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Search Engines should be synced
Reported by, Jun 28 2009 Back to list
Chrome Version       :
URLs (if applicable) :
Other browsers tested:
Add OK or FAIL after other browsers where you have tested this issue:
Safari 4:
  Firefox 3.x: OK
IE 7:
IE 8:

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Install Google Chrome somewhere else
2. Try to import exported bookmarks to the new installation
3. Note that none of the search engine settings are imported (they weren't exported in the first place).

What is the expected result?
One should be able to export/import both bookmarks and search engines.

What happens instead?
Search engines are not exported/imported.

Please provide any additional information below. Attach a screenshot if
Firefox provides search engine export/import by treating search engines as bookmarks with a keyword to active them 
from the url bar.  Google chrome supports the same feature via the "Wrench" > Options > Default Search: Manage option.  
I use this feature extensively for both search engines and quick access to common sites.  For example, I use keyword 
'r' to go to url ''.  Whenever I install on a new PC, or suggest a few to a friends, 
I need to manually recreate the search engines for Google Chrome.  Besides being tedious, this is also very error-
prone.  Being able to export/import these would be VERY useful.

This is somewhat related to  issue 5589 :
Yes please.  Recreating search engine settings is boring.
Comment 2 by, Dec 10 2009
Additionally, it would be great to sync search engines similar to how bookmarks are 
currently synced.
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 Issue 21568  has been merged into this issue.
Comment 5 by, Dec 30 2009
I was just going to file a bug for this. I would like to share some of my search 
engine configurations with my work mates, but right now it is really cumbersome.
Manually opening the Web Data SQLite file and exporting the keywords-table and then 
manually importing it on the other instal works of course... Depending on the number of 
Engines, more or less cumbersome than doing it by hand...
Comment 7 by, Jan 12 2010
I too would like to request that search engines are synchronized in a similar way to 
bookmarks - so I can use my favourite search engines in Chrome on different machines 
without having to enter them all manually lots of times.
I have written it many times but the simplest - and most useful and systematic - way 
to solve this bug is to "unify" bookmarks and custom search engines. The search 
engines would then be exported/synced as a part of the normal bookmarks.

Each bookmark could be given a keyword, or no keyword, and an %s argument, or no %s 
argument. In the bookmarks, it would also be possible to only list the bookmarks that 
have an %s - the custom search engines. But one could put ordinary bookmarks without 
%s as well as search engines with %s into any folders. They might be distinguished by 
blocks, or the background color, etc.

By the way, as a by-product, you can also naturally have keywords for ordinary 
bookmarks, which would not be bad at all, right? I am using them, anyway - I define a 
search engine with a keyword but without %s if I want a shortcut to some websites. 
This would become standard.

I hope that someone will vocally support my point. ;-)
Comment 9 by, Jan 12 2010
Just as a heads up, what lubos.motl suggests is very similar (identical?) to how 
Firefox handles keywords.

Incidentally, I still occasionally start Firefox to easily get the string for (most) 
forms.  Right-clicking a form field in Firefox displays a "Add a Keyword for this 
Search..." option which generates a pop-up with the string for said field.

ps. Isn't it great using keywords as aliases? :)

More info:
Status: Untriaged
Labels: Mstone-X
Status: Available
This is a stupid question but I guess that others want to know the answer, too. What 
does "status available" mean? Has it been solved (and when would it come to Dev 
version?) or is the issue expecting developers who will try to solve it?

Status "Available" means the problem is confirmed and triaged, but not assigned [to any 
developer yet].  Developers and contributors are free to take these bugs to fix.
Labels: -Area-Feature Area-UI
+1 for syncing them with bookmarks.
Comment 16 by Deleted ...@, Mar 4 2010
I agree with syncing search engines with bookmarks;  AND for making them work exactly 
as in Firefox, complete with right click in a search box to make them much easier to 
Simply exposing the search engines to Chrome extensions would be a great start IMO. 
I'd love to add this functionality to the Delicious Tools extension.
Labels: Feature-Sync syncV2
We have Preferences sync in the works for some preferences.  Search engines are a 
preference, but they're not one of the preferences we're syncing yet.
Comment 19 by, Apr 1 2010
What about adding and setting as default of search engine from extension plugin? 
 Issue 40243  has been merged into this issue.
Comment 21 by, Apr 14 2010
Summary: Search Engines should be synced (was: NULL)
Comment 22 by, Apr 14 2010
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Comment 23 by, Apr 14 2010
 Issue 39278  has been merged into this issue.
Comment 24 by, Apr 14 2010
 Issue 40482  has been merged into this issue.
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Comment 28 by, Apr 15 2010
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Comment 29 Deleted
Comment 30 by, May 15 2010
This would be an incredibly useful feature to implement, especially if the Search Engines can be saved as editable 
OpenSearch Description Documents in the Google Docs doc store. This could allow customization of parameters 
such as the icon, autosuggest, etc.  as well as would allow importing and exporting and sharing of the OSDD xml 
Comment 32 by, Jun 14 2010
Labels: -syncV2
This would be really last minute, but it should be a relatively simple data type.
Albert, might you have cycles after passwords?
Comment 33 by, Jun 15 2010
Status: Assigned
[actually adding albert]
i came here by researching exactly that problem. what made you exclude that? it's kind of the most important thing. also those most often visited pages on the new tab page should be included. simply everything (possibly optionally). instead you included skins, how irrelevant is that?
i'd also like some kind of extensions syncing. maybe not the files themselves, but one could put the icons and install links/buttons on the extensions tab.

i'd like to know more about that SQLite workaround. what exactly do i have to export where? maybe that would kinda solve everything?
Comment 35 Deleted
Comment 36 by, Jun 30 2010
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Status: Available
Comment 37 by, Jun 30 2010
 Issue 47823  has been merged into this issue.
Comment 38 by, Jul 21 2010
adding search engine sync would be really helpful, because I use the shortcuts from there exclusively
Comment 39 Deleted
Comment 40 Deleted
Comment 41 by, Aug 24 2010
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i'm surprised that this feature was given less importance than tab and autofill syncing, search engines and keywords are an important part of the chrome experience as well as difficult to transfer across several installations. i find it hard to believe that more users place more dependence on their autofill entries and open tabs than they do on searching.
Why did chromium reinvent the wheel here? The way Firefox does it seems so simple. Just allow a keyword and a "%s" to be saved in a bookmark, then the syncing happens when the bookmarks are synced. You could even take out the search engines UI in the options panel.
Bookmarks are made to be clicked. Ever click a Custom Search bookmark? It's not pretty.

Keywords are not bookmarks.
Good point Jonathan, but I think there is an opportunity there for even better functionality. The user says "hmmm... what was my keyword for google images again?" then they go click the keyword bookmark (maybe they are segregated on the bookmark bar like "Other Bookmarks") and it automatically fills it in on the address bar with their cursor ready to type search terms.
I don't know how you'd get better functionality YMMV but they're great the way they are. All I want is the ability to sync them.
Or maybe, if it detects that a wildcard is present in the URL, a small popup window appears to enter the search term...?

I think the whole separate interface for search engines is definitely superfluous.
The way search engines are handled is fine - tweaking could be done later. I just want them to sync.
 Issue 36993  has been merged into this issue.
 Issue 49900  has been merged into this issue.
Comment 51 by Deleted ...@, Aug 27 2010
Please add the ability to create/modify keywords for a bookmark in the properties of the bookmark itself rather than via the Search Engine method.  Additionally, include these keywords as part of the Bookmark sync feature.

Labels: SyncEverything
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Can we please get a "Restrict-AddIssueComment-Commit" label on this as well?

"Me too" is quite an unhelpful post.  Star the issue, and you'll get emails when there are updates.
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@CraigCosmo 261 people starred this issue and might get notifications. just star an issue and DO NOT post +1 or one vote.
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Comment 67 by, Oct 1 2010
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Comment 68 Deleted
Comment 69 by, Oct 16 2010
I stared this issue a long time ago, now I see it has a milestone 9 tag. Until version 9, could you at least add export/import feature for the search engines?
comment 6 sounds a bit like thats already possible. i just dont understand it/dont know what file it's talking about. could someone please elaborate on that?
thanks! just to have it all in one place: the import/export is as simple as copying the file "<user>\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Web Data" from one installation or user to the other. 
You can also use SQLite Database Browser to open the Web Data file (it's a sqlite database) and export the "keywords" table as CSV. Then it can be imported into another Chrome installation without changing other settings. Someone could probably pretty easily write a shell script to do this automatically using the command-line sqlite.
Comment 74 Deleted
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Comment 78 by, Oct 19 2010
Thanks petergr (comment #72) for telling me where the data is actually stored ... at least I can make a manual sync for now ..... luckily I am not updating search engines and keywords too often.
I turned on sync just so I wouldn't have to copy over all my search engines; I have a bunch that are really useful to me. I was very disappointed and surprised that this didn't happen, esp since it says my preferences would be synchronized when I enabled sync.

In general, search engines in Chrome don't work the way I am used to in ff. I might not be a typical user, but this was a big reason that stopped me from switching earlier.
Syncing search engines is a definite must.

As for using the Firefox model, I disagree.

There is the afore-mentioned problems with clicking a keyword enabled bookmark - most people seem to have a special folder just for keyword bookmarks.

Having them as bookmarks makes them less discoverable. A "keyword" field isn't very obvious for a very useful feature. By placing them on the first page of the Preference dialogue, it is much more obvious and should help more people to find the feature.

Chrome also has a feature that Firefox currently doesn't - the concept of a default search engine. It would be a lot harder to merge this into bookmarks effectively, and so it makes sense to have a section to manage all of the searching options in one place, rather than splitting it or creating an obscure UI.
Comment 81 Deleted
Comment 82 Deleted
Comment 83 by, Oct 20 2010
Can a dev please restrict comments to this issue? I support this issue, which is why I starred it, but I'm getting tired of all the "I support this" fluff comments showing up in my Inbox. Thanks.
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No one's working on this, so punting. *sigh*
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Comment 93 by, Jan 20 2011
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Comment 95 by, Feb 14 2011
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Comment 96 by, Mar 1 2011
Status: Assigned
Officially claiming this bug as 20% work! :)
Comment 97 by, Mar 3 2011
Great! This was something on my list eventually, but I'll be happy to help you out. Feel free to ping me and I can give you the run down on what this entails.
 Issue 76053  has been merged into this issue.
Comment 99 by, Apr 25 2011
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Moving out of M12.
Comment 100 by, Apr 25 2011
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Moving out of M12.
 Issue 83201  has been merged into this issue.
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Moving !type=meta|regression and !releaseblocker to next mstone
Comment 103 by, Jun 2 2011
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Comment 104 by, Jun 28 2011
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Status: Started
 Issue 88049  has been merged into this issue.
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And the integration patch is in: - r99114

Search engines are now synced!

A couple caveats:
 - This is currently behind about:flags, and will remain there until we complete integration testing. Hopefully it'll be promoted out of the flag for M16.
 - The server side changes are not fully complete/pushed, so this feature won't work for a couple weeks. It's out now so we can test against the mock Python server (see the run_testserver project)

One more patch coming in to retroactively address some code review comments, then we can close this off.

Thank you Steve for making this change.  Looking forward to the rollout.
Finally! Milestone 16 is the final version of 16, so it's safe to assume it will be in dev 16?
By dev 16, it should be on by default. Dev 15 should have it behind a flag. There's also some lag time where it won't work, as we're waiting on some server changes.
Great job, this feature was my top-request. 

Status: Fixed
Here's the cleanup patch:, committed in revision 99578.

Again, there will be a couple weeks delay before all the official server changes roll out.
 Issue 95717  has been merged into this issue.
 Issue 96024  has been merged into this issue.
When is it likely to roll out in dev channel? Thanks for the work!
Any news?
Congratulations to everyone: the Stable Channel Chrome version 15 is out and it contains the largest improvement and it is.... Yes, syncing Search engines.

Go to wrench/about and upgrade to Chrome 15 Stable. Then you go to 


and find "allow syncing search engines" (or whatever it says in English, I use Czech Chrome). At the bottom, restart Chrome. Then you go to Wrench/Options, and in PersonalData/Personalize, you may turn on Syncing Search Engines. 

I hope that all others who are subscribed will either forgive or appreciate this message from mine - as well as the first (future) message from a regular Chrome Stable user who will confirm that the syncing actually works! :-)
Comment 119 by, Oct 25 2011
That's an improvement, but when will it graduate from about:flags?  I'm happy to have stuff syncing, but there's no warranty on about:flags stuff.
Unfortunately, the syncing probably still doesn't work. It seems to lead to the error in  Issue 100028 .
I don't see anything saying flags in the About Google Chrome box.  Or am I misunderstanding.  When I go to the wrench menu, I don't see anything that just says "about".

And I haven't seen the "sync search engines" flag anywhere.  I'm updated to Chrome 15.0.874.106.
type "chrome://flags" in the Chrome omnibox
you should see one of the entries that reads "Enable syncing search engines"
enable that
The experimental "Enable syncing search engines" seems to be working on my Mac OS Lion but I haven't fully tested it yet. 

Having that said, the same setup doesn't work on my Ubuntu machine. Whenever I have the "Search Engines" option under the Sync section checked, I get the error "Could not connect to the server" while Chrome tries to log in with my Google account to sync up.

In short, the feature is still buggy. But we are seeing progress, so that's good :>
Comment 124 by, Oct 27 2011
windb - What version and of Chrome for Ubuntu was that?

The feature is available behind a flag in 15.0.874.106 ( beta / stable ) and up. 

To enable either run Chrome with the --enable-sync-search-engines switch or enable from about:flags -> Enable syncing search engines.

If you are seeing issues, please feel free to file and search the tracker if it is something we are already tracking.
Thanks for the work!  One question before trying.  By design, Chrome will *not* delete any search engine during the first sync, right?  (If it deletes a few because of a bug, it's fine.  I am only asking about the intended behaviour.)
Yes - we attempt to add all the search engines between your Chrome instances, merging them if there are duplicates. In the merge process, if there is a conflict (let's say you have two machines both with different search engines using "w" as a keyword) then we choose one engine to keep it's keyword, and we preserve the second by uniquifying it's keyword (we just append a "_" to the keyword) so you can manually resolve the conflict if you want to keep both.

If you do see instances where the first sync deletes one or more search engines, please log a bug.
16.0.904.0, with "Enable syncing search engines" turned on.

When I set up a new PC, all my search engines were sync'd, but they *all* had the "_" appended.

PCs that are always leave on seem to work OK, but the PCs that I turn off each night got a little weird until I manually adjust them. After that, they seem to be fine.
Status: Verified
Given that this feature-request has a record number of people and to help us track correctly, please file new issues that you might be seeing. :)

Test-wise behavior is stable enough (less anything outstanding already tracked) to close this.

Sorry, it still doesn't work for me. Whenever I check the "search engines" among the things that are synchronized in Personal Settings, I get "could not connect to server" and "error signing in" as photographed in  Issue 100028 . When I uncheck it, the error goes away.
still problems too. Here's a case to try out:

1. create a search for a domain.
2. create a second search for the same domain.
3. sync browsers

The second search I have only exists on the original machine it was created.
Seems to cause a crash at shutdown here (on my two windows 7 computers) :(

I attached a dump below
211 KB Download
Comment 133 by Deleted ...@, Oct 30 2011
I'm experiencing a problem with Chrome 15 (release channel). It syncs once and then the customize button no longer does anything. You have to disable it to get the button working again, I've disabled Search Engine sync for now.

I suspect this is why it's currently an about:flags option. Leaving sync tabs enabled is fine but I've not actually synchronised any (never ticked  it) because I don't need to sync tabs.

I hope this is fixed because all I have to do when installing Chrome is login, update my search engines, change any extension settings and Chrome is just the same as my main pc. It's much better than Firefox in this respect (I wish it would sync extensions). It would mean all I've got to do is change extension settings. Hopefully this will get added too.
Labels: -Mstone-15 Mstone-17
Status: Assigned
Re-opening this since it's still behind a flag. Retargeting to M17.
stevet - sorry for the late reply. The "could not connect to the server" issue that I am having is for Chrome 15.0.874.106 in Ubuntu. Thanks for all the efforts.
Steve, do you think this is ready for another go at being enabled by default? If you'd prefer to track in a separate issue or mark as blocking on an outstanding bug, feel free to close/block accordingly. 
I'm also seeing the "cound not connect to the server problem."  I believe I've seen it on every machine on which I've tried syncing search engines.  Mac OS X Snow Leopard, OS X Lion, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows XP.  

Is this the right place to report that?  Apologies if not, but I see that this is being considered for rollout?  Seems to me something's not ready yet.  
The blocking issue that comment 137 refers to is being tracked at 102038 ( ).
wind/logic/stephen - Thanks for your comments... this information will be useful in tracking down the culprit. I _believe_ that these issues have been fixed in some other patches that did not make it into 15 (Stable's current version)... so when 16 rolls around they should be fixed. We'll keep an eye out on this hypothesis.

Travis - I have a patch coming up that removes the patch from flags, combines it with preferences, and also syncs the default search engine. I'd like to get this out in canary ASAP so it can bake hard before the M17 cut. Let's use this bug as an umbrella for search engines sync on by default (along side prefs)... and the other ones to track individual issues users are seeing. Sounds good?

I am seeing the same problem when trying to synch after setting the flag - never connects to the server ... also when selecting 'customise' it does not open a page to allow deselecting the search engines option.
Sounds like a plan! Thanks Steve.
Hey all - for those who are interested, we believe that this issue has been fixed in r102119 and just missed the boat for the stable/beta releases. If you want to try out the bleeding edge and help verify if this problem still exists, you can try to reproduce it on Chrome Dev ( and report your findings here. I can't seem to reproduce this on canary and everyone who's reported issues so far seem to be on v15 Stable.

We're also working on fixing the issue with "_"s being appended to search engines that aren't duplicates... that fix will be on the way. I'll track it in a separate bug, with evan.s' comment.

I can confirm that your fix works. The current Chrome dev does not have the server connection problem.
Bookmarks are made to be clicked. Ever click a Custom Search bookmark? It's not pretty.
Keywords are not bookmarks.

Forcing any keyword to be a search engine is equally missing the boat.  Most of my keywords on bookmarks in Firefox don't use a %s at all.  I just want to type tt in the url bar and be taken to my company's ticket queue for our group.  Setting that up as a "search engine" is completely unintuitive and forces me to create redundant bookmarks.  One as a bookmark and one as a "search engine" that doesn't actually search for anything.

Comment 145 by, Nov 8 2011
This is the one truly missing feature in Chrome, as far as I'm concerned.
Blockedon: 102038
FYI the issue around the Sync error mostly being seen in v15 is being tracked here:
I agree with Jeff and partly Rick; and it was an older issue I proposed. I also have quite a few bookmarks aside from separately produced search engines with the same URL without %s - a completely useless redundancy. Every bookmark should have the right to get a keyword and every bookmark should get the right to get an %s query in it; and in other words, every search engine should be allowed to be added to bookmarks, clicked upon, and offered a small box to fill the query (%s). 

In other words, bookmarks and search engines should be unified. This still doesn't prevent the right-click/omnibox/search-engines-edit: this page could simply open the bookmark manager and filter and list only all the generalized bookmarks that have (at least one) %s in them: there would be a checkbox saying "list bookmarks without %s" and checkbox "list bookmarks with %s" in the bookmark manager. One should also be able to do the other filter - listing bookmarks without %s only.

The bookmark manager should allow you to add a search engine i.e. a bookmark with %s, too. I guess you get my point. These search engines could also be naturally organized into the bookmark folders, just like other bookmarks. Those of us who use lots of search engines surely do realize that they're naturally divided to folders, too. I am using lots of search engines related to science - searches for papers etc. - that naturally belong to the science folders in bookmarks, and so on. Because there are no folders for search engines now etc., I surely have lots of redundant or obsolete ones and it's hard to find them.
So what you are proposing is extending the UI for keywords beyond just keywords, and possibly grouping the new UI with bookmarks.

I recommend creating a new issue on this proposal and posting your thoughts there.
Thanks, I don't feel that posting proposals randomly works. One would have to hire a P.R. agency. Moreover, I did exactly what you suggest 2 years ago, in  Issue 17342 . Everyone is free to register for that old issue but I don't expect anything to happen. ;-)
For clarity on the bookmarks/keywords/search engines issue:

* I agree that keywords on bookmarks are a distinct feature from keywords on search engines (and one that we don't currently support well; making people add these as "search engines" is bad UX and a hack just like Firefox supporting %s in "bookmarks" instead of "search engines" is bad UX and a hack).  That's  bug 79835 .

* Supporting %s on bookmarks as opposed to "search engines" is WontFix.  If it has a substitution portion we consider it to most properly be viewed as a "search".  Similarly, unifying bookmarks and search engines is WontFix.  They are different things.

* Supporting more organization of search engines is likely WontFix because the resulting utility is near zero.  This would be different if we had some sort of pulldown for the address bar that you could get a hierarchical menu of search engines to select from to perform a search, but I don't see us as likely to add such a thing in the foreseeable future.

For future comments, please keep this bug focused only on syncing search engines and file separate bugs for other issues and concerns you have.  This bug is already pretty sprawling and impossible to follow, so if we can't keep discussion here focused it will end up locked to comments from committers only, which isn't as nice as if people just police themselves.
as a programmer i am used to functions with zero, one, two, ... arguments.
so if i were to implement this, i would recognize bookmarks called by a keyword and search engines called by a keyword and an additional search string as the same thing. keyword is kind of the function which gets called with the argument(s) given. i would even allow arbitrary %s1 %s2 and so on, so the user can make his stuff behave as he likes. why implement the same thing twice? synching as well as organizing would automatically be unified and provided for everything.

Comment 152 by, Nov 13 2011
This feature should be really appreciated by many heavy Internet user.
Project Member Comment 153 by, Nov 14 2011
The following revision refers to this bug:

r109882 | | Mon Nov 14 07:05:32 PST 2011

Changed paths:

Merge search engines sync data type with Preferences. Sync the default search provider. Add some defensive measures to prevent deletion of the default search engine or unnecessarily uniquifying keywords.

TEST=Ensure that the default search provider syncs when the Preferences sync data type is enabled. Ensure that the normal search engine syncing changes (add, update, delete) all work.
BUG= 15548 
Review URL:
I'd prefer to sync search engines across browsers, but keep the other preferences unsynched.

Can we avoid merging search with preferences?
Engine sync is on merged with preferences in M-17 and it looks fine as far as I can tell (even the underscore issue duplication has been resolved). I believe this is now fixed for real :)
Status: Fixed
Done - for realz. We're tracking any new bugs in other issues.
Awesome! Thanks Steve!
Just to confirm, if the current setting is "Sync Everything", will sync'ing Search Engines be included?

Thanks again.  Excited about this feature!
Yes. Sync Everything will include search engines. Search engines is now a component of Preferences sync.
Comment 160 by, Dec 14 2011
Despite running 16.0.912.63 I don't see "search engines" as component for sync in the relevant preference pane. Worse, "enable syncing search engines" is still a flag on chrome://flags. Has this been enabled for OSX build?
Note that the fix is on Chrome 17 and later.
Comment 162 by, Dec 14 2011
Ah, didn't notice that earlier - and thought that it got closed as a result of today's release :D Nevermind then, I'll wait.
Comment 163 by, Dec 14 2011
Can anyone confirm its operation?
It works very well in chrome 17. :)
Am I the only one who thinks that with syncing of search engines in chrome://flags enabled and turned on in options, I can successfully synchronize search engines in Chrome Stable 16 and the "cannot login" bug is gone?
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Project Member Comment 168 by, Nov 14 2012
Blockedon: -chromium:102038 chromium:102038
The following revision refers to this bug:

r17525 | | 2011-09-01T14:30:32.708657Z

Project Member Comment 169 by, Mar 10 2013
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Project Member Comment 170 by, Mar 13 2013
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