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Chrome freezes Windows 7 on page with css @font-face

Reported by, Mar 4 2012

Issue description

Chrome Version       : 17.0.963.56 (Offizieller Build 121963) m
URLs (if applicable) :
Other browsers tested:
Add OK or FAIL after other browsers where you have tested this issue:
     Safari 5: OK
  Firefox 4.x: OK
       IE 7/8/9: OK
  Google Chrome on Linux: OK

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. open URL

What is the expected result?
Page loads immediately.

What happens instead?
Windows freezes completely for about 10 seconds, then the page loads normally.

Please provide any additional information below. Attach a screenshot if

The page uses css @font-face to load OTF fonts. This does only happen on Windows (7), it works well in Chrome on Linux and other browsers.

Comment 1 by, Mar 5 2012

Labels: -Area-Undefined Area-WebKit WebKit-WebFonts

Comment 2 by, Mar 5 2012

I cannot reproduce this with Chrome 17.0.963.56 m on Windows 7 SP1.

Do you observe the same issue for other web sites?
I have found this:
Where someone reports the same problem, however the URL given there does not produce the problem for me (the page might have changed, though). I have so far not found other pages which trigger this problem.

Comment 4 by, Mar 6 2012

CC'd people who might have clues.

Comment 5 by, Mar 6 2012


Thanks for your bug report. It seems this page uses Web Fonts very straightforwardly. As written in this page (*1), WebKit renders blank spaces until it finishes loading web fonts used in this page. Sometimes, this behavior looks as if Chrome freezes for a while. When Chrome actually freezes for ~10 seconds, Windows Task Manager sets its status as "Not Responding". On the other hand, if its status is still "Running" while loading the page, it is alive. Would it be possible to use Windows Task Manager and see Chrome is alive on your PC while loading the page?

(*1) <>


Hironori Bono

Comment 6 by Deleted ...@, Apr 20 2012

For what it's worth, this happens to me all the time on 2 specific Windows 7 PC's.  I have one other where it never happens.  Been happening since late 2011, through various versions of chrome.  

And, the Google help forums are full of people with the same issue.  Search google for:
chrome windows 7 freezes
chrome windows 7 locked up
chrome windows 7 stalled

Looks like it must be some combination of factors that's common enough that lots of people see it, but rare enough that many never run into it.  

It is bad enough that most just give up on chrome and use a different browser.
Sorry for the late answer. I cannot use task manager while this happens, because Windows freezes completely (i.e. does not respond to user input at all) when this happens. Not only the browser.

Comment 8 by Deleted ...@, May 20 2012

The same problem occurs with my Google Chrome 19.1.1084.46 and Window 7 Enterprise SP1.
(I cannot move the mouse, Alt-Tab does not work etc while the freeze occurs. Very annoying. After the few seconds everything continues to work normally.)

Comment 9 by, May 24 2012

Also confiming on current stable release. Here is additional example of url -

Comment 10 by, Jul 22 2012

Confirmed on Windows 7 SP1, chrome 20.0.1132.57m. Common page causing problem: (freezed while loading Latex webfont)
This happens to me in some laptops I have.
Everything freezes for about 1 minute. After that, it doesn't happen anymore, until I reboot my laptop.

However, never happened with my PC.

Comment 12 by, Oct 16 2012

I have the same problem, on two different laptops - Windows freezes completely and the hard disk thrashes for about 30 seconds when loading web fonts, and then is fine until the next reboot. I don't think it is a Chrome-specific problem, as I get the same result in Firefox.
I had this problem on a Windows Vista machine when viewing pages with embedded LaTeX.  Installation of the STIX fonts ( resolved the problem on this machine.

For me the problem was specifically with embedded LaTeX content, and I never experienced it in any other context.

Comment 14 by, Nov 28 2012

This happens every time with -- it can even trigger it on prefetch sometimes.
I have the same issue (Win7 HP SP1, Chrome 23.0.1271.97 m). The page mentioned in the original post produces the problem, so do some other pages mentioned in the comments. 

Note that this happens only one time. Afterwards, refreshing the page, opening it in new tab, opening in new window, opening after restarting the browser, etc, does not reproduce the problem --but-- restarting the computer does. Also, if one of the pages mentioned in the comments caused the problem, then the others won't i.e. this happens exactly once per windows session.

Comment 16 by Deleted ...@, Jan 6 2013

I have this same issue ( is the consistent culprit for me).

I can confirm that a complete uninstall/reinstall earlier today did absolutely nothing to alleviate the problem...

I am running Win7 Pro x64 SP1 (upgraded from Vista x64 -- in case that's relevant). Chrome version (before and after) is: 23.0.1271.97 m.

Comment 17 by, Jan 6 2013

Tested with --disable-gpu, same effect.

Comment 18 by, Jan 6 2013

So I installed the WPR to try and capture a system trace -- and it stopped happening to me. :(

Comment 19 by Deleted ...@, Feb 7 2013

I also experience this issue, Version 24.0.1312.57 m on Win 7 x64.

Sites like,, was the latest.

My computer totally freezes, with no mouse movement or anything. When it catches up the mouse replays any movement done when frozen.

Comment 20 by Deleted ...@, Feb 10 2013

My Dell Precision M6500 has the same problem described here as others. The only thing I have to add is that my drives are RAID 1 configured.

It happens a lot but most recently on
Version 24.0.1312.57 m, Win 7 x64

Comment 21 by, Feb 10 2013

Hm, I also have RAID 1 via Intel RST.
This also happens on my computer. I use Windows 7, latest version of Chrome Beta (but it also happened in regular Chrome). This happens on pages like thenextweb, ... This is annoying!
Project Member

Comment 23 by, Mar 10 2013

Labels: -Area-WebKit -WebKit-WebFonts Cr-Content Cr-Content-WebFonts

Comment 24 by Deleted ...@, Mar 26 2013

Happened to me at work on a Windows 7 SP1 machine with latest Chrome, the computer hangs for about 10 - 15 seconds on sites like - no mouse movement, doesn't seem to respond to ctrl+alt+delete or ctrl+alt+esc until the computer becomes alive again. The behavior seemed to occur only once after PC reboot or waking from sleep/hibernation on those sites, visiting those sites again would not trigger it. The freezing occurred each and every time, I could reproduce this easily. Recently I got a new PC with Windows 8, it happened again several times, although this time I couldn't reproduce on system reboot.

Comment 25 by, Mar 27 2013

I don't know about you, but this happens to me when using Internet Explorer 10 in the same websites, too. I'm starting to think it may be related to the video driver.

In my case, it is "Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family".

Comment 26 by Deleted ...@, Apr 3 2013

I have had this on and off with various websites for, I believe, the last two years on two machines (my old work laptop, and now my home laptop as well). One was a Dell laptop with internal video driver, the other an Asus with it's own NVidia card. And I only have it with certain websites on each machine. I remember being one for a while, and most recently it has been the login page you get when not having a login session cached.

It is very hard to diagnose because the entire machine freezes up, except sound. So if I'm playing a Youtube video, or an mp3 on my machine, it still runs.
I can confirm this bug on Windows 7 32 bit with the latest Chrome, I've experienced the same issues on multiple of the websites listed in this discussion. The bug can be triggered by rebooting the computer, running chrome and navigating to any of the offending websites. This will cause the page to load, and when it is almost finished loading it will hang at a step called "layout" in the event timeline (however this will only be visible after the computer becomes responsive again). During this time the mouse can be moved and sound will continue playing it it was started beforehand, however everything else will be completely unresponsive. If you press control-alt-delete it will only trigger after the computer has become responsive again. 

In some cases when the computer unfreezes it will flash the "unresponsive tab" page flashes momentarily before showing the offending page. Attempts to diagnose commonly fail because the issue seems to freeze the entire OS GUI, any keypresses, clicks, or mouseovers will only respond when the computer unfreezes.

Known offending pages:
Several other pages have triggered the issue too.
Project Member

Comment 28 by, Apr 6 2013

Labels: -Cr-Content Cr-Blink
Project Member

Comment 29 by, Apr 6 2013

Labels: -Cr-Content-WebFonts Cr-Blink-WebFonts

Comment 30 by Deleted ...@, Apr 7 2013

It often says "Waiting for" in status bar when Disqus freezes up Chrome, so I'm leaning towards this being a font issue.

I've also noticed that Disqus seems to use fonts that are Base64 encoded into a CSS file.  See here:

I didn't know you could do that, but I wonder if that has something to do with this.  It's not just freezing Chrome, but the whole OS.  Just for a few seconds.  It doesn't happen when I use Firefox or IE.
I can confirm this happens to my computer Windows 7 SP1.  My first thought was that this was related to loading WebGL or some other type of graphics GPU issue.

I'm willing to run diagnostics.  The webpage that consistently freezes the entire operating system for 20-30 seconds is  It seems to happen only once per reboot.  I haven't tried to hibernate to see if I get the same result shown in other posts.
10.4 KB View Download
About Memory.pdf
184 KB Download

Comment 32 by Deleted ...@, May 24 2013

I can confirm this too, also on Happens both on my macbook running windows 7 SP1 in bootcamp and my normal desktop running windows 7 SP1. Happens only once after each reboot.
I was not able to reproduce the problem after hibernating and cannot test sleep on this system.
I am attempting to follow this advice to pinpoint issue with Windows 7 freezing to the point of not having the ability to press Ctl-Alt-Del.  I'm also trying to see if just installing the Windows Performance Analysis Toolkit will stop this behavior.

Most system freezes (where you can't use hot-keys like CTRL+ALT+DEL) are caused by hanging drivers, so you will have to either replace the device or update the driver. Troubleshooting can be done:

1. Download the setup from Windows Performance Analysis Tools for your Windows version.
2. Install the software on your system.
3. Open a command prompt as administrator, and copy paste the next command:

xperf -start perf!GeneralProfiles.InBuffer && timeout -1 && xperf -stop perf!GeneralProfiles.InBuffer myTrace.etl

4. Press ENTER once to start the command, now you will have to wait till your system hangs. You can do whatever you want to. Please no heavy activity like gaming or private things...
5. Right after your system stops hanging you go to the console and press ENTER.
6. After waiting some time a log file myTrace.etl will be produced, compress this to a zip file.
After I put my machine into hibernate, I haven't been able to reproduce the problem.

Here are some other actions that I performed that may have changed the freezing behavior.  I downloaded the winsdk_web.exe file and executed it, chose just the Windows Analysis Toolkit and started downloading the ~70MB file.  Before it finished downloading I canceled the install and rebooted my computer to see if there was a change in behavior after hibernating the computer. The next time I attempted to freeze the computer I ran sysinternals Process Explorer in the background as a monitor but I never was able to trigger another freeze.

I did click through a number of other suggested websites from this forum where this behavior was supposed to occur.
My Windows was also freezing on the Facebook login page, with Firefox, Chrome and IE9.
I copied one of the "@font-face" (FreightSans Pro), decoded it (base64) and saved it as a ".otf" file (opentype).
Opening this file with Windows font viewer was also making the OS hang.
I tried to deactivate/reactive my graphics drivers and then copied the OTF file in Windows fonts directory.
Since then, the problem disappeared, even after I removed the file from the fonts directory.
Maybe installing this font forced Windows to "repair" something in its font management. 

Comment 37 by Deleted ...@, Jun 9 2013

This bug happens to me as well in chrome, most often at and on less occasions I am also running adblocker right now, though the freezing happened before I started using adblocker
Status: WontFix
I wasn't able to reproduce this issue.

From the last comments, it seems that the issue is triggered by something specific in these machine. I would recommend sharing chrome://gpu-internals info to find if there is something in common and updating all your drivers as a potential solution.

Comment 39 Deleted

The comments about drivers are misleading. I am able to reproduce the issue on two laptops with different MOBO manufacturers.

Comment 41 by, Jul 1 2013

Please don't wontfix this. Give us debug steps and we'll work with you to get a repro.

Comment 42 Deleted

Re comment #40:
>> The comments about drivers are misleading.

Having up-to-date graphics drivers is one of the recommendations to have better (and hopefully bug free) hardware graphics accelerations.

Re comment #41:
>>  Give us debug steps and we'll work with you to get a repro.

See comment #38 which suggests providing info of chrome://gpu-internals.
See also these instructions on how to report hang:

I managed to trigger the same behaviour with another program today (MCP-HC). It froze the complete OS for a small amount of time. After this I opened chrome and navigated to one of the earlier mentioned offending pages, which would normally trigger this bug since I didn't trigger it before on this session. However while it would freeze reliably if I'd do this, it ran fine this time. This leads me to thinking this issue is not chrome-related, but might be related to windows' font handling itself.

Comment 45 Deleted

Comment 46 by Deleted ...@, Aug 2 2013

I too have this issue for a long time both in Firefox (that I used to use quite some time ago) and now in Chrome as well so like #44 says it probably is a Windows issue (I have Win 7 Ultimate x64).

Things to note: it only happens ONCE per session. Also, the time it hangs up, for me, is always the same amount of time, that is usually around 25 or 30 seconds (which is still an eternity).

It happens 100% (once per session) of the time in sites like (but only after clicking on a post which means it has something to do with that DISQUS loading I guess) and also in, the ones that come to my mind.

Now, the only solution (besides some tips here) I found while googling was here (hope it's fine to link it):

It's 100% the exact same issue. Problem is, how can we disable such a thing in chrome? Is it possible?

To sum this up (

1. It is not just Chrome that freezes, the whole computer, even the mouse pointer freezes
2. Some people (like me) reported the same with FireFox
3. The issue at PhotoShop startup (reading fonts... stage) happens as well
4. If your computer choked once, it won't again no matter how many times the browser is closed or re-opened. But restarting the computer brings back the problem

Comment 47 by Deleted ...@, Aug 2 2013

Just an update.

Can confirm that what #36 said works.

I'm not an expert but a friend of mine went to the facebook login page, decoded some font, sent me the .ost files. I pasted them in the fonts folder of Windows and bang, finally fixed! On all the sites I had the problem it seems, not only in the facebook page.

Fixed I guess, thanks to #36!
Thanks #47.
If somebody wants to try it, here is the OTF file I put in my fonts folder to solve the problem.
15.0 KB Download
I can confirm what #36, #47 and #48 say. This problem can be solved by installing a font (like the one which was posted in #48). I downloaded the font file, opened it in the default program in windows, installed it, and no more freezing.

This bug is probably not the fault of chrome but more of how windows handles font caching. 

Comment 50 by, Sep 24 2013

Running the latest version of chrome on a Windows 7 32bit low-spec laptop. Freezing on the facebook login page occurred for a few weeks now and after being thoroughly annoyed I decided to dive in. Inspecting the facebook code I found the before-mentioned base64 encoded font Freight Sans Pro. I suspected some time ago that this may have been the issue and got searching, coming across this thread. After installing #48s attached OTF font I can confirm that the issue no longer occurs on the facebook login page.

Originally I thought it may have been related to real-time anti-virus scanning (since the font files seem to be thoroughly scanned on opening) but this doesn't occur on any of my other machines. Thus, I suspect that it may be related to the intel graphics drivers shipped with the machine. To what degree it affects the caching/loading of font files I'm not sure, but that seems to be the only largely differing variable between my machines.
Status: Unconfirmed
I've gotten some additional feedback on this issue so I'd like to get further information from those affected.

To anyone who can still repro this issue: 

1) Can you follow the guide at to get the minidump file and attach?
2) can you post the contents of about:gpu into a text and attach?
3) post any URLs that you can repro on 100% of the time. Facebook login seems to be a good example (and is fixed by installing a local version of the baseuri font used)

Possibly related:
I have not seen the issue in the past 4 weeks or so; before that it used to happen once per boot. I think it is gone away with some Windows updates.

Comment 53 by, Nov 11 2013

reply to #51 - i tried to reproduce and create dump on, which i knew can trigger the freeze problem when loading web-font for their large h1 title.

but my problem is exactly as described in #46, when chrome freezes, the whole OS is unresponsive (even mouse pointer doesn't move, once the h1 title appears, OS is back to normal). So "creating minidump when chrome process freezes" isn't really possible.

Please let us know how should we create a minidump in this scenario. My about:gpu page attached (on a chinese OS, so some of the output are in chinese unfortunately)
78.8 KB View Download

Comment 54 by, Feb 5 2014

To follow up on this issue, may I know if there is a way to start chrome with only one child process so I can use procdump to produce some minidump for investigation?

The problem, as I previously described, is that the whole computer hangs when loading web font initially (mouse not responsive), so I need to use procdump to capture a series of minidump at intervals and reproduce the issue instead.

Comment 55 by Deleted ...@, Feb 6 2014

I haven't read though all the answers but I have been having this issue for months and finally uncovered a solution (at least for my laptop). It seems to be a graphics card issue rather than a Chrome issue. The graphics card I'm running is a Raedon 6490m and to fix the freezing issue I went into the Catalyst Control Centre, clicked the power tab, then switchable graphics,in here I changed the power setting for Chrome to power saving. It seems to have completely solved the issue so I hope this helps someone out.

Comment 56 Deleted

Status: WontFix
I've seen roughly related issues that have been fixed a while ago. We haven't seen any reports lately.
Given how old this issue is, I'm gonna assume that it has been fixed.

If it still hurst, please open up a new bug with the usual details (os version, chrome version) as well as chrome://gpu and the state of DrectWrite in chrome://flags

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