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Status: WontFix
Owner: ----
Closed: Oct 2012
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OS: Windows
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Type: Bug

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Issue 140347: Unable to disable Metro interface on windows 8 RP

Reported by, Aug 2 2012

Issue description

Chrome Version       : <Copy from: 'about:version'>
URLs (if applicable) :
Other browsers tested:
Add OK or FAIL after other browsers where you have tested this issue:
Safari 5:
Firefox 4.x:
IE 7/8/9:

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Set chrome as default browser
2. It will now load as a Metro app, with no ability to disable this
3. You can now no longer play background audio, and are forced to use chrome full screen.

What is the expected result?
Having an option such as the one the Internet Explorer has, to decide weather chrome is Metro or Desktop.

What happens instead?
Chrome is always Metro, unless clicking a link from a desktop app.

Please provide any additional information below. Attach a screenshot if
This ruins much functionality of chrome, especially audio playback

Comment 1 by, Aug 2 2012

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Comment 2 by, Aug 2 2012

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Comment 3 by, Aug 7 2012

I confirm this. It's really annoying... there should be way of setting which version of Chrome you want to run. Or you could just create two shortcuts, like Chrome Desktop and Chrome Metro (or New UI or whatever since Metro is no longer what Microsoft is calling it)

Comment 4 by, Aug 8 2012

I agree this should be addressed, I love the 'Windows 8-style' Mail app but whenever I click a link from an e-mail it opens up in metro-chrome instead of my (already open in another monitor) desktop chrome app.

Comment 5 by, Aug 10 2012

Project Member
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Comment 6 by, Aug 15 2012

Does the same for me as well, I hope it gets fixed.

Since Chrome updates in the background it's hard for me to tell if it was an update to Chrome that caused this, but it definitely began in the last week or so.  Whenever Chrome is the default browser, the Start menu icon opens it in Metro and any link you click opens the Metro browser.

Comment 7 by, Aug 16 2012

another vote to disable metro version

Comment 8 by Deleted ...@, Aug 16 2012

^ ditto.

Comment 9 by, Aug 18 2012

This definitely needs to be addressed pronto. As a work-around for those suffering this issue, if you pin Chrome to the task bar and launch it from there, it'll launch the desktop version. Alternatively, if you do WIN + R to launch the run dialog, and type "chrome", that'll also launch Chrome on the desktop.

Definitely highlights the major pains that this Metro interface is going to bring. Having two versions of every application, inexplicably bound to their own isolated environment (desktop or metro) is something I don't think just takes a little "getting use to".

Comment 10 by, Aug 18 2012

Perhaps as a feature request, it would be nice if Chrome had the ability to switch itself between the desktop and metro. Maybe as an option in the spanner drop-down.

Comment 11 by, Aug 18 2012

+1 on vote to give ability disable metro ui from start menu... really a pain for those of us that rely on typing links from the start menu for speed

Comment 12 by, Aug 20 2012

+1 Give users the choice, the metro interface is half assed and inconvenient.

Comment 13 by, Aug 22 2012

Would be great if this had a similar option to IE which has a setting to always open links in desktop or metro mode.

Comment 14 by Deleted ...@, Aug 24 2012

I wouldn't mind the Metro interface (and in fact, I would prefer it) if it had the ability to play background audio!

Comment 15 by, Aug 24 2012

It's simple... make an option in which you choose to use ALWAYS the Desktop version, or ALWAYS the Metro version, or just AUTOMATICALLY choose whether it should use the Desktop version (you click a link from a Desktop app) or the Metro version (you click a link from a Metro app). In fact, this third option is what is implemented right now and we are just asking to be able to force to always use Desktop.

Comment 16 by Deleted ...@, Aug 30 2012

Workaround = pin the shortcut to the taskbar. In the start menu right click the icon and at the bottom choose pin to taskbar. Now goto the desktop and click on the chrome icon in the taskbar to launch desktop version.

Comment 17 by, Aug 30 2012

The workaround to Pin to Start the desktop shortcut helps a bit, but it doesn't keep links clicked from Windows Store apps from opening the Windows Store version of the Chrome browser. Once the Windows Store version catches up with IE to make use of Windows RT properly (like handing right click correctly, using screen space more efficiently, etc.), this won't be an issue. But for now, the best bet is to always jump to the desktop.

Comment 18 by, Sep 2 2012

For people with shortcut keys mapped to launch a browser (or who have keyboards with a dedicated "Launch Browser" key) Chrome always opens in Metro mode even when already at the desktop.

The only solution at the moment appears to be to "upgrade" to Firefox :(

Comment 19 by, Sep 5 2012

I can't believe this half baked 'feature' graduated from the canary builds.  If the modern interface is going to move forward, it should be a single instance of Chrome with a toolbar icon to switch between Modern/Desktop mode.  All of my extensions, theme, etc., should be there regardless.  If I have Chrome open on my desktop, I never want to see the modern interface.  If it's not, and I open a link from the modern version, I will eventually want to transition into the desktop mode and stay there.  Ideally, I would like to just turn off the modern mode altogether.  I can't believe this isn't an option.

Comment 20 Deleted

Comment 21 by, Sep 11 2012

This is really a stupid feature, music stopped playing when switched to other apps, scroll bar looks unbelievably ugly, on the top there is unused space, and you can not exit when you click "exit" in the Wrench menu, this is definitely an experiment that should only appear in chrome:flags.

Comment 22 by Deleted ...@, Sep 13 2012

This is something that appears to have changed recently.  Up until about a week ago I could run  a desktop and 'metro' version of chrome at the same time.  Now, whichever I start first becomes the one and only regardless of where I click links from.
Although having two versions of the same browser running simultaneously isn't ideal, (Microsofts fault IMO), it at least gave me the flexibility I require.....idle browsing/reading in the metro version and downloading, background audio & video and side-by-side windows in the desktop version.
Please at least give us the option to revert to the old behavior until the whole duality issue irons itself out.

Comment 23 by Deleted ...@, Sep 14 2012

With multiple monitors, Chrome in metro mode is useless.

Comment 24 by Deleted ...@, Sep 14 2012

This actually made me switch back to IE as my default browser... so I hope you fix it soon.

Comment 25 by, Sep 14 2012

Same here. It's really annoying. The metro UI does not allow to use the Win+Left/Right/Up shortcuts, it does not play in background, so I really don't see the point of using it when a desktop is available.

Comment 26 by, Sep 14 2012

The point of a metro browser is to be touch friendly. That's why IE uses a swipe from the top with large tiles to switch "tabs". By keeping the same old (and small, compared to a finger) tabs, wrench icon, etc., chrome misses the point. Moving to metro requires rethinking the app, not just a quick port.

Comment 27 by Deleted ...@, Sep 15 2012

Please fix this, it's extremely annoying.

Comment 28 by, Sep 15 2012

Fix please. Full screen chrome on big screens is not user friendly at all.

Comment 29 by, Sep 15 2012

There seriously needs to be a toggle to disable Chrome for Metro and allow a Metro tile that opens the Desktop version.  As it stands now, when I pin the shortcut to the desktop version to Metro, it inevitably disappears.  Please fix urgently, this is a deal breaker for many Windows 8 users.

Comment 30 by Deleted ...@, Sep 17 2012

We don't want Metro Chrome in any capacity whatsoever in our Windows 8 systems.  Please make it possible to pin a link to the start menu that opens the DESKTOP version.

Comment 31 by Deleted ...@, Sep 19 2012

hey google, come on! option to disable this please! inexplicably frustrating :(

Comment 32 by, Sep 27 2012

It seems to have been fixed in the last version, but it strange that there isn't any update on this page. What is the current status of this ticket ?

Comment 33 by Deleted ...@, Sep 27 2012

+1 another please give us the ability to disable chrome metro

Comment 34 by, Sep 28 2012

@Nison: Fixed? What did you notice? I didn't see any option to disable the Metro version.

Comment 35 by, Sep 28 2012

@ednebeth : I don't know for sure, but I had a Windows notification about a new http reader, and Chrome was twice in the list. Closing chrome then open it again make it open in a desktop window. But maybe I was wrong and it was just a weird win8 bug ...

Comment 36 by, Sep 28 2012

As a temporary workaround, if you open up regedit and go to


and rename/remove the DelegateExecute entry then all works fine.

Comment 37 by, Sep 28 2012

And in other subtrees in Chrome.bla-bla-bla\exe\shell rename/remove too.
Method above work up to reboot.

Comment 38 by, Sep 28 2012

@Nison: You noticed this in which channel? Dev?

Comment 39 by, Sep 28 2012

@petersaints It was in the regular channel.

Comment 40 by, Sep 29 2012

It appears that while chrome is the default browser, it will work only in metro mode. However, once I changed the default browser to firefox, chrome began working *only* in desktop mode (even when started from the start screen).
I rechecked this to make sure: I set chrome as default when it asked for it (info bar to the top, right below the address bar). Awindows 8 notification poped up asking me which browser I wanted to use. I chose chrome from the list, and it went back to metro mode only.
I still had firefox open, so didn't get asked about being the default browser, just went to options and set it there. Chrome was still in metro mode only. So I opened control panel -> default programs and set firefox to the default "for all it's defaults". only then did chrome go back to desktop mode only.
This happens in chrome Version 23.0.1271.10 dev-m.

Comment 41 by, Sep 29 2012

please disregard my previous comment (one above). chrome working in desktop only mode when not the default browser appears to be the default behavior in Win8 (it happens to IE10 as well).

Comment 42 by Deleted ...@, Oct 7 2012

If you want to "UnMetro" Google Chrome

Comment 43 by, Oct 8 2012

Thank you!!!  This was a very, very annoying feature(?)

Comment 44 by, Oct 8 2012

Status: WontFix
Users are able to switch between metro chrome and classic chrome using menu options.

Comment 45 by, Oct 8 2012

Why is its status "WontFix" if a fix has been applied ? Just curious.

Comment 46 by, Oct 9 2012

Two months of brokenness followed by a single-line comment that still only applies to the dev branch? Not so good.

I went looking through the commit history to see when this option had been added to the menus but too many commits are missing comments to bother digging. That's just lazy.

Marking this as WontFix is misleading as the original complaint has been fixed by the additional menu option, not just worked around. For anyone not on the dev channel, however, this behaviour is still present and WontFix will lead them to believe that it will remain.

Poor show.

Comment 47 by Deleted ...@, Oct 20 2012

to do this all i did was set IE as default browser then chrome opened as normal. try this. :D

Comment 48 by, Oct 21 2012

No. Not helpful. Go away. :D

Comment 49 by, Oct 26 2012

I am adding a post here since this thread shows up fairly high in the Google results for "disable metro chrome".

I have found you can add --force-desktop to a shortcut to tell Chrome to switch back to desktop mode.  This should take effect once the shortcut is run and then you can remove the switch since it isn't needed anymore.

I am also seeing some registry hacks floating around as a solution; these don't work completely, at least not in the latest Dev version, causing the desktop AND metro versions of Chrome to be run when you try to run Chrome.

Comment 50 by, Oct 29 2012

Deleting "DelegateExecute" at "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ChromeHTML\shell\open\command" or "ChromeHTLMsomething" solved the problem for me. Making IE default browser and defaulting Chrome again didn't solve the issue, editing the registry did.

Comment 51 by Deleted ...@, Nov 1 2012

try this.
1) Open notepad.
2)copy and paste this.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

3)Save as "anything.reg" make sure it is saved as registry file.
4)Double click it and replace.
5) Voila ! :D

Comment 52 by Deleted ...@, Nov 1 2012

or u can just download the attached file.
339 bytes View Download

Comment 53 by Deleted ...@, Nov 5 2012

That .reg does NOT work. Clicking on links from the Metro email opens link in the extremely annoying Metro Chrome.

Who's bright idea to force people to look at web pages in 32"? To click some links you need to move the mouse pointer like 1 meter sometimes. What a mess.

Comment 54 by Deleted ...@, Nov 10 2012

for EVEN i run chrome from DESKTOP! it starts in metro mode! :/ (reinstall did not help..)

Comment 55 by Deleted ...@, Nov 13 2012

it's COMPLETELY annoying, if there is no option to disable the Metro mode, at least let me start the desktop version when hit the shortcut from desktop...

Comment 56 Deleted

Comment 57 by Deleted ...@, Nov 14 2012

Temporary solution: 
2. Delete ChromeHTML from HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT
3. Open Chrome
4. It will ask if you want to make chrome as standard browser, CANCEL THIS!

Now you can just keep using chrome in browser mode untill theres an fix or option to disable or enable metro mode from Chrome.

Comment 58 by, Nov 14 2012

This is just a guess by me, however in the final build of Windows 8 this problem does not exist, which I feel may be the reason this is marked as WontFix.

Comment 59 by Deleted ...@, Nov 14 2012

You know what, after I restart my computer. It allows me to open in either Desktop or Metro mode. 
But at some times, who knows, it starts doing the annoying things to open only in Metro mode again... 

So my temporary solution is just reboot. However, Chrome should fix this!
Metro is not cool for me because I need to do other things while doing searching.

Comment 60 Deleted

Comment 61 by Deleted ...@, Dec 2 2012

Yea this is also annoying me
ive reinstalled google chrome a few times already
i think if they don't fix this asap i would really consider switching to another browser just so i dont have to deal with this

Comment 62 by Deleted ...@, Dec 7 2012

New Support

Reg File Doesn't work ....

***** Try New Reg File *****
UnMetroGoogleChrome New.reg
796 bytes View Download

Comment 63 by Deleted ...@, Dec 16 2012

I updated latest dev build and now i'm stuck with Chrome starting always in Metro version. Really annoying.

Comment 64 by, Mar 11 2013

Project Member
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Comment 65 by, Mar 23 2013

Single tasking ;-(. We left DOS and its crappy quirks and now you are forcing it's single tasking limitations back on us through the full screen metro UI. I hate IE but will not use ANY metro UI only application including Chrome. It has never been user friendly. Now it just sucks. Only used it for downloading large files (.ISO images). Now I will find another app for that purpose. Fix it.

Comment 66 by Deleted ...@, Mar 11 2014

Really hate this, I have done made the registry changes you find doing searches for solutions but my problem persists. More specifically I cannot drag a tab from my chrome window on one monitor onto another monitor without it auto-launching metro chrome. GROSS

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