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Issue 169004: --kiosk-printing switch still shows a flash of the Print dialog for ~1 sec.

Reported by, Jan 9 2013

Issue description

UserAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_8_2) AppleWebKit/537.17 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/24.0.1312.45 Safari/537.17

Steps to reproduce the problem:
1. Run with --kiosk --kiosk-printing
2. Try to print (window.print() or Ctrl+P, I guess)
3. Notice the printing dialog flash for a split second even if the user cannot use it.

What is the expected behavior?
Chrome should print silently. The dialog should not be shown at all, it should be hidden, off-screen or run in the background.

What went wrong?
Silent printing is still not silent.

Did this work before? No 

Chrome version: 24.0.1312.45  Channel: n/a
OS Version: Any

This is important for kiosks that print receipts via thermal printers, etc.

Users get confused when seeing that screen flash. The time the screen appears depends on the computer's performance.

Comment 1 by, Jan 10 2013

Labels: Feature-Printing
Can you try this again on Chrome Canary? There was a recent change made to this feature.

Comment 2 by, Jan 10 2013

Labels: -Pri-2 -OS-Windows Pri-3 OS-All
Status: Available
Fixing this may be rather intrusive. In which case we probably don't want to do it, considering --kiosk-printing is not an officially supported feature.

Comment 3 by, Jan 15 2013

@thestig, who's driving this feature? (or drove it, if it's no longer actively being developed)?

Comment 4 by, Jan 15 2013

The only thing driving this is demand from users for some kind of kiosk mode where one can print to a pre-selected printer with the pre-selected settings without prompting. Though recently I discovered we have a real feature with the feature=kiosk label. You may want to check with the PM for that feature and see if this is something they are interested in.

--kiosk-printing as currently implemented is a quick and dirty feature I added to help out the users. I never said it was going to be pretty. :)

Comment 5 by, Jan 27 2013

Comment 6 by, Mar 10 2013

Project Member
Labels: -Area-UI -Feature-Printing Cr-Internals-Printing Cr-UI

Comment 7 by, Apr 28 2013

This feature will be pretty important to kiosk using a thermal printer, I'm currently looking to Firefox because it has that feature and can be enable in about:config. Please can you tell us how we can help or where in the code we should start to look.

Comment 8 by, Apr 28 2013

+vidster, as this relates to kiosk printing use-cases.

Comment 9 by, Aug 18 2013

Is it possible to have an update on the likelihood of this being addressed? The flash of the print preview is really ugly and at the moment we have to use to get true silent printing but it's awful, buggy and it would be nice to not have a dependency on Java.

If this is not going to be addressed it would be handy to know so that we know to investigate other options.

Thank you!

Comment 10 by, Aug 22 2013

I agree with comment #9 it would be awesome to have some updates with this issue

Comment 11 by, Oct 22 2013

As far as I can tell, this code in Chrome is unowned.  thestig added --kiosk-printing on request and sounds unlikely to work further on it given comment 4.

If it's truly unowned, we probably should remove the code from Chromium entirely.  I would be happy to see an alternative where someone steps up to own this feature.  This would be an appropriate thing for a member of the public community to do.  Such an owner could hopefully either implement or at least review a patch to fix this bug.

That is all a long-winded way of saying: I see no opposition to fixing this, but it's never going to happen unless someone steps up to do it.  Chromium is open-source; if this is worth doing, hopefully there's someone out there willing to do it.

Comment 12 by, Oct 22 2013

It's not much of a maintenance burden, and it's very little code, so I'd prefer to not remove it since it is useful to many users who are making browser-based kiosks.

And indeed, it's open source and anyone is welcome to help out, which is why the bug status is set as available. Patches welcome.

Comment 13 by, Dec 6 2013

Hi - is there any way I can get a copy of the code that provides --kiosk-printing functionality please?

Comment 14 by, Feb 6 2014

It would be great if author will fix this issue. Kiosk mode are very useful feature.

Comment 15 by, Feb 6 2014

Pls fix it!

Comment 16 by Deleted ...@, Feb 6 2014

We need this feature, please fix it!!

Comment 17 by, Feb 6 2014

Pls fix it! It is important

Comment 18 by, Feb 6 2014

Damn, fix it! We use it a lot!

Comment 19 by, Feb 6 2014

Very useful feature, please fix it

Comment 20 by, Feb 6 2014

Plz, fix it

Comment 21 by, Feb 6 2014

We need this feature, please fix it!!!

Comment 22 by Deleted ...@, Feb 6 2014

please fix it!!!

Comment 23 by, Feb 6 2014

Please fix it!

Comment 24 by, Feb 6 2014

please fix it! very urgent

Comment 25 by, Feb 13 2014

Please fix it

Comment 26 by Deleted ...@, Feb 27 2014

Please fix it

Comment 27 by Deleted ...@, Mar 2 2014

Please fix it!

Comment 28 by, Mar 3 2014

It would be great, if this feature will be.

Comment 29 by, Apr 21 2014

The feature --kiosk-printing doesn't work at all in the latest Chromium build on OS X Lion.

The --kiosk mode switch still seems to be working fine though.

Comment 30 by, Sep 9 2014

I work for a major retailer and we have 2,500 Kiosks.  We would very much love for this to get fixed.

Comment 31 by Deleted ...@, Nov 6 2014

My company has a process that uses  the --kiosk --kiosk-printing feature.  The HTML contains the line <body onload="window.print()">.
This works fine automatically printing the document from a commandline, but we have a process that calls this from a service.  This used to work (about 6 months ago) running from a service, but now it fails to print (with version 38.0.2125.111 m).  Did you make a change in the last few months that disables this from working when being launched from a service?  Is there something on the command-line that will allow the service to work again?  

We use this in a business process that prints to a file that then gets converted to another format such as PDF and then gets routed to another location.

Comment 32 by Deleted ...@, Nov 13 2014

Fix it please! :...( It's very important for me too, I use it in queue mgmt system on 150+ kiosks, my boss and usual citezen are confused about appearing print preview.

Comment 33 by, Dec 12 2014

Any news? 

Has anyone managed to do a workaround, except websocket connection to some java app?

Comment 34 by, Dec 12 2014,  You can try to have a local app that runs a local server, for example, http://localhost:8080 and your web app make a ajax request with the content to print and your local app does the print job.

You can do that with PHP for example.

Web App > Local App (installed by the user) > Printer.

Isn't a perfect solution but its a solution.

Comment 35 by, Dec 12 2014

We gave up hope and settled on using in the end. It works well and has given us very little trouble, there was just a fair amount of work up front getting it running.

I have (and still have) very little experience using Java in a web page and finding this made my life a lot easier.

Comment 36 by, Dec 13 2014, thanks for a fast responses, I've been banging my head against the wall for the last three days.
It's such a shame this wasn't fixed, but I'll look into both your solutions. I'll have 4 remote kiosks across country (on avg. 200 miles distance between me and the kiosk) and I'm looking for something that won't be causing me much trouble.

Comment 37 Deleted

Comment 38 by, Apr 13 2015

Issue 466441 has been merged into this issue.

Comment 39 by, Apr 17 2015

thestig: It doesn't look like the flag here is ultimately plumbed to anything anymore.  kPrintAutomaticallyInKioskMode gets set but nothing reads it AFAICT.

Given this, we really should either re-plumb the flag (not sure what happened) or completely remove this.

Comment 40 by, Apr 21 2015

The raw string "printAutomaticallyInKioskMode" is still there in the print preview JS code. I think the feature still works, contrary to comment 37, but I need to double check.

Comment 41 by, Apr 21 2015

kiosk printing works for me

Comment 42 Deleted

Comment 43 by, Apr 21 2015

Re: comment 42 - Historically, Chromium did not include the PDF plugin because it was proprietary, and print preview was turned off. Thus no print preview means --kiosk-printing would not work. We open sourced the PDF plugin last year as PDFium, so that restriction no longer applies, and Chromium should have print preview now. However, we do not release Chromium builds for RPis, so take that up with whoever built your copy of Chromium. This is getting a bit off topic, so please consider continuing that discussion somewhere other than this bug report.

Comment 44 Deleted

Comment 45 Deleted

Comment 46 by, Mar 15 2016

Please remove the print preview flashing :)

Comment 47 by, Mar 17 2016

Yes, please remove print preview flashing, it looks very bad with kiosk apps

Comment 48 by, May 25 2016

Please remove flashing print preview please,
This issue has been raised since 2013 and now 2016.

Comment 49 by, Dec 1 2016

In addition to the --kiosk-printing producing the brief flash, it also has the side effect on printing blank pages depending on the length and complexity of the rendering of what's being printed. We've observed a common result of being able to completely print 1-3 pages, but often seeing pages 4 and 5 being blank.

The equivalent behavior can be reproduced by not using the --kiosk-printing flag and very quickly pressing the "print" button in the print preview dialog.

This reported issue (the flash) is mostly cosmetic, but the blank pages portion cannot be worked around by the user if chromium is being used in a kiosk like manner (e.g. no OS access or visibility of the print preview dialog since it too allows access to the OS).

Since per comment 4: "--kiosk-printing as currently implemented is a quick and dirty feature I added to help out the users." and from other references its been said to not be supported, could the author at least provide a suggested approach to fixing the printing of blank pages problematic behavior? 

In theory, it doesn't sound difficult to fix, if the rendering thread would only signal/message to the browser thread that its OK to close after rendering has totally completed, then no blank pages would result. However, if that rendering took too long, that would result in the print preview dialog being visible for a longer time.

Are there any suggestions on how to perform the same work without creating a  visible print preview dialog?

Comment 50 by, Dec 19 2016

Now that Google used the "copy and paste" Microsoft policy of "The bug stay, I don't care about you to solve it".

Anyone get a workaround? Maybe with another browser?

Comment 51 by, Dec 29 2016

 Issue 676009  has been merged into this issue.

Comment 52 by, Dec 29 2016

Use nw.js

Comment 53 by, May 29 2017

Please fix it! Very much expected!

Comment 54 by, May 29 2018

Project Member
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This issue has been Available for over a year. If it's no longer important or seems unlikely to be fixed, please consider closing it out. If it is important, please re-triage the issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience if the bug really should have been left as Available.

For more details visit - Your friendly Sheriffbot

Comment 55 by, Aug 3

Status: Assigned (was: Untriaged)
This bug has an owner, thus, it's been triaged. Changing status to "assigned".

Comment 56 by, Aug 10

Please fit it. thanks

Comment 57 by, Aug 27

Labels: Hotlist-PopularIssue

Comment 58 by, Nov 1

Please fix it

Comment 59 by, Nov 1

Please fix it

Comment 60 by, Nov 1

PLease fix it

Comment 61 by, Nov 13

Please fix. The quick flash does not look good.

Comment 62 by, Nov 26

 Issue 907058  has been merged into this issue.

Comment 63 by, Jan 24

Please fix it! Can't use it in production this way. :(

Comment 64 by, Jan 29

Please Fix this issue,
Not able to use this functionality even its there. :(

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