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Status: Fixed
Closed: Jan 2013
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OS: Windows
Pri: 2
Type: Bug

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startup_tests failing on Windows perf bots
Project Member Reported by, Nov 1 2012 Back to list
startup_tests is failing on XP and Win7 perf bots.  It first seemed to occur in this range of Chrome revisions:

(from first known bad at
Status: Assigned
Thanks, I'll see if I can find the source.
Comment 2 by, Nov 1 2012
Relatedly something made a 25% improvement in shutdown and a 2% regression in virtual memory used (seems like a fine tradeoff!). Looking at the webkit and chromium blamelists I don't see any obvious culprits though and the reference build didn't change, so it shouldn't be a bot configuration change.

Looking at the stdio output that senorblanco linked to this may just be that we're crashing early. :(
Comment 3 by, Nov 1 2012
Actually, maybe not related. The test is still passing on the linux release webkit canary.
Labels: OS-Windows
Yeah, this seems to be a Windows-only failure.  Will label that.
I forced a build at revision 165061 (just before zelidrag's change). It will take a while to finish, but that will tell us with more certainty what change is causing the issue.

I'm also trying to build locally to see if I can get a stack in a debugger.

Those IPC errors look interesting too:

[236:976:1030/] pipe error: 109

Although I see it in a lot of other open bugs, so perhaps it's unrelated (I know nothing about IPC).
Revision 165061 passed. So it has to be 165062 or 165063.  I'm going to guess 165062 for now.  Assigning to Zelidrag to take a look.

Zel: If you can revert that would be great, at least we would know for sure if your change is causing those crashes.
Change has been reverted.  Let's see what happens...
The revert seems to have worked. The first bot cycled and is now green.
Labels: Mstone-25 Iteration-68
Comment 11 by, Jan 7 2013
Labels: -Mstone-25 Mstone-26 MovedFrom-25
Punting non-releaseblocking bugs in M25.  You can find the list via MovedFrom-25
Status: Fixed
I'm marking this as fixed.  If that was in error, feel free to reopen.
Project Member Comment 13 by, Mar 10 2013
Labels: -Area-Internals -Mstone-26 Cr-Internals M-26
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