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Status: Fixed
Closed: May 2012
EstimatedDays: ----
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OS: All
Pri: 2
Type: Bug

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Wikipedia background is blue when zoom less than 100%

Reported by, Feb 10 2012

Issue description

Chrome Version       : 18.0.1025.7
OS Version: 6.1 (Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2)
URLs (if applicable) :
Other browsers tested:
     Safari 5: OK
  Firefox 4.x: OK

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Visit

What is the expected result?

White background as usual

What happens instead?

Broken blue background (see screenshot)

Please provide any additional information below. Attach a screenshot if

Strangely, this only happens for one of my two Chrome users.  It also happens in incognito mode with no extensions.

I've verified that the data:// uri that wikipedia sets as background-url is indeed a blue pixel, and that it's served the same way in Firefox and Safari -- but there's also a "background: white" rule that I assume should take precedence (it seems to do so in Firefox and Safari and for one of my Chrome Users.)

UserAgentString: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/535.19 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/18.0.1025.7 Safari/535.19

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Comment 1 by Deleted ...@, Feb 12 2012

I'm also having this issue.
As am I.

Comment 3 by Deleted ...@, Feb 12 2012

I'm running Chrome 18.0.1025.11 beta in OS 10.7.2 and have the same blue background.  It doesn't do it in other browsers though.

Comment 4 by Deleted ...@, Feb 14 2012

I'm running 18.0.1025.11 beta and I'm also having the same issue. Weird part is that I also experienced this after viewing the Wikipedia article on Kerning (thanks XKCD!).
The Kerning article is unrelated -- this had been a problem from somewhere
between a week and a month when I gave up and filed the report.

Comment 6 Deleted

Comment 7 by, Feb 17 2012

The damn thing is spreading. I have the same problem with 18.0.1025.33 beta-m. Apparently no solution so far. It happens only to the main English wiki pages ( other versions are perfectly fine. Firefox and Explorer work fine, it really looks like a Chrome bug.

Comment 8 by Deleted ...@, Feb 17 2012

Been having this problem for a week, been driving me crazy, I experience it on all pages.

Comment 9 by Deleted ...@, Feb 17 2012

Same problem here.  OS X 10.7.3, Chrome 18.0.1025.33 beta.  Safari and Firefox ok.

Comment 10 by Deleted ...@, Feb 20 2012

Same problem, very, very annoying. Chrome 18.0.1025.33 beta-m
The issue started today for me, just a few hours ago, chrome: 18.0.1025.33 beta-m.

Comment 12 by Deleted ...@, Feb 20 2012

Same problem here! I have had it for a while now.
Currently running win 7 chrome: 18.0.1025.33
Labels: -Area-Undefined -OS-Windows Area-Compat OS-All Action-ReductionNeeded
Summary: Wikipedia background is blue
Could not reproduce on OSX 10.7.3 with 16.0.912.75, 17.0.963.56 nor with Canary at 19.0.1047.0, with or without incognito.

Comment 15 by, Feb 20 2012

Well reproducing it either on OSX or Win7 (that was my case) can be tricky, since nobody seems to know what exactly cases the problem. 
Far as I remember, I was dragging a link from the references (the bottom of the article) of Wiki page to MSN messenger. The link actually did not show in messenger's chat frame, instead the Wiki got this annoying blue color. Later i copy/pasted that link and it did show in the chat. 
Do you guys experiment with the mouse gestures? Other than that, i can't see the reason. I dumped the cookies, cleaned the temp cache, nothing helps.
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For my part, I have tracked it to the following CSS rule, which appears on many nodes throughout Wikipedia:


This is a 1px x 1px PNG with a faint blue background. You can find it in the stylesheet "*", and it occurs on three different nodes; I have attached a file showing the three CSS rules that make it appear.

You'll see there are two different 'background-image' rules on each of these nodes; Firefox prefers the second rule, but Chrome prefers the first (which is where the blue comes in). I'm not sure if this is something that changed in Chrome, or on Wikipedia's side.
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Comment 17 Deleted

For me this only happens when the zoom level is _less_than_ 100%

I have reported this as a CSS bug to wikipedia (

Load Stylish extension, add the following userstyle to "URLs on the domain:"

#mw-head-base, div#content, div#footer {
   background-image: none !important;

Comment 20 by Deleted ...@, Feb 20 2012

The Stylish extension work-around works for me.  Thanks.
Readable version of the CSS file:

The first background-image is a data uri. There is unfortunately however one platform which doesn't properly support data-uri's.... IE is it's name of course. That is what the second background-image line is for. It ends with "!ie" which makes it an invalid CSS style line, that should be ignored by all browsers (except by IE, which of course happily parses it.)

A background image is repeated x and y by default. These elements however have a 3rd line "background-repeat: repeat-y;"

It seems that is the line that is being ignored by the browser, since the function of all of it is to present a 1 pixel border on the left. So either there is something broken in repeat, or the background-repeat line is ignored. In the latter case, probably all statements after the one with !ie, in the same blockm, are ignored. 

Comment 22 by, Feb 21 2012

Thanx, your code works for me too. Still hope the Chrome team will find more "organic"  way to deal with this. ;)

It actually has nothing to do with the '!ie'; I copied the stylesheet to my server , removed the '!ie', and rewrote the markup so that it loaded my stylesheet instead of WP's, and the problem persists. However, I can confirm that it only happens for my users when zoom level is less than 100% (as noted in comment #18).

Comment 24 by Deleted ...@, Feb 21 2012

joeysm... that is the issue with me too.  The stylish extension solution worked but when I disabled it and then loaded wikipedia at 100% the issue went away (I didn't even realize that I wasn't at 100%).

Comment 25 by, Feb 21 2012

I reproduced Joey's idea - same result, not the [!ie]. That is right, it only happens when you zoom below 100%. Other than that, you need to use stylish.
BTW if you disable stylish the issue goes away on 100% zooming, but it is still there if you zoom to less than 100.
[this is the OP] Confirmed: setting to 100% zoom makes the background white.

Comment 27 by, Feb 24 2012

Labels: -Area-Compat Area-WebKit WebKit-Rendering
Status: Untriaged
Confirmed in 19.0.1041.0-dev on Linux with zoom level < 100%. Is there anyone who is running into this bug with the default zoom level?

Comment 28 by, Feb 24 2012

Labels: -Action-ReductionNeeded
Reduced test-case here:

For some reason the image's width isn't properly being taken into account with a different zoom level. Web Inspector reports the image's size to be 1x1 pixels, which is correct.

Comment 29 by, Feb 25 2012

I confirm this is due to the zoom level. Annoying as hell :/
GAH-ness!!!!! c'mawn wikipedia......git relevant!

Comment 31 by Deleted ...@, Mar 9 2012

Another confirmation for zoom level.

Comment 32 by, Mar 11 2012

Ah it was the zoom problem for me too. Had this problem for a month+ and didn't release it was just that.

Removing such css lines like so:

Also fixes the problem.
10 Users have reported this issue in 'GoogleFeedback' this since 2/8/2012.
We did not reproduce this issue.


Multiple users have reported that Wikipedia webpages are loaded with blue background.

Additional Information:User report suggests that clearing cache or opening page in incognito mode does not help

Note: We are unable to reproduce this issue in Chrome version "18.0.1025.54" on Ubuntu OS.

Sample report URLs

For more user reports, refer the cluster URL below:

Comment 34 by, Mar 12 2012

arsids: See comment 27, it only occurs with zoom levels < 100%. I also posted a reduced test-case which illustrates the problem, but don't have bandwidth to look at it myself right now.

Comment 35 by, Mar 26 2012

Another confirmation for this bug with zoom level < 100%.

Version: 18.0.1025.39
I also have this issue, and only when I searched and got here, I noticed that the zoom level for had been <100% for weeks.

It's not related to this bug directly, but going by the number of people that also didn't notice it and by how easy it is to zoom out by mistake while using gestures and a trackpad, perhaps some sort of visual aid in knowing when you alter the zoom on the page should be considered. Especially since zoom settings are (or at least seem to be) persistent even after the page or Chromium are closed.
confirmation for this bug with zoom level < 100%. since around feb 17th i noticed.
dont remember by version from beforenow-18.0.1025.39
I can confirm it on Ubuntu 10.04 (details below), again with zoom < 100% on WP, or below about 125% in #28's test-case.

UA: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux i686) AppleWebKit/535.19 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/18.0.1025.142 Safari/535.19
OS: Ubuntu Linux 10.04.4 32-bit

Comment 39 by, Mar 31 2012

confirmation here with zoom < 100% producing issue on Chrome 18.0.1025.142 beta on Mac OSX. Clearly the track pad makes it easy to accidentally zoom in or out, which is how this occurred for me. 
Being familiar with Wikipedia's CSS for the Vector skin, the blue background is a result of the blue border around the content area being streched accross the entire area. This can only happen when the repeat-x/y values for background-repeat are ignored and revert to the default repeat, which seems to be the case here.

Comment 41 by Deleted ...@, Apr 1 2012

Thanks guys. I didn't realize I had changed my zoom to 90%, changing it back to 100% made the blue background change back to white.
Confirmed for under 100% zoom!

Comment 43 by, Apr 2 2012

It is fixed at 100% zoom for me, but I would love a fix for 90%, as I prefer to browse at that zoo,.
Same here - for zooms < 100% the background is blue, and for >= 100% it is normal white. Annoying.
Same thing here. Chrome 18.0.1025.142 on OS X 10.7.3, background turns blue when zoom at less than 100%.

Comment 46 by, Apr 3 2012

Yes, I can confirm this as well, Chrome 18.0.1025.142 on Ubuntu 10.04, only at zoom level < 100%.
 Using Windows 7 and Chrome 18.0.1025.142, at zoom levels less than 100% I get a blue background which disappears the second I change it to 100% zoom level or above. I hate looking at the blue.
For me I only noticed this happening after the most recent update to v18.0.1025.142 (using XP pro) where article background is incorrectly blue on zoom levels below 100% (my default zoom level is set 90%).

I've also noticed incorrect colouration on the "my ebay" landing page on the Activity/Messages/Account/Application bar which now appears incorrectly with grey background instead of white (also zoom related), screenshot attached.
16.3 KB View Download

Comment 49 by Deleted ...@, Apr 4 2012

Thanks, the Stylish work-around fixed the problem for me.  Reposted below.

Load Stylish extension, add the following userstyle to "URLs on the domain:"

#mw-head-base, div#content, div#footer {
   background-image: none !important;

Comment 50 Deleted

Comment 51 Deleted

another voice confirming at zoom < 100 on v18.0.1025.142
Confirmed here too. Somehow, my zoom level was changed to 90% without me noticing. This was affecting all wikipedia pages, and I can honestly say it was driving me insane! With zoom at 100%, the problem goes away... but a fix would be nice.

Comment 54 by Deleted ...@, Apr 5 2012


Comment 55 by Deleted ...@, Apr 5 2012

Same here as well with zoom below 100%

Comment 57 by Deleted ...@, Apr 6 2012

Just zoom to normal size with the command (Ctrl+0) and on macs (command+0). That should solve the problem. When wiki is zoomed out for some reason in chrome it has a blue background
I've made a patch for fixing this issue.

Comment 59 by Deleted ...@, Apr 6 2012

thanks for the patch!!!!
Issue solved by setting the zoom to 100%. Mine was in 83%.
Mine was at 83% too... but *why*?  I didn't put it there. o.O

Maybe *that's* the defect.

Comment 62 by Deleted ...@, Apr 11 2012

Another confirmation of resolving this problem by putting the page back to 100% zoom.
thank you!! let me know it.. confirmed as it's a zoom problem

Comment 64 by, Apr 11 2012

Labels: WebKit-ID-83350
Status: Started
shinyak@ is working on this.

Thank you for your confirmations that the zooming level is the issue here, we're aware of that now :-).
Project Member

Comment 65 by, Apr 11 2012

Labels: -WebKit-ID-83350 WebKit-ID-83350-NEW

Comment 66 by, Apr 11 2012

 Issue 122947  has been merged into this issue.
I'm also experiencing this issue
Another confirmation for ZOOM LEVEL though 

Comment 69 by Deleted ...@, Apr 12 2012

Another confirmation for ZOOM LEVEL though 
Project Member

Comment 70 by, Apr 13 2012

Labels: -WebKit-ID-83350-NEW WebKit-ID-83350-RESOLVED WebKit-Rev-114095

Comment 71 by Deleted ...@, Apr 15 2012

On Russian Wikipedia is same problem in Google Chrome on Ubuntu 11.10
Confirmed on Windows 20.0.1104.0 canary that the issue has gone (with 90% zoom). Good job!

Shinya, should/can we merge it to M19 at least? This is a regression in 17->18.
This affects more than just wikipedia, it might have something to do with MediaWiki.  I work on three other MW-based wikis, two public one private, and have had this issue since a restart about a week ago.  It only affected the private wiki and one of the publicly accessible sites, although I *think* I had all 3 open before & after the restart.

Running OS X, 10.6.8 and Chrome 18.0.1025.163.  Just noticed there is an update for Chrome, however "View actual size" removed the blue  & fixed the issue.
One of the wikis is private, other is

Comment 74 by, Apr 18 2012

Summary: Wikipedia background is blue when zoom less than 100%
Labels: Merge-Requested Mstone-19
Merge request for Chrome 19.

# I'm not sure how do I request merging a WebKit patch... If this is wrong, please tell me the right way :-)

Comment 76 by, Apr 18 2012

Labels: -Merge-Requested Merge-Approved

Comment 77 by Deleted ...@, Apr 19 2012

Same problem here!

Comment 78 Deleted

Comment 79 by Deleted ...@, Apr 20 2012

me too facing blue issue.zoom adjusted it goes.

Comment 80 by Deleted ...@, Apr 22 2012

If anyone is still having this problem, IT'S BEEN FIXED.

Zoom out until the blue is gone.

Comment 81 Deleted

Comment 82 by, Apr 22 2012

Zooming out does not/has not fixed the problem for me. 
 Issue 122118  has been merged into this issue.

Comment 84 by, Apr 23 2012

What MrPower means is, "zoom in."  Zoom in, making text bigger, to at least 100%.  Solved it for me.  I'm not even sure how I got zoomed out in the first place.
Dear Admin: telling people to change the zoom IS NOT "fixing" it, it's identifying the issue. For my work I need to resize windows to see all the info on only two or so monitors, and this affects MORE than just wikipedia, I suspect many wikis or MW- based sites suffer. Changing the zoom is a basic feature of all the browsers I've tried, and shouldn't be prohibited for wikis.  I'm not sure who just said this is "fixed", and if it's nobody official I apologise, but this bug still exists when you use a basic function so it's not "fixed" at all. Please, "really" fix it. Thanks!

On 23 avr. 2012, at 12:47 PM, wrote:
Labels: Restrict-AddIssueComment-Commit
@shinyak - do you plan to merge this?  It was approved for merge nearly a week ago but I don't see it in
Labels: -Merge-Approved Merge-Merged

I have merged his r114095 to M19 on his behalf.


Hironori Bono
Status: Fixed
Fixed (in 19.0.1084.46).
Project Member

Comment 89 by, Mar 10 2013

Labels: -Area-WebKit -WebKit-Rendering -Mstone-19 Cr-Content M-19 Cr-Content-Rendering
Project Member

Comment 90 by, Mar 14 2013

Labels: -Restrict-AddIssueComment-Commit Restrict-AddIssueComment-EditIssue
Project Member

Comment 91 by, Apr 6 2013

Labels: -Cr-Content Cr-Blink
Project Member

Comment 92 by, Apr 6 2013

Labels: -Cr-Content-Rendering Cr-Blink-Rendering
Labels: -Cr-Blink-Rendering Cr-Blink-Layout
Migrate from Cr-Blink-Rendering to Cr-Blink-Layout

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