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Send keys should be implemented using the actions API as per spec

Project Member Reported by, Sep 8 2017

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I apologise for the noise...
I am writing a webdriver library, and noticed that while the specs seem to indicate that the keys to be inserted should be a string in the `text` argument, Chromedriver seems to expect an `Array` in the `value` argument.

The specs indicate:

* Let text be the result of getting a property text from the parameters argument.

Is this something that will be addressed?
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Comment 2 by, Aug 3

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Is there any sensible way to work around this? The legacy protocol only has a "send keys to the currently active element" command, and I can't see any sane way to change the currently active element when starting from a web element reference.

This is currently the only issue I can't workaround in to remove the Selenium indirection in the wptrunner test execution.
Oh, wait, I'm just misreading the old JSON wire protocol docs; works fine for this.
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