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Closed: Jun 2015
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Provide ability to create custom toolbar buttons
Project Member Reported by, Sep 6 2008 Back to list
We should eventually have a customizable toolbar system similar to that of 
other browsers.

We can expose all (or at least many) Chrome commands to show up in the 
palette of choices, and allow addon developers to add their own too.

This will cover the "I want a button on the toolbar for <random feature X>" 
requests we're getting
Comment 1 by, Oct 22 2008
Labels: Mstone-X
Status: Available
Comment 2 Deleted
llow making Ctrl-F menu (search in the page) always visible would be great too, like 
explaned in issue <a href=""> 
17205 </a>
Comment 4 Deleted
Looks like a duplicate of  Issue 22099 
Comment 6 by, Oct 5 2009
They are closely related, but this Issue also seemed to propose a customization 
palette, with some common action buttons included out of the box.  (Perhaps a bug 
title change is in order.)  I was hoping for an implementation that'd let me finally 
add a Stop button on the left, which  Issue 22099  still doesn't enable.
Comment 7 by, Oct 10 2009
I've submitted  Issue 24498 , since (as simon observed) Browser Actions render this
issue's title obsolete.  Also, since Browser Action implementation details are still
in flux, I thought I'd strike while the iron is hot.
Comment 8 by, Dec 18 2009
Labels: -Area-BrowserUI Area-UI-Features
Area-UI-Features label replaces Area-BrowserUI label
Comment 9 by Deleted ...@, Jan 6 2010
I would really like something like this.  I would at least like some way to add
bookmarked pages into a toolbar for easy access.  This missing ability is the only
reason I don't use chrome (Unfortunately because firefox crashing 5 times a day)
Labels: Area-UI
Labels: -Area-UI-Features

I don't quite understand what you mean, you can show/hide the bookmarks bar either with an option in the wrench menu, Ctrl+B or Ctrl+Shift+B, do you mean something different? I don't like the idea of adding an extra tool-bar to chrome, I believe one of the main ideas of chrome is to have as much vertical real estate as possible.
Labels: Feature-Browser
Project Member Comment 14 by, Mar 10 2013
Labels: -Area-UI -Feature-Browser Cr-UI-Browser-Core Cr-UI
Comment 15 by, Jun 10 2015
Status: WontFix
I think BrowserActions suitably take care of this.
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