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Status: WontFix
Owner: ----
Closed: Sep 2008
EstimatedDays: ----
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OS: All
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Type: Bug

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Issue 1334: Auto-filled input text box yellow background highlight cannot be turned off!

Reported by, Sep 5 2008

Issue description

Product Version      : 1583
URLs (if applicable) : this very one for example :)
Other browsers tested:
Add OK or FAIL after other browsers where you have tested this issue:
     Safari 3: OK
    Firefox 3: OK
         IE 7: OK

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Log in to any site that has a member login
2. Log out
3. You will see yellow (#FAFFBD) background on all auto-filled text input 

What is the expected result?
The text input box background color should remain as it is set in user's 
css table

What happens instead?
The text input box background color changes to an undesired value causing 
the page look bad

Please provide any additional information below. Attach a screenshot if 
The cause of the wrong behavior is the following.

There is a hard-coded css definition inside Chrome:

input:-webkit-autofill { background-color: #FAFFBD !important; background-
image:none !important; }

The "!important" keyword makes it impossible to change autofill background 
to anything else than this color.  As it turns out, using background images 
here would be difficult as well.
I especially tested Safari (Windows) for having this "bug" and found out 
that it works very well, having no undesired behavior. Additionally, Safari 
has the Autofill option for user input turned off by default, unlike 
Chrome.  It might be also not very obvious for average user how to turn 
this option off in Chrome, so they would see the ugly partially colored 
rounded input boxes as on the screenshot I am attaching.
As you can see, in this case the "special" behaviour of your browser 
becomes a real bug as it can't be turned off. I believe that using CSS3 
rounded input boxes would give more beautiful output, but I will not use 
them sooner than IE and Opera would have support for them for some 5 years 
or so. Anyway, yellow should not be used on this particular site at all!  
My customer is very picky about such things.  How can I make him happy when 
Chrome is going to capture a considerable amount of the market in the next 
few months but IE will still be the most used browser?

So I strongly suggest you to remove "!important" keywords from the above 
mentioned definitions as soon as possible.  Well, PLEASE remove it!

The forced input outline highlight is also a bad idea in my opinion. 
Fortunately, it can be turned off easily enough (*:focus {outline: none;}), 
so my sites will look as they should in this regard.  But it would still 
prevent me (and possibly many other people) from using Chrome as the vast 
majority of web sites will not be updated this way (and I am totally sure 
about Google here).  So please ensure that these outline highlight can be 
turned off in browser preferences.

These are the most important issue with Chrome to this moment in my 
opinion.  I spent time describing it for you as I wish success to your 
project. Keep up the good work!

Igor Menadzhiev
Russian Federation
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Comment 3 by, Sep 7 2008

Well, I asked you to remove the !important keyword only, so the behavior will stay 
but the site author will be able to change the color at least.
By the way, Apple did NOT inherit this coloring behavior from WebKit in Safari!  So 
you may consider removing it as well. You just need to document a possibility to 
highlight focused and prefilled inpits.
Anyway, it is not good to have any significant differences in rendering behavior from 
other browsers (Safari as well), as it will cause anger of webmasters who try to make  
their sites look the same in any browser. In this case, one would not have a chance 
as some popular browsers just cannot do such a highlights!
Please please fix this issue!

Comment 4 by Deleted ...@, Sep 19 2008

For me the same issue, im not that they remove this feature completely but at least
provide some code so if someone dont want it they can remove it.
19.2 KB View Download

Comment 5 by Deleted ...@, Oct 17 2008

This is VERY bad on dark themes, because when the input field text is white, or near 
white. It is not visible on a yellow field. It looks like an empty yellow box. This 
looks terrible.

Comment 6 by Deleted ...@, Nov 6 2008

I completely agree.

It also overrides any image background which is there, which is even worse!

Comment 7 by Deleted ...@, Jan 1 2009

Why would you not allow this to be overridden with CSS? It is understandable if it is 
something inherited from web kit on initial implementation but there is no excuse not 
to fix this.

Meanwhile, I'll have to resort to mimicking input fields if my customers don't like 
this behavior which is very inconvenient.

Comment 8 by, Jan 11 2009

I second the comment by 

Comment 1 by, Sep 05, 2008

we've just found to our frustration, Chrome changing form values when the form is not 
in fact a login. 

.. but I guess it should be seperate issue?

Comment 9 by, Feb 17 2009

It's ludicrous to change the background to an arbitrary color and not the foreground.  
Can you at least change the foreground to black if you're going to change the 
background color?  White or yellow text on a yellow background is totally unreadable.

Comment 10 by, Feb 18 2009

This is ridiculous. I'm trying to create a site that has dark coloured text boxes and  
forms are turning butt ugly on page load.

Either allow the background colour to be overwritten by CSS, remove the background 
colour, or change the text colour to black.

Attached is a screenshot.
1.2 KB View Download

Comment 11 by Deleted ...@, Feb 18 2009

Agreed! this is not good. Building a dark themed site also and it looks great in all 
browsers except chrome because the input background-color style is ignored. Can't see 
any value in not being able to override this setting.

Comment 12 by, Mar 18 2009

"We inherit this coloring behavior from WebKit and I believe it's by design. It 
allows the user to understand the data has been prefilled."

Actually on dark-themed websites it doesn't allow the user to understand anything, as 
they can't read what's in the boxes.  And somehow I doubt this behavior was inherited 
from WebKit because (a) Safari doesn't do this and (b) it happens to be the same 
yellow that you get in other browsers when you install the Google Toolbar.  At least 
for the Google Toolbar you can put !important on your background color to override 
the yellow, but that's not really a solution, and it doesn't work with Chrome.

Please fix this error in Chromium.  Somehow I doubt that it would take very long.  
Just change the text color to black as you change the background color to yellow.

Comment 13 by Deleted ...@, Apr 1 2009

I can't believe you guys are all backing out form Google!

No one would stand for this from Microsoft, or fire fox! Imagine MS deciding to 
automatically colour all text boxed in red - would you say "at least make the text 
green?" No! you would demand their would not mess with your hard worked CSS styles!

I cannot imagin after working so hard styling my customer's sites - that Google 
Chrom has the nerves to mess up my UI!!!

This is absolutley unacceptable, there is no negotiation to be made - you guys MUST 
conform to standarts.

Same goes for highlighting active text boxes.

You should not expect designers to add special CSS definitions only for your 
browser - we have too many as it is already.

It whould be configurable on the browser level AND OFF BY DEFAULT!

The main reason people use IE is that it renders most / all sites and looks as 
intended. FF and other great browsers deformes HTML and this is why users don't like 
them. With this "Feature" Chrome will surley not become as popular as we all hoped, 
especially with this attitude by it's development team.

Good luck to everyone, and may a better day come soon where we will only need to 
write 1 HTML and Javascript code for all browsers!

Comment 14 by, Apr 8 2009

I don't even like the color of the active field highlighting. the Safari one looks much 
better. can't there be an option added to choose the color of the active field 

Comment 15 by Deleted ...@, Jun 25 2009

Just add autocomplete="off" in your form

<form autocomplete="off">

.. I know don't thank me, I saw it in a website just before I came here :D

Comment 16 by, Jun 25 2009

@15: That's an alright solution to disable it, however we shouldn't have to disable
it because it looks ugly. We should just be able to either change or negate the COLOURS.

Comment 17 by, Aug 8 2009

This is absolutely stupid. The !important SHOULD DEFINITELY be removed. I don't want to 
disable auto complete just to style it the way I want it.

Comment 18 by Deleted ...@, Aug 11 2009

I concur. This especially looks bad when you're using background images on the field.
The yellow box covers it up.

Comment 19 by, Sep 10 2009

I just stumbled upon this issue with an interface I'm designing that uses dark 
backgrounds and colored inputs.  TERRIBLE!  If we could ad an !important to the text 
box in our CSS to stop it, that would be great.

Comment 20 by, Sep 22 2009

This is not helpful at all... The form elements are a disaster with this yellow!

Comment 21 by, Sep 24 2009

Please, revome the !important declaration.
Forms look terrible with dark backgrounds.

The option "autocomplete="off"" invalidates html 
and is not desirable by the end user.

Comment 22 by Deleted ...@, Sep 25 2009

This is wrong and needs to be fixed. 

At the very least it should be possible to override this through CSS.

Comment 23 by, Sep 30 2009

Is there a fix??? website with a dark background looks TERRIBLE. This yellow 
background of form input fields must go.

Comment 24 by, Oct 3 2009

I have the same problem, and i don't want to disable autocomplete on my login form !

Is there a fix to solve this problem ?
Thx !

Comment 25 by, Oct 3 2009

Currently the only solution lies in getting the developers to change this bug fix from 
"WontFix". Other then turning off autocomplete, nothing can be done.

Comment 26 Deleted

Comment 27 by Deleted ...@, Dec 1 2009

I got something working!
I did it with the following css-code:

input:focus {
	background-position: 0 0;

After that I set my page's onload event to the following function:

function loadPage()
	if (document.login)//if the form login exists, focus:
	{;//the username input
		document.login.pass.focus();//the password input
		document.login.login.focus();//the login button (submitbutton)


<body onload="pageLoad();">

This works in Chrome!

Comment 28 by Deleted ...@, Dec 4 2009

Doesn't seem to work for me, only autocomplete="off lets me choose th bg color

Comment 29 by, Dec 5 2009

Completely bogus response. The !important has NO BUSINESS being there. Period.

Comment 30 Deleted

Comment 31 Deleted

Comment 32 by Deleted ...@, Dec 11 2009

Maybe you "WontFix" the most retarded part of Google Chrome, but could you at least 
provide a decent workaround for webdesigners who actually care about user experience?

Comment 33 by Deleted ...@, Dec 16 2009

If your templates, cms and workflow allow to do that easily, you should still be able to override Chrome's css 
!important rule with an inline style !important rule.

I didn't test it since I've no Chrome on this machine but this is how specicifity works per spec and how it's 
implemented in webkit.

It won't fix the sites you visit but it will at least fix the sites you author.

Comment 34 by, Dec 16 2009

That doesn't work, which is why this is such a piss-off.

Currently the only option is apdekker93's JavaScript or the autocomplete="off" attribute. Both of which are not ideal.

Comment 35 by Deleted ...@, Dec 20 2009

All the focus is on the background-color but input:-webkit-autofill only styles the 
background. In my case I was using nearly the same color text in the input fields as 
the pseudo-class rendering the 'autofilled text' literally invisible.

But this was easy enough to fix with:

    input:-webkit-autofill {
        color: #2a2a2a !important; /*important not necessary but if they think so 

While it isn't ideal for most folks in my case it ended up looking like part of my 
design. And while I sympathize with everyone wanting to control that feature, I 
understand the theoretical argument from Google that allowing that to be changed 
would remove consistency in the visitor experience with the browser (not your 
website). If it happens on all websites then visitors aren't going to freak out when 
the text box turns yellow, quite the contrary they'll know exactly what is going on.

However, considering sites using background images in the inputs that argument simply 
doesn't hold up. If the browser feature breaks the design of the very sites it is 
supposedly designed to render and in this case enhance, then it is failing.

It seems a ridiculous oversight in the webkit useragent stylesheet, if insistent on 
enforcing !important on the pseudo-class, to not also change the text color as well.

That said, I agree with several comments posted here: 

* The web development community would never shut up if it was IE doing this. 
* If this doesn't happen in Safari why is it WontFix for something that doesn't seem 
to need fixed from the upstream source (unless Safari is changing it).
* Why not do something around and on top of the field that doesn't interfere with 
it's original appearance but accomplishes the same effect?
* Adding even one line of markup/script/code to deal with the browser seems wholly 
ridiculous and I expect more from Google than from Microsoft

We can only wish that WontFix didn't mean "won't" and instead meant "wont" is in, "in 
the habit of fixing such ridiculous but obviously annoying and potentially 
disorienting features that were intended to improve the user experience, as opposed 
to discolor them that we aren't even going to list it as an accepted bug because it 
so embarrassing that we don't want to admit it publicly but will have fixed in the 
next release." Because to the average visitor it makes the website look bad when the 
page appears messed up or confusing, not the browser.

Comment 36 by, Dec 27 2009

Waiting for this to be resolved also.

Comment 37 by, Jan 3 2010

I don't think they'll look at your responses now its status is WontFix, maybe someone 
should reopen this discussion in a new bug report?

Comment 38 by Deleted ...@, Jan 16 2010

beingzoe, thanks for the awesome temporary work around. The yellow background still 
clashes horribly with my design, but at least the autofill text is readable now.

Comment 39 by Deleted ...@, Jan 22 2010

I have the same issue with my site. This needs to be fixed dear Chrome Developers!

Comment 40 by, Jan 23 2010

It is fine to have the default style yellow, even though I don't personally think
it's a good idea (if something is autofilled then it's obvious with or without the
background color) but at least remove the important flag. Otherwise it means that
many websites look uglier in Chrome but better in other browsers.

Comment 41 by, Jan 28 2010

input:-webkit-autofill {
        color: #2a2a2a !important; /*important not necessary but if they think so 

Thanks, I think it's the best workaround at the moment...

Comment 42 by, Feb 9 2010

Please remove this, it's horrible.
I'm stuck with the option of breaking the design or breaking the usability of the site.
There should always be a way to make things look nice and work well.

Comment 43 by Deleted ...@, Feb 10 2010

Just adding my support on this one. It is ridiculous to hardcode such crap. I really had 
no issues with Chrome (that I couldn't deal with instantly) until I had to face this. 
There are plenty of other ways to show/indicate that it's prefilled, if that's really a 
must for Chrome to have that. Which in my opinion doesn't add anything to the usability 

It's useless, if there's text in a login form, users will know that. They most-likely own 
the account and therefore know the website and if they don't then it's not their info, 
but prefilled by the website and/or another user. When a input field is filled while 
loading a website, the user will be able to use common sense. It feels more like a 
function MS could place in their OS under their 'Ease of Access Center'. 'Though I doubt 
it would be of any use to anyone - ever.

Just my thoughts. But I don't think Chrome is making friends with this ;-)

Comment 44 Deleted

Comment 45 Deleted

Comment 46 by, Feb 19 2010

It is true that Google Toolbar adds this feature to other browsers, too. But there the 
user can disable this, while it is hard-coded in Chrome.

The way this behaviour is implemented at this moment is in no way something that could 
be called user friendly. The users should be able to turn this off and web developers 
to change the way it looks, so it fits into their design.

Comment 47 by Deleted ...@, Mar 4 2010

Please FIX these UGLY yellow backgrounds in Chrome.

My only solution so far is to use a different browser.

Comment 48 by Deleted ...@, Mar 13 2010

Please remove the !important. All of my customers are upset over this. They want 
consistent look and feel across browsers. Because of this oversight, the ONLY browser 
on the PLANET that can't achieve consistent look and feel is Chrome.

It's not like this is a little thing. We're talking INPUT FIELDS! People log in to 
countless web sites every day. Chrome is breaking consistent look and feel for every 
single web site on the planet.

..and I thought IE6 was bad.

Comment 49 by Deleted ...@, Mar 20 2010

Yes, please Google remove that.
I can't believe you have done such non-standard stuff.

Comment 50 Deleted

Comment 51 by Deleted ...@, Mar 20 2010

"Status: WontFix"

WTF Google? I used to recommend people to Chrome or Firefox now it's back to just
Firefox. This is the stupidest thing and no possibility to override it. Is it really
that hard to allow an override like Safari?

Comment 52 by, Mar 26 2010

I've just come across this and it totally ruins the black background design of my page.

At the VERY least provide a workaround for this. I'm used to having to hack around code 
for IE, but at least I CAN usually hack it around to do what I want, unlike what we 
have here with Chrome.

Comment 53 by, Apr 5 2010

I completely agree with all the above posts. The opinion of the community seems to be 
quite unanimous that this behaviour should be overridable. It's kind of embarrassing 
that Google is completely shunning the community of designers that they're trying to 
win over.

This really needs to change. In the meantime, I'm working on a Chrome extension that 
would revert the behaviour, but I'm afraid it is going to have to resort to a JS hack.

Comment 54 by, Apr 6 2010

For those interested, the extension can be found here:

Comment 55 by Deleted ...@, May 11 2010

Please remove this annoying error. It has been almost two years, and still not been
repaired. Gentlemen! What is it?
Chrome error.png
388 bytes View Download

Comment 56 by Deleted ...@, May 19 2010

I use this code to avoid this issue:
if ($.browser.webkit) {
    $('input[name="password"]').attr('autocomplete', 'off');
This wrote on jQuery, but can easily be implemet on anything else.
It seems to fit my needs.

Comment 57 by Deleted ...@, May 28 2010

Dear google,

Please fix this problem, CSS was made for a reason.

Thank you.

Comment 58 by, May 29 2010

It is atrocious that I cannot choose how I want my form to look. Google, please have 
faith in web developers that they will Do The Right Thing and set their own appropriate 
colours for autofill.

Actually it wouldn't be quite as bad if Chrome at the VERY LEAST set a "color" to go 
with "background-color". My form background is dark and the text is white, but Chrome 
only overrides the background, making the text illegible. Grrrr!!!

Comment 59 by Deleted ...@, May 29 2010

Removing this "feature" will only help the browser speed. Not that much, but still.

Comment 60 by, May 31 2010

Browser's should not dictate styles to websites, if a website wants pink and green text 
boxes, thats their decision, not the browsers!

Comment 61 by Deleted ...@, May 31 2010

This works for me, jquery 1.4.2 (maybe lower)
    function fixYellow() {
        if (navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf('chrome') > -1) {
            $id = 'loginForm';
            $.each($("#"+$id+" :input[type=text], #"+$id+" :input[type=password]"), 
function(i, j) {
                t = $('#';
    window.setTimeout(fixYellow, 100);

Comment 62 by, Jun 1 2010

Yeah I don't see how this being inherited from WebKit is a reason or a solution to 
anything. Who cares where it got inherited from, the fact that matters is no other 
major browser does this by default except Chrome, hence, Chrome does not render pages 
in the same way the other major browsers do - simple as that. And I wholeheartedly 
agree with all people trying to make a dark skin to look right with Chrome which is 
simply impossible. Should I refer all my clients to you for explanation on why it is 
nearly impossible to achieve in Chrome.

The only thing that kind of works is the jQuery hack (#61) which of course has it's 
problems too. For example if you have 3 inputs (text,password,image) all on the same 
line - using that jquery snippet would move my image button before the text boxes. My 
solution was to replace the <input type="image" /> with a regular <img /> wrapped in 
a link that submits my form using javascript. 

So much fun and wasted time because of some stupid WebKit inheritance...

And on a side note, doesn't the Android web browser use WebKit and Form Autofill as 
well? If so then why doesn't it color all fields in yellow too?

Comment 63 by, Jun 13 2010

Why is this WontFix? Chrome makes our dark-themed site look terrible and users blame us. We have to use these crazy Javascript workarounds to fix this bug.

Comment 64 by Deleted ...@, Jun 14 2010

Hmmmm... stupid Chromium developers :-( !

Comment 65 by, Jun 15 2010

I have intentionally duplicated this issue at as I suspect that the WontFix status is due to a misunderstanding of what was being requested, and is now causing this issue to be ignored.

Comment 66 Deleted

Comment 67 by, Jun 16 2010

Pleeeeese! Fix that bug!!!! ;(

Comment 68 by Deleted ...@, Jun 28 2010

I fixed this userscript up real quick, should get rid of the problem.

Comment 69 by, Jul 17 2010

agree with topic's point.

if chrome want to notify user the field is changed, you guys should think of the other way, the code make website ugly

Comment 70 by, Jul 21 2010

OMG I think I've gone blind.. I can't see the text box content!
Google.. do you have eye doctors?

Oh, what's that you say? 
"Users should know what's going on, that's why we do this"

My response:
"WTF is going on.. I can't see any text, it looks like the site has been hacked!!"

It's no wonder these problems occur when Google hires like 100 engineers to 1 designer.... Where are all the interaction designer jobs on Google???

Comment 71 Deleted

Comment 72 by, Aug 8 2010

It is unbelievable that it has been two years and the problem is still existent. It would take that of 10 seconds to open the file delete the word !important and save. Then let it go out in the next update. Come on.

Comment 73 by, Aug 8 2010

Do you Chrome guys have plans for designing our websites completely or does that apply on form-inputs exclusively? :P

Comment 74 by Deleted ...@, Aug 17 2010

i agree with everyone this is just stupid - i disable autofill in options and it still fills in my password - what the .. and also fills in fields to change my password when i dont want it changed :S

you should fire your chrome developers

Comment 75 by, Aug 29 2010

What a joke!  Just plain f*#*!@@ ugly and really pointless, if you have to do something , do it on the border not the background.

Comment 76 by Deleted ...@, Aug 30 2010

Sigo sin entender como corregir el error desde web o desde CSS. Por que daña las hojas de estilo de muchas webs

Comment 77 by Deleted ...@, Aug 30 2010

Sigo sin entender como corregir el error desde web o desde CSS. Por que daña las hojas de estilo de muchas webs... lo peor del caso no solo en Chormium sino en Chorme.. ya paso el Bug.. al navegador principal...

Comment 78 by, Sep 10 2010

I just cannot believe it.
This is a business organisation website, I can't possibly let people use something THIS ugly. And reverting to simple forms with no background styling is just... lame. Google, you undermine my company's image, as well as my own, as a professional.

Comment 79 by, Sep 22 2010

Why is the browser forcing styles at all?! At LEAST make it so !important can override it! The is so annoying! Please fix it Google!

Comment 80 by, Sep 22 2010

How is this ticket "closed"? It's not solved at all.

Comment 81 by, Sep 22 2010

#80 sadly this seems to be somehow typical Chrome attitude... see this one:

Comment 82 by, Sep 22 2010

Ahhh Chromium doesn't do that? I'm using Chrome and it has the auto-hide nav and tab bar that appears when you move he mouse to the top. I thought Chromium is suppose to be more advanced and features get carried over from Chromium to Chrome. Not true? In any case, that's a really unacceptable way to handle issues. Way to piss off your users Chromium.

Comment 83 by, Sep 27 2010

Please re-open this problem. It is a real downfall.

Comment 84 Deleted

Comment 85 by, Sep 27 2010

We do see it. And we don't agree.

Comment 86 by, Sep 27 2010

For years we struggle making pages look the way we want them to look, in all browsers. And then someone decides that some inputs will be yellow.

Comment 87 by, Sep 27 2010


You think this is accessible:

(There's text in that text box, by the way.)

Give me a break... this needs to be changed so it can be overridden with the "!important" rule (at the very least).

Comment 88 by, Sep 27 2010

seriously? this is really annoying. please fix!

Comment 89 by, Sep 27 2010

No, but it forces you to make it so. :) I'm not saying it's a perfect solution.

Comment 90 by, Sep 27 2010

I know it does, that's the problem; it shouldn't!

There're no solutions here, only hacks (for a problem that shouldn't exist in the first place).

Comment 91 by, Sep 27 2010

Ok, the run down is like this:

- google thinks it's a good standard.
- anyone who's made a site with a 'darkish' colour scheme loses out

END RESULT: unusable websites.. say 10-30% of the web?

Obviously the chrome devs are not interested in fixing this problem, or WORSE, they don't know how to (please everyone).

1 - find someone you know that works for Google and send the msg on... STRONGER.
2 - call up, go in for an interview... ppl contact can work!
3 - make a catchy/viral youtube video. Google seems to like making these and they are the best way to spread a msg to the masses. I suggest this. Perhaps a collection of screenshots proving the uselessness of Chrome?

PS. I have to say that I like the power and resource usage of Chrome, but if FF4 improves things, then I will drop chrome in about 2 flaps of a honeybee.

You have my Axe!

Comment 92 by Deleted ...@, Sep 28 2010

Mmm... I have to agree. This is was a very stupid idea. Anyways... doubt they see it important! enough to do anything about it.

Comment 93 by, Sep 28 2010

This yellow background is really annoying the hell out people, and the solutions is so easy.
Google developers, why are you making other developers angry for no reason at all?

Comment 94 by Deleted ...@, Oct 1 2010

First of all, please don't kick me in the face if we aren't allowed to do this.

Download a hex editor. Open the file chrome.dll inside it. on Win7 you find the file here: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\6.0.472.63(or whatever version you have).

Make a copy of the file, just in case you mess something up

Inside the hex editor search for the string: input:-webkit-autofill

As you might see. The area you are looking at now is CSS code. You can remove the word !important or the whole area if you like. 

You should NOT delete the area, but overwrite it with whitespaces (space button on your keyboard) until the area you want to delete is white. If you delete the area using delete or backspace, it might break it. In other words. You should not change the file length.

Attached a few pics of how it looks

Again, if this is against any rules, don't do it! And someone delete this comment.
Billede uden titel.png
7.7 KB View Download
Billede uden titel2.png
3.9 KB View Download

Comment 95 by, Oct 1 2010

I'm aware that there are ways to hack MY browser to do what I want. But it's more important for everyone else to see my site the way it's suppose to look without Chrome forcing styles onto it, that I cannot overwrite.

Comment 96 by Deleted ...@, Oct 8 2010

Please fix. This is not a feature.

Comment 97 by, Oct 11 2010

You can turn off autocomplete on your forms and fields which disables Chrome's AutoFill feature (autocomplete="off"). This is the only solution I have found for this problem - disable AutoFill for everyone just so users with Chrome don't have to see ugly yellow boxes (nor do I have to hear about them each time from my boss because he's got the Google Toolbar which does the same even in IE)...

<form autocomplete="off">


<!-- not sure if you need this for each individual field if you already have it on your <form> - not sure if it gets inherited - haven't tried it -->

<input type="text|password" class="input-class" autocomplete="off" />



Comment 98 by, Oct 20 2010

 Issue 32434  has been merged into this issue.

Comment 99 by, Oct 20 2010

 Issue 57089  has been merged into this issue.

Comment 100 by Deleted ...@, Oct 27 2010

I wrote a simple program in Lazarus, which uses dennis.jakobsen2's method to patch the browser. Works with Chrome 7 as well.

Comment 101 by, Oct 28 2010

This has to be fixed

Comment 102 by, Oct 28 2010

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