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Status: Fixed
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Closed: Mar 2013
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OS: Android
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Type: Bug

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issue 174392

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Homescreen icon is small and embedded inside a page icon when apple-touch-icon available

Project Member Reported by, Apr 25 2012

Issue description

Chrome Version: 0.18

Behavior in Android Browser (if applicable):
Does the right thing, showing the full icon specified.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Go to a page with an apple-touch-icon specified in the <head> (eg.
2. Bookmark it
3. Find the bookmark
4. Long press the bookmark
5. Select add to homescreen

Expected result:
The apple-touch-icon is used, and proudly displayed.

Actual result:
The apple-touch-icon might be used, or it might be the <link rel="icon">. Either way it's much smaller and embedded inside a page icon.

Attached is an image of the problem (top icon made with Android browser, bottom icon made with Chrome for Android)
Screen Shot 2012-04-25 at 2.40.56 PM.png
39.9 KB View Download
Status: Untriaged

Comment 2 by, Jun 28 2012

When adding a shortcut on the home screen for, the same problem can be observed.
Labels: Area-UI Feature-Bookmarks
Status: Available
 Issue 123903  has been merged into this issue.

Comment 5 by, Jul 30 2012

This feature really needs to be added to Chrome for Android. I regularly get complaints from customers about this issue. IE 10 is going to support a variation that lets you create a square live tile for your apps in Windows 8, seems Android should at least try to keep up whether its supporting the iOS touch-icons, the MSFT Tile Image or something custom for Android.

Labels: Type-Bug Mstone-24 ReleaseBlock-Beta
Status: Assigned
Summary: Homescreen icon is small and embedded inside a page icon when apple-touch-icon available
This is actually a bug as when we do have the full  res app-touch-icon, we should be using it as we do on the NTP bookmarks page. 

Lets review this as part of ongoing work we are teeing up for M24. 
Placeholder icons replaced the touch icons as per a previous bug report. 

Comment 8 by, Oct 4 2012

I realize Google decided they did not want to get sued by Apple over something trivial like an icon representing a web application. But instead of supporting the Apple meta tag directive you should at least be innovative like Microsoft ( and offer up an alternative. Providing a rich user experience is very important to me and millions of other web developers. One of the biggest complaints I hear about mobile web applications is the poor icon support on Android since you dropped supporting the apple tags. This seems like a very simple fix to me, create a new tag, Android-Icon or something like that and just reuse the same logic you were using before. I don't know why this is hard. For a company that prides itself on being a leader in web technologies this is just lame.

Comment 9 by, Oct 18 2012

Labels: ImportantForMobile

Comment 10 by, Oct 23 2012

Labels: -Mstone-24 -ReleaseBlock-Beta Mstone-25 ReleaseBlock-Dev
We opted for a more consistent "add to homepage" icon.  See attached for experience w. NYTimes.   
Leaving bug open bc agree visual improvements can be made.  
476 KB View Download
I don't see how it is consistent when you use the touch icons on the bookmarks page in the browser. Its more likely to confuse. I would think most people would agree nyt touch icon looks better than the default icon. The default bookmark icons look like something from windows 3.1.

Comment 13 by, Nov 27 2012

Labels: Project-Refresh
Labels: -ReleaseBlock-Dev
Labels: -Project-Refresh
Labels: -Mstone-25 MovedFrom-25 Mstone-26
Punting all M25 non-release blocker to M26
 Issue 169363  has been merged into this issue.
 Issue 170372  has been merged into this issue.
Should we fix it?

Comment 24 by, Jan 24 2013

yes please fix this. You are Google and you are supposed to be fanboys of HTML5, this is a simple feature. Even Microsoft has a way to solve this issue in IE10 and add more functionality with pinned sites. Step up to the plate for use HTML5 geeks!
Could you at least explain what is going on here? You link a picture of the NYT icon on a screen with absolutely no explanation whatsoever. Everything I have tried produces the result the OP referred to, so if there is a way to do what you are showing there can you explain it? Or is that just an image you made in Photoshop? When I add the NYT to the homescreen it looks like the OP's image not yours.
I think the point being is that the NYT icon looks bad. (With the awkward transparency effect it has) so they opted to not use touch icons and use their own style ones.
Labels: Restrict-AddIssueComment-Commit
All - thanks for the feedback. 

We understand we have to address this and are actively looking into. Please star the issue to follow along and we hope to have some visible updates on this front soon. Adding in a restrict label to keep comments to ones that track changes that are forthcoming. 
Blockedon: chromium:174392
discussed at UI review - 
we'll use the touch icon but also force round the corners.  
will update w. new spec

Comment 30 Deleted

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Now that Android is dominant force in the mobile OS market, please get this sorted out, it's pretty basic as stated a million times above...

Comment 34 by, Feb 25 2013

Labels: -Mstone-26 Mstone-27 MovedFrom-26
Committed r144696: <> <link rel="apple-touch-icon"> tag is not honored on, etc
Status: Fixed
Landed in trunk as a05c72e100684319e0197de18d2e03e8c5da90f1

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