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Status: WontFix
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Closed: Apr 2014
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issue 104032

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Add a (CQ) to CL committed by the CQ on the commit shortname on buildbot
Project Member Reported by, Dec 7 2011 Back to list
When the svn revision property 'name' is 'commit-bot', add (CQ) to the commit shortname*. The same shortname is shown on the waterfall and the console.

The svn poller needs to be modified to use --with-all-revprops --xml and revision property parsing needs to be implemented on the buildbot master.
maruel: Could you clarify what you meant by commit shortname?

I couldn't find any such property on , which is what svnpoller creates.

Did you mean the shortrev? -  and as used ? 

The shortrev only seems to be used for the waterfall, not the console, AFAICT. The console still uses the change id ( )

Just wanting to understand how you envisioned this / where you envisioned this - a modification to the revision, a modification to the author (change.who), or something else entirely.
Comment 2 by, Dec 19 2011
See for an example. I've put some explanation there.

You can't modify change.who because mails won't work.

Blocking: 104032
Project Member Comment 6 by, Mar 10 2013
Blocking: -chromium:104032 chromium:104032
Labels: -Area-Build Build
Labels: -Build-Infrastructure Infra
Comment 8 by, Sep 19 2013
Owner: ----
Looks like this was later effectively reverted in (

AFAIK skia has something to detect changes landed using CQ in their buildbot config.

But I'm considering closing this, it's not obvious what are advantages of making this change. Technically one can look at the code review link and see if it was CQ that landed it.
Status: WontFix
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