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Status: Duplicate
Merged: issue 262211
Closed: Jul 2013
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Implement MediaStreamRecorder (MediaStream.record)
Project Member Reported by, Feb 10 2012 Back to list

I have a lot of developers interested in this one.

Use case: video editing or photobooth app that allows you to capture yourself, do something crazy
(apply webgl filters), upload to youtube, and share out to G+.

This will also be very interesting once  issue 112404  is implemented.
Comment 1 by, Feb 10 2012
This is on our to-do-list, but in our mind the API is not really ready to be implemented yet. For more details:
Comment 3 by, Mar 7 2012
Status: Assigned
Untriaged + Owner == Defaulting to assigned.
Comment 4 by, Apr 6 2012
Marcin, are any of those issues in that email you linked important enough to prevent preliminary implementation?

Is there any way to increase the priority of this beyond getting more people to star it?
Comment 5 Deleted
Comment 6 by, Apr 13 2012
This is critical ask for schools who are looking for screencasting apps which will allow recording of video, audio so as to create a flipped classroom

More info

As we look to go to a 1:1 environment, we are also wanting teachers to implement a "flipped classroom" approach. So teachers would supply most of the lecturing and materials to the students ahead of time as homework. 

Teachers need to capability to record their actions on the screen and their voice. The teacher would show what to do on the screen and talk how to do it. We would then want to export that video so we could host it somewhere.

Students could also record themselves showing how they completed a problem. This allows the students to become teachers, which is another characteristic of the flipped classroom.

Teachers and students would like to record themselves using the webcam and audio. This would allow teachers to record lectures and would allow students to create vodcasts. Again we would need to export when done.

My use case is similar: for educators to easily record audio narrations to store on a server for later playback by their students. Would be fantastic to do this with MediaStreamRecorder rather than flash. 
Comment 8 by, Apr 14 2012
Very similar case here, too - currently using Flash to allow students to record vocal responses and submit them for assignments, and would love to be able to do it with MediaStreamRecorder instead of Flash.
Most interested in ability to record audio, too. Could unlock a lot of scenarios not doable today without plugins- recording voice clips to share to Twitter, recording voice comments in collaboration apps, saving voice clip and also sending to speech translator service for transcript. Hope this sees progress soon.
Also very interested in ability to record audio.  Access either to raw PCM data would be great, and access to different encoded formats such as speex would be even better.  But would be very happy to be able to get raw audio data at different bit rates.
Comment 11 Deleted
Just so you know, MediaStreamRecorder is currently not described in the spec:

Hopefully it will be added back in a better shape than prev version.
Comment 13 by, Jun 4 2012
It is in the latest public version of the spec:

+1 to this feature, I am very interested in seeing it implemented.
Yeah right, should have written the editor's draft. The first version wasn't really ready to be implemented ( This is a step towards getting a better spec in place.

You don't need MediaStreamRecorder to record audio with the current spec.

But, you DO need to star this issue:

And what is going on at ? "In chrome 19 there is no PeerConnection, in chrome 20 there is no MediaStream" ... "Chrome Canary Version 21.0.1150.0 canary: I couldn't see the "Enable MediaStream"
The mediastream flag is dropped from the setting since it's now on by default. You still need to enable PeerConnection flag though.
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moved from being a bug to a feature request.
 Issue 142638  has been merged into this issue.
We are working on a PhotoBooth application built entirely in JavaScript (No NaCl) and this is an absolute "must have" for us.  We have a current workaround, but there is a 200ms or so lag.  In order for us to deliver "desktop quality" performance, we need this feature.
Comment 21 by Deleted ...@, Sep 15 2012
i want audio and video mail!
Comment 22 by Deleted ...@, Oct 4 2012
даешь звук,понимаешь !!!!!
хочу аудиописьма!!!!

Comment 24 by, Oct 10 2012
i want audio and video mail!

Comment 25 by Deleted ...@, Oct 11 2012
i want audio and video mail!
Comment 26 by Deleted ...@, Oct 14 2012
Сделайте реще уже аудио и видео письма.
Comment 27 Deleted
Comment 29 by Deleted ...@, Oct 16 2012
Давайте сделаем это! :)
Comment 30 by Deleted ...@, Oct 18 2012
Только ДА!!!
Давайте!!!Я ЗА!!
Comment 32 by Deleted ...@, Oct 19 2012
Comment 33 by Deleted ...@, Oct 22 2012
Дадададда, скорееее!

Comment 34 by Deleted ...@, Oct 22 2012
Дадададда, скорееее!

Comment 35 by, Oct 22 2012
You can already record audio input with getUserMedia(), the Web Audio API, and the File API
Comment 37 by Deleted ...@, Oct 29 2012
Comment 39 by, Nov 6 2012
Is it possible to record short videos with getUserMedia() and the File API?
Please plugin
googuy, yes. See my demo at
It's only a proof of concept though. The processing time for anything over a few seconds of video starts to get long.
Comment 42 by, Nov 6 2012
I'm aware of this method.
It's very clever but it needs a lot of processing and lacks audio.

Implementing MediaStreamRecorder could be easier to use.

For WebRTC you need to implement some video and audio encoding so why not use that same native encoder to record the stream.
Hi, the last version of Google Chrome: 23.0.1271.64 m, in chrome://flags/ the last option allow enable record the audio input with getUserMedia()

Any demo that implement audio and video send to stream to other browser, with peerconnection?
any progress on saving recorded audio generated from the getusermedia? 
Comment 45 by, Nov 14 2012
hi everyone! Something changes?
Comment 48 by Deleted ...@, Nov 22 2012
i want audio and video mail!
Comment 49 by Deleted ...@, Dec 3 2012
Comment 50 by Deleted ...@, Dec 6 2012
i want audio and video mail!
I am waiting
Comment 66 by, Dec 21 2012
Please do it!
Comment 67 Deleted
Comment 68 Deleted
Comment 71 by Deleted ...@, Dec 30 2012
Comment 72 by Deleted ...@, Jan 1 2013
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Comment 73 by, Jan 2 2013
уже пора сделать
Comment 74 by, Jan 3 2013
непонятно каким чудом я сюда попал, но мне тоже очень интересно =)
Comment 76 by Deleted ...@, Jan 6 2013
Comment 77 by Deleted ...@, Jan 20 2013
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Comment 79 by Deleted ...@, Jan 22 2013
Labels: -speechapi-feedback
Comment 81 by Deleted ...@, Jan 26 2013
come on guys
Comment 82 by Deleted ...@, Jan 29 2013
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The spec is still being written. Latest draft is here:

Please provide feedback.
Comment 85 by, Jan 30 2013
We need this api to be implemented asap!!!!
We need Video + Audio to be recorded and SAVED to storage together!! This stops me to use the HTML5 media API and pull me back to the dirty Flash!!

а чего мы ждем то ???))))
Comment 87 by Deleted ...@, Feb 3 2013
Comment 88 by, Feb 4 2013
Очень жду!!! Спасибо Вам))
Comment 90 by Deleted ...@, Feb 18 2013

Comment 91 by Deleted ...@, Feb 18 2013
Comment 92 by Deleted ...@, Feb 23 2013
хочу аудио и видео письма!!!! 
Comment 93 by Deleted ...@, Feb 24 2013
все ждем

Project Member Comment 94 by, Mar 10 2013
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Comment 95 by Deleted ...@, Mar 13 2013
Comment 96 by Deleted ...@, Mar 13 2013
Comment 97 by Deleted ...@, Mar 13 2013
Comment 98 by Deleted ...@, Mar 13 2013
Comment 99 by Deleted ...@, Mar 13 2013
Comment 100 by Deleted ...@, Mar 13 2013
нас сто, лол:D
Comment 102 by Deleted ...@, Mar 15 2013
Comment 103 by Deleted ...@, Mar 19 2013
Our use case requires video recording.  We can't wait until this feature is implemented.
Comment 105 by Deleted ...@, Apr 3 2013

Project Member Comment 106 by, Apr 6 2013
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Comment 107 by Deleted ...@, Apr 9 2013
Я только за!!!
Comment 109 by, May 18 2013
Project Member Comment 110 by, May 24 2013
Labels: -Cr-Internals-WebRTC Cr-Blink-WebRTC
Are there any plans to implement this in near future?
Comment 112 by Deleted ...@, Jun 7 2013

Comment 113 by Deleted ...@, Jul 3 2013
Come on! Why we need to wait more???
Is there any plans to support audio and video recorder while GetUserMedia preview display is happening?
Blocking: chromium:261321
Mergedinto: 262211
Status: Duplicate
Blocking: -chromium:261321
Здравствуйте! Я была бы рада, если бы ввели в приложении видео и аудиописьма или аудио, да и которые будут работать без встроенных плагинов (Flash, Silverlight, etc...). Это бы дало возможность использовать приложение на менее мощных устройствах. Было бы хорошо, если для мобильных такое приложение было. С ним легко работать, оно удобно и работает быстро в реальном времени. Жаль только то, что время последнего визита собеседника не указывает... А так спасибо за такую разработку приложения и успехов вам в совершенствовании его ;)
We need this ASAP.
Comment 120 by Deleted ...@, Aug 19 2013
пожалуйста,поскорее делайте такие письма!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its very useful feature request so I have made MediaRecorder working patch to record a video from webcam with getUserMedia. But I have couple of queries listed here below:

1. When chrome is planning to accept patches? .. blink M-32 ?

2. Is it plan for android nexus ?

3. Any specific reason for low priority for this activity ?

Please let me know what is your plan so that I can upload my patch.

Comment 123 by Deleted ...@, Nov 12 2013
i agree
тоже хочу видео и аудио смс
Comment 125 by Deleted ...@, Dec 14 2013
Вступаю в ряды ждущих видеотреша
Comment 126 by Deleted ...@, Dec 20 2013
+ жду с нетерпением аудио смс
Comment 127 by Deleted ...@, Dec 23 2013
Comment 128 by Deleted ...@, Jan 19 2014
Comment 129 by Deleted ...@, Jan 19 2014
жду с нетерпением.... когда же уже:)
давайте аубиописьма плмммииииииииииииииииииз
Comment 131 by Deleted ...@, Jan 28 2014
Секаса очення не хватает...
Comment 132 by Deleted ...@, Feb 14 2014
audio video messages!
Comment 133 by, Feb 16 2014
It's been implemented in Firefox already
What Firefox Nightly implements is the new MediaStream Recording Proposal (MediaRecorder API) from

Also the implementation is for audio only.

Comment 135 by Deleted ...@, Mar 6 2014
И я жду аудиописьма!
Comment 136 by Deleted ...@, Mar 6 2014
и я жду
Comment 137 by Deleted ...@, Mar 18 2014
Comment 138 by, Mar 31 2014
plus one
Быстрей сделайте это!
Is this still way down on the priorities list? Would be an amazing feature to have, makes me sad to have to turn to dirty old Flash for this on my upcoming project.
Comment 141 Deleted
Comment 142 by Deleted ...@, Apr 6 2014
Это будет отличное решение
Ждем не дождемся))
Comment 144 by Deleted ...@, May 9 2014
Comment 146 by Deleted ...@, May 20 2014
Comment 147 by Deleted ...@, Jun 3 2014
Comment 148 by Deleted ...@, Jun 4 2014

Comment 149 by Deleted ...@, Jun 10 2014
Comment 151 by Deleted ...@, Aug 7 2014
We need this ASAP! Please!
Comment 153 by Deleted ...@, Sep 8 2014
скорее бы!!!! я жду этого момента!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment 154 by Deleted ...@, Oct 25 2014

Comment 155 by Deleted ...@, Nov 13 2014
Comment 156 by Deleted ...@, Nov 15 2014
Comment 157 by Deleted ...@, Nov 27 2014
hi hello
Comment 158 by Deleted ...@, Dec 21 2014
Comment 159 by Deleted ...@, Jan 11 2015
Comment 160 by Deleted ...@, Mar 3 2015
so upset. I badly need this feature.
Comment 161 Deleted
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Components: -Blink>WebRTC Blink>MediaRecording
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