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Status: Fixed
Closed: May 2011
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Type: Feature

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Implement WebKit fullscreen extension
Reported by, Jul 14 2009 Back to list
Chrome Version       : 
Other browsers tested: Firefox 3.5
Add OK or FAIL after other browsers where you have tested this issue:
  Firefox 3.5: OK (Via Extension:

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. View a video with the HTML 5 Video tag
2. Search for Full screen

What is the expected result?
Find full screen feature

What happens instead?
No full screen feature

As mentioned, there is an extension to do this for Firefox, this is
desperately needed (also, screensaver does not start when viewing video)
Labels: -Type-Bug -Area-Misc Type-Feature Area-BrowserBackend Video
Comment 2 by, Jul 14 2009
Another idea I just had, is to hide the pointer in full screen mode!
Comment 3 by, Jul 15 2009
Screensaver should never start when viewing video (for a reason!).
FYI the F11 key will make the browser full screen.

Note that full screen is not in HTML5 spec, because it could be abused.  So a context 
menu is the best we can do.  We're working on it, but its not clear if we can get it 
into this release though.

Comment 5 by, Jul 21 2009
I think it's unlikely we'll actually have this finished in time.
Comment 6 by, Jul 21 2009
Thanks for the plugin.  Works great.
Status: Untriaged
I gave Full Screen implementation some thought, and there are 3 parts to it, for just 
basic functionality.
1. context menu and/or hotkey.  We're adding context menu for other things, which is 
turning out to be fairly hard, but it will happen.
2. make chrome go full screen.  The F11 key does this.
3. render the video overtop of the entire browser.
Theres lots of little issues after that, but ignoring that, #3 is the trick
The good thing is that performance shouldnt be a problem... we have a really fast 
We can't do it as easily as other browsers, because Chrome doesnt let us call 
functions or access the display.
a. it may be possible to ignore the region we're supposed to render, and do the full 
window.  This is easy to try, but at best, wont work well.
b. we could open a new webpage.  Like when you type into the omnibox a url to an mp4, 
it creates a little html page.  Its fairly easy to test, by creating some html and 
pressing f11, and see how it would look.  Its less clear how to hook that in, and 
free it when the user returns to windowed mode.

We've got this at Pri-2 because its really nice to have, but not a stop-ship.  And it 
would certainly lead to additional bugs or feature requests.

Re screen saver.  Man do I agree on that. Very annoying to have to wiggle the mouse 
every 15 minutes. I'm not sure its within the browsers control, and for <video> tag 
we can't decern between the primary movie and miscellaneous <video> for animations 
etc.  I guess in full screen we know the user doesnt want to be interupted.  it 
should be entered as a separate bug report, for when using the current F11 full 
screen mode, which isn't specific to <video>.

trivia: in video games, full screen video is called FMV
Comment 8 by, Jul 23 2009
About the sreensaver, glad to hear that! A lot of vid players already disable it during 
play, by choice, so shouldn't really be that hard? Anyway, there's no reason to use 
screensavers with lcds (and a couple of reasons not to), and I've, personally, disabled 
it - here's a few articles that explain why:
 Issue 17331  has been merged into this issue.
One comment I think is important for this is consideration of multi-monitor 
environments when implementing this feature. 

I run a dual monitor setup and I'm very frustrated by the fact that both flash and 
silverlight require a full screen video to have focus in order to stay full screen. 
As soon as the app loses focus, the video reverts back to normal size. This may make 
sense in a single-monitor environment, however with a dual monitor setup, it is nice 
to be able to play a video (full screen) on one monitor while doing other stuff on 
the second monitor.

All native video players I've used can do this (VLC, Media Player Classic, Windows 
Media Player), so I think this would be reasonable if included.
Our first implementation will likely behave like F11 key.  I dont know what that is on multimon, not having one, 
so if you have a chance, hit that key.

Comment 12 by, Aug 11 2009
For the linux/gnome version,  issue #18895  will be relevant for preventing screen 
blanking (by using the dbus API to inhibit session idling during fullscreen playback)
Comment 13 by, Aug 14 2009
Labels: Mstone-5
Status: Available
Labels: HTML5
The current development version of Firefox 3.6 has the option to full screen HTML 5 
video via the right click menu.

Comment 17 by, Dec 9 2009
Why don't you try that

Ian thinks that it would be an an interesting idea to try.
For starters I think we need basic fullscreen support.  WebKit has actually landed 
fullscreen support, including access from the DOM via Javascript.  It's now on us to 
implement the Chromium-port side of things :)

It still remains to be seen how HTML will be able to support custom authored GUIs for 
full-screened videos.  Here's another interesting proposal that also tries to solve 

Comment 20 by, Dec 9 2009
>WebKit has actually landed fullscreen support


I'm too lazy to read it, but i think it's about only <video> full screen. Linked proposal 
talks about generalization of fullscreen. Flash able to fullscreen anything.(e.g. games)

>including access from the DOM via Javascript

I think fullscreen is too security sensitive thing to allow page authors to invoke it. It 
would require two actions form user - first to click on fullscreen button on page, second to 
confirm action.
Re webkit
Does Safari (4.0.4) expose it?  I don't see a context menu or default UI button/menu?

Has something been added?  Comment 18 refers to Chrome?
> +void HTMLMediaElement::enterFullscreen()
> +{
> +    ASSERT(!m_isFullscreen);
> +    if (document() && document()->page())
> +        document()->page()->chrome()->client()->enterFullscreenForNode(this);
> +    m_isFullscreen = true;
> +}

Re two action
As a user, I'd find that mildly annoying, like Vista prompting you for every little 
thing.  But I tend to watch full screen for long movies, so its not a big deal.

This page refers to a css way to go fullscreen.

Comment 22 by, Dec 9 2009
>Comment 18 refers to Chrome?

Comment 18 refers to all HTML5 browsers. Someone must implement experimental feature 
before it can be included to standard.

>As a user, I'd find that mildly annoying,

This is just my theory. It is probably possible to do it without confirmation, by 
introducing special "fullscreen function" that can only be executed by user click, or 
even "fullscreen element", but it would be still somewhat problematic...
Comment 23 by, Dec 12 2009
I think the fullscreen mode need be acessible by javascript and have a confirm, like 
a popup.

1 - Always allow enter in fullscreen mode in this site
2 - Always block enter in fullscreen mode in this site
3 - Allow enter in fullscreen mode
4 - Block enter in fullscreen mode

The javascript code :

window.Fullscreen=true; (works great in a Firefox extension)
Comment 24 by, Dec 17 2009
Labels: -Area-BrowserBackend Area-Internals
Replacing labels:
   Area-BrowserBackend by Area-Internals

Labels: Internals-Video
Labels: -Video
Comment 27 by Deleted ...@, Dec 29 2009
hi i noticed that if a html5 video element is opened in a pop-up window it can be made 
fullscreen with the F11 key, but on youtube when you press the arrow button it opens a 
flash-based player in the pop-up window. could this be fixed so it would open html5 
video element in a pop-up window?
Comment 28 by, Dec 29 2009
@fmcgorenc, surely that would be a good idea for an extension, but shouldn't be 
universally applied to all users, as some would want Flash.  Also, this would have to 
be repeatedly applied to every site with Flash videos.
Comment 29 by, Jan 11 2010
Labels: -HTML5 Mstone-X
Worth noting that WebKit has hooks for a version of fullscreen:

readonly attribute boolean webkitSupportsFullscreen;
readonly attribute boolean webkitDisplayingFullscreen;
void webkitEnterFullScreen() raises (DOMException);
void webkitExitFullScreen();

We'll likely implement this at some point in the future... so busy :(

Comment 31 by, Feb 1 2010
With regards to the security issues of allowing full-screen activation by scripts, 
what if instead of a confirmation dialog there was simply an overlay/watermark that 
covered the full-screen video with text to the effect of "This is a fullscreen video, 
press ESC to exit." and then faded away after a few seconds?

And of course the script should only be able to call this function from a click, not 
when the page opens. This way we know the user is looking at and interacted with the 
page when the full-screen opens, so they won't miss the warning message.
i cant switch to youtube html5+feather because i realy want fullscreen :(
I can't switch on youtube because youtube doesn't do highdef <video>.  I make HD
videos, eh.
Vimeo is okay, though.  Its got both 480p and 720p... both are H264.
The HD works really well in Chrome, even on my laptop.
Safari works, but requires a more powerful machine.. and make sure you're on the
latest version.
To enable it on vimeo:
Goto a video, such as and on the right side click 'Switch to
HTML5 player'
They don't have full screen either, but they say its coming.

a ghetto solution is to
right click on video then "video in new tab" then go to the new tab and press "F11" ;P

This needs to be fixed soon.
Summary: Implement WebKit fullscreen extension (was: NULL)
Comment 38 by, Apr 7 2010
It appears that WebKit Nightly Builds have supported fullscreen <video> for quite a while now. How is the 
progress on the chromium side?

It would be really nice to be able to use this with Chromium.
Note that fullscreen could optionally change the hardware resolution/bitdepth for 
better quality and performance.
We could implement it in software, but the performance would be horrible.  As such, 
we're waiting for the WebGL code to wrap up so we can take advantage of hardware 
scaling + rendering.
Why don't you just use Xv just like everyone else?
Comment 42 by, Apr 16 2010
I am for Xv too. On some graphical adapters it's only way to play vide smoothly.
AFAIK it's the only option; efficient video rendering in OpenGL requires a texture 
streaming extension. I don't think anybody is using this extension, so most probably 
nobody is implementing it.
Comment 44 by, Apr 16 2010
Xv won't work on Mac OS X elegantly, nor is it the optimum solution for Windows.
So you use something different for those platforms.
Comment 46 by, Apr 16 2010
yeah. There are already differences between those platforms, so if it will make Linux 
users with older vga adapters (or those without DRI drivers) able to play video it 
will be good choice.

Please do not make the same mistake as Adobe Flash done.
Labels: -Mstone-X Mstone-6
Labels: -Pri-2 Pri-1
Youtube now has 'fullscreen' button which maximizes to the size of the browser.  Same 
as vimeo.
Then you can press F11 and get fullscreen.   Needs a little UI polish and better 
performance, but its fairly effective.
Comment 50 Deleted
fbarch, sweet, now we only need auto-hide controls and auto-hd, auto-buffer, disable-
autoplay options on youtube ;)
Labels: -Pri-1 Pri-2
Status: Started
boliu has started doing this work
Glad to see this is started. Just wanted to point out, it looks like Safari will be 
getting this on Monday.
The following revision refers to this bug: 

r49539 | | 2010-06-11 09:56:09 -0700 (Fri, 11 Jun 2010) | 10 lines
Changed paths:

Add enable-video-fullscreen switch.

Corresponding Webkit patch to make this work is here:

BUG= 16735 
TEST=webkitSupportsFullscreen() js call should return true with switch.
(Requires webkit patch)

Review URL:

The Webkit patch has landed! Greatt!
I guess this is fixed?
Not at all -- there are many, many more patches to come :)
On a tangentially-related note, are there any plans to polish up the HTML5 <video> GUI in Chrome? It's embarrassing when IE9PP3's player looks better than Chrome's!
Comment 59 by, Jul 17 2010
Labels: -Mstone-6 Mstone-7
Labels: -Internals-Video -Area-Internals Feature-Media Area-WebKit
On a note of abuse and requiring user confirmation (or requiring a user click/select/etc. event first), how many sites do we see nowadays that abuse Flash or Silverlight's fullscreen mode?
You can't abuse it in flash or silverlight, because both require user
interaction first and fullscreen can't be activated by scripting.
That's why you don't see abuse.

On 08/08/2010, at 10:52 AM, ""
<> wrote:
The following revision refers to this bug: 

r56690 | | 2010-08-19 09:13:18 -0700 (Thu, 19 Aug 2010) | 16 lines
Changed paths:

Use RenderWidget(Host) for full screen

Add RenderWidgetFullscreen(Host) subclasses, InitAsFullscreen method
to RenderWidgetHostView, and add two new ipc messages for creating
and showing full screen.

Add createFullscreenWindow to RenderView that creates RenderWidgetFullscreen
and sends message to browser which eventually creates RenderWidgetFullscreenHost.

The show method on RenderWidgetFullscreen sends message to parent
RenderViewHost in browser, which calls InitAsFullscreen on the view.

BUG= 16735 

Review URL:

Labels: -Mstone-7 Mstone-8
Labels: Mstone-9
mass bug punt
Blockedon: 52900 54838
Blockedon: 27555
Labels: -Mstone-9 Mstone-10 MovedFrom-9
Moving all mstone:9 bugs that are not ReleaseBlockers to mstone:10
I am disabling the layout test (media/media-fullscreen-inline.html, media/media-fullscreen-not-in-document.html) due to this issue. Please enable these tests once this issue is fixed.
Labels: -Mstone-10 -MovedFrom-9 Mstone-11
Labels: Mstone-12 Pri-1
Project Member Comment 74 by, Mar 1 2011
 Issue 74472  has been merged into this issue.
Project Member Comment 76 by, Mar 2 2011
The following revision refers to this bug:

r76631 | | Wed Mar 02 14:22:48 PST 2011

Changed paths:

Re-applying r76324, which was reverted during a WebKit rollback.

Build WebKit Full Screen API. Support is disabled by default; enable with --enable-fullscreen.

Commit after WK  bug 44797  (r79774).

BUG= 16735 
TEST=fullscreen layout tests.

Review URL:

Review URL:
Project Member Comment 77 by, Mar 2 2011
The following revision refers to this bug:

r76646 | | Wed Mar 02 15:04:11 PST 2011

Changed paths:

Revert 76631 because it causes fullscreen layout tests to timeout on linux

Re-applying r76324, which was reverted during a WebKit rollback.

Build WebKit Full Screen API. Support is disabled by default; enable with --enable-fullscreen.

Commit after WK  bug 44797  (r79774).

BUG= 16735 
TEST=fullscreen layout tests.

Review URL:

Review URL:
Review URL:
Project Member Comment 78 by, Mar 4 2011
The following revision refers to this bug:

r76979 | | Fri Mar 04 13:54:49 PST 2011

Changed paths:

Build WebKit Full Screen API. Support is disabled by default; enable with --enable-fullscreen.

Commit after WK  bug 44797  (r79774).

Fullscreen tests are temporarily until expectations can be updated.
(Deleted test video-play-suspend.html is removed from test_expectations to fix lint errors.)

BUG= 16735 
TEST=fullscreen layout tests

Review URL:
Labels: -Mstone-12 Mstone-13
As of the WebKit roll in Chromium r80750, the fullscreen layout tests are now running and passing on Chromium.

The WebKit change set is
Going to deem this done + create finer-grain bugs for follow up work.
Status: Fixed
Doesn't work anymore see issue:
Project Member Comment 85 by, Mar 10 2013
Labels: -Feature-Media -Area-WebKit -Mstone-13 Cr-Content Cr-Internals-Media M-13
Project Member Comment 86 by, Apr 6 2013
Labels: -Cr-Content Cr-Blink
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