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Closed: Jun 2016
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Memory of closed tabs is sometimes not discarded
Project Member Reported by, Nov 28 2011 Back to list
I don't have an exact condition to reproduce it, but it sometimes happens with the following steps.

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Open a page 'A' which has a link to a page 'B' which creates many many JS objects.  Many tabs and extensions look like making it easy to reproduce it.
2. Middle-button-click or Ctrl-click the link to the page 'B'.  The page 'B' is opened in a new tab.
3. Check about:memory.  'A' and 'B' are in the same process.
4. Close the new tab.
5. Check about:memory again after some minutes.

In my observation, it frequently happened when :
* # of renderer processes is too many, and
* a link in the page is Ctrl-clicked or middle-button-clicked to open in a new tab.

Observed in Chrome 16, Linux.

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?

Memory of the process sometimes doesn't reduce.  It should always reduce.

Please use labels and text to provide additional information.

Try the attached files.

I guess its root cause might be  If so, 102895 may happen in any web page.
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88 bytes View Download
Labels: TaskForce-Memory
Project Member Comment 2 by, Mar 10 2013
Labels: -Area-Internals Cr-Internals
Status: Archived
Closing stale, hasn't been modified in over 3 years, unowned issues where star counts < 3.

Given the absence of activity and secondary interest (i.e. star count reflecting only the original filer) these issues likely can safely be closed.
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