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Closed: Apr 2012
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Webpages with complex layer use hit memory limits
Project Member Reported by, Apr 5 2012 Back to list

This page is hitting our memory limits imposed on viewport size.

We now drop textures in background tabs, so we should increase this memory limit. While multiple windows will still fight for memory, we should have much less of a problem.

I propose we just limit on the hard bounds we have now, and drop the viewport-size-based restriction, for M19. (We will work on making real bounds for each tab in the future.)
Summary: Webpages with complex layer use hit memory limits (was: NULL)
I'm supportive of that approach.  I checked the brain-css page and it uses about 88MB of textures fullscreen in a 24" monitor whereas we only give it about 64MB.  Other sites that show issues, especially when the window size gets small are:

Neither of them are using unreasonable amounts of texture memory but at smaller window sizes we start dropping content.

Labels: WebKit-ID-83316
Project Member Comment 5 by, Apr 6 2012
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Status: Fixed
Comment 9 by, Apr 14 2012
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Let's see what this does in the Dev channel.  I'm admittedly a little scared of what the fall out will be from hitting the lower memory limits will be.

Removing merge-request, until we have data next week.
Sounds good thanks.
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Ping for merge request.
Comment 12 by, Apr 19 2012
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Project Member Comment 14 by, Oct 13 2012
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