]
        /usr/lib32/ [0xf7985e89]
        /usr/lib32/ [0xf79860eb]
        /usr/lib32/ [0xf7e0a492]
        /usr/lib32/ [0xf7cdfb21]
        /usr/lib32/ [0xf7ce0d88]
        /usr/lib32/ [0xf7b59a9a]
        /usr/lib32/ [0xf797cbf8]
        /usr/lib32/ [0xf797fe5e]
        /usr/lib32/ [0xf79803ac]
) [0x856e891]
        ../sconsbuild/Debug/chrome(_ZN11MessageLoop11RunInternalEv+0xc7) [0x856700f]
        ../sconsbuild/Debug/chrome(_ZN11MessageLoop10RunHandlerEv+0x11) [0x8567029]
        ../sconsbuild/Debug/chrome(_ZN11MessageLoop3RunEv+0x23) [0x856708d]
        ../sconsbuild/Debug/chrome [0x804d721]
        ../sconsbuild/Debug/chrome(ChromeMain+0x9b0) [0x8048f1a]
        ../sconsbuild/Debug/chrome(main+0x2a) [0x804831a]
        /lib32/ [0xf727b450]
        ../sconsbuild/Debug/chrome [0x8048181]

zsh: trace trap (core dumped)


I saved the binary and the core file; let me know if you want to take a look at them.

(after a few more attempts) yeah, I'm getting a crash every time I detach a tab under ion3.  
The same build works when I run it under Metacity over a forwarded X connection.

Comment 7 by, Jul 27 2009

Oh, just saw the earlier commit.  Sorry, I'll sync and compile again.

Comment 8 by, Jul 27 2009

I am still seeing this with a build that includes r21729.  The stack looks the same as 
what I already pasted, minus gtk_propagate_event().

Comment 9 by, Jul 28 2009

Status: Assigned
Re-opening based on derat's comment.  I was probably using too old of a build so maybe 
it regressed?

Comment 10 by, Jul 28 2009

BTW, I won't lose any sleep if we can't reattach to windows in ion3.  Ion as a project 
is dead anyway, it doesn't have many users, and we have 110 other bugs that it would 
be nice to fix before beta.  :)

Comment 11 by, Jul 28 2009

I agree, but we should not crash.

Comment 12 by, Jul 28 2009

I retract comment #10 and acknowledge the superior wisdom comment #11.

Comment 13 by, Jul 30 2009

Status: Fixed
The crashing tabs is another issue (18049).  This issue is actually fixed and hidden 
by the crash.

Comment 14 by, Jul 30 2009

Status: Assigned
I take that back.  It's mostly fixed, but the case where you drag out of one window 
and into another doesn't work.  It works if you're dragging back into the original 

Comment 15 by, Sep 2 2009

Status: Verified
This looks like it's working now under ion3 20080207-2 (tested using r25131).

Comment 16 by Deleted ...@, Apr 13 2012

I'm currently experiencing an issue almost identical to this in Ubuntu 12.04 on 20.0.1096.1

I'm new to Linux so if there's anything I can help with to fix this, give me instructions and I will give you the information you need.

Comment 17 by, Oct 13 2012

Project Member
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