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Test testClickElement from MobileEmulationCapabilityTest class fails on Chromium for all platforms

Project Member Reported by, Nov 20 2017

Issue description

Test testClickElement from MobileEmulationCapabilityTest class fails on Chromium for all platforms,
Test fails with the following error message:

ERROR: testClickElement (__main__.MobileEmulationCapabilityTest)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "E:\b\build\slave\chromedriver_win7\build\src\chrome\test\chromedriver\test\", line 2139, in testClickElement
  File "E:\b\build\slave\chromedriver_win7\build\src\chrome\test\chromedriver\test\..\client\", line 38, in Click
  File "E:\b\build\slave\chromedriver_win7\build\src\chrome\test\chromedriver\test\..\client\", line 18, in _Execute
    return self._chromedriver.ExecuteCommand(command, params)
  File "E:\b\build\slave\chromedriver_win7\build\src\chrome\test\chromedriver\test\..\client\", line 291, in ExecuteCommand
    response = self._ExecuteCommand(command, params)
  File "E:\b\build\slave\chromedriver_win7\build\src\chrome\test\chromedriver\test\..\client\", line 281, in _ExecuteCommand
    response = self._executor.Execute(command, params)
  File "E:\b\build\slave\chromedriver_win7\build\src\chrome\test\chromedriver\test\..\client\", line 193, in Execute
    response = self._http_client.getresponse()
  File "E:\b\depot_tools\win_tools-2_7_6_bin\python\bin\lib\", line 1045, in getresponse
  File "E:\b\depot_tools\win_tools-2_7_6_bin\python\bin\lib\", line 409, in begin
    version, status, reason = self._read_status()
  File "E:\b\depot_tools\win_tools-2_7_6_bin\python\bin\lib\", line 365, in _read_status
    line = self.fp.readline(_MAXLINE + 1)
  File "E:\b\depot_tools\win_tools-2_7_6_bin\python\bin\lib\", line 476, in readline
    data = self._sock.recv(self._rbufsize)
timeout: timed out

Description: Show this description
Project Member

Comment 2 by, Nov 20 2017

Status: Assigned (was: Available)
Hi Joel,

A ChromeDriver test case has been broken by your change After this change, when mobile emulation and touch emulation are turned on, ChromeDriver isn't receiving response to some of its Input.dispatchMouseEvent command. Please see the attached log files. 493595.log used Chrome without your change, and the test worked correctly. 493596.log used Chrome with your change, and the test was hang. The logs showed that after an Input.dispatchMouseEvent command of type mousePressed, the older Chrome sends a response quickly, while the newer Chrome never sends a response back.

Could you please take a look? To repro this issue, please first build with "ninja -C out/Default chrome chromedriver", and then run the following test:

chrome/test/chromedriver/test/ --chromedriver=out/Default/chromedriver --filter=__main__.MobileEmulationCapabilityTest.testClickElement

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Project Member

Comment 3 by, Nov 21 2017

The following revision refers to this bug:

commit 283a2848221d80b4ef41e400459c739169d34b9d
Author: Artur Khachatryan <>
Date: Tue Nov 21 02:02:56 2017

[ChromeDriver] test MobileEmulationCapabilityTest.testClickElement is disabled

Test testClickElement from MobileEmulationCapabilityTest class fails on Chromium for all platforms.

Bug: chromedriver:2144
Change-Id: Ia2da75d51208693c43e528b3650af2523afe6bf3
Reviewed-by: John Chen <>
Commit-Queue: Artur Khachatryan <>
Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#518056}

Status: Started (was: Assigned)
There is sort of a fundamental issue with how we have been handling touch event acks. Touch events can cause mouse events to be generated, but we haven't been waiting for those events to be fired into the page. Due to a combination of race conditions that have been fixed, this test started failing. I am working on a fix, but it doesn't look like it is going to be easy.
Project Member

Comment 6 by, Dec 6 2017

Thanks for looking into this. If there are any changes we can make in ChromeDriver to make the fix easier, please let us know.

Comment 8 by, Dec 18 2017

I ran into this Issue while looking for some info about similar problem - I think it relates: 
We are working with chrome emulator for automation for sometime now.
Once Chrome got automatically updated to v62 (and above), simple click stopped working - we use selenium so we got a timeout.
we tried different versions of chromedriver as 2.33 and 2.34 but nothing helps but downgrade chrome to v61.

This workaround won't hold for long time of course.
Hope it relates and this issue will be solved soon.


Project Member

Comment 9 by, Dec 19 2017

 Issue 2187  has been merged into this issue.
73 bytes Download
 Issue 2145  has been merged into this issue.
Project Member

Comment 12 by, Jan 9 2018

einbinder@: Do you have any update on this bug? Thanks.
Project Member

Comment 13 by, Jan 9 2018

The following revision refers to this bug:

commit c606e09fbd39ab08befe00b5f14f0ba0fe2bf878
Author: John Chen <>
Date: Tue Jan 09 19:38:27 2018

[ChromeDriver] Temporarily disable touch emulation

Bug is causing ChromeDriver and
Chrome to stop responding under some scenarios. Temporarily disabling
touch emulation feature until this bug can be resolve.

Bug: chromedriver:2144
Change-Id: I216235aa909aafa5cb44e7519c89056e2caee29d
Reviewed-by: Caleb Rouleau <>
Commit-Queue: John Chen <>
Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#528070}

 Issue 2219  has been merged into this issue.
Hi, Can we please get a faster resolution/update regarding this as this is blocking entire automation

Comment 16 by, Jan 11 2018

Waiting on the fix as well. Would love to see this get resolved soon. Thanks. 

Comment 17 by, Jan 23 2018

Any updates here ?
Reported by, Nov 20
almost 4 months passed w/o resolution and disabled test is still disabled and touch still doesnt work :(
dimundo.., could you please try with Chrome 65 and Chromedriver 2.36?

Comment 20 Deleted

Still same - not fixed
win 10 + chromedriver 2.36.540470 + chrome 65.0.3325.146

last working combo - 2.33.506120 + 61.0.3163.79

As for  issue 2306 , everything worked until we used ChromeDriver 2.33.506120 and Chrome 61.0.3163.79. Since then, it goes down the hill.
Any progress? 

Currently we cannot upgrade chrome above 61 and chromedriver above 2.33.

Actually it is not possible to combine the runs/work between emulator and actual devices because of this bug with emulator (we prefer the emulator due to speed).
Preciso de emprego
Em 22/03/2018 4:57 AM, "climbing… via monorail" <> escreveu:
einbinder@: Do you have an update ?
1.4 MB View Download
Capacidade de plataforma

Em 31/03/2018 1:24 AM, "yohe… via monorail" <> escreveu:
Yes work

Em 31/03/2018 3:31 PM, "kleiton mambro" <> escreveu:
 Issue 2365  has been merged into this issue.
new chrome 65.0.3325.181 and new ChromeDriver 2.38.551601 are released -touch still not working (obviously, as this issue is not fixed)
Any plans on this ?

and same fail for 2.38.551601 + 66.0.3359.117 :(
any updates? quite annoying issue
Labels: Needs-Feedback, do you have an update on this issue?
Any updates on this issue? We also need this fix very much
Guys, the whole page is obsolete due to the issue:

Touches don't work.
Is there some progress?
 Issue 2322  has been merged into this issue.
2.39.562718 + 67.0.3396.62 still bad
Any hope on fixing this?
Project Member

Comment 38 by, Jun 12

 Issue 2459  has been merged into this issue.
For context, I started working on this at

I am trying to find a way to fix it that won't be horribly flaky.
Thank you Joel for working on it. It is much appreciated.

 Issue 2450  has been merged into this issue.
 Issue 2467  has been merged into this issue.
 Issue 2478  has been merged into this issue.
Any updates on the click issue? Thanks!
plus 1 to Adrian question. Thank you!
This basically killed our mobile automation. We don't want to implement workarounds if the fix will be available soon, is anyone working on fix?


Comment 47 Deleted

Comment 48 Deleted

Might help: in my scenario when mobile emulation is on WRONG element receives click. I.e. seleniums's findElement returns correct element but when I call 'Click' on it other element receives it. Clicks happens but on wrong element.
Hi guys,

This issue is getting me crazy as well, I am only having problems with this while using Windows 10 and Windows Server Virtual Machines, the issue is not present while using Windows 10 physical machine or Windows 7 physical or Virtual Machines.

As comment49 said, I have noticed click is done in different coordinates that the element is currently in, not sure why as Selenium is retrieving the correct element coordinates, I am able to click using Javascript click and also Javascript click on coordinates but Selenium click is not working.

The issue is only present on mobile emulation, responsive with screen size set is working fine while using not emulation.

Resume from my side is I am only having this issue while using Windows 10 kind  Virtual Machine (Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016).

Best regards,
Use JavascriptExecutor to click on the element:

WebElement element = driver.findElement("test123"));
JavascriptExecutor executor = (JavascriptExecutor)driver;
executor.executeScript("arguments[0].click();", element);
just to remind - this ticked ( opened in november) initially was about broken TOUCH not click. Not sure if it is ok to mix different issues into this one

any ideas how to workaround this , anyone ?
Currently just setting window size through normal browser settings and user agent in the mobile emulation settings, although this doesn't simulate touchevents which is where the issue is and doesn't set the window scale this is probably the best option for testing responsive design in the meantime.
Any updates on the click issue?  I still having this problem on mobile emulation. Thanks!
We are also not sure what to do. Our pipeline is stuck on an old version of Chromium from last October!

The the issue then was marked fixed:
And the follow up issue for chrome was also marked fixed:

But the issue is still the same. We can't (or don't know how to) emulate touch events via selenium.
Hi guys,

This issue is very frustrating, I am only having this problems with the MAC OS.
with chrome version 67 and 68 only. Same thing is working fine on windows and ubuntu.

Comment 59 by, Today (22 hours ago)​and​the​project​will​take​place in the next few days and we will be happy with you for a long 

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