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Closed: Oct 2013
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Implement ctx.createMediaStreamSource()/createMediaStreamDestination()
Project Member Reported by, Feb 2 2012 Back to list
Status: Assigned
Comment 3 by, Feb 10 2012
demo for sound recording with html5? not found!
Comment 5 by, Jul 30 2012
Labels: -Type-Bug Type-Feature
I got to this page because I need audio support without video.  Is that not possible yet?

I am totally confused.  Wouldn't audio alone be far more simple?  Is there a schedule?  Right now decisions are being made.  I want WebRTC for my audio solution.
@Max - It is not yet possible to access and record the audio stream (it can only be used in the P2P WebRTC context). If you're interested in local access to the microphone, it might help to also review and follow these related issues:
Project Member Comment 9 by, Mar 10 2013
Labels: -Area-WebKit -Feature-Media-Audio -Feature-WebRTC Cr-Content Cr-Internals-Media-Audio Cr-Internals-WebRTC
Project Member Comment 10 by, Apr 6 2013
Labels: -Cr-Content Cr-Blink
Project Member Comment 11 by, May 24 2013
Labels: -Cr-Internals-WebRTC Cr-Blink-WebRTC
Comment 12 by Deleted ...@, May 26 2013
Auto-tune in the browser would be epic! Do you have a GitTip account?
Can we mark this as fixed?
I don't think so as far as i can tell it hasen't been fixed.
Status: Fixed
Both these APIs are implemented. A demo that uses both of them can be found at There are many additional examples on mediaStreamSource (also called live-audio).
Henrika, the link you posted gave a 404 Not Found.
Comment 19 by Deleted ...@, Jul 20 2015
it is possible to create an application like Skype? Let's see ... well already have the technology to capture audio and video, plus some treatments in streaming data. Just missing transport this data peer to peer. Am I right?

That's already been done.
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